May 3, 2006

Sharing the Immigrant Experience Over Cocktails

Via Ken at It Comes In Pints? (still one of my all time favourite blog names) comes this very amusing essay about the immigrant experience from a hopeful foreigner.

Fellow immigrants, let's do lunch

.... I came, like so many before me, for opportunity. The opportunity to be represented by either the United Talent Agency or CAA in my quest to negotiate a deal with NBC for a pilot I have written called, tentatively, "My Nana Was a Stripper."

Will I succeed? Who is to say? I know only that I will work hard and live simply, in the Four Seasons on Doheny, for as long as it takes to get a meeting or until I get in at Shutters.

Call it hope. Call it a dream. Call it that feeling we immigrants get as we look down from our business-class seats on American Airlines coming into LAX and see a palm tree for the first time. We do not have these in my country. These to me are a symbol, a kind of great green light at the end of the dock, as your writer F. Scott Fitzgerald said in his book, "The Great Gatsby," which in my country is called "The Great Gatsby."

And we will call this land, "This Land"!

Read it all.

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