May 31, 2005


Via Ilyka, this post about a trip to the beaches of Normandy. Very moving. There's something indefinable and overwhelming that you feel when you visit a battlefield or the graves of the fallen. Everyday Stranger does an excellent job of capturing that emotion.

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Even A Broken Clock Is Right (at least!) Once A Day

Quebec Rejects Introduction of Sharia Law

Later: title changed slightly because Kathy is pesky, precious :)

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Truer Words

Patterico on John McCain.

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Anything For A Good Link-Whoremongering

They're, err.... unique. Yeah, that's the ticket!

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Congrats & best wishes to Fugitive Jen and her affianced.

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May 30, 2005


I'm making Wild Mushroom Risotto for dinner, along with strawberry shortcake using the buttermilk scones I made for breakfast, and Nin and I got to thinking it would be nice to share. So we're having an impromptu dinner party with the Monterey chapter of the Bear Flag League. So there's only three of us, but hey! CB should be by anytime now.

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Go Say, "Thank You"

Via Joanie, I went to this website today where you can send a message to any service member. I just sent one to each branch of the armed forces. So go tell a service person, "Thanks".

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May 29, 2005

Memorial Day 2005

"Almighty God, we remember this day before thee thy faithful servant, and we pray thee that, having opened to him the gates of larger life, thou wilt receive him more and more into thy joyful service; that he may win, with thee and thy servants everywhere, the eternal victory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen."

~ A Prayer Book For Soldiers & Sailors


Memorial Day 2004 at the Presidio in San Francisco. Click for larger photo. An entire gallery of photos from last year can be found here.

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And Something Else I Missed..

The latest Red Ensign Standard.

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Memorial Day

You should go read Russ's Memorial Day post. He's also keeping a list of link to other Memorial Day posts.

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Better Late Than Never

I totaly forgot to post the link to the Carnival of the Recipes yesterday!

So here you go.

Speaking of recipes, we finally went to the produce stand down the street, and found a wonderland of food stuffs! In addition to the expected Mexican section, they has a section with Arab food items -- including Mediterranean style yogurt! So guess what we had for dinner last night? Tzatziki! Yum!

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Lost Stuff

From my friend, Jen:

If you visit Oceanic-Air and click on the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42, you will see a "teaser" preview for Lost season 2. (The numbers are at the bottom of the seating chart.) After the preview, you'll be redirected to another site with a longer movie - most of the interesting stuff is the sound to it, there are only a few motion shots included.
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May 28, 2005

A Slice Of Excitement

Last night we went to Orchard and got some more herbs for my new herb garden, not to mention a planter to put them in, oh, and soil too! Today, it's produce and wine day. First to the produce market to get stuff for dinner tomorrow, and then Cost Plus for our wine stash. I don't think I'm up to braving the wilds of Target today, so I'll probably save that trip for a weeknight. Tomorrow is cleaning day. The fun never stops around here, let me tell you!

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May 27, 2005


It's Star Wars Friday!

(this post will stay at the top for most of the day)

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It's That Time

Check out Mickey's for the latest Carnival of the Dogs!

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Eddie Albert Dead At 99

I loved Green Acres when I was a kid.

Eddie Albert, the actor best known as the constantly befuddled city slicker-turned-farmer in television's "Green Acres," has died. He was 99.

Albert, who appeared in movies and television for more than 50 years, died of pneumonia Thursday at his home in the Pacific Palisades area, in the presence of his longtime caregivers and son Edward, family friend Dick Guttman said Friday.

Albert achieved his greatest fame on "Green Acres" as Oliver Douglas, a New York lawyer who settles in a farm town with his glamorous wife, played by Eva Gabor, and finds himself perplexed by the antics of a host of rural residents, including a pig named Arnold Ziffel.

Albert was nominated for Academy Awards as supporting actor in "Roman Holiday" (1953) and "The Heartbreak Kid" (1972).

The actor moved smoothly from the Broadway stage to movies to television. Besides his 1965-1971 run in "Green Acres," he costarred on TV with Robert Wagner in "Switch" from 1975 to 1978 and was a semi-regular on "Falcon Crest" in 1988.

He was a tireless conservationist, crusading for endangered species, healthful food, cleanup of Santa Monica Bay pollution and other causes. He had remained healthy even in old age.

"Three days ago he was playing basketball in his wheelchair with his granddaughter," Guttman said. "He stayed very vital."

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So What?

Is everyone but me off today? No phone calls here at the office, almost zero email, and very little new blogging.

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Best Post Of The Week

This has to be one of the best posts I've read this week. It's both laugh out loud funny and incredibly "awwwwww" inducing all at the same time.

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In Defense Of The Scruffy (CrankyBeach)

Nerfs must be herded. If they are not, they get to thinking they can just wander anywhere, and more than likely will take up residence in your high-class gardens. You do not want that to happen. Have you ever tried to evict a feral nerf from a place it likes? I didn't think so. You'll have to trust me on this one.

Herding nerfs is a dirty job. No matter how clean one is when one begins, after less than half a standard timepart, one becomes quite scruffy.

If nerf-herders went away, your high-class gardens would be no more, and feral nerfs do not produce those highly-sought-after nerf products you all claim to be unable to do without.

