October 20, 2008


There it is in dollars and cents -- what my taxes are this year, and what they'd be if the Bush tax cuts lapse. I'd be paying $2000 plus more a year!!

Here's the link.

If you put in for 2000 which was the year before the cuts came in, you can compare.

I guess I can look forward to my taxes skyrocketing if Obama gets in.

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August 5, 2008

Make Them Stop!

If I have to listen to one more sanctimonious "global warming" radio spot, I'll scream. What's worse is that the majority of them are put on by PG&E! So they take money from my electric and gas payments to them and use it to pay for these insipid and irritating radio adverts. Talk about adding insult to injury!!

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June 29, 2008


So I actually managed to install the new TypePad/MT anti spam plug in. Go me! It's showing up on the plug ins page, but I don't think it's working. I'm getting the same amount of spam as before. And seeing as I disabled the older anti spam plug ins, I'm beginning to think none of them ever actually worked. No wonder I've been drowning in spam. I'm thinking of disabling comments altogether and people can just email me if they have something to say. It's not like we're drowning in traffic around here -- just spam!

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June 18, 2008

How Stupid?

How stupid do the Dems think we are? Yeah, rhetorical question there. Their fave line is 'but if we started drilling now, it would take ten years to get to the oil'. No kidding! And if we'd started drilling ten years ago, we'd have the oil now. By that argument, there's no point in building new roads to relieve traffic congestion. Heck, they won't be finished for five years, right?


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May 9, 2008

Do I Have To?

I see headlines like this: McCain planning climate change tour -- and I ask once again, do I really have to vote for this guy? He sure doesn't make it easy.

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April 30, 2008

I Hate That!

You just discover a product you really like, and when you got to buy more, find out it's been discontinued! Last year, at Bath & Body Works, I bought a shower gel form a new line they were carrying, Aquatanica Spa. I really liked it it -- it had a fresh oceany sorta scent, made with seaweed and other sea type ingredients. I went to the website, and they've discontinued it! The bottle said it was a line from France, but it looks like it was actually made by B&B W since I can't find it anywhere else but on Ebay. I'm bummed. My favourite showergel by Aveda (sage and cedar), which I'd used for years, was discontinued last year, and this was what I'd replaced it with. To add insult to injury, the B&B site recommended I try instead one of their other lines, which they claim is similar, but it's almond scented! Bleah! Almonds do not smell like the ocean where I come from.

/ticked off

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August 15, 2007

For Pity's Sake!

NHS staff told to eat away from desks for Ramadan

Every day that passes makes the UK seem more like one big Monty Python sketch!

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May 24, 2007

In Where I Do One Of My 'Angry' Posts

For those of you not in fandom circles, Joss Whedon posted on a website about the honor killing of Dua Khalil. Now this is a good thing. It is. Having a big name Hollywood liberal bringing attention the subject is a nice change and can only help bring awareness on the issue. Those of you who've read my blog for the last five years know that the plight of women under radical Islam is one of my 'issues'. But the overall response on the web to his post irritates the hell out of me. Most act like this is some new thing. Because Joss brought it up, it's now an approved issue to care about. Where have these people been!?!? Can they actually have been totally unaware that this sort of violence against women is commonplace? It's incredibly frustrating. and it points out once again how out of touch with real women's issues the western feminist establishment is. If they'd been doing their job, this issue would be common knowledge, not a huge surprise to so many.

Why aren't there demands for sanctions against countries that practice 'gender apartheid'? I'm sure many of you remember what happened to South Africa in the old apartheid days. Where's the same outrage on behalf of a whole society of subjugated women? The Left is always telling us how much they care about women, but I see precious little proof of that. They're the ones that run big media, and if they wanted to publicize the plight of these womenit, they could. They have the megaphone. They just aren't interested in using it.

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May 4, 2007

This Is Stupid!!

I can't access half the internet.

I can't get to Live Journal -- I'm in total withdrawal. I don't know if there is some sort of internet blockage between me and it, but the connection keeps timing out LJ, on National Review Online, on the Chicago Tribune, but for example, works for Yahoo, my own website, and fanfiction.net. So I basically can't get to the websites where I spend most of my time. Not being able to read The Corner is particularly hard.

I wish I knew why/what was going on.


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April 7, 2007

Authenticated Commenting Back On

Sorry, but I had to put it back on. Just the two days it was off, I was once again drowning in spam. And no, the comments still aren't working properly. To comment, after you'd logged in to Typekey, you have to exit the blog entirely and then come back and comment. Otherwise you get trapped in a loop that keeps telling you you need to register.

I apologize for the inconvenience. Maybe if Six Apart ever makes MT a decent piece of software again, an upgrade will fix the problem. But considering what a piece of crap it is now, I'm not hopeful.

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April 5, 2007

For Today

Well, aparrently comments still aren't working properly. So, just for today, I've switched the blog to open commenting for the virtual book tour.

I'll switch it back tomorrow.

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April 3, 2007

Terror Practice

I know, I know, crap like this shouldn't shock me or surprise me, and I probably shouldn't let it get to me. But that being said, this is GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! & ARHGGGG!! inducing

A school needed to put on a mock terror drill for law enforcement practice. But gee, who were the terrorists?

...The mock terror attack involved two irate men armed with handguns who invaded the high school through the front door. They pretended to shoot several students in the hallway and then barricaded themselves in the media center with 10 student hostages.

Two Burlington Township police detectives portrayed the gunmen. Investigators described them as members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the “New Crusaders” who don't believe in separation of church and state. The mock gunmen went to the school seeking justice because the daughter of one had been expelled for praying before class.

Seen at The Corner

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February 22, 2007


Those of you who've read my blog for a while know of my love for Bonny Doon's 'Cardinal Zin' Zinfandel wine. I just found out they've discontinued it! I may cry [sniff] Seriously, I just might.

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February 16, 2007

Utter Crap

I've had to turn the 'moderate all trackbacks' function on since I'm being flooded with spam trackbacks. Even after boosting the junk filter up to +4, they're still coming through. I just upped it to +6. I still have to deal with them, but at least they don't hit the blog. Now watch it start rejecting perfectly okay comments. Piece of junk.

Honestly, the new MT anti-spam functions are utter and complete crap. The older version with Blacklist was so much more reliable and efficient. If only I had a time machine and could go back. Bleah.

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November 28, 2006

I Give Up

I give up.The comments are still fried. I can't fix them. I'm actually sitting here in tears at this point. I've been trying for something like six weeks. I'm getting ready to just chuck the f$#$^&*g blog entirely at this point. It's just not worth the stress. I'm just done. I've been blogging nearly five years, and this is what ends it all. Yeah, I'm upset right now and need to just walk away from the computer.

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October 27, 2006


But I just can't take the assualt of spam anymore. I've had to turn on the authenticated commenters only option. I'm not sure If I've ticked off the right sequence, so it may take some tweaking.

Thanks, and sorry it had to come to this.

A bit later: It's not working, so holding pattern for a bit...

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The MT people were morons for removing blacklist from their newest version. Whatever they use built in now to try and reduce spam sucks. I raise the aggressiveness of the spam filter, and it junks actual comments, I lower it, and it alls all sorts of crap through. It was just perfect before, and I rarely got spam. Gar! Now I feel like I'm back to the version from several years ago.

One, I'm never upgrading again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Though in this case, it's just broke it seems.

Two, I think I will have to start using the 'trusted commenters' function so comments from all of you can actually get through, while hopefully allowing me to up the spam filter to junk everything else.

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October 5, 2006

Still Not King

Errr.. .. that would be 'still no comments' :)

Also, I'm at less then two days away from zero hour for canceling my vacation. Not a happy girl right now. But, in case I do get to go away, anyone who has guest blogged for me before is welcome to do so again. Actually, why not do it whether I go away or not? It'll be a virtual vacation if nothing else! I'll be 'gone' for two weeks starting Saturday.

In other unhappy inducing news, I'm on my sixth day with no TV. They put a new roof on our building last week and the roofers took down our dish. They put it back up Monday night WRONG! And I can't get anyone out till Friday to fix it. So I've missed a ton of new shows this week. Grr.

And that's about all that passes for blogging today.

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June 20, 2006


I hate it when someone who has worked here all of a few weeks unilaterally decided to move the entire kitchen area around! does it not occur to them that in the 13 years I've been here that we've tried every variation and the way it is is because it's the way it works best?!?!

So when she leaves at 3pm, it's all going back to the way it was.

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June 9, 2006


I hate silverfish. I'm just sayin'!

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June 6, 2006


Starting next week, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketers. If you want to be added to the 'do not call' list, call from your cell phone: 888.382.1222. Or you can register your phone at http://www.donotcall.gov

Brought to you because I care :)

Later: apparently, it's an urban legend, but it was part of the news on the radio this morning, and I don't usually check out snopes for news stories, despite my distrust of the press :)

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May 13, 2006

Oh No!

The horror! We're out of tequila! But Nin is braving the night to get us some! Just in tome for dinner!

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May 9, 2006


I just realized that blogrolling shows me as last updating on Thursday! I've been trying to manually ping, and I keep getting error messages. Anyone else having trouble with their pings?

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May 2, 2006

That Was Helpful


Live Journal has been down off and on -- mostly off -- since late this afternoon. The status page, on its special separate server, is also down. Even six apart's website has been down, along with the movable type website at intervals. You think they'd have some redundancy, no?

Update: apparently, they're suffering from a DNS attack:

Since approximately 4:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time, Six Apart has been the victim of a sophisticated distributed denial of service attack. This has affected all of Six Apart's sites, causing intermittent and limited availability for TypePad, LiveJournal, sixapart.com, movabletype.org and movabletype.com. Our network operations staff is working around the clock with our Internet access providers to resolve the issue. We appreciate your patience and support, and will provide updates as we have them.

Wonder if it's the same Saudi based ones from last week's Hosting Matters attack?

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April 17, 2006


Waiting for the second of my deep dental cleaning appointments this afternoon. Considering the last one wasn't stellar, my tummy is doing back flips.

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April 16, 2006


Our kitchen drain backed up about 1030 last night, and I figured it was too late to call the landlord. So I call this morning, she already knew cus the person upstairs did call last night, and they won't do anything about till tomorrow! I can deal with having to use the bathroom sink, but the smell is just gagging in here. I have the sink covered with a cooler top and a blanket, but it's only partially successful.

So Nin had to go to work today -- and a long shift at that, till 10pm --, and I'm sitting all alone in a smelly house, and I can't even cook. [sigh]

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April 11, 2006

For the "People Are Pigs" File

So four of the 'beautiful people' from the local country club graced us with their presence today. After they'd left, I went into the bathroom, and what do I see? One of the women had tossed her feminine hygiene product on top of the trash can without even an attempt to wrap it in any way whatsoever. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! So guess who ends up emptying the trash? Me, of course. I mean, what is wrong with people? Haven't they got a even a shred of common courtesy? It's still ticking me off. I'm seriously thinking of making the bathroom employees only. What with the delivery driver that urinates all over the floor, and now this, I'm fed up.

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April 4, 2006

Calamity Continues

So I went to my new dentist for a deep cleaning. This has to be done over two appointments and requires multiple injections. Since the injections are the center of my dental phobia, I have to take drugs before the appointment. Last dentist, I got 3 valium. This dentist thinks valium is old fashioned, so prescribed two Atavan instead. It didn't even make me blink. So, it was either reschedule or try adding gas. So we went the nitrous route with only modest success. The next section is in two weeks, and they're going to try some other drug instead. At least they didn't charge me the $108 for the laughing gas because they felt it was their fault for screwing up with the meds. So my jaw is in agony, and several of the spots where the injections were hurt like hell. I'll probably just get jaw function back before the next appointment.

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March 29, 2006

Remind Me...

...never to post anything Harry Potter related again. I've gotten something like 600 referrals from something called 'metafilter' all becuase if that '50 Rules for Hogwarts' email forward from last week. Geez! Normally, I'm the last person to get a popular forward, but this time I guess I must have gotten in at the beginning!

Resolved: no more Harry Potter posts.

Off to make sure my bandwidth hasn't been wiped put by this.

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February 23, 2006

Grrr! Argh!

I've had it.

Third day virtually alone in the office, so busy everyone's falling behind, so since I'm the only one here, who do you think is bearing the brunt of the nastiness? No lunch breaks, no break of any kind, even getting to the bathroom requires planning. Yesterday, I stood alone in the middle of my office and cursed out loud. I want it to be Friday 5pm so bad I can't begin to tell you. Today's the day I may snap at someone.

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February 14, 2006

Behold My Misery

This is the current tree pollen chart. It's supposed to peak at the end of January, but oh no! Not this year. Blasted Cypress, Cedar, and Monterey Pine.

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February 3, 2006


If one person asks me what my plans are for the Superbowl, I shall most certainly scream. Plans? Like it's Christmas, or my birthday! It's not, it's a football game! Why would you think I have 'plans'? Geez! Not only do I not have 'plans', I'm not even watching it. [stomps off]

Now I've got that out of my system!

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January 30, 2006

Allergy Hell

That's what I'm in. There's a slick of yellow pollen over every visible bit of standing water, and a covering of yellow dust over every surface.

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January 18, 2006

Most Hated

I have a dentist appointment today. Even worse, it's another brand new dentist. And it's my original appointment -- I didn't reschedule 3 or 4 times like I normally do in an attempt to put it off.

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December 28, 2005

Seven Reasons To Strangle... Never Mind!

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I never do these tag things. Ever ever! The only reason Im doing it is because Ilyka started blogging again, which made me very happy, which made me think she needed the positive reinforcement of playing along with her evil twistedness -- just this once. So if any of you think Im getting soft, and think you can start tagging me with abandon, errr, dont! [insert bone shivering glare] And if I've ever not done one of your tags, don't feel bad! You just need to quit blogging for a few months, and then come back! I'm much more pliable then.

