October 31, 2005

My Holiday Question

Nin blogged it here.

(whilst watching the overwrought and terribly silly, "Most Haunted")

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All Souls Night


Words by music by Loreena McKennitt

Bonfires dot the rolling hills
Figures dance around and around
To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness
Moving to the pagan sound.

Somewhere in a hidden memory
Images float before my eyes
Of fragrant nights of straw and of bonfires
And dancing till the next sunrise.

I can see lights in the distance
Trembling in the dark cloak of night
Candles and lanterns are dancing, dancing
A waltz on All Souls Night.

Figures of cornstalks bend in the shadows
Held up tall as the flames leap high
The green knight holds the holly bush
To mark where the old year passes by.


Bonfires dot the rolling hillsides
Figures dance around and around
To drums that pulse out echoes of darkness
And moving to the pagan sound.
Standing on the bridge that crosses
The river that goes out to the sea
The wind is full of a thousand voices
They pass by the bridge and me

Audio here.

And from this weekend, audio for Annachie Gordon.

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Boo! It's Absinthe Ith's All Souls Night Quiz

This is not a competition -- please, no wagering.

What's the first Halloween costume you remember wearing?

What was your favourite treat in your goodie bag?

What's your best Halloween memory?

What's your worst?

Have you ever bobbed for apples?

Have you ever been to a grownup Halloween party? (costumes, dancing, drinks/dinner -- that sort of thing.)

If you were going to such a party, and money was no object, what would your ideal costume be?

Ever been to sea, Billy? Oops, wrong quiz!

Ever had a paranormal experience? If yes, tell us all about it.

What's your favourite scary movie?

Have you ever played a Halloween "trick" on anyone?

Did you you carve a pumpkin this year?

Do you think we had more fun at Halloween then kids do today?

What candy are you giving out tonight?

Will you be in costume?

Decorated at all?

That should keep you busy! Answer in the comments, or on your own blog.

A Few Hours Later: For Jami, and anyone else wondering (I didn't really think anyone was going to 'get' my joke, I was just feeling whimsical) There used to be a brand of fish sticks when we lived in Canada, I think it was Van De Kamps. Anyway, they used to run this advert with a sea captain decked out in heavy weather gear, and a kid, and the captain asks, "Have you ever been to sea, Billy?" (I think it was supposed to make you think their fish sticks were really fresh) I have no idea why, but it used to send me and my brother off into fits of giggles. All these years later, I can still look at him dead serious, say that line, and bust him up.

There you have it.

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October 30, 2005

And My Pumpkin After Dark


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Look At My Pumpkin!


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Wag That Finger!

Dem spokespeople keep coming out and saying things along the lines of this: The Republicans say it isn't important that someone lied if they weren't under oath. But it is wrong, they should apologize to the American people!

So when Clinton wagged his finger at me and said he didn't have sex with that woman, these same Dems were really upset he lied, even though he wasn't under oath, right? Funny, I don't recall ever getting an apology for that....

I must say, this sudden attachment to the truth, love, hugs, unicorns, and fluffy clouds from the left is really precious.

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The Slingbox

I saw this being reviewed on FNC this morning, and it looks nifty.

The things they come up with!

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October 29, 2005

Annachie Gordon

I'm not just blogging and cleaning, I'm listening to some of my favourite tunes:

Annachie Gordon by Loreena McKennitt album: Parallel Dreams (1989)

Harking is bonny and there lives my love
My heart lies on him and cannot remove
It cannot remove for all that I have done
And I never will forget my love Annachie
For Annachie Gordon he's bonny and he's bright
He'd entice any woman that e'er he saw
He'd entice any woman and so he has done me
And I never will forget my love Annachie.

Down came her father and he's standing at the door
Saying Jeannie you are trying the tricks of a whore
You care nothing for a man who cares so much for thee
You must marry Lord Sultan and leave Annachie
For Annachie Gordon is barely but a man
Although he may be pretty but where are his lands
The Sultan's lands are broad and his towers they run high
You must marry Lord Sultan and leave Annachie.

With Annachie Gordon I beg for my bread
And before I marry Sultan his gold to my head
With gold to my head and straight down to my knees
And I'll die if I don't get my love Annachie
And you who are my parents to church you may me bring
But unto Lord Sultan I'll never bear a son
To a son or a daughter I'll never bow my knee
And I'll die if I don't get my love Annachie.

Jeannie was married and from church was brought home
When she and her maidens so merry should have been
When she and her maidens so merry should have been
She goes into her chamber and cries all alone.

Come to my bed my Jeannie my honey and my sweet
To stile you my mistress it would be so sweet
Be it mistress or Jeanne it's all the same to me
But in your bed Lord Sultan I never will lie
And down came her father and he's spoken with reknown
Saying you who are her maidens
Go loosen up her gowns
And she fell down to the floor
And straight down to her knee saying
Father look I'm dying for my love Annachie.

The day that Jeanne married was the day that Jeannie died
And the day that young Annachie came home on the tide
And down came her maidens all wringing of their hands
Saying oh it's been so long, you've been so long on the sands
So long on the sands, so long on the flood
They have married your Jeannie and now she lies dead.

You who are her maidens come take me by the hand
And lead me to the chamber where my love she lies in
And he kissed her cold lips till his heart it turned to stone
And he died in the chamber where his love she lies in..

I do love traditional Scottish music If you follow this link, and scroll down, you'll find a translation of the original.

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Who Else?

Other than me, and Dave J., who else is wasting their Saturday blog surfing? (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

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Playful Primate?