So give us nerf-herders a break and stop calling us 'scruffy' as if that were a bad thing.

(And as long as I have your attention... go see what CrankyBeach is up to.)

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Why Rebels are Scum (The Hobbesian Conservative)

Greetings to all Imperial Subjects. This is Imperial Governor Hobbesian. But today, you may think of me as plain old Greg.

I'm here today to say a few words about the Empire and you. A wise master known as Vlast has said much of what you are about to hear before, but it has been many cycles since he spoke those words.

I know many of you are inclined to sympathize with the rebel forces currently perpetrating attacks upon the empire. Some of you may even think that the Empire deserves whatever it gets from the rebel forces.

But I would ask you to ask yourselves a simple question: What do the rebels stand for?

It is clear that the rebels, abetted by the divine-right order of the Jedi, stand against the Empire. But what do they offer in her stead?

Ask yourselves also: Is it so bad living under the bailiwyck of the Emporer? How does the Empire affect your life? Under the previous government-- that of the Galactic Senate-- most of the humans on Tattooine were literally slaves. The Hutt cartel succeeded keeping the slave traders in operation.

Under the Empire, the activities of the Hutts were, if not kibashed completely, at least driven underground. The humans living on Tattooine are now able to make their own way, owning and working their own land, coming and going as they wished.

Indeed, Lord Vader was himself one of those slaves as a boy. He was bought and freed by Jedi associates of then Senator Padme Amidala, who promptly returned to the Senate and did... absolutely nothing about the conditions there. Lord Vader's own mother, among others, were left to rot in bondage by the Senate and the Jedi alike.

Amidala and the Jedi's only concern was to maintain the integrity of the Senate, which Amidala herself admitted was impotent to do anything. In fact, the problems facing the Senate that led to Emporer Palpatine's ascension are of the Senate's own making-- they were unable to keep control of the situation when the Trade Federation attacked Naboo, thinking the issue could be resolved with talk, promises and concessions.

Naturally, some of you balk at the increased security measures implemented to combat the rebels. But, given the Rebel forces' tendency to destroy Imperial installations without caring a whit for those living on it, are checkpoint searches at galactic ports that unreasonable?

Beyond combatting crime and providing security, the Empire sponsors low-cost universities (Imperial Academies) throughout the galaxy for those who wish to elevate their stations in the Empire. Did the lethargic. divine-right Jedi and their mitichlorion parasites offer so much? While any one of you listening right now could become a high-ranking official within the Empire, none but the mitichlorioned few could ever hope to be a Jedi. Even if you were fortunate enough to be born with the ability to become a Jedi, the Jedi council could still vote to abandon you for such human emotions as fear or anger. Again, Lord Vader was initially denied Jedi training as a boy because the Jedi Council though it unseemly for a nine-year-old boy taken from his mother to be afraid.

These are the compassionate beings you wish to entrust your future to? I think not.

Again, what do the Rebels offer in place of the empire? They propose to shear local magistrates from any answerable authority, and leave it at that. Surely the result would be chaotic and wars would ensue as the local authorities fed their own appetites for land and title.

The Empire offers peace, justice and stability. The Rebels offer nothing but bluster and rage.

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Star Wars Friday

Since we're heading into a quiet holiday weekend, I thought I'd try something different. Pretend you're a Senator of the Republic and want to say your piece. Well, today, you can say it here. I've set up three guest logins. Pick one, log in, and make a post. It doesn't have to be Star Wars related, you may post on any subject you choose -- I just thought a theme would be nice.

A few "guidelines":

Keep profanity to a minimum, puleese.

Title your post and put your name in brackets next to it. Like this: Why Rebels Are Scum (Wanda) or Why Rebels Are Scum (Grand Moff Wanda)

Use the category Voices from the Empire

Make your links hyperlinks. In IE there's a button, in Firefox/Mozilla you will need to hand code.

Feel free to flog your blog, but you can't post just for flogging purposes. You have to at least give us a song -- metaphorically speaking :)

Okay, here's the log in info:

log in: Imperial Governor
password: nubnub

log in: Senator of the Republic
password: nubnub

log in: Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder
password: nubnub

These are case sensitive! I'm going to be keeping a weather eye out, so no monkey business, please. Other than that, have fun!

Later that night.. I've closed it down for now. Thanks to those who paticipated!

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May 26, 2005

I Love It!

Nothing warms the cockles of my heart more than seeing a hypocritical lib have to allow the little people to contaminate their pristine exclusive environment!

Too bad they can't make it a conduit for illegals to cross over. [snerk]

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American Idol

We just watched the tape from last night and it was much more entertaining than expected! The skit with Simon's secret love had me and nin with tears in our eyes, we were laughing so hard. and I was thrilled Carrie won -- after all, we share a last name! :) All in all, a pretty good season!

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Washed Out Has Beens

Via Nin comes news of an American Idol for washed up one hit wonders:

OK... This show is just bizarre!

'Hit Me Baby, One More Time' is a NBC show where groups from the top ten lists of the past come onto a live show and not only do they play their hit song and a song from today, but they're voted on!!

Artists on the show: Wang Chung, The Knack, Vanilla Ice, The Motels, A Flock of Seagulls, Tiffany, and many more.

When she told me about this at dinner, I told her she had to post about it!