Seven Things To Do Before I Die
1: Attend a Viennese Ball, maybe even in Vienna, complete with fancy dress. Escort optional, since Im a realist and not totally in a fantasy world here.
2: Learn to Waltz, and Swing Dance, and Tango. Im a very accomplished (she says modestly) Scottish Country Dancer, but modernish couple dancing has always been a mystery.
3: Take at least one college class.
4: Learn Japanese.
5: Visit Egypt.
6: Visit the moon.
7: Write a novel.

Seven Things I Cannot Do
1: Knit (I can crochet)
2: Play a musical instrument.
3: Stop a Nuclear Reactor from melting down.
4: Eat fish that hasnt been deep fried and drowned in malt vinegar.
5: Drive a car without being terrified.
6: Speak Chinese
7: Do these tag things!

Seven Things That Attract Me to My Mate

Dont have one, never have, so Ill skip this.

Seven Things I Say Most Often
1: Dang
2: Bloody hell
3: Moron
4: Duh
5: April, please remember to clean the kitchen.
6: Its not rocket science!
7: Blast!

Seven Books That I Love
1: The Lord of the Rings
2: Jane Eyre
3: The original three Pern books
4: Anne of Green Gables
5: Downbelow Station
6: The Silmarillion
7: The Bruce Trilogy
(That was a hard category! Only seven.)

Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again
1: Pirates of the Caribbean
2: Bridget Jones Diary
3: Lord of the Rings
4: Local Hero
5: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
6: Dangerous Beauty
7: Force Ten From Navarone

Seven Songs I Play Over and Over Again
1: Annachie Gordon Loreena McKennit
2: Laddie Lie Near Me -- Connie Dover
3: Something More Besides You Cowboy Junkies
4: Full of Grace Sarah McLachlan
5: Song for A Winters Night Sarah McLachlan
6: Whiskey Lullaby Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss
7: Sweet Dublin Bay Silly Wizard

Okay, thats enough positive reinforcement for a lifetime! No, Im not passing it on. So feel free to tag yourself if youre into that sort of pain.

Next Day: Question in the comments on the Bruce Trilogy. You can check it out here.
It's by Nigel Tranter, and all of his books are pretty darn good.

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December 2, 2005

The Best Laid Plans

As you may know, Nin's 30th birthday is on Sunday. Since it's a 'special' birthday, I planned something special. We were supposed to sail on the Lady Washington -- which was on a stop in our general neck of the woods -- Sunday afternoon, but due to 'technical difficulties', it's all off. (I'm assuming it had something to do with the storm yesterday). So no special event now. and to top it off, her birthday gift, which was supposed to be here yesterday won't be here now till Monday. Just can't win. I'm just slightly bummed out now.

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November 28, 2005

I Know

I complain about this every year... I'm COLD! It's the usual, uninsulated cinderblock warehouse with no heat, bricks get as cold as whatever the temp goes down to at night, not enough sun in the day to warm them up, perpetual cold coming off the walls no matter how close I get the space heater. Which means a winter of numb fingers and just plain cold.

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November 17, 2005

Two Things

One, OUCH! I almost snapped my thumbnail off, and it's bleeding under the nail bed and it hurts!!

Two, what is it with people who call, you answer, and they're so busy holding a conversation with someone else on their end, they don't even hear you? And then they act all pissy aksing who they've reached because they didn't hear your greeting because THEY were the ones talking. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Oh, and three, I'm irritated. Can you tell?

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November 5, 2005


So Nin was working till 10 tonight, which sucks because I hate being all by myself all weekend. I actually do miss my lil NinjaPiglet even though she hogs the computer :) Now it's more of a bummer, because the phone rang at 9am!! and for some silly reason, she answered it. guess what? Somone was a no show, and they wanted her in ASAP. Still working till 10pm of course. On the one hand, OT is of the good, but on the other, I'm bored, and lonely [insert more pouting]. This is when I wish Jen didn't live two hours away, cus then I could go see her, or she could come here. Or that TamTam didn't live in SC. [waves to EvilT] So what shalll I do? Take up watching football? Now there's a thought! Ihaven't watched a college game in years, and I used to follow the Bears and Huskies. And I do have a zillion sports channels on the satellite.

I'll keep y'all updated, as I know you're dying of anticipation.

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October 25, 2005

"I Hate Guns"

So the new James Bond hates guns. But that's not what this post is about. It's about "shaken AND stirred martinis". Yes, apparently, the new Bond thinks the martini his character is famous for are shaken and stirred. As opposed to shaken and NOT stirred. And so does the person who wrote the article about it.

.... Nor does the 37-year-old share Bond's love of Martinis shaken and stirred.

"I love a Martini straight up. I don't think anybody makes a Martini stirred any more," he said.

Absolutely hopeless.

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October 19, 2005

For Your Elucidation

When you call for one of my coworkers, here are a few things to keep in mind:

I don't know how long he'll be on a call.

I can't force him to call you back.

I don't know who he's talking to -- and even if I did, it's none of your damn business!

I don't know what his average response time is on responding to voicemail.

I don't know if he read your message.

I don't know if he's listened to your voicemail.

If he hasn't called you back, don't accuse me of not giving him your message.

I don't know why he didn't call you back.

He isn't required to account for his time to me, or you, for that matter.

I don't know how long his meeting will be.

No, you cannot have his cell phone number, home phone number, or his pager number.

His wife isn't here at his place of work.

I didn't say he wouldn't be back today, I said he was at lunch!

Give me grief when you're a lousy telemarketer, and you will regret it.

When I tell you that no one is here but me, I'm not lying.

He's 'away from his desk' -- do I have to spell it out to you that he's in the bathroom, so no, I'm not going to go find him for you?

I'm not his mother, a mindreader, his social secretary, or even his assistant, so get over your gorram self!!


That felt good! Imagine the above all in CAPS with many many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s

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October 18, 2005

Gorram Blender!

First, the paper towel holder breaks, then comes the big one. I'm making a big batch of Seranno chile salsa, I have all of it prepped, I put it in the blender, I hit on, and what happens? An unhealthy noise, and then smoke starts pouring out. So guess who needs a new blender now?

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October 12, 2005


Until now, I haven't posted anything but the 'fetching coffee' question in regards to the new SCOTUS nomination. However, for the record, I'm not an elitist, and I'm not a sexist. Just because I'm not thrilled with the President's choice doesn't make me either of the above. And I have to say, I'm more than a little disappointed that people I respect, like the First Lady, are intimating that sexism has something to do with it. I'm a single woman, I never finished high school, I'm a regular working Joe, or Jane, if you prefer. I think I am as much representative of the Republican "base" as anyone, and I have as much right to my own opinion without being labeled by other people in my own damn party. I've disagreed with the President before, and until now, I thought that was allowed.

So yes, I'm unhappy on a number of levels. That being said, I'm waiting to see how the hearings go. I'd just like the name calling to stop. We get enough of that from the other side -- we don't need to do it to each other.

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October 11, 2005

Bias: Example 540,935

What starts out as a nice article about the woman in charge of education for the Africa bureau of the U.S. Agency for International Development, turns into the usual jab fest -- its crowning moment being ths: .... Though her brand of Republicanism might not sit well with the right-wing zealots who now command the GOP...,

See? They just can't help themselves.

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September 23, 2005

Just Resting

I'm hoping she's just pining for the fjords.

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One of my favourite bloggers, and even more importantly, one of my favourite people, is giving up her blog. This is not happy news.

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September 8, 2005

Just Thought I'd Mention It

Jesse Jackson is a buffoon.

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September 7, 2005

Get Out The Electric Heaters

According to what I just heard on the radio, natural gas will be up 71% of last winter, heating oil 33%, and electricity only 17%. Guess who's not using her furnace this winter and will be getting a few electric radiators? Thank goodness for the new double paned windows! Of course the walls are still uninsulated, but thank heaven for small mercies, eh?

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August 15, 2005


I hate spiders. They wig me out in the worst way. So a bit ago, I happen to see something black near the fire alarm box on the wall beside my desk. At first my brain thought, stray bit of wire, electrical tape... then it short circuited, looked around the front and realized it was a huge black spider. BWAH!! I run into the warehouse and have Bo come look, cus I'm afraid it's more than a large black spider. My worst fears are confirmed when I hear a "WHOOWEE! This is a HUGE Black Widow!!" Look at the size of that hourglass!". Now my goose bumps are turning into teradactyls, and I am creeped out beyond measure as the other males I work with beat a path to my desk so they too can see the giant office manager eating spider. Then I hear, "Uh oh!". Uh oh?!?!? I have visions of the spider disappearing and me coming to work in boots and protective gear for the duration! Turned out the spider ran back into the fire alarm box -- behind the circuit boards. So Bo shooed me off and told me to go to lunch, and he'd handle it [insert tough guy posture]. So I did. I just got back, and he had uninfested my workspace by using circuit cleaner to drive it out. He also looked around for dead male spiders and egg sacks.

I am so thoroughly creeped out/skin crawling/icky!! right now. Thank god for men and their superior spider slaying abilities!

It all balances out, because I'm the one that takes the mice in the humane traps and sets them free. Most of my coworkers won't go near a mouse! Yes, I work in cesspit.

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August 13, 2005

What a Crock

Washington Workers Union Flexes Muscle

Government workers in the state of Washington are being hit with a tough choice if they want to keep their jobs, they have to join the union or pay a hefty union fee.

"I don't like being forced. I don't like being told either join the union or I lose my job," said state employee Sharon Mathews.

The Personnel Reform Act passed in 2002 gives managers more flexibility in hiring, firing and outsourcing. It also allowed the workers union to bargain directly with the governor on provisions of their contracts. After taking office this year, Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire (search) gave state workers a raise and then gave the union the power to have any worker fired who didn't either join or fork over a representation fee of up to $45 per month.

"I think a lot of us jumped on the bandwagon out of fear," said another state employee, Kristie Hubble.


"There will be increased political activity and they will have just by the sheer numbers of people involved in their union and by the share of dollars they'll receive there will be increased clout," said Dan Brunell of the Washington Business Association.

Union leaders say they're even-handed when it comes to political donations, but the numbers from the 2004 election tell a different story. Seventy-five percent of the union's candidate contributions went to Democrats. The union also gave $200,000 to the Democratic Governors Association and paid $250,000 to the state Democratic Party to underwrite the third vote count that finally put Gregoire into office.

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August 3, 2005

Can We Get an Amen?

Kathy has a perfect rant on women who use a public restroom, wet all over the toilet seat, AND DON'T CLEAN IT UP!! Yeah, I love having to clean up their urine before I can use the loo.

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July 27, 2005

Where Does It End?

Spanish Echoes Increasing in US Congress

I love how the author uses "daring" & "dared". Oooh! How brave! Personally, I think it would be more daring to buck the trend and not cave in to the pressure.

How long before federal government employees are required to speak Spanish as well as English? Think it can't happen? If we keep heading down this path....

A bit later: the flip side with some good news. (via The Corner)

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June 22, 2005

Too Bad She Didn't Sneak Across The Border

See what happens when you are in this country legally? If she were illegal, excuse me, an "undocumented immigrant", she could have avoided all this.

/sarcasm off

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June 17, 2005

What Did I Miss?

No DSL (or internet of any kind!) from 1130 this morning!!! I felt totally cut off from the world! Don't you feel my pain?

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June 2, 2005

Okay, That's It

Everything I read is depressing me this morning. One of the most being that Juliette is was thinking of throwing in the towel. Believe it or not, I was actually in happy sort of mood this morning -- and that's very rare for me. I don't know what the solution is, but I suppose 'this too shall pass' [sigh]

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May 15, 2005

At Least They're Sorry

(do I need to insert a very large SARCASM tag?)

I read this a bit earlier. Since then, I've come across some excellent commentary and links here.

The blood's on their hands.

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May 13, 2005

Ain't That A Pip?

I never realized how many of my favourite blogs were on mu.nu till every blog I click on won't load all the way, if at all, and I can't read comments [insert large pout] I miss you guys!

(No, I'm not addicted)

(I can stop whenever I like)

(Yes, I lie)

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May 6, 2005

Vincent Price Must Be Rolling In His Grave

How they could take a classic horror film like "House of Wax" (which scared the crud out of me when I first saw it on "Creature Feature") and remake it with this cast is beyond me.

Why not just throw in Fran Drescher, Alyssa Milano, and Jennie Garth for a complete WB primetime lineup?

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I got spoiled accidentally. Be warned if you visit the official Serenity site and aren't paying close attnetion to what you click. I clicked on a link that said 'poll', not realizing it took you to the "I've seen Serenity" portion of the message boards, and the poll was about something that happens in the movie that I sure wish I didn't know. I think this has to be a personal best for me -- knowing major spoilers for a movie that doesn't even come out till SEPTEMBER!!


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April 28, 2005


If I have to deal with one more stupid question from one more stupid customer or coworker, I swear I'm going to scream out loud right here at my desk. I mean, what? Did everyone get together and decide today was the day for mass stupidity and generally infuriating behavior??!?!?!

This is a tequila when I get home sort of day. If I make it to the end of the day, that is.

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April 13, 2005


three hundred and bloody six trackback spams. I'm still trying to delete them all, 25 at a time.

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March 29, 2005


I didn't know Amazing Race was two hours tonight. So if anyone wants to fill me in at about the lion park?

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March 28, 2005

An Outrage!

Cambridge has banned the wearing of the kilt! And just in time for Tartan Day!

via Dean

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March 24, 2005

A Record

I got nearly 300 trackpack spams overnight. I'm still working on deleting them.


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March 17, 2005


Can someone please explain to me why our elected representatives are wasting so much time on baseball players and steroids? With all the pressing issues our country faces, I'm at a loss to figure out why this issue deserves this sort of high level attention. What's next? A Senate hearing on illegal drug use use in Hollywood? Binge drinking during Spring Break?

(About as sick and tired of this 'news' as I am of Michael Jackson & Scott Peterson)

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March 3, 2005

Thank You, John McCain

Get a load of this one. I don't even know where to start.

Via The Corner

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February 23, 2005

A List Of Unfortunate Facts

This is one of the worst weeks at work every year, and this year is no exception.

Unremitting head pain.

Stupid people and then some.

