November 30, 2005

More Tinker Toys

Yahoo! now lets you create an avatar. This is "me":

Yahoo! Avatars

Note my pet dragon!

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I asked my boss if we could send the guys outside to play. I swear, it's like being trapped inside on a rainy day with a bunch of very big and loud twelve year old boys. (meant cheerfully, not in a I HATE MEN sorta way) (just in case my mirth isn't coming through the void)

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Happy St. Andrew's Day


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November 29, 2005

"Must See" for Xmas

Inspired by Deb's post here, what movie or TV show is a must see over the holidays?

If I could recommend just one Xmas themed movie, it would be Bernard and the Genie. I've adored this movie since I saw in on PBS about ten years ago.

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Drum Roll!!

Visitor number 200,000 was from 'State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Companies' in Bloomington. Huge congratulations on this vast honour to whoever you might be Contagion!

Later: Stop the presses! After a recount, it appears we do not yet have a declared winner. Until such time as the International Olympic Committee makes a determination, the gold medal has regretfully been withdrawn from Contagion. However, his Wheaties endorsement stands!

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Aye, It's the Flux Modulation Controller, Captain!

For real!

(though 'capacitor' would have been more amusing) (it just would)

Via The Corner

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I may break the 200,000 visitor mark!

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November 28, 2005

Another One

I recently discovered that frequent commenter Daniel has a blog now. Go say, "hi"!

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Isn't That Something?

Melvin and Howard: A true story after all?

It's Melvin Dummar's story, and he's glued to it.

The former Willard gas station operator - who forever will be tied to Howard Hughes through the so-called Mormon Will - still insists he picked up the billionaire recluse along a lonely Nevada road and saved his life on a frigid December night in 1967.

Now, nearly four decades later, new evidence suggests Dummar was telling the truth.

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Keeping Those Fingers Warm

CTG passed this link on to me in regards to my post earlier today. And another friend told me about these.

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Glad It Isn't Just Me

This an article about déjà vu, but the bit below is so me.

....The discovery of what's called inattentional blindness lends support to this idea. People fail to see things in their field of vision all the time. But even though you are oblivious to, say, the storefront next to your destination, it still registers in memory. In lab tests, when a word flashes too quickly for someone to consciously perceive it, and then flashes long enough to be read, people say they saw it on a previous list, not realizing they saw it a second ago.
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I Know

I complain about this every year... I'm COLD! It's the usual, uninsulated cinderblock warehouse with no heat, bricks get as cold as whatever the temp goes down to at night, not enough sun in the day to warm them up, perpetual cold coming off the walls no matter how close I get the space heater. Which means a winter of numb fingers and just plain cold.

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Pretty Good

My refried bean experiment turned out pretty good. I decided to only use enough of the pot beans for two servings, instead of turning the whole batch into refried beans. With what's left in the freezer, I can try some other recipes that use pot beans as a base.

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A New Blog Toy

Moved it down to the extended entry since it tends to hang.

And it's down near the bottom of the sidebar.

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November 27, 2005


Spike TV is running a James Bond marathon. Right now Diamonds are Forever is on, which is one I've never seen straight through.

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Since I'm alone for the duration once more, I decided to try making my own refried beans. Right now, I'm at the 'pot bean' portion of the process. When those are done, I take a portion and with some lard, garlic, and maybe a bit of onion, I will make refried beans.

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November 26, 2005

If Only

Yesterday, I posted a bit from an article on the Canadian guy wanting public hearings on dealing with "ET". Something I meant to mention, but didn't get around to was this bit:

He stated, "The Bush administration has finally agreed to let the military build a forward base on the moon, which will put them in a better position to keep track of the goings and comings of the visitors from space, and to shoot at them, if they so decide."

My reaction? About darn time, and if only it were true! I want my moon base, and I want it now. Oh, and the flying car too. When I was a little girl, I was sure we'd have a presence on the moon by this time. It's been something of a disappointment :)

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Anyone Else Out There?

Just asking.

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November 25, 2005

Darn It!

According to an article about Alias being canceled, they've also canceled Threshold. Darn it! I really like that show. And with Catherine Bell joining the cast, I was really looking forward to where it was going.

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And Now For Something Completely Different

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations

A former Canadian Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister under Pierre Trudeau has joined forces with three Non-governmental organizations to ask the Parliament of Canada to hold public hearings on Exopolitics -- relations with “ETs.”

By “ETs,” Mr. Hellyer and these organizations mean ethical, advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that may now be visiting Earth.

