September 20, 2008

Old Tactics are Not New Politics.

This new Spanish Obama ad is very interesting to me. While I've heard arguments to the contrary, I think this will really hurt Obama.

Most people are used to "mean" political ads. There are general discussions over the nuances of some that are not exactly truthful because they miss this or that nuance. This ad, however, is one big ball of lies. Forget how badly it takes Limbaugh out of context, it paints McCain as something he clearly isn't. This isn't even an issue of people having to search back into piles of C-Span archives to find out what he really thinks. This was front page stuff. He almost lost the primary over this issue. Anyone who's most important issue is immigration knows where McCain stands. Defending McCain from this ad might inflame one or two people who are still angry about his position on this but most of those people have had months to come to terms with voting for him anyway.

Obama. on the other hand, has shown that he's willing to do anything to get his way. He's willing to completely lie. Not stretch the truth or re-state something in the terms he understands it, he's willing to completely lie. While not the only example of politics as usual from the man who came to power to heal the wounds of the country and stop partisan politics, that is lower than most of the politicians before him have chosen to go. Mostly because the people don't like to be lied to.

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