Still they haven't finished the new windows! 8 days and counting.

It's going to rain again -- probably just in time to walk home.

A big stack of payables.


Did I mention stupid people??

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February 18, 2005

What Part Of "Square" Didn't You Understand?

I've been repeating the same thing for nearly 14 years, and no matter how I word it....

Typical phone call:

"Do you rent screens?"

Me: yes, we do.

"What size are they?"

Me: we have 5, 6, 7, or 8 foot square tripod screens.

"So how long/tall/wide would that be?"

Me: [bangs head against desk]


[blah blah blah]

"I need something bigger!"

Me: we also have ten or twelve foot pole and saddle screen.

"Yeah, that's more like it! Give me a ten foot!"

Days pass... customer comes in to get screen.

"It's TEN FEET LONG!!! I can't get that in my car!"

[bangs head against desk]

This is my life.

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February 16, 2005


There is a person in our head office who makes me want to scream like Howard Dean on a regular basis. If I did my job the way they do theirs, I wouldn't have a job! They will call and ask me the most inane questions and after I've gotten aggravated over the idiocy of being called on the subject at all, then I have to try and give them an answer that they can understand after I repeat it a few dozen times. All this while dealing with very poor English and a heavy accent.

Right now, I want to kick something while screaming!

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January 29, 2005

This Is All Liv's Fault

Guess what I've been net shopping for? Tetsubin, that's what -- Japanese cast iron teapots. No, I haven't bought one, since currently I'm broke, but one day.... There's these, and these, and these ones, oh, and these. And then, to top it off, there's Ebay!

And since I was on a Japanese roll, I put on my CD of Japanese flute music, "Shakuhachi Zen", which inspired me to go look for additional Japanese music, and my Amazon wish list has now grown some more.

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January 27, 2005

Oh, The Tragedy

I finally decided to cure my craving for a patty melt, so we went to Denny's. And then, tragedy struck: they don't serve them anymore!!!!! That's anti-American!! GEEZ! I settled for chicken fried steak.

The quest continues.

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January 20, 2005

Just Say No

to talking babies!! ARGH! I hate those Quizno adverts...

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Oh To Be Home

I really wish I could see the swearing in. I'm taping it, but it's not the same. I have the news radio station on and they're not even covering it! What's with that? I should have taken a vacation day.

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January 6, 2005

I Apologize

On behalf of California (at least the non left wing nutburger part), I abjectly apologize for Barbara Boxer and her antics today. I swear I didn't vote for her!

What a horrible embarrassment....

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December 12, 2004


On the way home last night, the truck lost power and just died on Highway One. My brother got it over to the middle median, and I called AAA and they towed us to our mechanic. We ended up getting home about ten pm. I have no ideas what's wrong, until the mechanic can look at it Monday, and I'm really hoping it's something under $500, just once! It just figures, because I'd just gotten April new glasses that she needed that afternoon, and bang! more expensesive stuff. I've been saving up a few dollars here and there so we can go away for a week over New Years, and see my parents, and see Roberta, but this may blow up that little plan. Heck, I may not even be able to afford to get it fixed period, which means back to the bus for me.

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November 30, 2004

If There's Anything Worse Than A Comment Spammer...

it's an incompetent one! Some fool is spamming my comments and not even leaving their skanky URLs. An example:

[h1]Please check some helpful info dedicated to- Tons of interesdting stuff!!! [/h1]

I've gotten dozens of such in the last hour and it's very annoying.

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November 26, 2004

Damn It!

Now Cassandra's quitting blogging. We're not happy, precious, no we're not! What is it with all my favourite blogers quitting all of a sudden anyway?

Cassandra, you're welcome to guest blog for me anytime! And please consider getting your own blog. Pretty please? :)

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November 12, 2004


Both Besmirched and Whomping Willow seem to have gone *poof*. Anyone know what happened? I'm hoping it's some temporary internet glitch....

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November 3, 2004

Fighting The Urge

Here's the deal: On the one hand, I'm actually a very kind person (honest!) I don't like hurting people's feelings or being mean. On the other hand, I've spent the last four years being called a Nazi, Brown Shirt, Fascist, Racist, Stupid -- did I miss anything? Not to mention the almost constant whining about Bush not being a legitimate President, stealing the election, etc, etc, etc.... So, I'm torn, you see. Normally, I wouldn't feel inclined to rub their noses in it, but this time around, I'm finding it really hard not to take some malicious glee in our victory. What makes it even harder is that the other side still has this smug nasty little attitude problem. Already they're on the "divided country" schtick, and how Bush needs to reach out to "the center" (code speak for agreeing to do whatever the Dems want). Well frell that! They lost -- again. They're the ones that need to be doing the soul searching and reaching out, not us. The absolute cheek of the left never ceases to amaze me. The sense of entitlement and superiority that makes you just want to smack them upside the head. Not to mention the sheer disconnect when our guy got a higher percentage of the popular vote than Pres. Bubba did, and I don't recall any talk about "reaching out" then!

See my problem? I'm getting all riled again and feeling mean.

This could be harder than I thought.

Well, niceness is overrated anyway....

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October 3, 2004

Absolute Suckage

Francis informs me that Roy Marsden has been replaced as Adam Dalgleish .

I am so bummed right now, you have no idea. I watched the series because of RM, and it even got me to read the books. (I'm not much into mysteries). RM is Adam and he's irreplaceable.

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October 1, 2004

Something To Set Me Off On A Friday Evening

An Argh! inducing excerpt from this article:

.... Shortly before the debate began, Newsweek national editor Jon Meacham suggested on MSNBC that journalists are tired of Bush being in the lead, and so will try to narrow the race. Meacham foresaw "the possibility that President Bush has peaked about a month too early. Because we all need a narrative to change." Chris Matthews asked: "Is that your prediction?" Meacham replied: "I think it's possible that we're gonna be sitting around saying, 'Well you know Kerry really surprised us.' Because in a way the imperative is to change the story."

But remember, journalists aren't in favor of changing the story because it makes good copy. They're in favor of changing it because it gives their candidate a better chance of winning.

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September 15, 2004

Illegal Rights?!

I'm listening to a local talk radio, and they're discussing a bill currently in front of the governor of California to give illegals the ability to get a driver's license.


Why should people that are breaking the law every moment they live in this country be given any rights?

It's bad enough that they're getting basically free medical care.

I'm going to go crush some tablets to work out my aggression.

(I knew compounding would be good for something!)

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August 24, 2004

Pots And Kettles

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry accused the Republicans of "fear and smear" negative tactics Monday and said they would offer only empty slogans rather than real plans to help most Americans in their national convention here next week.

"They have obviously decided that some people will believe anything, no matter how fictional or how far-fetched, if they just repeat it often enough. That's how they have run their administration, that's how they're running their campaign, and that's how they will run their convention," Kerry said. [emphasis mine]

"You can't cover up reality with a few empty slogans."

I have just two words for John Kerry:

"Bush lied!"

Read the whole thing here (if you think you can stomach it).

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August 20, 2004

Well, Duh...

Uh oh... Ith has let the guest bloviators out of the cage again... she knoweth not what she hath wrought!

My first salvo:

Saw a newspaper story the other day wherein a disabled jail inmate (a guy with only one arm) was whining about the overcrowding, and how he had to sleep on the floor. He complained that with his handicapped condition, he should have been allotted a bed.

Earth to inmate: If you don't want to sleep on the jailhouse floor, don't do the crime!

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August 14, 2004


So Comcast said we needed to switch digital boxes since our old one was out of date. Fine, I go in and switch the box, I get home, set it up like the last one. Piece of cake. Except now, I can't watch the TV unless the digital box is on. And I can't record on the VCR any channel other than the one I'm watching. What the frell? So I double check all the connections, still nothing. I call Comcast and the guy has me change some settings on the menu, still nothing. Then he puts me on hold, comes back and tells me the new boxes aren't set up to allow taping on another channel etc... I have to get a splitter and an A/B box!! Why on earth would you make something new that works less well than the old version? It makes no frigging sense! And this new box has the RF bypass just like the old one, and I mention that to him, and how that's what allows you to watch the TV independently of the box. He tells me I'm right, but he has no idea of why it works differently. He emailed me a diagram and a list of equipment, and while he was very nice, I'm really ticked off right now.

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August 13, 2004

Most Annoying Song

My current winner in the "most annoying and overplayed song on radio" contest is "Save a Horse, Ride a A Cowboy" by Big & Rich. It's like a country song that wants to be a rap song when it grows up. Any song that uses "bling blinging" is enough to make me want to toss the radio. I went from finding it annoying to actively disliking it after I saw the video -- tawdry and trashy through and through.

So I want to know what song(s) you can't stand! Share the misery.

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August 10, 2004

Why Am I Not Surprised?

The timing of the announcment is suspicious.

No, no link, just heard it being discussed on the radio.

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August 7, 2004

So Much For That

I wasn't going to really do any heavy blogging today, but then I read this.

I'm torn between screaming and shutting the computer off.

We'll see how that choice goes.


Two Days Later: And I beat Drudge by 48 hours!

Even Later: Cassandra is the coolest.

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July 21, 2004


Paul has an illuminating post on discrimination against a young man of Scottish ancestry in Ottawa.

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June 25, 2004

For Pete's Sake!

We have one of those small office fridges here at work. A fridge I'm constantly throwing stuff out of since everyone thinks that the food they leave in the fridge magically apparates away or something. Anyway, some dear coworker decided it would be cool to put an opened, nearly full can of coke on the top shelf. Guess who just knocked it over, not knowing it was open?? Right in one! I just spent ten minutes on my hands and knees cleaning coke up from all over the inside of the fridge and the surrounding floor.

I'm just waiting for him to demand, "Who threw out my coke?!??!"

I am not pleased.

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June 20, 2004

More Nutty Neo-Prohibitionism

I've found more neo-prohibitionism nuggets to add to my stack.

Here & here. Read and be ready to bang your head against the nearest wall.

(via The Corner)

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June 17, 2004

Something In The Air Tonight

And it's not happiness.

I'm frustrated, worried, and yeah, a little scared. I want to reach through the TV screen and shake the talking heads who don't seem to have a single clue, or they're outright lying. If my typing mirrored the thoughts in my head, all this would be in CAPS!

Last night I was almost crying in frustration. This morning, I read this post of Michele's which said so well what I've been feeling. Then listening to Rush, I hear him say a lot of what I was nearly shouting at the TV last night. It's like the Twilight Zone, it really is. The twisted half-truths of the media and a great many of the public who won't look past what Dan Rather or Peter Jennings tell them. How can they be so ignorant? How can they not see the danger? You'd think nearly three thousand dead on 9/11 would get through to them, but it hasn't! We're back to business as usual and it puts every single one of us at risk.

I honest to god understand at times why some people head for the middle of nowhere to wait out the fall of civilization. But I can't turn it off, I can't stick my head in the sand, and at the same time, I feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall and am totally useless. This is when the word "heartsick" works really well.

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June 7, 2004

Another Medicare-esque Rant

I started to rant about Medicare prescription coverage here at work, and I thought I'd be getting into a semi-intelligent conversation with one of the pharmacists (Luckily, not the rabid Democrat. Every time I try to have a discussion with him, he starts ranting about how evil Bush is. Then, I figuratively blow him out of the water and he wanders off, muttering.)

Me: And, where are they going to be getting the money to pay for the nifty Medicare prescription coverage plan in 2006? We don't have enough money for Medicare now!
Pharm: Well, by then, maybe we'll be out of Iraq.
Me: That has nothing to do with it. They're both different parts of the budget. Even if we weren't in Iraq, we still wouldn't have the money for this.
Pharm: Oh, yes we would. [pause] Can I have one of your chips.

So, instead of a conversation about the government, I was forced to retreat, using my black marker as a weapon to beat off the hordes after my cheddar and sour cream chips. Grrr... My chips! Mine!!

(This was going to be serious, but I de-evolved into my normal, wacky self...)

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May 29, 2004

Who Is He Kidding?

I have the news on and they just finished showing Kerry with some WWII vets droning on about how "this isn't a day for politics". And yet, in the crawl, there are quotes of Kerry's where he says that the dedication of the memorial highlights the alliances we made in WWII and how we need to rebuild those alliances that Bush has shredded. (paraphrasing)

We keep hearing about how Kerry talks out of both sides of his mouth, and he's managed this time to do it all in one day! Does he have no shame?

And just a note to Mr. Kerry: Britain was our major ally in WWII and Germany was the enemy. And then there were the French -- we pulled their bacon out of the fire in case you'd forgotten.

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May 28, 2004


If you're going to go buy donuts and make a big production out of the fact you are, even asking me where the store you want to get them from is located, it would be polite to at least offer me one when you get back.

Yes, this actually happened. They bought donuts for the four of them alone to eat. Just like the old days when they'd send someone to buy coffee for everyone in the warehouse -- except me of course. I'm just the monkey girl that works in the office, not one of the techs chosen by god, and therefore not worthy.

Sometimes, even after 13 years here, they still really tick me off. I think next week I need to buy donuts to place near my desk, not offering to share at all.

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May 27, 2004

This Just Irked Me

This guy offers up what he thinks Asians think of Americans.

We'll just go with this one:

5. Four more years of Bush or not, Asians still believe in us long term.

Gee, isn't that special?

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May 21, 2004

Razzin' Frazzin'...

I'm quietly working (Well, quietly goofing off anyway) and I hear one of the pharmacists around the corner from my terminal say, "The government can spend billion of dollars in Iraq, but they can't provide adequte medical care."


Where in the constitution, the document our whole country is founded on, does it say that every American is entitled to medical care?

But, the constitution does cover protecting this nation.

Granted, I feel sorry for the guy who can't really afford his chemo medication because it isn't one of the few drugs covered by Medicare, which is how the above comment came into be... Argh. I'm so pissed I'm not coherent.

[deep breath]

I'm going off to kick some empty boxes.

I would go car jack some people in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, but I can't because I have to do other stuff... (That game is really great as stress relief. I don't try and beat the game, just steal cars and run people over... Die, Pixelman! Die!)