On September 25, 2005, in a startling speech at the University of Toronto that caught the attention of mainstream newspapers and magazines, Paul Hellyer, Canada’s Defence Minister from 1963-67 under Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prime Minister Lester Pearson, publicly stated: "UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head."

Mr. Hellyer went on to say, "I'm so concerned about what the consequences might be of starting an intergalactic war, that I just think I had to say something."

There's much more at the link.

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November 24, 2005

Know What I Miss?

Not so much having turkey, but the scent of it all cooking. And I miss the stuffing and taters, and gravy. Mostly the gravy :) I suppose I should call my mum.

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Hitchens Interview

Just finished watching a very good interview on FNC with Christopher Hitchens about his new book, Thomas Jefferson : Author of America, and the state of the world in general. I admit, I just love listening to him talk. One of the questions was what would Jefferson be amazed and appalled at today. His answer was he'd be amazed by American womanhood, and appalled that we hadn't taken over Canada yet [snicker]

(the interview was on Brit Hume's show, so you should be able to catch it when it repeats tonight)

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I've Been Hearing...

that's it's a holiday today. Fancy that! So Happy Thanksgiving, gentle readers! Nin is working, in fact, she just left. I made her a lunch of ham steak, cheese grits, and pumpkin pie for dessert. If I do say so myself, my pie was excellent! We watched Lost from last night since she was working, and it made me cry. Ana Lucia and Sayid are two sides of a coin. Now, i'm trying to decide how to waste the day, other than cleaning the kitchen. I'll probably write more -- I have 8 pages so far!

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November 23, 2005


If you're a big fan of "that Pirate movie", as I am, and are really looking forward to the sequel next summer, you can find an illicit trailer for it here. But the ruler of the Kingdom of the Mouse is looking for it, so go watch it quick!

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For Your Amusement

"Make me one with everything" ---Buddhist priest to hotdog vendor
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Open "Mic" Day

If you're one of the few poor souls, who like me, is at work today, then this post is for you! The comments are open for you to discuss whatever catches your fancy. And if you aren't at work, I'll let you play too, cus I'm such a giver :)

A few possible topics:

What you're doing for the holiday.

Do you watch any of the parades/sporting events?

Going to any movies?

Are you one of the insane 'day after Thanksgiving' shoppers?

And anything else you feel a burning desire to share.

So go for it!

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November 22, 2005


Tonight's House certainly had a lot going on. Did you notice the address on his apartment? Only thing missing was Baker Street! And Steve McQueen, meet Paul anka!

House M.D. Email List

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In the winter, we usually have mice wander into the warehouse looking for a warm bed and a bit to eat. This morning, one of the guys asked if I'd seen anything, because he thought he'd hear some rustling. I hadn't, but said it was that time of year. Well, about an hour ago, I happen to look down by my right foot, and there's a teensy little field mouse looking up at me. I think he was aiming for the bit of peanut on the floor next to my garbage can. Of course, as soon as he noticed me noticing him, he scurried off. I just got back from lunch, and sure enough, the peanut is gone. Time to get out the humane traps. I'll bait them with peanut butter, and release the occupents.

I hope this one doesn't decide to sleep in my deks plant! A few years back, I came into work to find dirt all over my desk, and a neat little hole down into the roots of the plant. It was home to that year's field mouse. I kid you not!

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For The Tea Drinker With Everything

There's this little gadget.

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Cotillion Time!

At the Gray Tie. Dance on over!

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November 21, 2005

If I Was Sleepy Before...

you should see me now. Long lunch, pool, a couple of drinks. I'm walking around the warehouse trying to stay awake. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Islamofascists aren't evil, they just have a different perspective! Well, I feel so much better now -- how 'bout you? Do these people actually believe their own twaddle?

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Almost Missed It!

It being the latest Red Ensign Standard.

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Monday Sleepy Sorta Post

We did not get a whole lot accomplished yesterday. I did water the pants plants, and make food, but that was about it. We watched a few moives, an ep of Highlander (Don Juan DeMarco, Bridget Jones, Indiscretions) and then Grey's Anatomy when it came on at ten. My only other accomplishment was getting three pages of my new story done. The 12th century fireplace one, for those keeping track.

Today is our work Thanksgiving luncheon, and for something different, we're going to eat and play pool. Spmewhere in between, I need to do payroll and try and wake up.

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November 20, 2005

Goblet Of Fire

If you've never read the books, and are going to the movie, for you, I'll put the review in the extended section :) Cus I CARE!!

(and this time, the category means it!)