Hey, I'm a Playful Primate! My traffic tanks, and I move up a step? how odd is that? I'm right at 100, so I'm sure it will be over tomorrow.

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Tell Me More About "The Holy Month of Ramadan"

[you have to read the post title with dripping sarcasm]

Three Blasts Rock New Delhi; 58 Die

Three Schoolgirls Beheaded in Indonesia

Iraq Car Bomb Kills 26

Yeah, Religion of Peace.

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This Will Probably Increase Sales of Wise Men Costumes

Through a study of various passages in the Bible, a timeline can be calculated, which begins with the date of priestly service of Zacharias during the Jewish two-week "course of Abia." The timeline continues through the conception of Zacharias' son, John the Baptist, on July 31st, and on to the birth of Jesus Christ, indicating October 31st as the birthday of Christ.

Story here, via The Corner

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October 28, 2005

Oh Yeah

How'd you like to take a cruise on one of these?


[insert wistful sigh] maybe some decade when I have actual money.

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Play It Again, Sam

"You must remember this, a kiss is still a
kiss". Your romance is Casablanca. A
classic story of love in trying times, chock
full of both cynicism and hope. You obviously
believe in true love, but you're also
constantly aware of practicality and societal
expectations. That's not always fun, but at
least it's realistic. Try not to let the Nazis
get you down too much.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
brought to you by Quizilla

Via the Pocusy one!

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Tonight's Movie Selection

Decided to watch "Elizabeth" tonight. It's one of my favourite movies, and I still say Cate Blanchett was robbed of her Oscar! I love anything Tudor related, and until this movie the BBC Elizabeth R series was my favourite, though, despite its historical inaccuracy, I'm also fond of the movie "Young Bess".

I remember the first time I saw "Elizabeth" in the theater, the opening scene with the Protestants being martyred, being burned at the stake, and the crowds rioting to make the fire burn faster so they wouldn't suffer as much, that scene overwhelmed me. I couldn't stop crying. It still packs an emotional punch, and reminds me once again what others suffered for their faith and mine.

Elizabeth I has been an inspiration to me since I was a little girl and if I could meet one historic personage it would be her. What a woman, a Queen, and what a legacy she left. The fact she survived the powers arrayed against her, and not only survived, but flourished, is a lasting testament to her.

Just got to the part where she faces down the bishops to pass the Act of Uniformity. I always want to cheer out loud! "I have no desire to make windows into men's souls."

More live movie blogging!

I love dance/dialogue scenes.

Christopher Eccelston is a great totally nasty villain as the Duke of Norfolk.

The Spanish Ambassador/Bishop is the oddest combination of pirate/demonic look.

Evil priest/assassin guy! And that poison dress creeps me out. What a horrible way to die.

I thought the actress -- Fanny Ardent -- who played Mary of Guise was excellent

Geoffry Rush as Sir Francis Walsingham rocks.


Oooh! Shivers. Now to wait patiently for the sequel.

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Unsolicited Rec

Econo Heat panels are an amazing invention! I installed one a few weeks back, and it's pretty much replaced my furnace. And it's removed the perpetual dampness.

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Literal Interpretation

An excellent post, "An Old Canard Quacks Again", from the Confessing Reader on biblical interpretation. There's always much food for thought at CR, and this one gave my brain a workout.

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October 27, 2005

Under Averaged

According to this, I'm not at all average. I got 7 out of 15.

American Snapshot

According to the book, a majority of Americans:

Eats peanut butter at least once a week
Prefers smooth peanut butter over chunky
• Can name all Three Stooges
Lives within a 20-minute drive of a Wal-Mart
• Eats at McDonald's at least once a year
• Takes a shower for approximately 10.4 minutes a day
• Never sings in the shower
Lives in a house, not an apartment or condominium
Has a home valued between $100,000 and $300,000
Has fired a gun
• Is between 5 feet and 6 feet tall
Weighs 135 to 205 pounds
• Is between the ages of 18 and 53
• Believes gambling is an acceptable entertainment option
Grew up within 50 miles of current home

Via the ever lovely Rae.

The next day: I crossed out the ones that don't apply.

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A Pharoe After My Own Heart

King Tut Drank Red Wine, Researcher Says

Dancin’ by the Nile, (Disco Tut, Tut) The ladies love his style, (boss Tut, Tut) Rockin’ for a mile (rockin’ Tut, Tut) He ate a crocodile.
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Uh, Yeah, Like This Was A Surprise


George Takei Discloses His Homosexuality

I figured it out in, heck, 1988?

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Nin's working another night shift, so I'm entertaining myself. I'm so sleepy! I can barely keep my eyes open right now. But if I go to bed now, I'll wake up in a few hours, and that will be it for the night. BLEAH!

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Did I Mention?

That my extremely noisy upstairs neighbours are moving out? This is kewl for two reasons:

1) less noise

2) other tenants warned me about them when I moved in a year ago (yes, it's been a year!) that they had gotten the previous tenants in my apartment evicted. And the land lord had made a point of what wonderful 20 year tenants they were. So now, if I need to, I can actualy complain about the noise with the new tenants without fear. Hopefully, they'll be quiet!

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Remember the gorram blender? Well, Berta wanted to have mudslides while she was here, and they require a blender, so I now have a new one thanks to the mudslide lovin' Bertie!

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Like CTG, I'm happy in a relieved sort of fashion, not a 'pop the champagne corks' fashion. Here's hoping that the next nominee is what the President promised initially, and one I want to fight for. But I'm a part of the extreme right wing of the party, so what do I know?

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Isn't It Cute?