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No Good Deed...

Goes Unpunished.

Words to live by, folks. Trust me.

Posted by Ith at 9:22 AM

May 13, 2004

Going To The Pope

I read this origianlly when it was sent to an email list I'm on. It had no link, but I found the original source here.

The upshot is that apparently the President has asked for a meeting with the Pope, and he can expect to be scolded.

I have issues with this, I really do. One, I've never understood why United States Presidents visit the Pope. I could see it they were Roman Catholic, but that isn't usually the case. If they're going to go calling on the Pope, then what about the leaders of other people's religions? Or do only Roman Catholic citizens merit their President visiting the head of their church? I, for one, am getting a little tired of it.

Two, the comments by this Cardinal just set me off:

"The United States must also stop and I think it has the strength to do so. It must re-establish respect for human beings and return to the family of nations, overcoming the temptation to act on its own," he said.

"If it does not stop, the whirlwind of horror will involve other peoples and will lead us ever more to the abyss," said the cardinal.

Cardinal Laghi said he is certain that the Holy Father will repeat to Bush "the advice I gave him, which he decided not to heed. Now we see how wise it was."

We need to re-establish our respect for human beings and return to the family of nations?? Excuse me? How dare you preach to us! I'm sorry but this just has me fuming. Bad enough this Cardinal thinks he has the right to treat our country and our President like naughty children who don't know any better, but President Bush just gives these people more ammunition by asking to meet with them. It gives them a sense of justification, like he's some sort of damn supplicant. I don't care what the Pope thinks, any more than I care what the Dalai Lama thinks!

[insert blogger Lamaze exercises]

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Oh My!

Lachlan fills me in on some news I missed on MT, version 3, and the big load of cash you need to get it. Whoa! I have too many authours on the three blogs we have to even qualify for the most expensive personal edition. I'd have to get the $600!! professional one. Lordie! I don't mind paying for MT, but $200-$600 is a little rich for my blood. And I don't get why the number of authours on one blog matters? What's it to them, I guess I'm asking.

Well, this version will suit me fine for the forseeable future, and there's lots of options when I need to switch. I just hate having to learn yet another blogging system.

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May 11, 2004

Make It Go Away!

If I see a banner ad for Shrek 2 one more time, I shall scream, I tell you, scream!

There, that feels better.

(I couldn't stand Shrek the first time around and just wish this one would be released so the ads will stop)

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May 4, 2004

A Rational EU Voice [snort]

This article in the Scotsman (free registration required) is about Britain joining the EU, but while they're at it, the anonymous authour (which is really odd for a newspaper piece, isn't it?) decided to take a few shots at America:

.... Because they just don't care. They can be whipped up into an occasional jingoistic frenzy by the irresponsible gutter press; they'll phone low-brow radio shows with inarticulate, half-formed non-opinions on how we're getting screwed by the snivelling, untrustworthy French (it's always the French...) - while secretly admiring their determination to stand up for their own interests - but they can't be bothered getting off their pasty posteriors to express their opinion at the ballot box. They'd rather blurt nonsense about pulling out of Europe to form closer ties to the US.

Yes, dear, the French are so trustworthy. I guess you haven't been paying attention to the oil for food scandal, or several other bribery and corruption scandals in France these days. But you probably don't want the facts to get in the way of your little screed. And yes, isn't it just silly that the other side thinks that strengthening ties to a country they actually share a cultural heritage with, and a history, is a good idea.

Then we get to the really juvenile part:

That's all we need. Sod bloody America. What have they ever done for us, apart from get us in a whole heap of trouble? OK, as they keep on telling us, they did save our faggy limey asses ( Americans on the internet, everywhere) a couple of times in the 20th Century (with oodles of help from the Soviet Union - what's the Russian for "faggy limey asses"?), but they've been dunking us in the brown stuff ever since.

The British people get nothing but honour and respect from me for what they suffered and how they fought during the years of WWII. They didn't shirk, they didn't falter, even during the worst of the Blitz. Something like 20,000 pets were euthanized because there was no food for their beloved companions, and even if there were, it was illegal to feed them anything a human could eat -- at that was about anything. Thousands of children were sent to America and Canada to keep them safe for the duration of the war. Can you even imagine what it cost the British people, "anon authour person"? Can you? You probably don't care one bit. To just toss that suffering and loss aside, like it was nothing, and using the terminology you do, speaks volumes about what's wrong with you, far more than you malign the sacrifice of Americans and Britons who gave everything to keep Britain free from Nazi tyranny. And anyway, what's the problem with a little Fascism to someone like you? You probably think the UK got what they deserved -- after all, they must have done something to engender so much hate from Hitler.

Pathetic that you can't marshal a logical argument for Britain joining the EU and have to rely upon cheap shots about the United States.

It's a good thing I know that voices like yours don't speak for all in the UK, or my heart would break at what's become of my mother country, and for those of my family that still live there.

Right now, I'm still seeing red after reading this tripe, so I'm going to go have a cup of tea -- from Scotland -- and think of Britain.

God Save the Queen.

(Editorial note: revealing some of my bias, my uncle was shot and captured at Dieppe and spent the war in a German POW camp. I never got to meet him because he died before I was born -- his health never recovered from his imprisonment)

Posted by Ith at 8:53 AM

April 20, 2004


Don't clean when you're tired [sigh]

One of the guys that works here -- hell, maybe more than one -- uses the toilet, misses, and leaves it on the floor. Guess who almost always gets to clean the bathroom? So, the bathroom stinks, I decide to do a quick mop before I leave. I catch my foot on the bucket trying to get paper towels out of the cupboard, spilling Pinesol water all over my new shoes and the back of my pant leg. Then I manage to splash the water with Pinesol in my eye as I scramble to drop paper towels on the spill.

This is not a good day.

Update: I REEK of bloody Pinesol!!!!! [gnashes teeth]

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Pond Scum

This article in the Scotsman has me fuming. Apparently, white supremacist groups are trying to use Scottish Games here in the US as a way to promote their poison. There always seems to be evil people in plenty to try and defile even the most innocent expressions of heritage and pride.

And this just plays into the media here that anything to do with white people is 'bad'. When I went to Highland Games in SoCal after the Rodney King riots, there were reporters at the gates asking attendees if we didn't feel we were sending the wrong message by celebrating our heritage. I bet they didn't ask that question at Cinco de Mayo or Oban Festivals.

Damned if I'm going to let some pond scum white supremacists hijack my heritage!

This is one of those mentally all in CAPS posts!

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April 5, 2004


I hate daylight savings time.

Really, really hate it.

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April 4, 2004

Gutting Three Strikes

Patterico has a must read post on attempts to gut California's Three Strikes law and what the results would be if it happens.

Posted by Ith at 2:33 PM

April 3, 2004

Another In A Series

Last weekend, it was the boar statue, then the police checking with Muslim clerics when they arrested terror suspects. The latest, once again via Andrew Stuttaford:

A school yesterday banned children from wearing England soccer shirts in case they incited racial tension.

Parents of pupils at Grange School in Stourbridge, West Midlands, were told their children could not wear anything with the England motif during a non-uniform day to mark the last day of term.

The decision followed attacks on the school by vandals spraying graffiti offensive to white people and the school did not want to heighten tensions."

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March 28, 2004

Yesterday, Boar. Today, Capt. Cook

Australians plan a 'less European' Botany Bay

Australian authorities want to remodel Botany Bay, where Capt James Cook first landed in the country, to make it look less European and more Aboriginal.

Re-igniting the country's simmering racial divisions, the National Parks and Wildlife Service of New South Wales, which manages the site, wants to remove flagpoles and an historic anchor.

It also proposes to cut down a number of mature Norfolk Island pine trees and replace them with original bushland.

Even though the area is regarded as the birthplace of modern Australia, it said the features were symbols of "European dominance" and ignored its Aboriginal history.

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Ulysses S. Grant & The American Revolution

What do those two have in common? According to 36% of seniors surveyed in American universities, he was the commanding general of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

It gets worse.

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March 25, 2004


You know, I may well blow a gasket before the election gets here. If I'm this riled up now, I shudder to think what I'm going to be like come November. Maybe I'm going to have to impose news free aka mental health days, you think?

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A Tarnished Rule

Do people not have manners anymore? Whatever happened to "do unto others"? Let me tell you, I'm getting sick and tired of being on purely social email lists where someone brings up politics. It's not the subject itself -- I think people can have rational debates on the subject -- but the total disconnect these people seem to have. It's as if their "social conditioning" has been turned off. They really seem to think that there's no one who could possibly disagree with their POV so they may as well let the insults fly. If, out of the blue, I started making posts on a list about how I can't believe there are people out there who actually take CNN seriously, how people that do make me shudder, and anyone who does is just stupid, I'd be vilified as a an evvvvvvil conservative. But let a couple of liberals say the exact same thing about people who watch FOX, and then it's so funny! Tee hee! I'm amazed that this sort of thing isn't a random occurrence, but it happens with more and more frequency. Okay, maybe I shouldn't be amazed, I know. But it's just plain rude, and I have to wonder how these people were brought up.

Of course, the same thing happens in RL social situations these days. You're having a perfectly nice time, then someone decides to share with the whole room. Again, it stuns them to discover someone may actually disagree with them. If you're in someone else's home, you should have enough respect for them not to be offensive towards other guests. Or am I just old fashioned? Maybe I am. Of course, both online and in RL, it affects my comfort level. You realize what people really think of you now they know you're one of the stupid people who make them shudder.

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March 24, 2004

Yet Again

The British courts have sentenced a man defending himself against armed attackers to prison.


Reverse Trackback aka Update: Dean is pointed to another article that says the man in this case was a drug dealer. All the details here.

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March 2, 2004

Decisions, Decisions

Jay's been my web hero this week in trying to help me understand my domain and traffic and bandwidth, and all those inscrutable reports. Well, all the news hasn't been good. Seems we're outgrowing our current plan big time (Paul's getting too popular!) So, I need to ether purchase more bandwidth from my current host, or move altogether. I'll admit, moving makes me nervous, but spending even more money on the domain isn't a much better alternative. Jay is recommending Hosting Matters, and I know a lot of bloggers use them. So I'm opening the floor to thoughts on switching hosting companies. Recommendations, advice, suggestions, all gratefully accepted.

And thanks again to Jay! He's been a prince :)

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February 28, 2004


I'm using the export entry function in MT to back up my entries, but when I scroll down to the bottom, there's only entries up to June of last year.

Is there something else I need to be doing?

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February 13, 2004

Feckless Crap Weasels!

The WB that is.

They've cancelled "Angel"

Breaking News: Angel to End After 5 Seasons WB makes late announcement; TV movies may be possible. February 13, 2004 - In a move that has completely blindsided producers and fans alike, the WB Network announced late Friday that it was cancelling its long-running Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, Angel.


The fans may have to fight this round on their own. David Greenwalt,
co-creator and consulting producer for the series, sounded almost
defeated when reached by the Zap2It website.
"It's official enough to know it's real," Greenwalt told the website,
"but I haven't talked to anybody at the network or the studio. I can
tell you that it's real, that it makes Mr. Whedon and myself very sad,
that we wish it had kept going and we thought it was only getting better.

"Joss and [executive producer] Jeff Bell told the cast and crew today.
We have no understanding of the inner workings of the corporate world,
but we've had a long and fruitful relationship with [producing studio]
20th Century Fox and The WB, for which we are grateful. We just wish it
could have gone on forever. Apparently, it's not going to."

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Just So You Know

The next time I hear "Domestic Diva" in regards to that Stewart woman, I will snap.

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January 31, 2004

No More!

I swear, weekends are Michael Jackson & Scott Peterson fests on FNC! How on earth can they spend so many hours on these two??

TV off, CD on.

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Old Chestnut

Just had a nice little email rant on the President shirking his responsibilities during Vietnam. What drives me crazy is that even people who are sympathetic to the President seem to labour under the illusion that there was shady dealing going on during his National Guard service! And I can't believe I'm still having to write long emails on the subject. Okay, I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised.

There seems to be a lot of history rewriting going on that puts up a picture that bears no resemblance to what it was really like during the Vietnam years. I was only a child, but I certainly remember the adults around me talking about how to stay out of the military. I remember watching the news, seeing things in the newspaper. I'm sure most of GWB's contemporaries would have thought he was an ass for signing up for the National Guard when he could have used his family connections to avoid military service of any kind. But he didn't, not only did he join a unit that could go overseas at any time, he chose a dangerous field of work. I don't know, if all he were trying to do was stay safe and sound, I think he could have found better ways to go about it.

Update: Jim shares his perspective.

Another Thought: After reading Jim's post, and looking back at mine, I was struck even more on how our own past shapes how we think and feel. I mentioned in my post I was a child during Vietnam, what I should have added was that I was a child living in Berkeley, CA with riots, tear gas, bombings and bomb scares, curfews, and a military presence in the city. People's Park was out our back window. I thought what was going on was happening everywhere. It took me awhile to realize that my experience wasn't the same as every child's in America.

And while I'm here, (where else would I be, you ask) thanks for all the thoughtful comments. But I have to say that I think the first person who says "Haliburton" should lose points just on principal!

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December 31, 2003


Last year, I posted a link to some Lord of the Rings checks in a post on my old personal blog. The last few months, I've been getting thise emails from the check company telling me keep my customers happy by updating the link. Well today, I decided to email them and ask them to please stop sending me the notices as I was not a business. I get an email back and the woman is arguing with me over my request! It just set me off! So, I emailed again, this time in a very grumpy mood. Basically said that if they wanted to keep me as a customer, I wanted to be removed from their notify list as I had requested.

Geepers! I'm the frelling customer, so do what I want, don't argue with me!

[deep breath] I just got a reply back apologizing and promising to take me off the list.

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December 30, 2003


What kind of people are so sick and depraved to do something like this to a defenseless cat? And it wasn't just one sicko, it was two of them! Stories like this make me by turns furious and sad and boy would I like to submit the bastards to some reciprocal justice.