We saw it last night -- 1030pm with hardly any kids in the audience! -- and yeah, a 2:30 minute movie isn't enough to get even 1/4 of the book in, it seemed to me. I did enjoy it, but I have to think if you'd never read the books, this one would be a bit of a mush. And the editing did seem a little choppy. I though the acting was just fine, it was nice to see them finding ways to use Neville so that people remember him for the next one when his role become much more pivotal. Not enough Snape, but I have a feeling that won't be a complaint in the next movies. This current Dumbledore really seems overly emotional both in comparison to Richard Harris and the Dumbledore in the books. A couple times I wanted to tell him to take a pill and chill [g] Lots of good stuff with the Weasly twins. One really glaring omission was Rita Skeeter as a rouge animagus. That was dropped entirely, as was Hermione blackmailing her over it. Since that's rather important in the next one, it surprised me. And they didn't dwell on Harry finding out about Snape's past in the pensieve. That surprised me to. I will admit I wanted the scene where Snape shows his Dark Mark to Fudge. Oh well. Ralph Feinnes made an excellently chilling Voldomort. I thought the Death Eater hats were silly as all get out. Looked like dunce caps, and one wonders if they get stuck in doorways often [g] Oh, yes, but we did get Draco as the bouncing ferret! Excellent! Minerva giving dancing lessons! I had a lovely mental image of Snape doing a similar class for Slytherin. The ball was beautiful! They do some amazing set design on this series. And dragons! I love dragons. In the credits, near the end, it said, "No dragons were harmed in the making of this film" LOL. David Tennant, who was Bartie Crouch Jr., is also the new Dr. Who, and he's damn cute! Just thought I'd mention it.

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November 19, 2005

That's Different

Mickey's been absent from her blog for a while, but today's she's back with an explanation and piccies. She's been refitting a boat!

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Amazon & Such

I've been in the beta of Amazon's preview links program. Basically, if you see a - - - - - link, it will generate a preview window of the product linked. It's supposed to work in IE and in Netscape/Firefox, but for me, it's only working in IE. Can't figure out why. Oh, and it's in beta, so whether you see the preview link is done by a virtual coin toss. But that's not the problem in Firefox for me.

This brings me to:

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, put another penny in Ithy's hat!

My Amazon hat, that is. Click through sales from A&C help keep the lights on around here. So, if you're so inclined, and you're doing some Xmas shopping at Amazon, would you click through from any of the Amazon links you find in posts, on the sidebar, or in comments? I get a few cents of every sale, and as you might imagine, the bulk of that comes from shopping over the holidays. Thank you!

Of course, if you prefer a more direct route, you can always use the Paypal link on the sidebar.

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Joined Together Around The World...

by the Backstreet Boys.

Two Chinese students let it all out. Not quite as hilarious as the Romanian lip synch from earlier in the year, but amusing nonetheless.

Via The Corner.

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November 18, 2005

Thank You!!

Many thanks to Jim and Kim for the Rosemary and Thyme DVDs! A very pleasant surprise indeed :) I'm taking them with me in the New Year to UT to watch with my mum. She loves Brit mysteries with a passion!

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Friday Night Munchin'

This is what I made for dinner last night. Nothing like a blog inspired dinner.

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Random Friday Question

What movie are you most looking forward to seeing between now and the end of the year?

Me? Memoirs of a Geisha and The Libertine (yes that's two, but it's my blog, so NYEAH!!)

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1000 Mexican Recipes

I recently got this cookbook, and heartily reccomend it for a comprehensive look into everyday kinds of Mexican food. I think we'll be using it for a long time to come! Good food, and easy on the grocery budget.

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The Warrior Princess

You are strong, courageous, and dynamic, a woman of
action. You have an iron will and a sharp
tongue. Indecisive, weak, or wishy-washy people
test your patience. You tend to grow bored
quickly and yearn for excitement.

Role Models: Brunhilde/The Valkyries, Xena

You are most likely to: Lead your people to victory
against an army of orcs.

What Kind of Princess are You? - Beautiful Artwork (Original Music is BACK!!!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Also via Gennie!

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November 17, 2005

Two Things

One, OUCH! I almost snapped my thumbnail off, and it's bleeding under the nail bed and it hurts!!

Two, what is it with people who call, you answer, and they're so busy holding a conversation with someone else on their end, they don't even hear you? And then they act all pissy aksing who they've reached because they didn't hear your greeting because THEY were the ones talking. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Oh, and three, I'm irritated. Can you tell?

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Bits & Pieces

Wasn't Lost great last night?