When trolls post in different comment threads with different names? I don't think they understand IP addresses.

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October 26, 2005

Must Read For the TV Addict

I've linked to articles by the terrific Maureen Ryan -- the Chicago Tribune's "Watcher" -- before, but I've been meaning to mention that she now has an honest to goodness blog with comments and everything. If you haven't been reading her take on TV, check it out!

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October 25, 2005

"I Hate Guns"

So the new James Bond hates guns. But that's not what this post is about. It's about "shaken AND stirred martinis". Yes, apparently, the new Bond thinks the martini his character is famous for are shaken and stirred. As opposed to shaken and NOT stirred. And so does the person who wrote the article about it.

.... Nor does the 37-year-old share Bond's love of Martinis shaken and stirred.

"I love a Martini straight up. I don't think anybody makes a Martini stirred any more," he said.

Absolutely hopeless.

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New 'Social' Web Browser Based on Firefox

....Analysts estimate there are 10 million to 15 million sophisticated Internet users writing Internet journals—the number is growing daily—and Flock believes this is a prime target market.

For example, when a user discovers a Web site about which he or she wants to post a comment in a blog, the user just right-clicks on the mouse, which then brings up the Flock blogging wizard (Blog Manager).

The browser software then automatically opens a blank blog entry and adds citations and links for the site that originally caught the user's attention.

Flock also has a built-in RSS (search) integration option, so that users can easily scan news headlines and click through to those pages for more information.

Through a partnership with Vancouver, B.C.-based Flickr, Flock offers the Flickr Topbar, which allow users to drag and drop pictures into a blog post.

Flock also a sort of scrapbook for interesting Web content called The Shelf.

Users can drag interesting URLs, pictures or text snippets from any Web page onto it. From there, these items can be inserted into a blogpost.

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Leaks About Leaks

Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that we're hearing all these leaks from anonymous sources from the Plame grand jury, when the whole brouhaha started over anonymous leaks in the first place? What else proves more than anything that no matter what the issue, DC is a sieve and no one, on any issue, seems to be able to keep their lips stapled? Will there be a Grand Jury to investigate the leaks from the Grand Jury?

(And on the fictional side, West Wing revealing that Toby was the leaker. "When you walk out of here, there will be people thinking you're a hero. I'm not one of them." (or something similar) )

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House Fanfiction Needed!

The Histories fic list is at nearly 300 members, but still with barely anything being posted. If you're a writer of House M.D. fanfic, or you know someone looking for a venue to share their writing, please check out Histories. We would love to have some new reading material!

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Yes, I'm Still Alive

Just checking in. Home sick today, nothing serious, just lots of little things and lots of pain. bleah.

Roberta's visit was much fun, only wish she could have stayed longer.

Here's a link to the St. Cripin's Day speech from the movie Henry V, since today is St. Crispin's Day. From somehwhere, but don't recall :)

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October 20, 2005

I'll Give You Some "Social Justice"!

Ever heard of Cultural Competence? Well, it may be coming to a school near you.

....In May 2004, the Oregon Department of Education sponsored a summit of "over 100 of the State's leaders in education…to engage in a dialogue about cultural competency." Its purpose was to develop a specific proposal on how to implement 'cultural competence' in education, from kindergarten to university.

It was the summit's definition of 'cultural competence' that caused Oregon's House to balk at the education bill that ensued -- Senate Bill 50. The essence of that definition: "Cultural competence is based on a commitment to social justice and equity."

Some of the specifics of what constitutes 'social justice' and 'equity' emerged from the summit, which was organized into discussion Ttbles. 'Cultural competence' "entails actively challenging the status quo…one table noted the need to incorporate institutionalized notions of power, privilege, and oppression into the definition….Thus, for many, cultural competence is transformative and political."

In practical terms, a "culturally competent" teacher "advocates for social justice"; the teacher "exhibits awareness of key concepts" such as "privilege, affirmative action"; he or she must not only "apply cultural competencies" but also "believe it."

'Cultural competence' would not be a request but a requirement. In its five year projection, the summit proposed to "revise rules to achieve high cultural standards including possible revocation of licensure for culturally incompetent behavior" and "to require cultural competence for license renewal."

Indeed, SB50 would have authorized the establishment of "standards for cultural competency and require an applicant for a teaching license to meet those standards."

In short, teachers would be required to advocate a specific vision of social justice to be licensed.

Why does everything these days sound like people live in a permanent encounter group? It's freakish.

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As My Traffic Plummets...

I think I'm in a funk. Can't seem to blog about anything interesting, and the 'topics de jour' just make me angry/sad/depressed and I can't work up the energy to actually blog about them. So instead of blogging, I email all sorts of things I suppose I could post here, but don't. Then you hear just awful things on the news that have nothing to do with Plame, or Meirs, or Scooter --locally, a woman dumped her three little children into San Francisco Bay last night -- just horrifying. I'm thinking it would nice to just ignore the news sometimes, but I can't really imagine doing so.

On the bright side, Roberta arrives late tonight, and on Saturday, I've arranged a dinner at a local eatery so she can meet some of my local conservative cabal. And Sunday, Jen and Dave will be coming down to see her and Jen is bringing cake.

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October 19, 2005

For Your Elucidation

When you call for one of my coworkers, here are a few things to keep in mind:

I don't know how long he'll be on a call.

I can't force him to call you back.

I don't know who he's talking to -- and even if I did, it's none of your damn business!

I don't know what his average response time is on responding to voicemail.

I don't know if he read your message.

I don't know if he's listened to your voicemail.

