July 22, 2003

A Pirates Life For Me!

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!

Dead Men Don't Float!


No reason. Just because

Want to go see it again!

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June 21, 2003

A Rick Funny

Here's a "Rick Leventhal Bit" for all the ladies.

I was watching FOX news yesterday morning, and the have Rick doing the Harry Potter story. You could tell he was thrilled! so he's saying things like, "You can cut the excitement with a chain saw" (and I wish I could illustrate his tone), and then he says he was exclusive video!! So they do a very tense, close camera shot while Rick explains that the bookstore owner is taking them out back. Camera locks on a shed. "Now, he's undoing the padlocks!" It's all very exciting at this point! [g]. The guy swings open the door of the shed.... "And now, exclusive video of.... Harry Potter books in BOXES!!" I was ROTFL at that point.

Glad to see Rick has kept his sense of humour!

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May 15, 2003

In The News

Blame this find on John "Eeyore" Derbyshire.

At least it's not too bad as far as mug shots go.... (We'll always have Rick, ladies!)

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April 17, 2003

Not To Be Left Out

I have to make a drooly girlie post too! When we were watching Rick (It's Rick!) last night, they talked to his camera guy, Christian too. Wow!! What a cutie!

And I am just loving the banter between Rcik and Shep. They are a riot! Sure makes watching the news a whole lot more enjoyable, not to mention accessible. So many news types are stuffy, pompous, and condescending. It's nice getting the news from people that aren't stuck on themselves.

Late Night With Levy!

(Oh, I told Nin that we should call our little group here "The Levy Ladies")

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April 16, 2003

Rick Project!

I have a project I want to do, but I need pictures of Rick. If you got them, send them on to me (Of course, I'll share the finished project here...).

So, if you have them, send them!

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April 14, 2003

It's His Hair!!

You can tell that Baghdad has settled down a lot.

Rick was on (It's Rick!!!! [squeal]) and for the first time, he's without his flak jacket or helmet. That by itself tells me that Baghdad is seen as safe.

We got to see his hair... and, he's still scruffy!

I have the urge to grab some pom-poms... Rick! Rick! Rick! Yaaaaaay, Rick!

(I really shouldn't post when I'm tired... or hungry... or over-caffienated... or hyper, even. Oh... that means I'll never be posting. Nevermind!)

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April 10, 2003

Oliver North Moment

Earlier, Oliver North (I wonder if he gets annoyed at being called 'Ollie'. I know someone at work who has a nickname that everyone calls her, and she doesn't like it. It wasn't until after I asked that we found that out though...) was talking about fighting in currently coalition control. He called it a rebellion. Not resistance.

I find that telling.

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So, after getting back from eating Japanese food (mmmmmmmmm. Tried seaweed salad. Was very good), I was given a choice.

Either watch CSI, which was 15 minutes into the episode, or watch Rick...

Rick won, hands down.

[ahem] It's Rick!!!!!!!! [squeal]

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April 8, 2003


Oh good! Rick's on the air!

He transfered to 1st Division, 2nd Battallion, 23rd Marines, which is a Marine urban patrol group. Here's hoping he's careful out there!

Good... I was getting worried since we haven't heard from him in a few days.

(Notice the new category? I wanted to make it 'It's Rick!!!!' but I sometimes talk about Greg Kelly, and we do talk about reporters in general...)

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April 2, 2003

Rick again...

Another reason I like Rick Leventhal. He's putting a 'human face' on the troops. He and Sheppard Smith just spent quite a bit talking about life in Iraq, and how he feels being imbedded with the 3rd LAR and they even grabbed a troop to ask him how he feels about having a reporter imbedded with them (He was a very good speaker. No 'um's or 'uh's.

I collect quotes, and here are two from the section:

"And, this is my sleeping bag."
"Well this is exiting." -- Rick & Shep

I washed my hair last night, in case anyone cares. -- Rick

If this keeps up, I'll have to give Rick his own category.

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April 1, 2003

Go, Rick!

I've decided that Rick Leventhal on Fox News is my favorite imbedded reporter.

I clap and go "It's Rick!" when he comes on.

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