October 18, 2007

Talk About 'Shut Up & Sing'!

I was listening to the radio, and hear that Brandi Carlile is performing in town this weekend. I think, cool! I love her music! Buy her CDs even. So I decide to do a little investigating. I find the website for the concert, which turns out to be called 'Monterey Music Summit', a two day music festival. Okay so far. Then I see the fist announcement at the top of the page:

Hey Friends. Are you as excited as we are? Well, Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is! He just informed us that he and Elizabeth will be showing up Sunday evening to introduce his good friend Michael Franti from the stage. He will also say hello to supporters at his booth in the World Market area.

Okeeee.... so now my enthusiasm has taken a blow. But, hey, Brandi! So I look around the website some more. My enthusiasm then takes an almost lethal hit when I read this:

The Monterey Music Summit is a multi-medium, interactive arts festival created to serve as a forum for new thought and inspired intervention regarding the critical political and social issues of our time. The Monterey Music Summit features some of the most relevant contemporary and historically important musicians from a variety of genres....


Performers are invited to participate not for their talent and popularity alone, but also for their willingness to speak openly on current political matters, and for their commitment to positive social change.

Okay, not even for Brandi will I inflict this sort of thing on my poor blood pressure. Can you imagine, two days, surrounded by the kind of scary left wingers that only Santa Cruz and the Monterey Peninsula can produce? Me either. I don't like to be that frightened!

Sorry Brandi, but I'll just stick to listening to your CDs! Love you though.

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August 7, 2007

Too Funny!

I'd heard about this, and Nin found it on YouTube. It's The Fray doing a very, uh... unique version of Shakira's 'Hips Don't Lie'. It's hilarious!

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June 15, 2007


Don't know how many of you have seen this going around the last few
days, but there's a talent show going on in the UK right now, and
this cell phone salesman from Cardiff, Paul Potts, walked on stage and sang the
most amazing opera piece. He blew every one away. Last night, he made
it to the semi finals. And another teary eyed inducing performance :)

Here's the original.

And last night.

I emailed this to everyone I knew this morning, and posted in on my LJ, but in the process, forgot to post it here!

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May 11, 2007

'The Story'

Sharing some favourite music! I love Brandi Carlile, and come to discover she has a new album out. This song, 'The Story", I heard last month and loved. I was on Amazon tonight and found they had the video on their website. So you can go listen!

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