Nightstalker was canceled

Today's mood: pensive


Nin has to work Thanksgiving from 1-9pm, which means we don't even get to go out to eat as planned.

Thinking if seeing the new Harry Potter movie Sunday night -- or not.

I'm in a rut

Just finished reading another Master & Commander book. Only 16 more to go!

Nin's turning 30 in a few weeks which makes me feel older than dirt

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November 16, 2005

Appreciating America

There's a nice article in the Salt Lake Tribune about immigrants and Thanksgiving. I liked this bit:

One year, Kaufusi remembers her son's teacher coming by after Thanksgiving with a turkey. Her son had told the class that his family didn't have turkey because they couldn't afford it. "I had to keep a turkey on the table after that," says the 61-year-old Kaufusi. Kaufusi always makes a turkey for the family's Thanksgiving feast, but no one eats it. "It's a waste of time because the children don't enjoy it - only in sandwiches," she jokes. Pasa Tukuafu, Kaufusi's brother who was 8 years old when the family came to Utah, says the turkey in their family is symbolic of their appreciation. "It's not the food we long for," the now 41-year-old Tukuafu says of the big bird. "It's the food we use to pay respect to the United States."
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Call Me Spock


You are 'programming in QBASIC'. This programming
language (of which the acronym stands for
'Quick Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic
Instruction Code'), which is so primitive that
it cannot easily be used for any purpose
involving the Internet nor even sound, was
current more than a decade ago.

You are independent, in a good way. When something
which you need cannot be found, you make it
yourself. In writing and in talking with
people, you value clarity and precision; your
friends may not realize how important that is.
When necessary, you are prepared to be a
mediator in conflicts between your friends.
You are very rational, and you think of things
in terms of logic and common sense.
Unfortunately, your emotionally unstable
friends may be put off by your devotion to
logic; they may even accuse you of pedantry and
insensitivity. Your problem is that
programming in QBASIC has been obsolete for a
long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
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Via Second Breakfast

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Freakish Weather

It's bleeding 73 degrees! It rarely gets that warm here in the summer, in the middle of the day. Never mind November at 10:30 in the morning! There are mutterings of earthquake weather.

It's actually warmer outside than inside since the cinderblock walls are cold from the night.

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Spin: The Next Morning

So many good things about last night's ep of House. But overall, a feeling that Greg is heading towards a major crash and burn. The other standout for me was Wilson. We got to see more of what makes him tick, and his developing friendship with Cameron. He needed a friend last night, and it seems friendship with House these days is a one way street.

House Email List

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November 15, 2005

A Chance to Plug Serenity

Via email from Dan, this link to a Favourite Movie of 2005 poll.

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That's tonight's episode of House M.D., starring Hugh Laurie. Set those recording devices!

House Email List

House Fanfiction List

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The latest Cotillion is up for your reading pleasure!

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November 14, 2005

Fellow Elizabeth I Fans

Keep an eye out for Masterpiece Theatre and "The Virgin Queen". It's already aired in some markets, but not here yet. Review here.

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It's In The Cards

Hey, I just really wanted to use that post title.

So far, so good. I'm not dead last! That's all I ask, not to come in last. Flashbacks of school PE class and always being the last one after teams were picked [shudder]

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Just Because It Tickled My Funny Bone

Read down a few lines:

Vatican City, Nov 11 - The legacy of Pope John Pail II "includes, among various examples, a shining attitude towards prayer. We now pick up his spiritual heritage under the guidance of his heavenly intercession," said today Pope Benedict XVI during a sermon to celebrate late cardinals and bishops. "Over the last 12 months," said the current Pope, "we have had five revered cardinals who kicked the bucket: Juan Carlos Aramburu, Jan Pieter Schotte, Corrado Bafile, Jaime Sin and, less than a month ago, Giuseppe Caprio. We entrust their souls and those of the Archbishops and Bishops who passed away recently to God."

Link via The Corner

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November 13, 2005


Saw Zorro, and enjoyed it a great deal! I mean, it's Zorro! What's not to love? Plus you have Antonio Banderas, and Catherine Zita Jones in the coolest costumes, swordplay, a beautiful horse. There you go!

Currently, I'm making dinner. Enfrijoladas with tomatillio avacado salsa. The bean mixture is currently simmering and Nin is making me a Sidecar. I'm hungry!

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El Zorro

I think we're going to go see Zorro this afternoon. Got my hair cut -- FINALLY!!! -- late yesterday, then Nin and I treated ourselves and ate out. Then we watched some Forever Knight tapes so I could get flow of Ashes to Ashes back in my brain. Yes, it's all still fic related :) Now for tea!!