If he hasn't called you back, don't accuse me of not giving him your message.

I don't know why he didn't call you back.

He isn't required to account for his time to me, or you, for that matter.

I don't know how long his meeting will be.

No, you cannot have his cell phone number, home phone number, or his pager number.

His wife isn't here at his place of work.

I didn't say he wouldn't be back today, I said he was at lunch!

Give me grief when you're a lousy telemarketer, and you will regret it.

When I tell you that no one is here but me, I'm not lying.

He's 'away from his desk' -- do I have to spell it out to you that he's in the bathroom, so no, I'm not going to go find him for you?

I'm not his mother, a mindreader, his social secretary, or even his assistant, so get over your gorram self!!


That felt good! Imagine the above all in CAPS with many many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s

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Backwards Association

Your Brain Remembers What You Forget

I've always thought I have a lousy short term memory. Not so much in forgetting where something is, but what I was going to say. My family will stop and let me talk, because they know if they don't, I'll have forgotten by the time they finish. The excerpt below is exactly how I try and remember what I was going to say. I backtrack from what I'm thinking now, to what made me think of it, and so on and so forth. Usually works.

As you dash outdoors in the middle of winter, you might make it halfway down the block before realizing that your ears are freezing because you forgot your hat.

Now, scientists have shown that even though you've had an apparent memory lapse, your brain never forgot what you should have done.

Memory works mainly by association. For example, as you try to remember where you left your keys, you might recall you last had them in the living room, which reminds you that there was a commercial for soap on television, which reminds you that you need soap, and so on. And then, as you're heading out the door to buy soap, you remember that your keys are on the kitchen counter.

Your brain knew where the keys were all along, it just took a round-about way to get there.

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In case you were wondering, the salsa is awesome, IMHO.

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October 18, 2005

Gorram Blender!

First, the paper towel holder breaks, then comes the big one. I'm making a big batch of Seranno chile salsa, I have all of it prepped, I put it in the blender, I hit on, and what happens? An unhealthy noise, and then smoke starts pouring out. So guess who needs a new blender now?

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William Wallace

You scored 83 Wisdom, 73 Tactics, 63 Guts, and 55 Ruthlessness!

Like William Wallace, chances are you have no problem charging a
larger, better trained, better equipped, better armed and armored
English army with a band of naked drunken Scotsmen. I'm not contesting
that you have balls. It's your brain function I'm worried about.

Scottish soldier and national hero. The first historical record of
Wallace's activities concerns the burning of Lanark by Wallace and 30
men in May, 1297, and the slaying of the English sheriff, one of those
whom Edward I of England had installed in his attempt to make good his
claim to overlordship of Scotland. After the burning of Lanark many
joined Wallace's forces, and under his leadership a disciplined army
was evolved. Wallace marched on Scone and met an English force of more
than 50,000 before Stirling Castle in Sept., 1297. The English, trying
to cross a narrow bridge over the Forth River, were killed as they
crossed, and their army was routed. Wallace crossed the border and laid
waste several counties in the North of England. In December he returned
to Scotland and for a short time acted as guardian of the realm for the
imprisoned king, John de Baliol . In July, 1298, Edward defeated
Wallace and his army at Falkirk, and forced him to retreat northward.
His prestige lost, Wallace went to France in 1299 to seek the aid of
King Philip IV, and he possibly went on to Rome. He is heard of again
fighting in Scotland in 1304, but there was a price on his head, and in
1305 he was captured by Sir John de Menteith. He was taken to London in
Aug., 1305, declared guilty of treason, and executed. The best-known
source for the life of Wallace is a long romantic poem attributed to
Blind Harry, written in the 15th century.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 99% on Unorthodox
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 63% on Tactics
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 74% on Guts
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 80% on Ruthlessness

Link: The Which Historic General Are You Test written by dasnyds on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Via Julias Caesar, errr... Jay!

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If This Is True...

then I'm a very happy camper.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff promised Tuesday to end the "catch and release" policy that has allowed tens of thousands of non-Mexican illegal aliens to disappear within the United States.

"Return every single illegal entrant — no exceptions," Chertoff said in prepared testimony to a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on proposals to overhaul the immigration system.

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This week's can be found here.

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Let's Try Ith

Same as the post below, except with Ith.

1: ... ITH Needs a Slogan

2: ... Deb and I have decided Ith needs a good man ... (This is actually about me! Posted by Jay)

3: DEFECTED ITH Needs You!!! supporter of the finest black grooves

4: Failure. I was going to write this really great post (to my mind at least) and then I got horribly sidetracked. ... I can only say, our absent hostess Ith needs a new category here, and that would be narcissistic blithering fools! ... (again, about me)

5: all around mouse. Ith NEEDS a Bluetooth version though.

6: Wand of Ith needs a 'reveal it' also, but Paul & I are taking care of that in protoOracle.

7: .. within the range of the people beyond the law. But ith needs a mandate of the law to make an article or a penal

8: ... Let's see . . . Ith needs 172 more visitors by the 26th to reach her goal of 50K ... (also me, by Pinwheels)

Posted by Ithildin at 10:17 AM

Stolen From Fugitive Jen

Jen just did this little oddity. I figured I'd be a copy cat :)

Type “[your first name] needs” into Google’s search engine and list the first ten results. Nearly all will be amusing, but you’re supposed to underline the ones that are actually true about you.

1: We all know that Denise needs help. What's new.LOL (Duh!)

2:Denise,needs prayers!

3: George!!! Irgent, Denise needs you.

4: ...there are still skills Denise needs to work on so that she will pass the entrance examinations to schools ...