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Depriving the World of Another Einstein

If Albert Einstein were growing up as a kid today, would he be put on Ritalin?

The answer here.

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Maybe This Is Why

In regards to my last post: CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game on Internet

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More Poof

It's like a chunk of the internet disappeared. I can't get to Yahoo mail, I can't get to quite a few blogs, or blogrolling, and everything else is slow.

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Come On Get Happy!

That's "Doctor CalTechGirl" to you!

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[Hugs the Blog]

We're back!!

The hosting company had a hard drive die at some point late last night, so we all went 'poof'. I was having withdrawal! [pets the blog]

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May 25, 2005

I Got A Purple One!

Not sure about the description, "Peacefulness and Purification", uhh, huh? But it's purple, so its all good. Though I'd rather have a purple one and kick ass. But it is better to look good than feel good, so colour and accessorizing is important. It'll go nicely with my deep purple leather Jedi outfit with the thigh high boots. And don't forget the cape!

Purple Saber
You have a Purple Lightsaber.

Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity,
independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.
Purple denotes high spirituality and religious
aspiration. Purple also represents Peacefulness
and Purification. It also has a sense of
intuitive understanding and a feeling of
intimacy with the world.

What Colored Lightsaber Would You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Via Michele.

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The secret's out.

I'm sure the difficulties at the meeting had nothing to do with me and Peter Sean bickering discussing the Virgin Mary. Nuh uh!

via Beautiful Atrocities

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On Suffering

Much to think about after reading this post at the "Anchoress".

Suffering is a mystery, and it is an intimate one, bound up in all of your love, all of your fear, all of your hate, all of your failings and joys. It is literally for the Christian, where the rubber meets the road.

I'm saving that in my 'to keep' folder and sharing it with my mum. Suffering and faith has been a frequent topic of discussion between the two of us over the years.

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This isn't the first time something like this has happened but this comment I just received reminded me. Basically, someone will comment on a post that's somehow celebrity related as if they think the celeb mentioned actually made the post themselves, or reads the blog. It's more than a little freaky!

Here's the most recent one:

Hugh, OMG i am in the 8th grade at ssms i am like your biggest fan u r soooooooooooooooooo HOT!!! i like worship u!! Your shows rock and u r sooooooooo funny exspesly playing in the one when u were an old ladie lol with self estemm issues!! And now i like fell in LOVE wit house u r an awsome actor!! and i wish i can realy talk to you or email u!!!!! Well i can tlak fo ever!! But bibi and if this is u hit me up [email address removed]

PS. did i mitchion u rock lol

It's hard to believe it's for real, and not some sort of joke, but it happens often enough that it appears there really are people out there that deluded.


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I Sense Your Fear

but if you're brave enough to face Darth Vader....

Via Jonah Goldberg

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ícause two out of three ainít bad

If I were writing House fic (and I'm not! the plot bunnies haven't totally overwhelmed me yet) and it was song fic, this is the song I'd be using:

Baby we can talk all night But that ainít getting us nowhere I told you everything I possibly can Thereís nothing left inside of here And maybe you can cry all night But thatíll never change the way that I feel The snow is really piling up outside I wish you wouldnít make me leave here

I poured it on and I poured it out
I tried to show you just how much I care
Iím tired of words and Iím too hoarse to shout
But youíve been cold to me so long
Iím crying icicles instead of tears

And all I can do is keep on telling you
I want you
I need you
But -- there ainít no way Iím ever gonna love you
Now donít be sad
ícause two out of three ainít bad
Now donít be sad
ícause two out of three ainít bad

Youíll never find your gold on a sandy beach
Youíll never drill for oil on a city street
I know youíre looking for a ruby in a mountain of rocks
But there ainít no coupe de ville hiding at the bottom of a cracker jack box

I canít lie
I canít tell you that Iím something Iím not
No matter how I try
Iíll never be able
To give you something
Something that I just havenít got

Thereís only one girl that I will ever love
And that was so many years ago
And though I know Iíll never get her out of my heart
She never loved me back
Ooh I know
I remember how she left me on a stormy night
She kissed me and got out of our bed
And though I pleaded and I begged her not to walk out that door
She packed her bags and turned right away

And she kept on telling me
She kept on telling me
She kept on telling me
I want you
I need you
But there ainít no way Iím ever gonna love you
Now donít be sad
ícause two out of three ainít bad
I want you
I need you
But there ainít no way Iím ever gonna love you
Now donít be sad
ícause two out of three ainít bad
Donít be sad
ícause two out of three ainít bad

Baby we can talk all night
But that ainít getting us nowhere

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AI Tidbit

I heard on FNC this morning that Bo had food poisoning, and Carrie had an earache. Apparently, they pushed her ear piece too far into her ear canal at some point.

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May 24, 2005

TV Tonight

So I have to do without House till August now. I'm not sure I like Stacy. I think it was incredibly selfish of her to confess to him that he's the love of her life -- even though she has no intention of being with him. Hasn't she done enough damage? Next season should be quite interesting!

American Idol. I'm torn. I've been a big fan of Carrie's from the beginning, and it would be nice to see a country singer win. Though, she doesn't have Martina McBride's voice and I think she should avoid singing her songs. But I wouldn't be unhappy if Bo wins. Either way, both of them are coming out of this with recording contracts.