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November 12, 2005

So (mostly) Not Me

Your Heart Is Red
You're a passionate lover - you always have a huge fire in your heart.
Too bad it's hard for you to be passionate about just one person!

Your flirting style: Outgoing and sexy

Your lucky first date: Drinks and dancing

Your dream lover: Is both stable and intense

What you bring to relationships: Honesty
What Color Heart Do You Have?

My problem is exactly the opposite. I can't be passionate about more than one person. I'm like a loyal dog or something else uncomplimentary, I'm sure :) And flirting? I can't flirt. Way too shy. There are reasons I'm 42 and never married, after all. Okay, now I'm depressed. Heh. The drinks and dancing thing, yeah. Not that I've ever done that, but it sounds fun. I like to dance.

Via the Jedi-Solos -- both of them!

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Here's a Question For You

I'm trying to do some research on fireplaces. Haven't had a lot of luck online, so I'm tossing it out here. So far, all I've been able to discover is that:

About the 12th century the fireplace was moved from its central location to a perimeter wall and eventually the fireplace began to be enclosed by side walls and covered with a smoke hood. The necessity for having a large hearth to burn big logs increased the size of collecting hoods and their supporting side walls in large, drafty common halls. The result was literally the building of little rooms within large ones.

But when in the 12th century? And at what point did it start turning into the fireplace corner?

It's not a huge important thing, just a litte humourous scene leading to a flashback in fic I'm wanting to write. And I always have a bee in my bonnet over historical accuracy. If it makes a dfference, the fireplace in question will probably be in the north of England, somewhere around York. So if you have some knowledge on the subject, please help a gal out!

See the things you get to read about here?

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November 11, 2005

We Remember


click image for larger view

This post will remain at the top today.

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Somebody nominated me for the blogger card deck thingie over at Aaron's. Wasn't expecting to see my name on the list, so it was quite a surprise. As long as I don't come in dead last, it won't be utterly humiliating :) I've already voted, and it was for CTG, as promised.

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Good Guy, Bruce Willis

Over on the Corner, they have a transcript up of an interview with Bruce Willis and Michael Yon. Well worth reading.

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Dec. 20, 2005

Serenity comes out on DVD!

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The McCain Amendment

Excellent post here on the subject. Obviously, I'm not a lawyer, but it certainly seems like a pretty idiotic idea to grant terrorists Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment protections.

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I've Been Remiss...

in getting around to Kelly's blog as often as I used to. Bad me! She's has a very worthy cause she's helping to raise money for: Help Our Troops Come Home for the Holidays.

There's also lots of good stuff all over her blog on ways to help the troops, so make sure to visit her main page. And, there's more! She and her husband are expecting! Wonderful news!

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Listening to the President on the radio right now, and finally, he's taking it to the "HE LIED!!" screechers. What took so long? And damn, please keep it up! This is what I've been waiting for.

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I Don't Have The Day Off...

what about you?

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November 10, 2005

Do The Birthday Dance!

It's CTG's birthday! Go wish her a good one!

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Kimba The White Lion Is The One!

I don't believe it! My all time favourite cartoon as a kid, is out on DVD. I used to sing the theme song at the top of my lungs. That, and the song from "Here Come The Brides" :)

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November 8, 2005

Daddy's Boy

All around excellent House episode tonight. Lots of Wilson -- always a good thing. Some great snappy dialogue, and more background on the characters. What did you all think?

House M.D. email list here.

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Poor Babies

Just goes to show they can dish it out, but they sure can't take it.

Hurt pride shows as France sees world report riots

A barrage of critical world media reporting on the violence in its rundown suburbs is rubbing nerves raw in France, which is more used to hearing praise for its food, its countryside and its opposition to the Iraq war.

In tones ranging from outrage to rueful agreement, French media are now reporting daily on the harsh terms that foreign television stations and newspapers choose to describe the unrest among France's angry youths of Arab and African origin.


The Foreign Ministry has criticised some foreign reports as excessive and at least one cabinet member, Labour Minister Jean-Louis Borloo, has hinted the critical reporting was meant to hit back at France for opposing the U.S.-led Iraq war.

French media have run hard-hitting reports on the riots, just as they have been very critical of social or racial problems abroad. But seeing equally tough reporting about their own country seems to have caught the French off guard.

Eric Raoult, mayor of the eastern Paris suburb of Raincy, did not like being at the receiving end of outside attention.

