April 26, 2007

To you Ithicans into the beach, the Founding, and the old Anglican prayer book...

(hey, who isn't?)... If you live in So. California, there's a happenin' you might like to go to. This Sunday, April 29, is the 400th anniversary of the landing at Jamestown, and the cross-planting and Anglican service held by Fr Hunt, the expedition's chaplain, at the Cape Henry beach.

This was a signal event in American history, and is being celebrated as a huge deal on the east coast, where festivities will culminate in a visit by Queen Elizabeth. Here in the west, Anglican parishes (and anyone else with a sense of adventure) are gathering in Corona del Mar for a picnic, cross-planting, and Evensong from the Book of Common Prayer used in 1607.

St Mary of the Angels in Hollywood is organizing--I know this group, VERY welcoming and fun. Plus one of the parishioners is/was? a Klingon. Wish I could join them, alas, but maybe you can go instead. Info here.

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