Now we're watching the last hour of "Amber and Rob Get Married". No, I don't know why! :)

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It Was Actually Due To Bad Management

I love Maureen Ryan's TV column, and here, she delves into the movies with an explanation of Anakin's fall into darkness: Bad 'Star Wars' bosses.

Very amusing!

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Japan's UN Aspirations

Two different articles from the Japan Times on Japan's quest for a security council seat.

Chinese protests stiffen Japanese resolve

Japan feels it's long been owed UNSC seat

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Emeril is always telling his viewers to contact their cable company and ask for "smell-o-vision". Well, it looks like you may be able to actually do that soon!

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Sounds Like A Plan

Via La Shawn, comes this link to an article on a report that states, "The deployment of 36,000 National Guard troops or state militia on the U.S.-Mexico border would stop the illegal flow of foreigners into America".

"The tide of illegal crossings on the borders of the United States is beyond unsatisfactory; it is catastrophic. It does not ebb and flow ó it only grows. It is rising without measure and eroding the very fiber of our safety, life and culture," the report said. "As we wage the war on terror in foreign lands, we have all our doors and windows open at home. ... The insanity of such a policy, or silent toleration of such a policy is almost criminal in itself," it said. "The Minuteman Project demonstrated that illegal immigration on America's southern border can be dramatically reduced to manageable levels."
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All About Me?

Do you guys think I should have one of those "about me" blurbs on the blog? And if so, I need help! I want something amusing, or at least partly amusing. You all are funny, so I'm depending on you!

Later: oh, and speaking of "me", I'm two spots from being a Playful Primate. Now there's no way I'm really at 102, so the Ecosystem must be wonky again, but seeing that number is nice -- no matter how temporary!

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Good News On The Wolf Front

Marlin Perkins' Legacy: Wild Wolves Bred at Facility

Two artificially inseminated Mexican gray wolves recently birthed a combined eight living pups at a research site founded by late naturalist Marlin Perkins, marking perhaps the first time the non-surgical technique has worked with endangered wolves.

Wildlife officials cheered word of the newcomers to the St. Louis-area Wild Canid Survival and Research Center -- the world's largest holder and breeder of Mexican gray wolves -- as proof of the technology's usefulness in rebuilding the population of the animals.

Among other things, the "phenomenal'' breakthrough someday may enable noninvasive fertilization of female wolves in the wild, no longer requiring them to be caged or disruptively brought in for insemination, said Kim Scott, the center's assistant director.

"This could have huge implications for future genetic management of Mexican wolves,'' said Colleen Buchanan of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Surgical inseminations have been done previously with endangered red wolves, though the noninvasive technique now appears to work with the Mexican wolves.

Of the nine pups born -- six on May 4, three on April 30 -- eight still were alive Monday and "are all doing wonderful, doing great,'' growing and increasingly vocalizing, Scott said.

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Tonight's episode of "House" is the seaosn finale:

"Honeymoon", Episode #122. While House works to save Stacy's husband, he cannot help but think his feelings for her may have reignited.

Cast: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Sela Ward, Currie Graham, Mark Holmes.

After you watch, check out the discussion here on my House M.D. email list.

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May 23, 2005


Po' po' Jack. 24 had me in tears at the end.

What a great season!

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Do Me A Favour

This bright young woman is on my House M.D. list and she has an online journal for her communications class. If you have a moment, go over and say, "hi", if you would.

Hey, it's all for America'a children, people!

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Revenge Could Have Been Sweeter's editor weighs in:

Does it make sense to feel sad for the creator of a film that has already earned $303 million worldwide in its first four days? Some would think not. But as someone who winced whenever the lightsabers stopped glowing and the dialogue began, who felt battered by the schizophrenic nature of a film that mixed visual magic with verbal groaners, I knew that Sith could have been so much more. editorial2.jpg

Which is why I felt sad for Lucas. If I were him, I would not want to read that Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times that "To say that George Lucas cannot write a love scene is an understatement; greeting cards have expressed more passion. The dialogue throughout the movie is once again its weakest point: The characters talk in what sounds like Basic English, without color, wit or verbal delight, as if they were channeling Berlitz."

Or that A. O. Scott wrote in The New York Times that "Mr. Lucas's indifference to two fairly important aspects of moviemakingóacting and writingóis remarkable. ... Mr. Lucas, who wrote the script (reportedly with the uncredited assistance of Tom Stoppard), is not one to imply a theme if he can stuff it into a character's mouth."

Or that David Ansen wrote in Newsweek that "We also have to put up with the usual Lucas liabilities: graceless dialogue, wooden acting, overcluttered compositions and undercooked characters, and an utter inability to stage a convincing love scene."

Those zingers have got to hurt, no matter how loudly you're laughing on the way to the bank. It has come to be an accepted fact that even as Lucas' visual effects and action scenes push the envelope, his dialogue shouldn't even be in the envelope. I've heard Lucas shrugging off this critical response, and he's done it well, but I still believe that no one would want that said about him, no matter how successful his films.

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It's A Concept

This sounds kind of interesting:

TrekToday reported that Lifetime Television has ordered a pilot for Scarlett, a new series developed by former Star Trek: The Next Generation writers Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Hans Beimler, about an Anne Rice-like gothic horror writer who moves into an old mansion in New Orleans and finds her fictional characters coming to life, or so she thinks.