"Last night, Japanese television and Turkish television were in my city hall telling me what should be done. That hurts me," he said.


The conservative Le Figaro was indignant about the way U.S. media reported from riot-hit areas such as Seine Saint Denis, the rundown area between the capital and its Charles de Gaulle airport to the north.

"American newspapers don't hesitate to compare Paris to Baghdad or Seine Saint Denis to the Gaza Strip and to call the crisis a 'Katrina of social disasters'," an editorial fumed in a reference to the recent hurricane.

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The Libertine


I'd despaired of this movie ever being released here, and figured I'd have to look for it in the Foreign Movie DVD bin at some future date. But, yay! It opens Dec. 25!

A Little Later: here's a website for the movie I found a few years back. Quite a few set photos. And I found a TRAILER!

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Cotillion Time!

Check out all the dancing right here!

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Green Like An Apple?

No, green like an avacado!

Ooops, wrong Zorro.

You scored as El Zorro. Zorro is the bane of the corrupt officials of Old California, a Spanish Robin Hood, a cavalier caballero who robs from the rich, gives to the poor, and always leaves his trademark "Z" behind as a reminder that when the people need him, he will always appear on his black stallion.

El Zorro


Captain Jack Sparrow


William Wallace


Lara Croft


Batman, the Dark Knight


Indiana Jones




James Bond, Agent 007


The Amazing Spider-Man


The Terminator


Neo, the "One"


Which Action Hero Would You Be? v. 2.0
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Seen all over, but first, I think, at Kathy's

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Of Hamsters and Elderberries

I've been hoping for a good Monty Python moment in relation to the protesting, oppressed insurgents in France, and Robert is on it!

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A Little Theft

First off, I stole this from Fugitive Jen:


In repayment, I offer this article: Losing The Amazing Race. Sometimes families just ruin family TV.

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Everyone Lies... To Their Parents

At least, that seems to be the premise of tonight's ep of House:

Everybody wants to know what makes Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) so cranky. Clues to the medical sleuth's permanent malcontent status emerge on tonight's "House" when we get to meet his mom and dad.

This solid episode explores the games of deception and avoidance many adult children play with their parents. A great throwaway line from Dr. Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) reveals the show's running theme. When asked if she lies to her mother, she flippantly replies, "Ever since I was 12."

More at the link above.

House M.D. discussion list, House fanfiction list.

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November 7, 2005

Hugh Laurie Alert

He'll be on tonight's episode of the Late Late Show w/Craig Ferguson on CBS. Check your local listings (12:37am here)

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When Everything Old Is New Again

A bit from Mark Steyn's latest. All of it is here.

.....The French have been here before, of course. Seven-thirty-two. Not 7:32 Paris time, which is when the nightly Citroen-torching begins, but 732 A.D. -- as in one and a third millennia ago. By then, the Muslims had advanced a thousand miles north of Gibraltar to control Spain and southern France up to the banks of the Loire. In October 732, the Moorish general Abd al-Rahman and his Muslim army were not exactly at the gates of Paris, but they were within 200 miles, just south of the great Frankish shrine of St. Martin of Tours. Somewhere on the road between Poitiers and Tours, they met a Frankish force and, unlike other Christian armies in Europe, this one held its ground ''like a wall . . . a firm glacial mass,'' as the Chronicle of Isidore puts it. A week later, Abd al-Rahman was dead, the Muslims were heading south, and the French general, Charles, had earned himself the surname ''Martel'' -- or ''the Hammer.''

Poitiers was the high-water point of the Muslim tide in western Europe. It was an opportunistic raid by the Moors, but if they'd won, they'd have found it hard to resist pushing on to Paris, to the Rhine and beyond. ''Perhaps,'' wrote Edward Gibbon in The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire, ''the interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford, and her pulpits might demonstrate to a circumcised people the sanctity and truth of the revelation of Mahomet.'' There would be no Christian Europe. The Anglo-Celts who settled North America would have been Muslim. Poitiers, said Gibbon, was ''an encounter which would change the history of the whole world.''

Battles are very straightforward: Side A wins, Side B loses. But the French government is way beyond anything so clarifying. Today, a fearless Muslim advance has penetrated far deeper into Europe than Abd al-Rahman. They're in Brussels, where Belgian police officers are advised not to be seen drinking coffee in public during Ramadan, and in Malmo, where Swedish ambulance drivers will not go without police escort. It's way too late to rerun the Battle of Poitiers. In the no-go suburbs, even before these current riots, 9,000 police cars had been stoned by ''French youths'' since the beginning of the year; some three dozen cars are set alight even on a quiet night. ''There's a civil war under way in Clichy-sous-Bois at the moment,'' said Michel Thooris of the gendarmes' trade union Action Police CFTC. ''We can no longer withstand this situation on our own. My colleagues neither have the equipment nor the practical or theoretical training for street fighting.''

