April 10, 2007

Holiday Greetings

A happy belated Easter to you all. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Holidays are the times I really do miss my family since they've moved out of state. Keep reminding myself that this time two weeks from now, I'll be seeing them all.

Nin and I had a very non traditional Easter dinner -- Thai food. We went to Cost Plus to get a single bottle of Torani Raspberry Syrup (for Raz Mojitos), and came out with an overflowing cartload of stuff. Fugitive Jen, on Friday, had been talking about a brand of Thai seasoning she'd just bought and how it tasted as good as what she ate out. Lo and behold, they had it at CP. Now, I have very little experience with Thai, and have never had Pad Thai, but that's what we had. Along with Miso Soup and Sake. It was okay, but not anything I'd have again, which is pretty much what I've said the few times I've had Thai food before. I think I've finally realized what it is though -- it's too 'sweet' tasting. I don't like food that's sweet, unless it's dessert. I think I'll stick with Malaysian, Japanese, and Chinese Schezwan style.

I was also able to get two kick ass canisters for my flour and sugar -- on clearance no less! I've needed decent ones since we moved in here, and these will most definitely keep my sugar from crusting up and clumping in the damp! And they're huge! Which means being able to keep a full bag in the canister. Yes, anything to do with my kitchen and cooking fills me with glee! You should see me fondle my one good knife! You should see the Amazon Wishlist I keep just for house and home type stuff.

So yes, we were at Cost Plus, and got Thai stuff, Miso, Udon Noodles, a case of mixed wine since they had an awesome sale on, and I was able to finish off my Japanese tableware set. I now have a four place setting, as opposed to two. Then we went to Tarjay aka Target, so Nin could get storage containers. Wait for it .... she's actually cleaning her room!!! You can now see the floor!! Celebration! So I think she deserved the three margaritas, and the chocolate chip cookies I made her [g]

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