Sort of Toy Story for horror fans...

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Generation War

Lucas says like and dislike of the prequels falls along an age divide:

"I really don't pay too much attention how people like one chapter or another chapter," Lucas said with a shrug. "We have discovered in the last few years, and it becomes more apparent all the time, that we have two fan bases. One is over 25, and one is under 25. The over-25 fan base is loyal to the first three films."

Lucas added that he thinks that the reason so much has been made about audiences not liking Episodes I and II is because the fans who are over 25 are "actually in their 30s and 40s now. They are in control of the media. They are in control of the Web. So mostly what you're hearing from are people over 25 years old. The films that those people don't like, which is the first two [Episodes I and II], actually, are very fanatically adored by the under-25-years-old [fans]. And if you get on the Web, and you listen to these conversations, they are always at each other's throats. The devotion for each group is equal. I never even paid much attention to it until about a year ago. I am curious to see what happens in about 10 years, when that other group starts to get their voice."

To be honest, I've noticed something of an age gap as well, though I think it breaks slightly older.

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Total Cave

The defintion "Republican Senator" today: a total lack of of backbone.

Details here.

I am very unhappy with my party right now.

Later: what he said.

And what he said too.

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Mary Musings

Peter Sean had a thread on his blog about Mary and the paper that was released recently in regards to Roman Catholics and Anglicans coming to some sort of arrangement on the matter. I'd pretty much said my piece at the time, but today, I was visiting Huw's always excellent blog, and came upon a link to the Orthodox viewpoint. I found it very illuminating.

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Hey, Look! It's Not a Star Wars Post!

I in no way resemble a judicial expert -- I don't even play one on TV. But thanks to "Captain's Quarters" over the last few weeks, I feel like I have somewhat of a grasp of the situation.

What I do know is that this member of the "base" wants her representatives to stop caving into the Dems every time they so much as raise their voices. Get a backbone and get the President's judges approved! Stop letting the Dems call the shots. They aren't in power, and haven't been for quite a few years now. Start acting like the frelling majority, would you? Otherwise, why the heck did we elect you?


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More Star Wars Thoughts

Hey, it's a thing right now for me.

We were watching some of the extra stuff on the DVD last night, and I was reminded of all the grief Lucas took in making Star Wars, not to mention his experiences with the studios prior to that. I said to Nin that that might explain how bad I & II were, and well, III wasn't much better. If you figure he got the original three made -- and he didn't direct ESB or ROTJ -- and he was unimaginably successful, why on earth would he listen to anything anyone had to say when he started making the new ones? I mean, they'd never been right before. He was so close to it, the story was so intensely personal, that he couldn't see the forest for the trees. But he was "George Lucas" and it was his money, his vision, and no one could tell him that maybe he should rethink some of it.

And that leads me to this review by Orson Scott Card:

On the first Star Wars film he had help. He was not yet so powerful that no one would criticize his work and help him get rid of the most embarrassing clunkers. On the next two films, better writers helped him even more, so that, at least in The Empire Strikes Back, his saga matched his vision aurally as well as visually.

Then he went sixteen years without making a movie before returning to write the true beginning of his epic.

But by now he was a legend. Fans not only worshiped him, some actually believed in the Force and listed "Jedi" as their religion. In Hollywood, a land where the only signs of divinity are fame and money, he had so much of both that there was no one left who could say to him, "George, please, get some help on that scene, it's going to make people laugh in the theaters, and not the right way."

Instead, it was apparently all "Yes, Mr. Lucas" and "Wonderful, Mr. Lucas" and the result was two of the most successful wretched films in history.

Star Wars, the idea of Star Wars, will always be more for me than the memories of three disappointing movies. In the end, George Lucas was responsible for changing my life in ways that only now, looking back over all these years, can I really see. So I'll redo "Revenge of the Sith" in my head, pretty it up, and then I'll go see it again and mesh the two together. Somewhere along the way, the actual movie has come to mean less than the idea, the vision, the myth. And I'm okay with that.

Here's the strange thing. Even though that opening day audience largely understood how bad the writing was -- and laughed out loud and even cheered for the absolutely worst lines -- they still got a sense of fulfilment out of watching everything come together.

I'm glad I saw it.

And, incredibly enough, I will almost certainly see it again. And buy the DVD.

So many of us will do that, in fact, that Mr. Lucas will no doubt think that we think his movie was triumphantly good.

Well, that's one of the nice things about having supreme power over your own kingdom, as Mr. Lucas has: You can so easily convince yourself that the people love you.

There's always VII, VIII & IX!

A little later: my morning after review is here, and if you're a real geek, we're discussing "Splinter of the Minds Eye" here.

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May 22, 2005

Talking It Out On Dr. Phil

If you thought I was a big old meanie about Revenge of the Sith, then you ain't read nothing yet. And she very much captures my feeling if disappointment now that all the prequels are done. A very amusing and bittersweet review.

A few minutes later: the link to the post takes you to the comments, but seemingly not the actual post (I may be missing something obvious). So here's the link to the main page, and just scroll down a bit.