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The French Connection

This is an interesting one.

It's not really easy to excerpt, but this should get you started:

....Think like a counterintelligence analyst for once. It's an old-fashioned sting operation. You're Jacques Chirac, okay? You want to embarrass the Americans and protect your buddy Saddam Hussein, right? The Americans are running around trying to find evidence of a covert Iraqi nuclear program. So, first you feed them some crappy information along those lines, hoping that they'll buy it, and then you arrange — through Rocco in Italy — to have these documents surface. The documents "confirm" the disinformation and of course also what the Americans want to believe anyway. The Americans launch their accusations, then it turns out that the documents are forgeries, and bad forgeries at that, and so the Americans look like idiots and the causus belli disappears. In one move, you've helped your friend Saddam and hurt the Americans. Terrific. Chapeau, and all that.

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November 6, 2005

"Live" Debate

I've never seen a live TV show done -- at least, not since I was a wee one -- so this West Wing episode is quite odd. and what's kewl, is that they're doing a brand new one for the West Coast. Usually we get the shoort end of the stick in these sorts of things.

Later: I don't like live fake debates any more than I like real live dabates! They make me cringe.

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Two Takes

Two nice interviews with Keira Knightly about stardom, and her new movie, "Pride and Prejudice". Not sure when it opens in the States, but I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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Popcorn Interview

Little interview with the Potter kids and what's in the future. Most interesting bit to me was the following:

David Heyman revealed that JK Rowling has, however, chatted to Alan Rickman (Snape) and Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort) about what plans she has for their characters... so it's probably worth keeping an eye on them for any hints their performances might give about how everything works out in the last book!
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Really Odd

As I mentioned, I watched "Guess Who" (apparently the actual title rather than what I originally typed in). Now, I've never seen this Ashton Kutcher dude before, so I don't know. Does he always sound exactly like David Boreanaz? It was creepy as all get out! I swear, if I'd closed my eyes and just listened, I would have sworn it was him.

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See Saw

I'm back on the evolutionary see saw. One day a mammal, another a primate, then back and forth and back and forth. I'm getting dizzy!

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I Did

So I did watch a football game! Cal at Oregon. T'was fun. I cleaned up a bit, talked to my mum for a while on the phone, watched Food Network, watched a PPV movie -- "Guess Who's Coming?" (I liked it), made fried potatoes with parmesan, rosemary, and garlic, reread my old fanfic as a way to avoid writing new fic [g], and finally, Nin came home!

Today, I scrubbed all the burner liners and the stove top, and the sink, watched "Guess Who's Coming" again so Nin could watch it, put away groceries, and now I'm rewatching Methos episodes of Highlander. I think I'm going to make Garlic Bread soup later. Do I not lead an exciting life? That's my weekends -- party, party! The life a single woman. Wooo!

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November 5, 2005

Creativity Abounds

Aaron has another extravaganza going on. I promised CTG I'd vote for her, now I just need to figure out how... (I'm sleepy)

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So Nin was working till 10 tonight, which sucks because I hate being all by myself all weekend. I actually do miss my lil NinjaPiglet even though she hogs the computer :) Now it's more of a bummer, because the phone rang at 9am!! and for some silly reason, she answered it. guess what? Somone was a no show, and they wanted her in ASAP. Still working till 10pm of course. On the one hand, OT is of the good, but on the other, I'm bored, and lonely [insert more pouting]. This is when I wish Jen didn't live two hours away, cus then I could go see her, or she could come here. Or that TamTam didn't live in SC. [waves to EvilT] So what shalll I do? Take up watching football? Now there's a thought! Ihaven't watched a college game in years, and I used to follow the Bears and Huskies. And I do have a zillion sports channels on the satellite.

I'll keep y'all updated, as I know you're dying of anticipation.

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A Special Announcement

It's Deb's birthday!

Happy Birthday, girlfriend! [HUGS]

(p.s. your blog comments are rejecting me again [pout])

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The Way To Ruin A Cute Story

I was just watching Billy Crystal on Letterman. Now, he's always pretty amusing, and he's on a roll, talking about his play, and his granddaughter. Then he starts talking about this charity golf thing he did, playing with Bill Clinton. He starts out saying that there's no one he respects more in the world than him. Okay, fine, whatever. So he starts the story, then stops long enough to insert, "At least if we were in Iraq and he was President, we'd know why.". What the? Sure thing. Geez. Then he proceeded with the story, which actually was very funny. Why he felt the need to turn it into a political statement is beyond me.