5: Denise should clean her damn room! Denise needs to work at Yogen Fruz...

6: ... Rhonda tells Denise it is about herself and how Denise needs to choose her own words and she needs to stay on course ...

7: First Denise needs to know how you truly feel about her so she may see just how serious you are ...

8: Denise needs the report analysis back from Dawn ...

9: Denise needs to meet with Joanne to go over some animations ... NSTA meeting in November. Denise needs the material from Dave and Hank ...

10: Denise needs a firm footing or she'll topple forward...

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October 17, 2005

What Have I Been Doing?

Well, not blogging, it would seem.

I've been rewatching Firefly DVDs, and contemplating going to see Serenity for a fourth time. Other than that, trying not to let anxiety take over my life. Roberta will be visitng for a few days starting Thursday, so I hope that will cheer me up. Just going through a bad phase right now.

I think it's time for another episode....

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October 14, 2005

Do You Suffer From "Mm’Doh!"?

Jonah Goldberg's suggestion? "Take plenty of fluids, wait for the hearings, this fever will pass."

(one hopes the fluids suggested are tequila and a lot of lime juice) (vitamin C, don't you know!)

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I Haven't Posted Today

Yes, thanks, I noticed.

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October 13, 2005

"Squawking 'bout a Revolution"

Whadda we want? A radical parrot! When do we want it?

An excerpt:

SWEARING in front of the church minister is normally the worst you would expect to hear from a pet parrot.

But, with shrill cries of "what solution, revolution", the talkative birds are set to become the voice of political dissent in a bizarre take on the G8 protests in Edinburgh.

Artist Ruth Ewan is trying to recruit parrot owners in the Capital to teach their pets protest chants parodying those heard at this summer's protests.

Her exhibition in Edinburgh - partly inspired by Monty Python's famous dead parrot sketch - aims to lampoon many of the most vocal protesters.

The former Edinburgh College of Art student said she believed many of those chanting about "revolution" and "trade justice" did not understand the political ideas behind the slogans.

She said she wanted to expose what she saw as the pointlessness of much of the protesting.

Posted by Ithildin at 5:33 PM

It's a Tie

I got an even percentage of both Zoe and Book

You scored as Zoe Alleyne Washburne. The Soldier. You are the second in command, and that is fine. You like a chain of command, but only when the one in charge has earnt your respect. Those who earn your love or loyalty will find no one better to guard their back.

Shepherd Derrial Book


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


Inara Serra


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Simon Tam


River Tam


Kaylee Frye


The Operative


Jayne Cobb


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Which Serenity character are you?
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You scored as Shepherd Derrial Book. The Preacher. Out here, folks need a minister, if only to remind them that God hasn't forgotten them. It isn't about making them worship, it is teaching them to do right by themselves and other people. Why is that so hard for some to understand?

Shepherd Derrial Book


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


Inara Serra


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Simon Tam


River Tam


Kaylee Frye


The Operative


Jayne Cobb


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Which Serenity character are you?
created with QuizFarm.com

Via Jay

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Jane Novak has a must read article up on her blog about what's going on on Yemen -- everything from drug smuggling to chemical weapons

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October 12, 2005

Fluffy Filler

Via the Jedi-Solos

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Until now, I haven't posted anything but the 'fetching coffee' question in regards to the new SCOTUS nomination. However, for the record, I'm not an elitist, and I'm not a sexist. Just because I'm not thrilled with the President's choice doesn't make me either of the above. And I have to say, I'm more than a little disappointed that people I respect, like the First Lady, are intimating that sexism has something to do with it. I'm a single woman, I never finished high school, I'm a regular working Joe, or Jane, if you prefer. I think I am as much representative of the Republican "base" as anyone, and I have as much right to my own opinion without being labeled by other people in my own damn party. I've disagreed with the President before, and until now, I thought that was allowed.

So yes, I'm unhappy on a number of levels. That being said, I'm waiting to see how the hearings go. I'd just like the name calling to stop. We get enough of that from the other side -- we don't need to do it to each other.

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October 11, 2005

Yahoo Adds Blogs to Its News Section

Yahoo Inc.'s online news search tool on Monday added Internet journal entries as a supplement to professional media offerings — an experiment that figures to test the public's appetite for information from alternative sources.

Under Yahoo's new approach, a keyword search for online news will include a list of relevant Web logs, or "blogs," displayed in a box to the right of the results collected from mainstream journalism.


Yahoo's inclusion of blogs in its news section represents another validation for a growing group of people that are bypassing newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets to report and comment on topical events.

Although many top bloggers lack formal journalism training, it hasn't stopped them from building loyal readerships or breaking news that the mainstream media either missed or ignored.

Those scoops have helped rally more support for "citizen journalism" — a cause that Yahoo wanted to recognize by spotlighting some of the news appearing in blogs.

"The traditional media doesn't have the time or resources to cover all the stories going on," said Joff Redfern, a Yahoo product director.

But the blogging community, or "blogosphere," also is filled with rumors and inaccuracies. While the traditional media still faces the same problems, professional newsrooms ostensibly have more checks and balances to guard against incorrect or unsubstantiated information from being published.

That distinction is one of the reasons Yahoo is listing its blog results in a box separated from the roughly 6,500 "trusted" news sources tracked by its search engine, Redfern said.

The entire story here.

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Bias: Example 540,935

What starts out as a nice article about the woman in charge of education for the Africa bureau of the U.S. Agency for International Development, turns into the usual jab fest -- its crowning moment being ths: .... Though her brand of Republicanism might not sit well with the right-wing zealots who now command the GOP...,

See? They just can't help themselves.