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Splinter Of The Minds Eye

Anyone else read "Splinter of the Minds Eye" when it came out in 1978? I loved that book so much, can't remember how many times I reread it. Of course, after ROTJ came out, it was totally alternative universe, but still! I couldn't find my copy when I was repacking books to send to Utah, so I may have to get it again for old time's sake.

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Pins Dropping

I can't believe how quiet it is this weekend. I've gotten virtually no email from any of my lists, and blogwise, the majority of comments are from spammers. I guess everyone is out and about standing in line for Star Wars.

Speaking of which, we did get through all three movies yesterday. I hadn't seen the revisionist versions since they were released in the theater, and I see there were more revisions since then. About the only thing, other than the Han/Greedo scene I don't like is the new ending of ROTJ. Pan pipes!! The magic of Zamfir. Argh. I loved the "nub nub" song, no to mention, now everyone on Endor is dancing totally out of whack to the music. And I adored the choir coming in at the end and the big crescendo.

On tap for today: probably the bonus DVD that came with the set, maybe watch one with the audio commentary, and rewatch last week's House.

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May 21, 2005

Ahhhh, That's Better

We finally got the original Star Wars movies on DVD today, and I'm much more at peace with the Force now :) We're about halfway through Empire, and I'm a happy camper!

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My RotS Review

My review of Revenge of the Sith is here... That's a link to the direct post, so there's spoilers that aren't hidden.

If you don't want spoilers, here's the bit that's not spoilers:

Rating: Except the last 45 minutes or so, C-. Last 45 minutes: B

Wooden acting, Lucas threw out major plot points from the first trilogy (Never mind the time line issues!)

Hayden Christensen did a good job on the transition to Darth Vader.

As Ith said leaving the theater, it's bad when the best actor in the film is Frank Oz, and he's just a voice.

Yes, I did enjoy it. Yes, I might go see it again. No, it wasn't as good as the original trilogy.

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This, I Have To Share

One of the best Google searches to this blog ever: "Revenge of the Ith". [wipes tears from eyes]

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ROTS: The Morning After

Now I've slept on it...

Through this whole lead up, I've made a point not to look forward to this movie. But there was the part of me that saw Star Wars in the theater 14 times when I was 15, who discovered the science fiction part of the book store due to SW, that really wanted to be wrong, that wanted to go see it and love it. And all the viewer reviews I read prior to last night sparked that little flame.

Yes, ROTS is much better than the last two. But that isn't saying much, is it? And yes, I will go see it again. And don't get me wrong, there were parts I quite liked, mostly near the end of the film. But there was just so much that while not necessarily bad, was just average stuff. I was thinking to myself in the theater, if this wasn't Star Wars, would I be feeling even this charitably towards it?

But I'll start out with the stuff I liked:

Way down in the extended entry, just for you purists!

Annakin to Vader. Back in the last movie, when they showed the children at the Jedi Temple, my heart skipped. I realized that they were all going to be murdered, unless Lucas decided on some backdoor escape. But he didn't. He went for the brutal reality, and that really surprised me.

Hayden as really improved as an actor. Annakin is still whiny and insufferable, but he has to be. (Like father like son)

Yoda and the Wookies. Shades of ET when he left in his little ship.

Annakin dying on the side of the lava. (any thoughts on why Obi Wan didn't finish him off? Other than he can't cus he has three more movies to do!) Excellent special effects that made my tummy queasy.

Ian McDiarmid was amazing (especially in comparison to most of the rest of the cast) Him playing the victim when Annakin comes upon him during the battle with Windu was excellent.

Frank Oz was the other cornerstone of the movie. His "Yoda" was probably the best acting in the film.

Visually, it was stunning.

We got to see Alderann!

The last shot with the music on Tatooine, which is my favourite scene in a New Hope.

The not so good:

The first 2/3s of the movie.

The acting! Natalie Portman is painfully bad. When she died, a scene that should have been powerful left me pretty cold. She did look very pretty in her funeral cart though. Even Ewan McGreggor, who I'm told is a very good actor, was flat. I suppose you can blame a mixture of really bad dialogue and direction [shrug] It's sad when the best acting is Frank Oz's voice.

All the clever little insertions of lines from the original movies. Once or twice is a nice homage, but constantly just reminds you how bad the new lines are.

Random thoughts:

Guess the first Death Star must have been a union job. 18 years to build.

People sure age fast in the Empire! Obi Wan alone goes from 30ish to 70ish in less than 20 years. Lets not mention poor Beru and Owen!

In the scene where Annakin is choking the daylights out of Padme, and they cut to Obi Wan at the top of the ramp. Did I miss something? Nearly the entire theater started laughing, and Nin and I are at a loss as to why.

Since we had flashes, or scenes, of everyone else, a flash of a teenage Han would have been nice.

I liked the costumes. Though that pearl nightdress thingie that Padme wore to bed looked painful.

I'm assuming the reason the Empire enslaved the Wookies was because they helped Yoda escape.

Wish we'd had more Bail Organa. I liked his character and Jimmy Smitz's performance.

I think Peter Jackson spoiled me. Maybe he should have directed! Or let Steven Spielberg do it. They'd always said he direct one of the segments.

Who thinks we'll be seeing episodes 7/8/9 within the next 20 years? [raises hand]

And lastly, I'm too old to go to 1030pm showings and getting home at 130am after a long work day.

more tea!