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November 4, 2005

A Brief Little Life

My mum just told me that the kitten we rescued while we were there last got sick a few days ago and had to be put to sleep. The vet said it happens a lot with inbred feral colony cats, and there wasn't anything we could have done. I don't know why it's hit me so hard, I only knew him a few days, but I remember holding him in the car on the way home and he nuzzled into the crook of my arm, trusting me completley. and he was the picture of my late kitty, Kang. Now I'm sitting at my desk crying. Poor little mite, I guess he never stood a chance. But at least he was safe and loved for a few months.

I'll miss you little Sinclair.

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Is The Tide Finally Turning?

GOP mulls ending birthright citizenship

House Republicans are looking closely at ending birthright citizenship and building a barrier along the entire U.S.-Mexico border as they search for solutions to illegal immigration. A task force of party leaders and members active on immigration has met since the summer to try to figure out where consensus exists, and several participants said those two ideas have floated to the top of the list of possibilities to be included either in an immigration-enforcement bill later this year or in a later comprehensive immigration overhaul.
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The Things You See

I was reading the copy of National Review that came in the mail yesterday, and who do I see mentioned in a Mark Steyn column? None other than Dean Esmay! Very kewl.

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Have They Looked Deep Into Their Hearts?

So the riots in France continue. Gee, and here I thought France was the perfect Utopia. After all, didn't they berate us over and over again after Katrina? What a racist society we were! How much poverty and injustice! Why, nothing like that could ever happen in blessed France. Here's a mirror, France. Take a good long look. And I just have to ask: Have you looked into your hearts and asked why they hate you?

And while we're on the subject, Mark Steyn has much to say on the subject here. (link found at Instapundit)

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A Muslim Guy Fawkes?

John Derbyshire explains Guy Fawkes Day, the Gunpowder Plot, and brings the discussion to the present day.

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Turning On The Wayback Machine

An emailer to the Corner with a detailed reminder of the Clinton years and Operation Desert Fox.

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November 3, 2005

Sugar & Testosterone

With a healthy dollop of caffeine.

That's today's recipe here at work.

It's what happens when you mix a group of bored guys, everyone's left over Halloween candy, and lots of coffee. Tomorrow, even more guys with even less to occupy them.

It's getting quiet out there... I think they're beginning to crash.

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Valour IT

Read -- and donate -- over at CTG's

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November 2, 2005


Keith Urban is gorgeous. I'm just saying.

Ibrought to you by seeing his video for "Making Memories Of Us" on GAC)

So ends my girly girl moment :)

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TB Or Not TB

Wasn't last night's ep of House aka House M.D. great? Hugh Laurie was in top form. And it was nice seeing Ron Livingston from 'Band of Brothers' as the guest star.

House email list here.

House fanfiction list here.

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I haven't been into "angry" blogging these days, but this morning, I may be over my current aversion. I probably shouldn't watch TV in the morning, I really shouldn't. So what set me off? I think it's just the same thing over and over and over and.... well, you get the idea. For months, the only idea the Dems have had in their lil heads is to keep saying, "They lied!". That's their big plan it seems. See, we're so stupid, that if we keep hearing them screech, "they lied!' enough times, we'll actually believe them. Cus we're the unwashed masses who need to be fed and led to the 'correct' thoughts and decisions. Never mind that most of us can read, use a search engine, and have fairly adequate memories of what's been going on the last few years. If we hear Dean scream "LIED!!!" enough times, we'll buy it, we'll fall in line, we'll be good little peasants and believe what our oh so wise elders are saying. But I guess we aren't getting our brains washed fast enough, because now the plan seems to be "PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!" So now, they're SCREAMING it, and added holding their breath till they turn blue, with a little foot stamping thrown in for good measure. Can we send them to their rooms without supper till the start behaving like adults? . How freakin' stupid do they really think we are? Yeah, dumb question -- we all know exactly what they think of us. It's insulting and offensive, and this from a party that thinks they represent the 'common people' [snort]. Common people they have absolutely no respect for.

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November 1, 2005

It's Cotillion Time!

Right here.

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Joanna Southcott's Box

I'd never heard of it till this morning when it was mentioned by John Derbyshire on The Corner.

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