September 28, 2005

Oh, Yay

Left-Handedness May Raise Breast Cancer Risk

When I first heard about this a few days ago, it sounded much worse than this article seems to think it is. Looks like I don't have much extra to worry about after all.

Posted by Ithildin at September 28, 2005 11:49 AM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

Dunno how I missed it... you're a southpaw?

Hmph. I always knew there was something sinister about you.

Posted by: Russ at September 28, 2005 2:35 PM

Now you're just going to have to start writing with your correct, er, right hand. :-)

Posted by: Princess Jami at September 28, 2005 2:36 PM

Yeah, I am and so is Nin.

Posted by: Ith at September 28, 2005 2:57 PM

Hmmm, a southpaw (leftie just isn't a nice term anymore!). I suppose this means you and Nin are the only ones in your right minds?

Posted by: Anna at September 28, 2005 7:03 PM

Psh. I ain't reading it. You know what I think, anyway. Four out of five scientists would spend a helluva lot of grant money to prove that breathing causes cancer/death/fewer follicles.

Don't fret, sweetheart. After all, you're only in your right mind! :)

Posted by: Margi at September 28, 2005 11:51 PM