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All Things Cotillion

Two 'tillion type things to note today.

First up, the Reader's Digest Condensed version of the Cotillion right here. And then we have the first ever "King of the Cotillion" contest, being run by the lovely, and just slightly odd (but it's a good odd!), Beth of MVRWC. Vote early! Vote often!

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Defending Columbus

Interesting article here on Columbus and 'native Americans'.

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It's James Blond

He has just proved his ladykilling credentials by seducing Sienna Miller from under the nose of his friend, Jude Law.

Scores of others, including Law himself, Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell and Orlando Bloom, were considered but rejected.

In the end a shortlist of two emerged - Craig and newcomer Henry Cavill. The pair were auditioned again and tried on tuxedos to see how they would look in the quintessential Bond clothing.

Craig, 37, whose choice will be confirmed by producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson later this week, will be the sixth Bond, but the first blond.

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October 10, 2005

5 of 23

No, it's not about the Borg!

Found this over at Rae's

1. Search your blog archive.

2. Find your 23rd post.

3. Find the fifth sentence (this is meant to say something about you).

4. Post that sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

5. Tag five people to do the same.

And mine -- from February 2002 -- is: But rules are made to be broken, I guess.

As for the tagging, since I suck at being a taggee, I'm just going to let y'all self-tag on this one.

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Ditch the Rice Cereal & Bring Out the Curry

At least, that's what's hot in baby food these days, according to this article.

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Just Annoying

Today's Peeve: when you make a lighthearted comment to a lighthearted post, and someone replies to your comment in a fashion that makes it seem like some sort of competition. Why do people do that? Are they just naturally confrontational? Do they have no sense of fun? (or perspective for that matter) Not everything is about proving yours is bigger/better/more expensive, you know.

Yes, this just happened, and I do what I usually do: start to reply, then change my mind and close the comment window. I don't want to be snippy in someone else's comments, so I usually choose to just let it go and stew over it instead. Or in this case, do a blog post on it!

Venting is good for the soul.

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October 9, 2005

At Three

I went with Nin and C to see Serenity this morning. Now, Nin's gone to work and I'm watching the Firefly DVDs. Fixing to make bagles in the next little while. Made cornbread Friday night, and used up my stale dinner rolls to make breadcrumbs, and the left over molasses bread to make croutons.

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October 8, 2005

Serenity Rumour/Spoiler

This is a rumour going around the different Firefly sites/email lists. No idea how true it is, but I'll put it in the extended section.

Remember not to read comments on this post if you don't want to know!





Zoe is pregnant.

Now wouldn't that be interesting?

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The Firefly DVDs are ranked number #4 in sales on Amazon. If you haven't seen Firefly yet, what are you waiting for? Go! Shoo!

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October 7, 2005


So I was digging around in the domain stats -- which I don't do all that often -- and come to discover that that, after the USA, the country that the domain gets the most traffic from is Saudi Arabia! Go figure. Followed by Japan and Australia. I dunno, it just seems odd :)

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Info Overload

I've been reading thorugh the links on this flu pandemic info site, and my brain is hurting.

In a few places, I've seen a recommendation of getting a pneumonia vaccine to potentially ward of developing pneumonia as a result of the avian flu. Anyone out there with medical knowledge that knows if this is something one should do?

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Seeing Serenity This Weekend Can Result in Swag!


Via an email from C:

The all-important second weekend of Serenity in theaters fast approaches. We know you are planning on taking everyone you know to the film, and now that dedication can pay off! Send in your Serenity ticket stubs for a chance to win cool Serenity prizes! One lucky winner will get an international Serenity poster signed by Summer, Jewel, Gina, Adam, Nathan, Morena, Sean and Joss, an official Serenity Tshirt and a Serenity Prize Pack (bandana, chopsticks, window cling, mug, patch). Five runners-up will get Serenity Prize Packs. How do you enter? Mail your Serenity ticket stubs dated between Friday October 7 - Sunday October 9 to Serenity Leader, with your name phone number and email address either written on the back of your stub or on an attached sheet of paper. The more ticket stubs you enter, the more chances you will have to win! Remember, the stubs must be dated from Friday October 7 - Sunday October 9 to be entered. All entries must be postmarked by October 11th to be eligible. Winners will be selected by a random drawing. *Sorry, we can only accept ticket stubs from U.S. and Canadian theaters. No photocopies can be accepted* Please mail your tickets to:

Serenity Leader
235 Park Ave South
5th floor
New York, NY 10003
Ends Oct 10, 2005

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October 6, 2005

Not The Root Of All Evil

Found this post (not to mention the actual blog) -- by a psychologist no less -- via The Corner this evening. If you're tired of only hearing about how the internet is bad, then this will be a breath of fresh air. Those of you who've hung around here for a while, or read my "all about me" page know why I think the internet can be an amazing place. Needless to say, I very much enjoyed the post.

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I Don't Get It

I just read this article, about the 'death' of the PC. I'm afraid I don't get it. If I don't have a computer, on what shall I write, email, create graphics, blog, surf the web, play games? And what about work? Kinda dependant on having a computer, unless this guy thinks I can use my cell phone or something. Maybe it's the end of the day, and I'm tired, but the whole thing makes no sense to me.

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Pets Still Need Help

They're still rescuing pets after Katrina.

I know that our local animal resuce services have sent people east and are sending rescued pets back here for care.