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Reporting In

It was okay. That's about as enthusiastic as I can get about it.

It's late, time for bed, but the one major "HUH?" I had was ...

down in the extended entry

What's with Padme dying in childbirth?!?! Luke asks Leia on Endor if she remembers her real mother. Leia says she does, that she was very beautiful but very sad, and died when she (Leia) was very young.

Is it too much to ask for a little continuity? Pfft!

More tomorrow after I've slept on it.

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May 20, 2005

Tonight's The Night

Nin really wants to go see ROTS, so I checked to see if there were any tickets left for later showings tonight to accomodate her later working hours. There were. So it would seem we're going to the last show of the evening.

I hear the last 1/2 hour or so is much better than the majority of the film.

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Monster Task

KG went a little nuts today and decided to do a round up of the entire Bear Flag League. Perhaps I should send over a nice cool cloth?


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I'm Just Saying

I love the music of Glenn Miller.

(listening to my "Forces Sweethearts" CD)

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It's That Time Again...

for all your recipe needs to be met.

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Not All Holy Book Are Created Equal

Via The Corner, this link to an op-ed in the WSJ today:

As a Muslim, I am able to purchase copies of the Quran in any bookstore in any American city, and study its contents in countless American universities. American museums spend millions to exhibit and celebrate Muslim arts and heritage. On the other hand, my Christian and other non-Muslim brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia -- where I come from -- are not even allowed to own a copy of their holy books. Indeed, the Saudi government desecrates and burns Bibles that its security forces confiscate at immigration points into the kingdom or during raids on Christian expatriates worshiping privately.

Soon after Newsweek published an account, later retracted, of an American soldier flushing a copy of the Quran down the toilet, the Saudi government voiced its strenuous disapproval. More specifically, the Saudi Embassy in Washington expressed "great concern" and urged the U.S. to "conduct a quick investigation."

Although considered as holy in Islam and mentioned in the Quran dozens of times, the Bible is banned in Saudi Arabia. This would seem curious to most people because of the fact that to most Muslims, the Bible is a holy book. But when it comes to Saudi Arabia we are not talking about most Muslims, but a tiny minority of hard-liners who constitute the Wahhabi Sect.

The Bible in Saudi Arabia may get a person killed, arrested, or deported. In September 1993, Sadeq Mallallah, 23, was beheaded in Qateef on a charge of apostasy for owning a Bible. The State Department's annual human rights reports detail the arrest and deportation of many Christian worshipers every year. Just days before Crown Prince Abdullah met President Bush last month, two Christian gatherings were stormed in Riyadh. Bibles and crosses were confiscated, and will be incinerated. (The Saudi government does not even spare the Quran from desecration. On Oct. 14, 2004, dozens of Saudi men and women carried copies of the Quran as they protested in support of reformers in the capital, Riyadh. Although they carried the Qurans in part to protect themselves from assault by police, they were charged by hundreds of riot police, who stepped on the books with their shoes, according to one of the protesters.)

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May 19, 2005

Firefly On SciFi

Here's your chance to see Firefly!

FIREFLY (FOX) - The Sci Fi Channel has landed the repeat rights to all 15 hours of the short-lived FOX series (and basis of the upcoming "Serenity" feature film). The network's July schedule lists the series as joining its Friday lineup on July 22 at 7:00/6:00c where it will precede original episodes of "Stargate SG-1," "Stargate Atlantis" and "Battlestar Galactica."

via the Futon Critic

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You're Invited

The BFL is holding its first ever conference: Preparing for 2006: Bloggers Gaining Access

I wish I could go!

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Random "Alias" Commentary

Said while watching Sydney cram the bad guy's head into a toilet multiple times to get him to talk: "I guess it's okay as long as he doesn't have a Koran on top of his head."

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That was a great album!

But that's not what this post is about.

Another goofy quiz, via the Jedi-Solos.

Results in the extended entry....

Si... Silicon
You scored 51 Mass, 32 Electronegativity, 38 Metal, and 0 Radioactivity!

Interesting. Take a bunch of really common person-elements and throw
them together to get something truely exceptional... that's you. You
are probably someone that gave up on trying to understand society at
large a long time ago. You don't fear it, but you don't try to be one
with it either. You are more or less unperturbed by things... if a
problem comes up you might deal with it, or you might avoid it...
whatever. You don't take kindly to people pushing you around, and you
don't really push anyone else around. You're probably the only one that
can tame oxygen simply because you don't understand it's raging
neediness, but that doesn't mean that you'll really enjoy having a tame
oxygen hanging around all that much either. You can probably get along
with people like yourself really well, but you aren't your own
soulmate... if only they could make entire colonies of people like you
you'd be stoked. Just like you don't understand society, society
doesn't understand you... and yes that is my excuse for not knowing how
to describe you better.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 89% on Mass
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You scored higher than 56% on Electroneg
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You scored higher than 18% on Metal
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You scored higher than 0% on Radioactivity
Link: The Which Chemical Element Am I Test written by effataigus on OkCupid Free Online Dating

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Good article here on the subject, via Peter Sean. And nicely coincidental after having just visited Fugitive Jen's blog a few minutes ago and reading this.

May God continue to bless us with the strength to live our lives the way we know He wishes us to.

