March 17, 2008

New Entry On the 'Awesome Possum Show List'

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! We watched all of them over the course of the weekend, and loved it to pieces! What a great show!

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March 8, 2008

In Ur Base, Reading Ur Fic

This is the most cracktastic piece of fic. I really and truly was weeping with laughter.

to Communicate

Why do you need to go read this? It's Torchwood/LOLcats. Really.


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March 7, 2008

Fair Play

I thought this was interesting:

British sense of fair play proven by science

The British sense of fair play has been scientifically proven by experiments held in 16 cities which show that, by comparison, the Russians and Greeks thirst for revenge.

The idealised games held around the world have shed new light on the way in which people co-operate for the common good - and what happens when they don't.

The research published today in the journal Science shows that taking revenge is more common in relatively corrupt and undemocratic traditional societies based on authoritarian and parochial social institutions, where citizens think it is acceptable to dodge taxes or flout laws because criminal acts frequently go unpunished.


In a commentary in the journal Science, Prof Herbert Gintis of the Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico, confirms how: "Anti-social punishment was rare in the most democratic societies and very common otherwise.

"Using the World Democracy Audit evaluation of countries' performance in political rights, civil liberties, press freedom and corruption, the top six performers among the countries studied were also in the lowest seven for anti-social punishment. These were the USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Switzerland."

He adds: "Their results suggest that the success of democratic market societies may depend critically upon moral virtues as well as material interests, so the depiction of civil society as the sphere of 'naked self-interest' is radically incorrect."

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March 5, 2008

Not Average

Like that's a surprise.

Americans love mobile phones more than Internet: study

Americans would find it harder to part with their mobile phones than the Internet, television or landline telephones, according to a survey released Wednesday.

Nuh uh! I have no attachment to my cell phone whatsoever and would give it up over the internet or TV any day. I probably use my cell phone once or twice a month, more on vacations. But the internet? [HUGS] Nope, not giving that up!

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March 4, 2008


I was watching FNC, and they said if you went to their website, you could watch their Strategy Room as a live feed on the internet when the main broadcast isn't airing them. I decided to check it out. It's pretty neat! Though I seem incapable of listening to them and the TV at the same time.

In other election news, I watched McCain's speech and tried not to wallow in depression :) Really and truly, I'm trying to prepare myself for the reality of having to vote for him. and I will. I just need a little more time for acceptance!

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