February 11, 2008

Personal Update

If anyone cares. Which I'm pretty sure they don't. But.

There really isn't a whole lot to report. I was really sick over Xmas, and then again a few weeks ago. I swear I seem to get seriously ill after having major dental work done. This time, it was a root canal. It's been two months, and it still hurts. They said it can hurt up to three months after, but I'm getting tired of it all.

We went to visit the family in Utah the second week of January. Had a relaxing sort of time. I always forget how much warmed it is without the coastal dampness, even though the temperature is 20 degrees cooler.

Nin has been working lots of nights, so making dinners has been a chore, plus I haven't been feeling well, but she starts on more days this week. I'm going to try and make homemade chow mein for the first time, to go with the gyoza we got at Trader Joe's.

Movies: Enchanted!!! We adored it! Saw it twice, bought the soundtrack. It was charming and fun and struck just the right balance. Really strong marriage and family message too.

TV: Oh, the writer's strike! not that I didn't support them, but I'm still going to whine about the truncated TV season. Especially since Peter Wingfield finally got a role on 24 this season, and now we won't see him till 2009! Argh!

Speaking of Peter, Nin and I will be going to the PWFC Road Trip in Vegas this year. Should be much fun! Unfortunately, I don't think we can do Denver Worldcon.

Writing, I've been doing some. In all my series pretty much. Let's see...

I actually wrote a Highlander/Twilight Zone story. I was pretty pleased with it: Silver Service

Two 'anti-Valentine Day' stories: So Close, and Live to Tell

And I started a Queen of Swords series! I loved it when it was on, and had the urge to pick up where the series left off: Santa Elena Welcomes You

And my current Work In Progress, which utilizes the Star Trek Mirror Universe: I Remember You Not Fondly

Now you know why I haven't been so good with the blogging!

That's the recap. Now, I need to get some dinner!

Posted by Ith at February 11, 2008 6:42 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

I hope you feel better soon, Ith. I'm the same way with oral surgery - it takes me forever to recover and I guess my mouth hurting just wipes me out. One month to go! {{{HUGS}}}

Posted by: Janette at February 12, 2008 10:55 AM