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December 28, 2003

The Sermon

On Xmas Day, I was watching TV for a bit, and found our local NBC affiliate was playing the Christmas morning service at the Natl Cathedral. I left it on and was just in time for the sermon. I should have known better. It was full of wonderful PC twaddle -- about what one would expect from the Natl Cathedral, I guess. But, it was soon over, and I did enjoy the familiar words of the Creed, & the music.

Via The Corner, here's a snippet from the sermon:

And what was God thinking... when the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to reveal the Law to Moses? And what was God thinking... when the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to reveal the sacred Quran to the prophet Muhammad? And what was God thinking... when the Angel Gabriel was sent by God to reveal the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God?

As Rod Dreher says, it comes as a surprise to many Christians that an Anglican bishop believes that the Islamic revelation was true, not false, as Christianity teaches implicitly.

Comes as a surprise to many Anglicans too!

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December 4, 2003

Just So You Know

There aren't words to describe how much I loathe McDonald's rap ad campaign.

Not "lovin' it".


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November 17, 2003


You know, I've known Gennie for quite a while -- in blog terms at least. And I don't get why she gets so much grief. She's a standup gal, always there for you, & a good friend. So she speaks her mind! Don't we all? Isn't that why we blog? I've never understood the point of reading a blog you hate. Life's too short. If you don't like it, don't read it.


You go, girlfriend!

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November 12, 2003

Who's at Fault?

I don't know who's at fault here... Is the patient addicted? Or is the doctor enabling the patient?

Earlier today, a patient, driving under the influence of opioid narcotics, came into our pharmacy. She was pale, incoherent & completely disoriented. She was asking for her refill of Oxycontin, the opioid she had gotten a thirty day supply of on 10/29/03. She was complaining of chest pain. We dialled 911. When the police, firemen, and ambulance arrived, we discovered that the patient had driven with her rear tire shredded. Also, she side swipped the side of the parking lot kiosk and had crashed into a wall in the parking lot. The paramedics drove her to the emergency room.

Later, one of the technicians was given another order for Oxycontin written by the patient's doctor. We were alarmed, considering she was noncompliant. In the past, she has exhibited a failure to comply with directions on her medications. The pharmacist called the doctor and spoke about our concerns. The doctor mentioned that he had spent too much time today resolving this issue. He said that she was "hanging by a thread". According to him, if she violated any terms of her contract, she would no longer be under his medical care. Since she was, she wasn't noncompliant.

She received a thirty day supply of an opiod narcotic half a month ago! The new prescription had the same directions! It caused her to crash her car!

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October 30, 2003

Taking It All Away

So Sandra Day O'Connor thinks we should chuck the Constitution and base court decisions on International Law! And that the day we start doing that is coming soon.

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor predicts that the U.S. Supreme Court will increasingly base its decisions on international law rather than the U.S. Constitution, according to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. By doing so, the court will make a good impression among people from other countries, she said. "The impressions we create in this world are important and they can leave their mark," Justice O'Connor said.

"Make a good impression"??? Why in the hell do I as an American want my Constitutional rights trashed so that we can make nice with the rest of the world? Is she insane? I'm just appalled that someone in her position could even believe such a thing. I know I shouldn't be, but I am.

Read all of it and be amazed and horrified.

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October 29, 2003


Drudge has this big headline about an earthquake in the fire zone, and I click the link to the USGS, heart a pounding.... to find it was only a 3.6 and it happened several hours ago!

(in the last 6 days, there have been 7 quakes above 3.0 in the state)

(here's a list of quakes in the state since the 22 of Oct.)

(I have the USGS earthquake site bookmarked for easy access after a quake. It gets used a lot!)

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October 24, 2003

I Want My WKRP!

DPM has an illuminating post as to why many of our favourite series aren't coming out on DVD.

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October 20, 2003

Get Over It

Being called a "chick" is a slur??? Not only that, but a slur worth suing over? Get a grip, dudettes! There's lots of words to get offended over, but "chick"?

Some women on campus said use of the word chick constitutes a slur and demanded that the papers faculty adviser be fired. They also said they planned to file a gender harassment complaint against the school.

Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick! Chick!Chick! Chick! Chick!

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October 18, 2003

The Fiction Of Freedom Of Religion

More and more, I'm beginning to believe that freedom of religion is a fiction. Freedom of religion seems to be for everyone but Christians. Heaven forbid you express your beliefs in a church! I hope the President doesn't cave to the PC left when it comes to General Boykin. I am so sick and tired of believing Christians being portrayed as kooks and nutjobs. Lieberman said his remarks were "hateful", Conyers said "it is outrageous that someone who holds such extreme, closed-minded, zealous views would be allowed such a prominent position in our military." Well Mr Lieberman, and Mr. Conyers, thank you for telling us how you feel about so many of your fellow countrymen. Too bad they can't get as worked up about Islamic hate in our very own country, isn't it?

I do believe radical Islam is evil with an "E". I do believe they hate us. I do believe that their hate is caught up in our Judeo-Christian heritage. Hell, these are nutters who are still fighting the freaking Crusades! That is so 13th century. But they hate us anyway.

If General Boykin is vilified for exercising his freedom of religion and speech, then maybe we've already lost.

Update: Debbye's take on the matter.

Update II: Juliette's post on the subject.

Update III: Some crackerjack comment from Jen.

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October 17, 2003


Site Meter has been hanging the blog all day. And it's been hanging Girls! and Nin's as well. I thought it was a domain thing, but Paul's and Mickey's blogs aren't having any trouble.

Any ideas?

PFFFT! Figures, I post about it and it stops!

Never mind.

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October 13, 2003

Unholy Row

Found this in "Tongue Tied"

The Times of London reports that an official remembrance ceremony for British and allied soldiers who died in Iraq will forgo the usual military honor guard in order to appease opponents of the war.

The service, to be attended by the queen and held at St. Paul's Cathedral, also will feature prayers for both "the civilian and military dead in Iraq."

The Royal British Legion said it supports the low-key nature of the ceremony because it doesn't want to glorify war, but some family members told the Times they are none too happy about the decision.

I hope the families raise a hell of a stink over this.

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October 10, 2003

Death To Spam!

Taking a page from the book of several bloggers, here's "Lolita's" IP Address. She's been spamming my comments with ads for several days now. One, I'm willing to let slide, but not constant spam over several days.

So knock it off!!

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Pointless Peeve

Does no one learn basic netiquette anymore? When I got online in 95, one of the things drummed into my head was snipping emails. It was considered rude and a waste of bandwidth to reply over and over again to an email, leaving all the forwarding gobbeldygook. But snipping seems to be a rarity these days. And on an email list, it drives me crazy! I'm sick and tired of getting an email that's been replied to 10 times and I get screens of old stuff along with a few words of new stuff! If it's a single, personal reply that includes my original message, that's one thing, but on a list please, for the love of pete, snip your emails!! Pweeeeeese!!

Okay, I feel better now.

(and don't even get me started on HTML 'enhanced' email!)

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October 9, 2003

Oh, Wait!

I lied! There was something I read today that just fried me. A 15 year old let his girlfriend use his asthma inhaler at school because she was having an attack and had left her inhaler at home. He's been suspended, arrested, and may be expelled and have to do time for juvenile drug charges! What the hell ever happened to common sense in our country? There are real problems in our schools and they're wasting time and resources pulling this sort of crap!?!?


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Oh Yeah

Can I also mention that I am past sick and tired of hearing about Kobe Bryant? For pity's sake! I've gone from barely knowing who he was, other than some sort of sports related figure, to knowing every detail of his fricking' existence!

Dear lord, he hasn't even gone to trial yet! I shudder to think about what it will be like once the that starts!

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October 8, 2003

Say It Ain't So!

Found on the Fandango movie ticket site:

McBeal Meets Indiana Jones World Entertainment News Network Friday, Sep. 26, 2003

HARRISON FORD is keeping girlfriend CALISTA FLOCKHART close to him as he prepares to start shooting INDIANA JONES 4 - he's had her written into the movie.

Despite objections from producer GEORGE LUCAS, Ford demanded the former ALLY McBEAL star have a part in the film, so penned the role himself.

Flockhart has yet to appear on either the big screen or small screen since the long-running TV comedy-drama ended last year, but has just completing filming on THE LAST SHOT, which also stars MATTHEW BRODERICK and is due for release next year.

(c) 2003 World Entertainment News Network

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October 1, 2003


Our cable is freakin' out! Has been since 10AM!! Angel starts tonight, the West wing second half to the season opener is tonight.

Not fair!!

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September 25, 2003


Child molesters making movies. No, not those kind of movies -- the kind you go see in the theater. Instead of rotting in jail, this guy is living large. Disgusting.

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September 6, 2003

John and Ken

The Breakers football team played Palos Verde High School yesterday in PV in the afternoon. Breakers 34, PV 13. Driving time is two hours between the Left Beach and PV.

On the drive home, John and Ken raged about the signing of the illegal immigrant driver's license bill by Gray Davis. The event was held in a park in East LA (a Hispanic neighborhood). Davis' staff publicized the event to Spanish language media and tried to conceal the event from English language media.

Brilliant politics - Davis signed a bill unpopular with English speakers and enraged English language media too boot.

If you don't know why Davis is being recalled, read this column by Dan Weintraub from a year ago when Davis vetoed a similar bill:

. . . it opens a window into how Davis is viewed by even his closest supporters, people who have known him for years. They don't trust him. And they don't respect him. When they disagree, they assume the worst, that Davis has acted not out of principle but to save his own skin.

I love the moniker hung on Davis by John and Ken - Governor Gumby.

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September 2, 2003

Doctor's Office Manned by Trained Monkeys!

It's true... I faxed over a form to a doctor's office for the information I needed to get a prior authorization on the patient's insurance.

The form says, in large letters: This prescription needs a Treatment Authorization Request in order to be covered. We need YOU to give us the following information:


Medical Justification:__________

They faxed back: "NO! Got #50 4 days ago!"

So, I faxed a reply, written on the same piece of paper: "THIS IS NOT A REFILL REQUEST!" and put a huge asterisk in front of the section stating that this was for a authorization request.

They called the pharmacist, complaining about the multiple refill requests on this medication. So, the pharmacist asked me to fax it back to them stating that it was for a prior authorization. When I told him the original fax said it was for prior authorization, he stated it wasn't enough.

Hello! The doctor staff needs to learn how to read!

But, since the office is staffed by trained monkeys, perhaps that is asking for too much.


This is one of many things I think off when people say "But, my doctor knows best!"

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August 25, 2003


From The Corner:

More madness in New York City: according to a report in this weekends New York Sun a draft of a resolution being considered by the mayors Charter Revision Commission includes the suggestion that NYCs green-card holders should be given the vote in elections for City Council, mayor and other offices.

This is nonsense. If a resident wants to vote he or she should make the effort to become a citizen. Not to insist on this is to make a mockery of both democracy and citizenship. It could also, incredibly, be the thin end of an even larger wedge. The Sun quotes Gouri Sadhwani, the director of something known as the New York Civic Participation Project (a joint venture between labor and immigrants groups) as saying that the vote should be extended to illegal, as well as legal, immigrants. She doesnt think we should draw distinctions between people who have green cards and people who dont.

Well, thats right in one way and, probably, one way only neither should have the vote.

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August 20, 2003

A Life Is Worth 7 Years I Guess

So you murder three people and you get out after only 22 years. That's a little more than 7 years per life. Quite a deal eh?

Kathy Boudin, the '60s radical who has served 22 years in prison for a 1981 armored car heist in which three men were killed, was granted parole Wednesday.
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Meant To Mention

Now I can say I was ahead of Rush on something! I was listening today and he was talking about Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and the "reconquista" groups he supports like AZTLAN. This is something I've blogged about on more than one occasion both here and on my old blogger site.

Now this guy's running for Governor and I have yet to hear of anyone in the "mainstream" media talk about it. They're a racist hate group, pure and simple. Just another example of the PC media double standard.

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August 13, 2003

The Ties That Bind

Congress to restrict use of Special Ops

Does this make sense to anyone? Shouldn't we be trying to streamline the very organizations that are responsible for protecting us from the bad guys? And weren't we told after 9/11 that some of the reasons things fell through the cracks was because of restrictions on the way the CIA, the FBI, etc. operate?


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August 9, 2003

Bilingual Madness

I found the link to this over in the comments of Daily Pundit.

Vietnamese Student Forced into Spanish Language Classes

Bilingual education has been dismantled by the voters in three states and studies show it is less effective at teaching English than the English immersion method. But in states where it has not come up for a vote, bilingual education is still alive and well.

This produces all sorts of nightmares, but a horror story from Madison, Wisconsin illustrates how destructive bilingual education can be to immigrant students. Kiet Tran, 15, came to the United States in April 2002 when his Vietnamese mother married John Gardner, an American man from Madison, Wisconsin. Kiet does not know English and Madison school officials placed him in a bilingual education class for Spanish speakers.

Of course, Kiet does not understand Spanish, but for three hours each day he was forced into classes where the instruction was almost entirely in Spanish. Mr. Gardner pleaded with the Madison school system to take his son out of the bilingual classes but to no avail. Kiets education was harmed as he was not learning English or any of his other subjects taught in Spanish. Mr. Gardner said his son began to suffer emotional problems due to his frustration at school. Unable to get any cooperation from the Madison public school establishment, the family had to move out of the district.

The good news is that Kiet recently completed a four week English for College program at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. The program uses an English immersion method to help immigrant students learn the language and prepare them for college-level courses. Kiet won the award for most improved English and now looks forward to starting school in September.

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August 6, 2003

"Cross-Media Environmental Impact"

A fine example of how nutty it can be in California. The water board wants to restrict the amount of water our hosptital uses. Yes, it's true. I couldn't make this stuff up!

Water Follies

EVERY TIME you think things can't get more bizarre at the water board, they do.

The wacky extremists who took over the place four years ago have tried to limit the number of bedrooms people can have in their homes, imposed strict new requirements on landholders using their own water, made it illegal for a business that no longer needed water to transfer it to a business that did, tried to take over Cal-Am, gave the cold shoulder to a plan to increase water reclamation at the Carmel sewage treatment plant, and pooh-poohed a ballot measure calling for the board to be dissolved even though two-thirds of the voters supported it.

