April 25, 2007

Unsolicited Endorsement

I realize no one's been waiting for my input, but here I be, and full of banalities. Let's see, what's there to say... well, the one thing on my mind lately's been moving. What a job. What enormous work. But this morning I walked through with the landcretin, handed over the keys, and am quit of the place.

Valuable lesson for those in Monterey/Salinas area: hire Maria Ramos and Co. to do your moveout clean. Phenomenal work, very fast, cheapest price going: $420 including carpet steam-clean for a 4/3 townhouse.

My son and I tiptoed through the perfumed house last night and were in awe. Could this be the same hovel of the past five years? Are those our old stove, icebox, and floor softly shining? And yet they were.

Remember the scene in the Michael York version of Three Musketeers when the Duke of Buckingham is being secreted into the castle and he traverses the room where the drenched, semi-clad ladies are scrubbing the laundry and pauses and says he will henceforth look upon his shirts with respect (or something to that effect)? That's the feeling--these people are geniuses of clean.

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