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When Drunk Driving Deterrence Becomes Neo-Prohibition

Decades later the temperance movement is still around, just under another guise:

.... MADD has also worked to undermine the criminal protections of accused drunk drivers — protections routinely granted to accused murderers, rapists and other felony crimes. MADD, for example, has pushed to impose tougher penalties on motorists who refuse to take roadside breath tests than on those who take them and fail — effectively turning the Fifth Amendment on its ear. The organization also favors "administrative license revocation," which means the revocation of the driver's licenses and, in some cases, the confiscation of the vehicles, of those accused of drunken driving before they're ever given a trial.

The organization is also pushing the widespread use of ignition interlock devices, in which a driver must blow into a tube to start his car, then blow again every 20 minutes or so while driving. Washington state recently passed a law allowing judges to mandate the devices in the cars of people merely accused of drunk driving, not convicted. And the states of New Mexico and New York have both considered legislation that would require the devices in every car sold in-state. The New Mexico bill is stalled in the state senate after being passed by the house. The New York bill was initially killed, but it gains more votes each time its determined sponsors reintroduce it.

MADD is also pushing its agenda onto family laws, including a zero tolerance policy for divorced parents. Under the bills MADD is trying to push through state legislatures, a parent caught consuming one beer or glass of wine before driving could face penalties that, according to MADD, "should include, but are not limited to" — "incarceration," "change of primary custody," or "termination of parental rights." This means that if you take your kid to the game, have a beer in the third inning, then drive home, you could very well lose your rights as a father.

The entire article here.

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October 5, 2005

Nice Duds

You are Lili St. Cyr!
You're Lili St. Cyr!

What Classic Pin-Up Are You?
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Via Kelley

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Free Piglet!

There's now a Free Piglet! campaign. Show your support for Pooh's best buddy before it's too late.


For more on the subject, go here and keep scrolling.

And check out Lost Budgie too

My prior porcine peril posts here & here.

Via Andrea Harris

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I Did

Remember I said I was going to check out Macy's for kitchen stuff since they had a big sale on Sat.? Well, I did. After I bleached the tile and grout and cleaned the tub, scrubbed the kitchen floor on hands and knees, cleaned the patio furniture, then, and only then, did I escape to the mall! I got a lovely 12'' stainless steel skillet with lid from Calphalon at 50% off, and it has the two stubby handles I prefer over one long one. Now I have something big enough that I won't keep slopping over the edges onto the stove top. And that means Nin won't whine as much when she has to clean up after I make dinner. I also got the exact breadmaker I wanted at deep clearance!

In related news, coworker V says he thinks he has a tortilla press at home I could have.

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1918 killer flu 'came from birds'

The Spanish flu virus that killed 50 million people in 1918-19 was probably a strain that originated in birds, research has shown.

US scientists have found the 1918 virus shares genetic mutations with the bird flu virus now circulating in Asia.

Writing in Nature, they say their work underlines the threat the current strain poses to humans worldwide.

A second paper in Science reveals another US team has successfully recreated the 1918 virus in mice.

The virus is contained at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under stringent safety conditions.

It is hoped to carry out experiments to further understand the biological properties that made the virus so virulent.


And analysis of the final three pieces of the virus' genetic code has revealed mutations that have striking similarities to those found in flu viruses found only in birds, such as the H5N1 strain currently found in south east Asia.

This strain has so far killed at least 65 people.

Many experts believe it is only a matter of time before H5N1, or a similar strain, causes many deaths in humans - possibly after combining with a human flu strain.

Crucially, the mutations identified by the US researchers were found in genes which control the virus' ability to replicate in host cells.

The researchers say these mutations may have helped the 1918 virus replicate more efficiently.

At this stage, they say the H5N1 strain shares only some, and not all, of these mutations.


Dr Terrence Tumpey, of the US CDC, defended the decision to recreate the 1918 flu virus.

He said: "We felt we had to recreate the virus and run these experiments to understand the biological properties that made the 1918 virus so exceptionally deadly.

"We wanted to identify the specific genes responsible for its virulence, with the hope of designing antivirals or other interventions that would work against virulent pandemic or epidemic influenza viruses."

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When It Comes To "Lost"....

... reading may be fundamental.

Is 'Lost' a literal enigma?

Literary references have been sprinkled throughout the mysteries of Lost: In an episode last season, the character Sawyer was reading Watership Down by Richard Adams, the story of rabbits searching for a safe place in a threatening world. At another point, he read Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time, about time travel.

Look for another literary reference - and possibly another clue to the island's secret - on tonight's Lost (ABC, 9 ET/PT).

At one point, someone will pick up a copy of the novel The Third Policeman by the late Irish writer Flann O'Brien. The cover will be seen for about a second, ABC confirms.

It will be featured at a "key moment" in the show, Craig Wright, who co-wrote the episode with Javier Grillo-Marxuach, told the Chicago Tribune. Wright also said anyone familiar with the book will "have a lot more ammunition" in dissecting Lost plotlines.

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Porcine Peril

We were talking about it yesterday, now there's this:


I'm sure Goofy and Scooby Doo are next. And I assume that the new Charlotte's Web movie will be banned in Britain as well.

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Thank You!!

I discovered that the blog Lamps and Liars is promoting my House M.D. email list

Thank you! Most kind.

(Did you know that if you search for House MD you get different results than House M.D.? I didn't till yesterday. So I need to remember to use both! Anything for shameless self-promotion!)

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First Birthday

It's C's first blog birthday! She's been an excellent tenant!

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October 4, 2005


You know my thing lately is the potential Avian Flu Pandemic. TMH's Bacon Bits has some hopeful news.

I was also pleased to read this today.

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What The Hell??

