July 19, 2005


When I read something like this, it certainly puts my problems in perspective.

.... China, in support of the North Korean regime and in violation of the United Nations treaty on treatment of refugees, arrests the refugees and sends them back to be interrogated, put in camps, and even executed. China reportedly has special units to hunt down and arrest refugees and pays bounties to people who turn in refugees in hiding.

Women and children are increasingly the majority of refugees crossing the river into China. If they can locate a friend or relative's house, they have a chance at finding a safe haven. But if the ethnic Korean Chinese traffickers find them first, they are abducted and sold, either to men as informal wives or concubines or to karaoke clubs for prostitution. Their price and destination are determined by their age and appearance. China's one-child policy has resulted in a deficit of women from selective abortions, infanticide, and the selling off of girl babies. Kidnapping and trafficking have become common ways that Chinese men acquire women.

The women are raped by sellers and buyers. Some of the traffickers are looking for a woman for themselves, and they sell the other ones. According to an activist who makes regular trips to China to assist refugees, women are mostly sold in cities in Jilin Province in northeast China. He has gone to karaoke clubs in search of women and found that the clubs were protected by Chinese police. A young woman refugee said that Chinese officials are complicit in the trafficking of North Korean women.

Once a woman is sold, she is completely powerless. If she offers any protest, she is threatened with exposure to the Chinese authorities. There are reported cases of vengeful men reporting women to the police. They are then deported to North Korea. Most often, women are resold to another man after the original buyer tires of them.

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Anybody heard from the UN or Amnesty International on this? Anybody?

(sound of crickets chirping)

That's about what I thought.

Posted by: docjim505 at July 20, 2005 11:13 AM