So little respect do they have for their constituents, the water board even hired a lobbyist (with the public's money) to make sure the ballot measure (which the public overwhelmingly supported) wasn't put into effect.

But now, the ridiculousness has reached even greater heights.

Last week, the water board decided that there should be a limit on water use at the hospital!

CHOMP is planning to add two new wings. But the new emergency center, surgery suites and patient rooms will need plenty of water to operate. So that's how CHOMP's president, Dr. Steven Packer, ended up in front of the water cops, asking for an allocation of what is supposed to be an inexpensive, readily available commodity, but which local politics has transformed into a rare substance worth its weight in beachfront homes.

Recognizing the importance of modern medical care to everyone in the community, the water board could have said to Packer, "You concentrate on healing the sick, and we'll make sure you have the water to do it."

Or they could have told him, "Please don't waste it, but we defer to your judgment as to how much water the hospital needs."

Or they could have simply said, "Go for it."

But what they said was: You're not allowed to use more than 120 acre-feet per year.

And that's not all. Reaching deep into their bag of tricks, the water board warned Packer, even as they told him how much water he could use, not to take any water-saving steps that would have "cross-media environmental impacts."

There's a certain kind of genius required to come up with a phrase like that -- incomprehensible, intimidating and a bureaucratic minefield.

If the hospital decided to start using disposable dinnerware, for example, the water board could intervene. It is by no means ridiculous to think this water board might even want to be consulted about new methods of treating cancer, storing blood, handling hazardous waste, etc., etc., etc. -- anything that affects water usage levels and has a "cross-media" effect on the environment. In other words, just about everything the hospital does.

Doctors and nurses should be in charge of deciding how much water they need to take care of their patients. City councils and the board of supervisors should be in charge of deciding how much development is appropriate for their communities. And the water board should concentrate on supplying water, instead of making sure there isn't enough.

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July 29, 2003

Advance Child Tax Credits

So people with kids are getting money, huh? Okay, I won't start. But, can I get an advance child credit in advance of any kids I might have? Didn't think so!

Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but it continues to bug me that tax cuts always seem to go to people with kids. Yes, I know, I've ranted about it before, and probably will again. It would just be nice for single folks to get in on some of the Bush tax breaks, you know?

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July 24, 2003

All Flavours

I'm an equal opportunity hater of all terrorists, no matter their race, creed, or national origin. Case in point, the photo below is from the Sinn Fein bookstore online.


I think this picture is worth a thousand words, don't you? And yeah, I have Irish ethnicity (along with the Scottish and English), so I find it even more disgusting, I think.

(via The Corner)

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July 17, 2003

I Wish I Knew

One of the things that's come up here for some readers is the sidebar drops underneath the posts at the bottom of the page. I've been working on the new theme, and see that no matter how small I make the browser window, the sidebar stays put. But I have no idea why! I wish I could figure it out so that when I redo Gaggle to transform it into Absinthe & Cookies, the sidebar problem could be fixed as well.

(And I still have no idea how to administer the domain either)

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July 8, 2003

Sick Kids

FOX News just had a report about a kitten that was hurt when an 8 year old boy picked her up the tail and swung her around, then smashed her into the cement. He said he did it "because he was bored". Bored!?!?! What kind of little monsters do we have wandering our streets? Next thing you know, he'll be bashing little kids heads in with rocks beause his Gameboy broke.

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July 2, 2003


The Cracker Barrel Philosopher has a post on Howard Dean's thoughts on Liberia. Ahhh... my blood pressure!

(Howard the Duck?? [snicker])

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June 24, 2003

For Pete's Sake!

Via Instapundit comes this article. It made me want to smack my head repeatedly into a hard surface, so be warned!

I'll give you fricking bright!

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June 22, 2003

The School Thought Police

Found this via Dean Esmay.

It's a report by a blogger on what happened to a student at his high school when he was discovered carrying a Confederate Flag.

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June 21, 2003

It Is Worse!

A few days ago, I posted about the dread possibility that Cruz Bustamante could become governor if this recall happens. Well, it looks like my fear may come true, though not the way I expected it:

WASHINGTON -- Prominent California Democrats are pressing to get Gov. Gray Davis to resign rather than face a recall that may replace him with a Republican governor in a special October election.

Oakland Mayor (and former California governor) Jerry Brown, in Washington this past week, speculated that Davis could instantly destroy the recall movement by resigning. That would elevate Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to the governorship. Sen. Barbara Boxer has sketched the same scenario in private conversations with fellow Democrats.

These Democrats express skepticism that Gray would voluntarily surrender the prize that he sought his entire political life. Nevertheless, he could derail the recall at any time prior to the actual balloting by just quitting.

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June 18, 2003

This Time...

it better be different.

Despite Prince Bandar's assurances, another American woman is trapped in the kingdom.

How long before we stop this fiction that the Saudis are misunderstood good guys? And when will our "feminists" display some outrage at how women, our women even, are treated by our "ally"? Gee, if only these women were trying to get into a golf club, or the Boy Scouts, maybe they'd care.

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June 17, 2003

Things That Make Me Insane!

Immigrants ask S.J. council to back driver's license bill

......The measure, SB 60, would allow an estimated 2 million immigrants, most of whom are currently driving illegally, to apply for licenses, according to the bill's author, Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles. Cedillo said untrained and uninsured motorists pose a threat to public safety.

Damn it!! This just fries me! So we should reward these people TWICE for breaking the law? Not only are the here illegally, but they're driving illegally, so the obvious conclusion to these morons is to let them get freaking drivers licenses?? And of course all these unsafe drivers, if turned down for a license, will not continue to drive, right?? Give me a break!


And if this wasn't enough to start my blood pressure on an upward spiral, there's this thing about giving permanent residency to illegals who have held down a job here for a certain amount of time. (I can't the link for the article, but I'm looking) Bloody Freaking HELL! How do these people manage to twist their minds into a place where they think this sort of thing is acceptable? ILLEGAL, here ILLEGALLY, as in BREAKING THE LAW. Would you tell someone who shoplifts that if they can go a year without doing it again, we'll just let bygones be bygones, and heck, we'll give you a job in store security? Or give any criminal a treat for breaking the law?? So yes, lets give them all Green Cards as a reward for breaking the law, and then watch an even bigger tidal wave of illegals coming here so they can get the SAME DEAL!

I swear, this sort of stuff makes me want to smash my head against my desk! It took more than three years for my parents to be allowed into this country from Canada, but they jumped through every hoop there was to do so legally. And thousands of others do the same thing every day. What a slap in the face to all those new residents of our country to just hand to illegals what they worked so hard to achieve following the laws of the country they wanted to call home.

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June 7, 2003

Democracy In Zimbabwe, A Foreign Concept

Mugabe opponent remains in custody

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- Zimbabwe's main opposition leader was taken to court by police in Harare Saturday on treason charges.

Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, wanted to demand the case be thrown out of court for lack of evidence, but the hearing was postponed until Monday.

Tsvangirai, who denies the treason charges, was to remain in police custody at least until Monday, his lawyers said.

Tsvangirai was arrested and charged with treason Friday for statements at rallies and meetings gatherings he conducted nationwide, his attorney, Innocent Chagonda, said.

Why is it that, in the civilised world, nobody seems to care about this? Why doesn't anyone speak out about this and urge the world community to actually do something about Robert Mugabe's best attempts at ruining one of the few African countries with any potential?

Go read the whole thing.

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June 3, 2003

PC? Please....NOT

Perhaps this can be classified as a rant. Ok, it is a rant. There now, that did not take long!

PC otherwise known as Political Correctness has always struck me as being an exceedingly narrow-minded POV to live by. Yes, narrow-minded. Who wants to change their viewpoints so they synergize ( PC word ) with the party in power at the moment? More than that, why give up one's integrity or self-respect to appear to be in the "IN" crowd? Unless, of course, that is all the person/group wants.

The part that really bothers me about PC is this...it is a political left mindset, disguised as a "kinder, gentler way" of stating something. In keeping with that definition, PC also attempts to ( wrongly ) alleviate personal responsibility for certain circumstances. As an example of that I give you the newest PC phrase I have heard....Gravitically challenged. What is that you ask? That, dear reader, is the new expression for people who are obese. Apparently, the word FAT is not the "IN" word anymore...."it is not nice to say that". NEWSFLASH. No one is forcing you to eat like a steam shovel, or eat candy bars left and right.

The above was extreme to get the point across. Personal responsibility, that of being responsible for our actions is now being considered INCORRECT!
We are not responsible for our actions? Interesting, then who or what is?

And I was told today, that it was not PC to hold the door open for a woman.

So, are good manners now the next target? I suppose courtesy will follow next. After that what else will be deemed "wrong"??

There is in history an excellent example of PC. I was not going to mention it, but I have reconsidered. This government was PC to its core, you either agreed with them wholeheartedly or you were no one, and nobody. Ever hear of the Third Reich? Or its leader? Adolf Hitler?

I don't think we will repeat history....Dear God, I hope not!

We also do not need PC, what we do need is to take responsibility for our actions, practice ( and learn ) good manners, and remember to be courteous to others. Add in self respect and integrity and we have a winning unbeatable package.

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June 1, 2003

Bounties On Our Children

Misha has another post on CPS and the abuse of their power. I had no idea that CPS workers got what amounts to a "bounty" for taking kids from their homes. Who on earth had a stupid idea like that? And while kids are stolen from their parents, judges give kids back to parents that have killed or tried to kill their children. What the hell is going on??

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No Surprise Here

People in Toronto are breaking quarantine, leading the Ontario Health Minister to say, "I don't know how people will like this, but we can chain them to a bed if that's what it takes."

I ranted about this at work a few months ago -- it's one of my pet peeves -- that North Americans (I can only speak for my continent, since I've only lived in the States and Canada) have no sense when they're sick. We've totally forgotten how devastating infectious disease is. And we just don't care if we're sick and go to work or school, that we're infecting other people. Thousands of people die every year of the flu!! But does the gal in the cubicle next to you care about that while she's hacking all over the place? Or the guy in the checkout line at the grocery store while he coughs into his hand then proceeds to use that hand to infect all nearby surfaces? They chug some Nyquil and then wander around infecting one and all. Of course those quarantined due to possible SARS are breaking quarantine! It's just business as usual.

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May 31, 2003


L.A. Law One More Tool for Slavery Reparations

Los Angeles is going to pass a law requiring companies that do business with the city to disclose any profits they may have made on slavery. Of course, this is just another transparent attempt in trying to get reparations.

Why is it these "Black leaders" don't sound anything like the Blacks I work with? They certainly have a different take on the disparity between Blacks and Whites, and doesn't have anything to do with slavery. all this reparations movement is, is a shakedown. These "leaders" kick up a (bad) publicity storm, and these companies fold because they're terrified of being labeled "racist". They need to stop letting themselves be extorted, they need to stand up and say "no more!". Because if they don't, these people will never stop.

They never mention the Civil War, and the price paid in blood that ended slavery in this country. Should descendants of Civil War dead demand payment for their families losses? Nor do they ever mention that Black Africans sold other Africans into slavery. And that there are still plenty of slaves to still be found in Africa. Maybe they need to work to free slaves there. But since this has nothing to do with what's right, and everything to do with playing the victim card to see how much money they can extort out of corporate America, I don't expect to see "Black Leaders" doing anything to free slaves in Africa, or anywhere else.

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May 29, 2003


Good post over at RWN on the absurdity of suing over childhood playground accidents. If my parents had sued every time I got hurt, we'd be rich! Just off the top of my head, I remember getting slammed in the face with a hockey stick in 4th grade PE, having my head split open by a rock, also in 4th grade, and being knocked over and trampled while bending over to pick up a jump rope end in 1st grade.

It's amazing most of us survive our childhoods!

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Getting A Pass

So do sports "stars" get some sort of pass when it comes to loathsome behavior? It seems every time you turn around, some sports celebrity does something that would ruin most other people, and yet they still get publicity and accolades. The latest? Mike Tyson. He says he really wants to rape the woman he went to prison for raping. He said this in a televised interview. This guy is a creep, i's not a secret, it's not like this is his first offense by any means, and yet, he gets a TV interview!! God, why am I surprised? Look at all the attention O.J. Simpson still gets!

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May 28, 2003


Here in Monterey, the local troops run by about 2-3 times a year. Lots of men (and women) running by, chanting, and giving out American Flags.

The store always empties out and everyone watches them run by.

Well, this time, there was an unfortunate incident.

All the employees at work wear our nametags and smocks when we go out to watch them run by. One employee made known her hatred of the military, shouting out anti-military phrases. For the most part, it didn't matter, she couldn't be heard over the troops chanting.

Except for when one of the men handing flags out offered her one. She told him, "I don't want anything from baby and women killers."

By the time a third of the troops had run by, she was on one side of the doorway by herself, and everyone else was on the other, waving their flags and pretending we don't know her.

The management is not pleased. I'm currently on a 'quest' to find a thank you card to send the base commander (It's slightly difficult. Almost all the thank you and blank cards in this store are 'girly' with flowers and butterflies.) to show our appreciation for the troops and to apologize.

Well, I found a card. Not bad looking. Then, after calling the information desk, I got the address to send the card. The guy answering was pleasantly surprised we were sending a thank you card...

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May 25, 2003

Not Right

This is something that's bugged me for a long time, and since I have a blog now, I can tell you all about it.

Memorial Day, and the fact that stores have Memorial Day sales. Doesn't anyone else find that appalling? Why is there so little respect? This is supposed to be a day about remembering our war dead, to remember those whose blood was spilled on our behalf. It's about sacrifice and remembering. And we have store sales like it's just another long weekend. It isn't. Memorial Day should be sacred, not a day to see if you can get those sheets at a discount, or those shoes a little cheaper.

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May 24, 2003

Get A Frelling KLEW!!