I'd already read about the guards that were banned from wearing St. Goerge's Cross flag pins, and the office workers who had their pig type things siezed -- including Piglet, for goodness sake -- but it gets even more insane!

Police here in central England seized a collection of porcelain pigs from a house's window sill after Muslims complained that they were offensive.

"I just couldn't believe it, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry," Mrs Nancy Bennett, the owner of the 17 miniature pigs, told the Sun tabloid newspaper.

The porcelain figures were held at the local police station, while Mrs Bennett was threatened with prosecution if she replaces the collection. Her house is located in the same street as the city's main mosque, meaning that Muslim worshippers often passed by her front window where the pig figurines were on display.

"Muslims find pigs highly offensive," explained police officer David Griffiths. "That is why the complaints were made".

It reads like some bizarre comedy sketch. What happened to the England of my grandparents? It outrages me and makes me incredibly sad. There will always be an Enlgand? Not if the Muslims and their appeasers have anything to say about it.

Via the always excellent MCJ

Next Day: I hunted around to see if I could find some other reference to this, and came up with one link. It seems it did really happen, but back in 1999 -- at least that's the year the article is dated.

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A complete Cotillion is all at one link this week. Check out The Gray Tie for all your dance blog needs.

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What Sort of Beverages?

I was pointed to this defense of Harriet Miers over at The Corner. But this isn't going to be a post about whether or not she's qualified to be a Supreme. No indeed! This is about coffee, tea, or milk.

According to a source in her Dallas church quoted by Marvin Olasky, Harriet Miers is someone who taught children in Sunday School, made coffee, brought donuts: 'Nothing she's asked to do in church is beneath her.'

As the court’s new junior member, the 60 year old lady Harriet Miers will finally give a break to Stephen Breyer, who has been relegated to closing and opening the door of the conference room, and fetching beverages for his more senior Justices. Her ability to do this type of work with no resentment, no discomfort, and no regrets will at the least endear her to the others. It will also confirm her as the person who cheerfully keeps the group on an even keel, more comfortable than otherwise might be the case with a level of emotional solidarity.

This gave me a fit of giggles. Does the low guy on the totem pole really fetch coffee and open and close doors?!

"Would you like that latte decaffe half fat?"

"How many sugars?"

"Would you like a refill?"

[snorfle] [snicker] ahhhh, the mental images!

We deal with the truly serious questions here at A&C!

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Stolen Romance

More from Card on another subject. This stems from a review of the book "Princess Academy" (which he highly reccomends).

....By being so "free" these days, we have stolen romance from our children. Our daughters grow up thinking they have nothing to offer a man but their bodies; our young men grow up thinking that someone is cheating them if they can't satisfy themselves however they wish.

It's sad that the gentle romance of this novel will feel like a fantasy to many young readers.

But when I was young, this was the romantic world I lived in -- where a held hand was full of daring and excitement, and it didn't occur to me for a long, long time that I could even hope for more.

Where a first kiss might not come until late in one's teens, and decent young men and women did not want to sully themselves by attempting sex outside of marriage.

Am I the only one who remembers that world? Of course many of my generation were impatient with the rules that seemed to restrict us. But it was those very rules -- the chaperones, the separation between the sexes, the "repression" of "natural desires" -- that made romance even possible.

Why couldn't we, as a generation, have had the sense, the unselfishness to give that same gift to our children? To let them chafe against the limitations that kept them from disastrous mistakes and bitter memories?

Read it all here.

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Card Reviews Serenity

Here's Orson Scott Card's review of Serenity. I get the feeling he kinda liked it.

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Serenity Post of the No Spoiler Variety

Here's something those of you who haven't seen the movie yet can read without spoilers.

I never realized that the Firefly universe was contained in a single solar system until the movie. Don't know if I missed it entirely during the series, or if it was never really mentioned in any concrete way. It changes the way I think of the show's universe altogether. Then there's the science aspect. I was involved in an email list discussion yesterday about what kind of sun it would have to have, and where the planets and moons would have to be to be able to sustain life after terraforming. And science geek types that would like to throw their two cents in, please do!

And one of my fave quotes thrown in just because: "Dear Buddah, I want a plastic pony, and a rocket ship..."

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October 3, 2005

Remembering Tolkien

National Review, in celebration of its 50th Anniversary, is rerunning old articles. Today, it's an obituary for J.R.R. Tolkien, that ran in 1973

Posted by Ithildin at 1:10 PM

I Saw Serenity (Twice)

First off, I saw it twice, and within a three day period, so that should tell you something.I saw it opening night with Nin, C and a friend of hers, and yesterday with Jen and Dave. We were going to see Corpse Bride, but all of us decided we wanted to see Serenity a second time instead.

I thought it was excellent. I laughed, I cried, I jumped outta my seat.

The rest of the review -- WITH SPOILERS -- is down in the extended entry. Spoilers are allowed in the comments, so you may want to avoid reading the comments section if you wish to remain pure.

.... I knew about Wash from something like six months back, so that didn't shock me as it did some people.Time wore down my inital howls of NOOOO! I wasn't expecting Book to die as well, so by the last part of the movie, I had no idea who would make it. That last stand against the Reavers reminded me of the last scene in Angel -- except with a resolution.

I thought the soundtrack was great, I enjoyed getting to know the characters a bit more, and I thought the villain of the piece was several cuts above the usual movie bad guy. I really loved the look of the movie as well. About half way through the movie, I whispered to April that I bet the Alliance was somehow responsible for Reavers, though I was thinking they were some botched experiment along the lines of what they did to River.

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