Found this over at Paul's

Celts claim to be oppressed by Ireland and its alcohol

UNITED NATIONS - Indigenous leaders from around the world were left scratching their heads yesterday after the UN included Celts from Ireland in a conference aimed at promoting native rights.

Though Celtic blood flows in the veins of the vast majority of Ireland's citizens, activists from an Irish group called Retrieve Foundation took the podium to say that Celts, as an "oppressed people," should be acknowledged under the UN's Indigenous Charter.

In particular, the group says drugs and alcohol were used to keep the Celts down.

This is so screwy, on so many levels, that I wouldn't even know where to begin! The mind just boggles....

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There Goes The Neighborhood

Slick Willy is getting a blog. Why, oh why won't he just go away?

Clinton told the audience that his Web site, which is now up and running, will soon offer his take on news events as they happen. "Now you'll know what's really going on," he promised. "Since you're not told that often these days."

Oh gee, Bill I'm sure you'll tell us exactly what's going on. What ever did we do without you?

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May 23, 2003

Where Will It End?

A recent study tying obese patients to skyrocketing Medicare and Medicaid costs is the smoking gun lawyers and bureaucrats need to drive the fast food industry into submission, critics of the report say.

The report, published in the May/June issue of Health Affairs, contends that obese and overweight Americans now more than half the U.S. population contribute as much as $93 billion to health costs each year, with public Medicare and Medicaid programs footing the better half of the supersized bill.

Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (search), the data, based on a sample of 9,867 adults, measure the health care costs for patients of normal weight compared to those categorized as overweight and obese. A patient's weight category is derived by their body mass index rating, which is the federal governments official method for defining obesity.

The studys authors said the findings are indeed an important signal to government that something needs to be done about the growing waistline of the nation.

If people want to be 200 pounds, then thats their choice, but ultimately, if the taxpayer is paying for those choices, certainly, in my mind, that is where the justification for government involvement comes from, said economist Eric Finkelstein, who conducted the research with Ian Fiebelkorn of RTI International (search) and Guijing Wang of the CDC.

..... But according to critics, those strategies are more than just feel-good campaigns about exercise and healthy eating. They include a massive regulatory and litigitory machine ready to launch a three-pronged strike against the fast food industry through private and public litigation as well as regulation.

There are a lot of people excited about this study, said Mike Barita, spokesman for the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Consumer Freedom (search), which has also been tracking lawsuits launched against McDonalds Corp., the fast food giant blamed for deliberately encouraging excessive consumption of unhealthy and fattening food.

Its all about their new cash-cow attorneys have dollar signs dancing in their eyes, he said.

Barita said legal heavy hitters like George Washington University professor John F. Banzhaf III, who played a big role in the massive tobacco settlements with the states, are now advising attorneys and plaintiffs in the fight against fast food.

Were going to find a judge and were going to find a jury and were going to start winning these suits, Banzhaf told Foxnews.com.

So are we going to outlaw fast food restaurants? Why stop there? Lets ban buffets, and Sunday brunch, and while we're at it, pre-packaged food. No food will be consumed that's not from scratch! Goodbye ice cream parlours, See's Candies, oh, and let's not forget candy and soda machines!

This is becoming more and more nuts. Not that I'm surprised, but that doesn't mean this doesn't infuriate me! Guess what, people? Breathing is bad for you! We're all going to die, so get over it.

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Yeah, Kofi Will Be All Over It

Pygmies beg UN for aid to save them from Congo cannibals

PYGMY leaders have called on the UN to set up an international tribunal to put government and rebel fighters from the Democratic Republic of Congo on trial for acts of cannibalism against their people.

Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of Mbuti pygmies, told the UNs Indigenous Peoples Forum that during the four-year civil war his people had been hunted down and eaten.

In living memory, we have seen cruelty, massacres, and genocide, but we have never seen human beings hunted down as though they were game animals, he said.

Pygmies are being pursued in the forests. People have been eaten. This is nothing more, nothing less, than a crime against humanity.

More than 600,000 pygmies are believed to live in the Congos vast jungles, where they eke out a subsistence existence. Both sides in the war regard them as subhuman, and believe that their flesh can confer magical powers.

UN human rights activists reported this year that rebels had cooked and eaten at least a dozen pygmies. Some of the worst atrocities took place when the Congolese Liberation Movement, one of the main rebel groups, tried to take the town of Mambasa from the rival Congolese Rally for Democracy last year.

...... About 750, mostly Uruguayan, UN peacekeepers are stationed there, but they do not have the authority to use lethal force. Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General, has asked France to lead an emergency force to stabilise the region. It has agreed to do so, but has insisted that other countries join. Britain, which is considering contributing, says that it is a stop-gap operation to reinforce the existing UN contingent.

Isn't that just rich? Annan asks the French to deal with it, but they want help.

I know it's not a new question, but over the years, I've never been able to answer it: "What's with Africa?" They have the raw materials to make a better society for themselves, but it's a seemingly never ending cycle of violence. I've been reading horrifying stories like this, it seems, most of my life. Is it even possible to try and fix things militarily? At least in Iraq, you had a populace that seemed to want liberation. In Africa, with so many factions, and practices like described in the above article, would it just put any troops into a hopeless situation?

I know, lots of questions. I wish there were some answers.

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May 16, 2003

Sick Kids

This 12 year old fed a neighbors pet cat to an alligator. What the hell? And what hasn't this kid been caught doing? Has he already started by torturing small animals? Or was this really the first time he'd abused and killed a pet?

Yeah, he's sorry. Sorry he got caught. Little monster.

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May 12, 2003

It Happens To Christians Too

Pagan Sues Tenn. School District

..... India said she was called "Satan worshipper" and accused of eating babies when it was revealed she was a pagan. She said she was taunted, found slurs painted over her locker and was injured when classmates assaulted her and slammed her head into the locker.

The lawsuit said school officials took no disciplinary action. In a May 2 legal response, school officials said they acted appropriately, denied the attacks happened, or said they were unaware of them.

Paganism is an ancient religious tradition that embraces kinship with nature, positive morality and the idea that there is both a female and male side of Deity.

After Christmas break in early 2002, India said three boys chased her down a hall at Horace Maynard Middle School, grabbed her by the neck and said, "You better change your religion or we'll change it for you."

She broke free and fled into the girls' bathroom. A teacher stopped the boys from following her, the lawsuit said.

Don't get me wrong, what happened to this girl was awful, but this happens all the time in school. I know what I'm talking about, all you have to do is change a few of the details, and that was me when I was 14. I remember being punched right in the classroom while the teacher paid no attention. Why was I being punched? Because they wanted me to swear/use four letter words. My hair was spit in, I had dead snakes put in my locker, I was afraid to go to the girls bathroom for fear of being set upon. I don't know what the answer is, but I wish that people wouldn't immediately make it an issue about religion, or race, whatever. Kids don't need any good reason to terrorize others -- they just do.

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May 8, 2003

Will Make Your Blood Boil

Deb has a great blog, insomnomaniac, which you may have clicked on over on the sidebar one time or another. I was catching up there today, and found out she's been going through hell while her neighborhood is being terrorized by hoodlum punk thugs.

Go read about what's been happening to her. It will make you see red.

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May 1, 2003

Rant Interrupted

Earlier today, when I was really steamed, I wanted to rant about the Dems actions when it comes to confirming judges. I've written letters to my senators till my fingers go numb, but to no avail as I'm stuck with two of the worst -- Feinstein and Boxer. But know I'm off work and can write that rant, and the fire has gone. So, instead of a rant, check out this post on Opinion Paper. Its very informative and I learned a lot about the constitutional responsibility of the Senate when it comes to judicial nominations.

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April 30, 2003

Neo-Prohibition III

Last snippet, I promise! But I'm riled and just have to get it out there!

Redefining the Culture

Thanks mostly to the RWJF-funded
Mothers Against Drunk Driving,the defi-
nition of drunk was changed in 2000..
Now set at .08 BAC,a 120-pound woman
can become drunk on only two glasses
of wine.

A study from the notoriously unreliable
National Center on Addiction and
Substance Abuse (CASA)concluded that
excessive drinking accounts for 30 per--
cent of the alcohol consumed in
America.Anything over two drinks in a
day was considered excessive.
In CASA s parlance,12 drinks during
any one year makes you a lifetime
drinker and therefore at risk.

And at-risk amounts are defined as three to
four drinks at one occasion. A binge is
five or more drinks on one occasion,and
20 percent of the adult population are
binge drinkers because they binged
once during the last month.

So a husband and wife who split a bottle
of wine with dinner are considered
excessive drinkers, and perhaps at
risk. Add a gin and tonic before dinner
and an after dinner drink and the couple
are now both binge drinkers.

Update: Andrea comments (and they're damn fine comments, so go read 'em)

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Neo-Prohibition II

Working my way through the entire PDF file, and I'm getting tetchy!

They have an ad campaign aimed at kids that compares beer to heroin!

Most people consider heroin an unimag- inably horrible substance.They wouldn t dream of taking it.And there is certainly no such thing as moderate or reasonable heroin consumption.Likewise,the anti- alcohol movement s message to normal drinkers is that they have a problem that any alcohol consumption necessarily implies a genuine crisis.The RWJF-fund- ed Center for Science in the Public Interest wants to include alcohol in the federal government s anti-drug mediacampaign. Don t forget beer, the groupsays,the king of drugs.

Defenders of this beer-is-heroin advertising
say kids are the intended audience.But
that makes the ad even more devious.The
anti-alcohol movement wants kids to
believe that alcohol is a horrible drug,and
that the adults in their lives their mothers
and fathers are abusing drugs if they have
wine with dinner.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy! In their effort to demonize anyone who takes a drink, they diminish the tragedy of people who do have a problem with alcohol. Like gun control nuts, they think that those who abuse something are going to pay attention to the law, or regulations. Do they really think that if they were able to get alcohol banned that it would stop those who want a drink from getting one? Any more than taking guns from law abiding citizens stops the criminals from having firearms.

What freaking morons! All the money they're spending on this. Imagine what that money could be used for!

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For Pity's Sake!!

Where's The Beef?

LOS ANGELES A textbook review process in California has changed or eliminated references to everything from the Founding Fathers to hot dogs, leaving many to charge the state with distorting history in the name of political correctness.

The textbook review process, which is routinely done in many states, is meant to eliminate or replace outdated words or phrases. But whats happening in California has a lot of people wondering quite literally "Wheres the beef?"

Thats because many California textbooks will no longer feature pictures of hot dogs, sodas, cakes, butter and other kinds of food that are not considered nutritious. Nor will the books contain any phrases judged to be sexist or politically insensitive.

The Founding Fathers, for instance, are now referred to as "The Framers," in an apparent effort to make them sound less male-dominant. And there will be no more reading about Mount Rushmore, where the faces of four U.S. presidents are carved into stone, because it appears to offend some Native-American groups.

And of course, there's much, much more....

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April 29, 2003

It's A Sad Day--

when people cannot even have a site dedicated to their favorite music group these days.


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April 24, 2003

A Womans Right

One womans fight to bear arms.

The story of Shelly Parker:

She resides in a high-crime neighborhood in the heart of D.C. People living on her block are harassed relentlessly by drug dealers and addicts. Ms. Parker decided to do something about it. She called the police time and again then encouraged her neighbors to do the same. She organized block meetings to discuss the problem. For her audacity, Shelly Parker was labeled a troublemaker by the dealers, who threatened her at every opportunity. This past June, the back window of her car was broken. The following month, a large rock came through her front window. Her security camera was stolen from the outside of her house. A drug user drove his car into her back fence.

In February of this year, a dealer known as "Nanook" started banging on her door and tried to pry his way into her house, repeatedly yelling, "Bitch, I'll kill you, I live on this block too." Nanook was eventually arrested. He may be prosecuted. But Ms. Parker knows that the police are "not going to do very much about the drug problem on my block." That's why she wants to have a functional handgun in her home for self-defense just a garden-variety pistol, not a machine gun or assault weapon like the gangs are able to acquire without blinking an eye.

Shelly Parker and countless other D.C. residents should be able to defend themselves. They're not asking to carry a weapon outdoors on the city's drug-infested streets, where the sound of bullets regularly mocks the nation's strictest gun ban. Their needs are more basic: a pistol where they live, so they can defend their property, their families, and their lives.

Yet if Parker has a handgun in her bedroom, she could face criminal penalties arrest, prosecution, fine, even incarceration because of the District's preposterous gun laws. Upstanding citizens who reside in D.C., pay taxes in D.C., and obey D.C. laws are too often the victims of criminal predators. Still, the city insists that if someone breaks into their houses, their only choice is to call 911 and pray that help gets there in time. Anyone who's ever used the city's emergency phone service knows that a pizza can be delivered before the police show up.

There's more here.

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April 17, 2003

Stealth Amnesty

Let's suppose for a moment that an elected member of the House of Representatives one day links his Web page to that of an ethnic advocacy group, a white ethnic advocacy group.

Let's also suppose that group's founder has made statements to the effect that his group's goals include such things as taking over all of a state's political institutions, or making a state into a "white state." It would probably be the end of that representative's career, right?

Last week, Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Illinois' Fourth Congressional District linked his Web page to a "white paper" on the matricula consular, the identification card issued by Mexican consulates to its nationals abroad. Mexico has energetically lobbied U.S. institutions for the card's acceptance.

The white paper was prepared by, and appears on the Web site of, an organization called MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund). MALDEF's founder, Mario Obledo, has said publicly that "California is going to be a Mexican state, we are going to control all the political institutions. If people don't like it, they should leave."

There was a time in this country, now thankfully past, when talk like that would land you in jail. But the fact that Obledo has the right to say such things doesn't make them right. He is, after all, telling us that his organization's aim is to assume control of California's political institutions and then transfer that control to another country.

The media has said almost nothing about Gutierrez's decision to link his Web page to MALDEF's and display its white paper. MALDEF, and its sister organization La Raza (yes, that translates to "The Race") are just some of the advocacy groups that work nonstop to see the matricula consular card accepted as a valid form of identification by all U.S. institutions, including banks, marriage license bureaus, departments of motor vehicles, and even federal agencies. It serves one purpose: the normalization of the approximately three million Mexican nationals now illegally in the United States.

You can read the rest of this insanity here.

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April 14, 2003

You Know What Bugs Me?

No, but I'll tell you [g] (you knew I would)

Every time there's a major sports championship (Superbowl, playoffs) the
losing team's fans -- and the winners a lot of the time -- riot and loot.
They tip over cars, set them on fire, smash windows, assault other people.
And this is for frickin sports!

During the L.A. riots, the talking heads and the press kept telling us that
we needed to understand the anger and the rage, that it was a "popular
uprising". They even tried to justify the actions of the rioters that
bashed in the head of that truck driver with bricks. And this was over a
jury verdict.

For pete's sake, people looted the shops and businesses around the WTC
after 9/11!

Timeline Iraq. Here are people who if anyone has a legitimate reason to
loot, they do. The vast majority of the looting in Baghdad has been in
government buildings and palaces. These people are taking back what's
theirs. It's already calming down, the Iraqi police are now on patrol with
our troops.There are reports that some people are already returning things
they took in the heat of the moment. But the press needs a new "quagmire"
"failed war plan", so the new thing is "chaos and anarchy".

It is sad about the looting of the museum, but there's evidence
that the stuff in the vaults walked out with employee help. The looting of
antiquities happens in every war. Look how much stuff the Nazis took during
the course of WWII, not to mention the things they looted from the Jews
they sent to Death Camps. And how much the Soviet Union ended up relooting from the Nazis as the war was ending!

Okay, I feel better getting that off my chest.

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April 8, 2003

The Glass

Last night, I switched to CNN for awhile to see what they were up to. It only takes a few minutes watching to remind me why I don't watch CNN. First off, Aaron Brown is like nails down a chalkboard for me, but I kept it on anyway. Then he starts interviewing a guy from Newsweek. You know, with "mainstream media", the glass isn't half empty, it shattered in a million pieces on the floor. So, Aaron asks the Newsweek guy if he's less pessimistic than he was when they talked at the beginning of the war. Here's the highlights before I turned the channel in sheer frustration.

)) Americans see victory while the rest of the world is seeing the victims as civilian casualties mount.

)) Dropping bombs for no good reason on civilians (talking about the bombing where they thought Saddam was)

)) Enraging the "Arab Street"

)) That while there were many Coalition troops in the desert and on the outskirts of cities, we didn't have any control over the Iraqi people (and he intimated we never would and that failure was just around the corner)

There were a couple other things, but my near sleepy state drove them from my mind. But you get the idea.

I got to thinking though, since obviously the world press is portraying us as evil people who only want to massacre civilians, and are showing all sorts of horrible things and blaming it on us, then I wonder how much of an impact what happened yesterday will really have? Civilians were killed in an attempt to save more lives by killing Saddam. But since the rest of the world, especially the Arab world, already think we're slaughtering civilians, then this was just one more of the same. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. For many in "Old Europe", for those in the "Arab Street", and people like Aaaron Brown, and the Newsweek guy, the glass will always be broken. We can't even get it to half empty in their eyes. So if we can't do anything about it, we need to just follow the dictates of our own conscience and leave the rest to sort themselves out before whatever deity/belief system they may have once the dust has settled.

I'm not sure any of that last made sense, though it made sense in my brain when I thought about it!

For what it's worth....

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March 20, 2003

The Peace Protests in San Francisco...

I really hate the fact that San Francisco (or Los Angeles) is how all of California is portrayed to the US and the world.


Never mind that California is one of the largest economies in the world.

Never mind that California is so large, it takes up the equivalent square footage of [deep breath] Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. (I actually looked all the square footages up and calculated it). And then, California is still slightly larger!

Never mind the fact that the majority of California isn't wacko nutjobs.


But, it's the wacko nutjobs that make news.

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March 16, 2003

The Anti-Home Front

Here's a company you won't find on the Home Front website.

Pep Boys fires store manager because of his military obligation

Automotive supply chain Pep Boys fired a Tucson store manager because his military Reserve duties took him away from work, according to a federal lawsuit filed here.

It may not be an isolated case. Several other reservists fired from Pep Boys in Tucson and Pennsylvania have contacted a military advocacy group with similar complaints.

Pep Boys' Tucson attorney, Todd E. Hale, declined to comment on the lawsuit, citing company policy not to discuss ongoing legal cases.

In the Tucson case, Erik Balodis, then a store manager at the 7227 E. 22nd St. Pep Boys, was fired after being called to a U.S. Naval Reserve exercise in June 2002. Balodis, a father of two young children, was unable to find work for five months.

He eventually found work as a store manager at Big Lots in October 2002 but by then the family's finances were in ruins.

In February, his family was forced to sell its four-bedroom East Side home and file for bankruptcy. Balodis, who is stationed in South Korea, now earns about $20,000 less a year, said his wife, Kathy.

And, according to the article, this isn't an isolated incident.

Balodis may not be alone in how he was treated by the Pennsylvania-based company.

Two similar incidents were reported to Arizona's state ESGR chairman, William Valenzuela.

Valenzuela said he spoke with two other Pep Boys employees who were called to active duty and terminated by the company at about the same time as Balodis. And he said he heard there may have been four others who faced a similar fate. He said Pep Boys is the only company he's heard of that has had that many termination disputes over military service here.

ESGR did not take any action with the other two Pep Boys employees because they had already contacted lawyers, which prohibits ESGR from getting involved, Valenzuela said.

Davis said he received a complaint Thursday from Pennsylvania regarding a Reserve member who was deployed to Bosnia in May 2002.

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March 8, 2003

The Fairer Sex?

Feminists to Muslim women: Drop dead.

Today feminists celebrate International Women's Day. But don't expect to see any banners proclaiming the rights and dignity of women in the Muslim world, even though many women there are not allowed to drive, vote or venture out of the house alone. Nor will there be any mention of women who are expected to cheerfully endure, in the discreet words of the Arab News, "a light beating" from disapproving husbands.

As the feminists of the Western world take to the streets, there will be no speeches denouncing Saddam Hussein who, in an attempt to garner support from Islamists, accuses female dissidents of adultery and has them stoned to death. And don't wait for any proclamations condemning the widespread and state-ignored practice of honor killings, the murder of young women who have ostensibly violated family honor, because they have held hands with or kissed a boy or, worse yet, because they have been raped.

Not only are feminists averting their eyes from the truth that only Western-style democracies have made the feminist principle of the full rights and dignity of women a reality, more perversely, they are lending support to the oppression and tyranny they profess to hate. In the name of respecting "the other," postcolonial feminists have been known to defend forced marriage, polygamy, and even female circumcision, while the bureaucratic U.N. feminists have touted the Iraqi regime for its support of women in the workplace. Most ironic are the gender feminists who call on us to "invest in caring," but who prefer not to notice the consequences of their position: not caring about the millions of people--female and male--who suffer under the rule of tyrants.

As I type this, FOX news is doing a report on this same subject. NOW actually has a press release claiming that liberating Iraq would hurt Iraqi women because "they have more rights than women in Saudi Arabia". Dear God!! How do these 'women' look at themselves in the mirror? How do their warped brains handle the utter hypocrisy of their positions? If they had to spend but a few weeks in Iraq and live like those Iraqi women who they think are so well off. If they had to watch their children being tortured in front of them for some 'sin' against the regime. If they had to spend time in Saddam's prisons where they were raped by the staff rapist. But of course, American feminists have more important things to do, like trying to get women accepted at some swanky golf club. I'm sure all those oppressed Iraqi women can understand that Western feminists have to have some sort of priorities! I mean, some things are really important after all.

These women disgust me. They do not represent anything I would ever want to be associated with. And it that makes me not a 'real woman' in their eyes, then I'm more than thankful. Not for a million dollars would I be their sort of woman.

Link via Daily Pundit

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March 6, 2003

The Jewish Conspiracy

This is a subject that has had me increasingly outraged and upset. The more
I read and hear about the Left, the more their true colours are showing.

This was a post on The Corner that does a good job of summing up what I'm
talking about:


I wasn't going to say anything about the tone and content of last night's
Nightline feeding into anti-Semitic conspiracy thought. Some of the leading
lights of the Project for a New American Century happen to be Jewish. As I
was watching the show, I thought, "Oh boy, the Jew-haters are going to go wild with this." But I didn't say anything about it, not wanting to overreact.

Well, a reader wrote a short time ago:

I just heard a caller to the Diane Rehm show this morning spin out the same theory, with an ugly edge. He noted most of the neo-cons were "Jewish Americans" and implied that their unwavering support for Israel was the prime source of their motivation.

The reader went on to say that last week he was having a beer at a his regular watering hole in Old Town, Alexandria, when he struck up a conversation with a woman who was born and raised in Marin County, California. When Iraq came up, the woman started in with the usual America-bashing. Then things turned ugly.

What eventually caused me to walk away within seconds of punching her lights out was when she said the U.S. got what it deserved on 9-11 because we are a terrorist state, and that you can't believe anything in the news media "because everyone knows the Jews control this country." What shocked me was this wasn't some skinhead from northern Idaho but a cosmopolitan, educated woman from Marin County. Have I been leading a sheltered life?

Yes sir, you have. But then again, we all have. I have heard the same thing recently come out of the mouths of some intelligent, sophisticated, educated people -- the kind of people who should know better. I'm not talking about merely disagreeing or criticizing the policies of the Israeli government. This goes beyond that.

Boy, does it! These people are disgusting and frightening. You'd think
they'd be in the dust bin of history, but they're not. We really need to be
vigilant and aware of who these people are, and where these so called
"Peace Groups" get their funding from. And then we need to make sure that
the less informed around us are informed about what lurks in our midst.

Sorry if I'm coming off as emotional over this, but I am emotional on this
subject. I want the blinders ripped off the average Joe and get them to
see. We didn't lose thousands upon thousands of lives in Europe defeating
Nazis so that those with the same beliefs could sneak around all these
years later trying to insinuate their perverted beliefs into our society.

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February 23, 2003


Wayne at the Tocquevillian gave me the heads up on this post of his. Apparently, some Maine schoolteachers are demeaning the roles of their students' deployed parents. That has to be about the most disgusting thing I've heard in quite awhile.

Just when you think the Left can't sink any lower.

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February 22, 2003

Off Topic Whine

I had to get a new monitor because my old reliable Hitachi was on its last legs after seven years. So I ended up with a Viewsonic 17'' Ultrabrite A70f+. So far so good. There's things I like about it, but even with the brightness down as far is it'll go, the colours still look all faded out to me. So things like this blog, look all bleached out. My boss and my brother think I may need a new video card since my old one may not be playing nicely with the new monitor. It just seems wherever I get something new, I need other new things for them to work! I guess it's just the joys of computer ownership.

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February 13, 2003

Ahhh! My eyes! My eyes!

Picture via Drudge Report.

You've been warned! It's bad!

I think I'm blind now.

No! It's a miracle! I can see again!

What a great visual to go to bed with.

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February 5, 2003

What Would It Take?

Secretary of State Powell's presentation to the United Nations Security Council this morning seemed like a slam dunk to me. But then, I guess there must be something wrong with my perception, because what I think is so obvious isn't to a whole lot of other folks. What do I mean? Well, on a variety of email lists I'm on, that have nothing whatsoever to do with current events, I'm seeing posts like this one:

Who (and why) is he trying to convince anyway? The US is going to bomb Iraq, for no other reason than because Bush wants to. He wouldn't be paying any attention to Iraq at all if they exported potatos. This isn't about human attrocities, or weapons of mass destruction. Let's just hope that after Bush gets his testosterone rush taken care of, that he doesn't leave Iraq in the same sad shape he left Afghanistan in.

How's that for head scratching perplexation? Am I in the Twilight Zone? Are they? Is there anything that Saddam could do that would get to these people? I'm beginning to think that there is nothing that could happen, up to and including a WMD attack on our country, that would change their POV. If the worst happened, they'd probably find excuses for the terrorists and blame their own country no matter how many thousands die. (Like that's different)

And don't even get me started on the French! And since I don't want to get started, go and read what Steve Den Beste has to say on that particular subject.

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Biting My Tongue

I'm back in my little corner of the store (I'm on the side of the
pharmacy), biting my tongue. I really don't want to get into a verbal
battle over Iraq. Especially when I've got two days worth of work to do
and I'm the only person in my department today (My coworker is out
volunteering at the AT&T pro-am golf tournament).

ARGH! Must... resist...

Well... I think I'll type a short essay instead and post it here... :)

One Reason Why I'm for action against Iraq.

Plain and simple. They're in direct, and massive, violation of UN
Resolution 1441.

Colin Powell has given large amounts of proof to the United Nations.

One eye witness account is conjecture.

Two is possible proof.

But, when you have multiple eye witness accounts backed up with
intelligence gathered; not just by US intelligence, but by intelligence
gathered by several countries; that is proof.

If we do not follow through with the consequences for the violation of
Resolution 1441, the UN is basically as defunct as the League of Nations.

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November 4, 2002

An End To The Pain

There are a lot of annoying campaign adverts out there, but the most annoying is the one Rusty Areias is running. (Even more than Sam Farr's seemingly immortal Robert Redford ad.) The guy is a Dem and running yet again for State Senate. And yet again, he's running the same really, really, really teeth grindingly irritating radio ad.

It goes something like this. Old guy (he sounds like an old guy) is talking about his farm being in financial trouble, and how Rusty tried to help. But it was all for naught, as the bank put it into bankruptcy. "No mercy," says old guy as his voice starts to break. Now he's really starting to cry as he tells us, "Rusty told me, that in all the times he'd been alive, he'd never cried so much since his mother died." Then he tells us why we should vote for Rusty, "Sometimes you need help, and if you vote for Rusty, I'm sure he'll help you too." The only way Rusty can help me is to stop running the damn ad!! Not to be heartless or anything, but I don't care about the farm or what Rusty apparently failed to do, I just want it to stop. Please!

This has been running on every station I listen to, over and over and over, for frikkin forever! But tomorrow, it'll stop! Hallelujah!

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