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The End Of Canada?

Dave J. has some thoughts.

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"Harmless Illegals"

Good editorial in the Wall Street Journal today on the realities of living on the border.

.... I've been a reporter in Arizona for 30 years. As the border story has heated up, I get calls from out-of-town reporters wanting me to hook them up with angry border residents. If I mentioned in a story that a particular rancher carries a gun, that's the rancher the reporters want to see. They're less interested in understanding his problems than getting film of him and his six-shooter.

These border residents are routinely snickered at and called racist vigilantes. But most are decent folks caught up in the daily invasion of illegals who tramp across their land. Ranchers in hard-hit areas spend the first hours of every day repairing damage done the night before. They find fences knocked down and water spigots left on, draining thousands of precious gallons. And then there's the trash: pill bottles, syringes, used needles, and pile after pile of human feces.

Sometimes illegals hammer on residents' windows in the middle of the night, demanding to use the phone. Some even walk right into the ranch house and refuse to leave until the rancher pulls a gun and forces the issue. One rancher told me about illegals who rustled one of her newborn calves. The intruders beat the 12-hour-old animal to death with a fence post, then barbecued it on the spot.

How bad is it? In the Tucson Sector alone in January 2005, the Border Patrol arrested 35,704 people, seized 34,864 pounds of marijuana, and impounded 557 smuggling vehicles. In one month. High-speed chases and accidents on our back-roads are now common. Residents know to stay off certain roads at night because the smugglers--of people and drugs--own them, and if you're not careful they'll come around a bend at 100 mph and run you into a ditch or worse.

In some hilltop spots near Douglas, you can unfold a lawn chair, crack open a Schlitz and watch the invasion happen. As dusk falls, they come, hundreds of headlights from Mexican cabs streaming north, each filled to the windows with soon-to-be illegals. Are they good folks? Are they carrying biological agents? We have no idea. They could be the worst terrorists and thugs. If that sounds alarmist, consider that some ranchers have found Muslim prayer rugs and Arabic dictionaries on their property. And the feds confirm that the ultraviolent Mara Salvatrucha street gang is using Arizona as a gateway into this country.

But you haven't heard much about these problems nationally, because the media soft-pedal them. Why? It's politically incorrect. We've built a new third rail in American life. Leave the harmless illegals alone and go after their victims instead.


.... It used to be that one or two would ask a local resident for water and a sandwich, and, once fed, be on their way with a polite "Gracias, SeŮorita." The new breed now comes in groups of 50. They demand to be driven to their pickup spot, and if you refuse they flip you off. Sometimes they poison barking ranch dogs or cut their throats to quiet them. How long do you suppose such outrages would go on in Fairfield, Conn.? Or Greenwich? It'd be a day and a half before some kumbaya-liberal flipped sides and founded the Merritt Parkway Minutemen. Or the BlackBerry Brigade.
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May 18, 2005


DaGoddes is celebrating her blogiversary!

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Wine & Cheap Labour

Facinating post here on two subjects I have a keen interest in: wine and my concern that we're creating an underclass by turning a blind eye. Beyond my concerns about illegal immigration as it pertains to the strain on our schools and health care system, I've worried we're creating a class of society little better than serfs. When I hear things like, "we need them to wash our dishes and cut our lawns" I cringe. And now I guess we can add, "make our wine" to that list. I've come to the conclusion that illegal immigration/amnesty/guest workers are bad for us and them. I certainly don't have all the answers, but I know we can do better, and hopefully, so can they.

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A Jilted Lover

Here's a guy after my own heart.

And a hearty AVAST! to Deb for the link.

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Missing An Opportunity

I saw an ad for "War of the Worlds" last night, and it occured to me that Steven Speilberg is missing a great movie making opportunity. How about a movie that combines the whole spectrum of his movie aliens? Can't you just see a movie featuring "ET", the aliens from "Close Encounters" & "War of the Worlds"? Well, can't you? Huh? Huh?

Steven, call me! We'll do lunch.

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May 17, 2005

"Three Stories" II

That was incredible.

Even though I'd read a lot of the script pages for it, seeing was so much more powerful than reading. It was mesmerizing -- Hugh Laurie was mesmerizing.

There had better be an Emmy in his future.

Later the next day: we're having a pretty good discussion here, if you'd care to join us.

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Don't Know About You

but I think all this talk about the odd habits of llamas could mean war in some quarters.

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I've been blacklisted over at Fugitive Jen's blog (I'm sure by accident) so here's the comment on her future marriage (as far as I can reconstruct it) that I tried to leave earlier:

Ah hah! My surmise was correct! So pre-congratulations based on the anticipation of the official announcement! I hope you -- and your intended -- will be very happy!

(but I still expect you to get my back when the 'not being married spinster' subject comes up on my blog!)

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"Three Stories"

Tonight is the night Sela Ward joins Hugh Laurie, and the cast of "House", for the episode, "Three Stories".

A woman from Dr. House's past returns to the hospital, where she used to work as a lawyer, looking for his help in diagnosing her husband's illness.

From some major spoilers I read a few weeks back, I can say without doubt, you don't want to miss this one.

Of course, you're always welcome to check out my House email list for more in-depth discussion.

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As I Continue To Be Sucked In...

Via Jay

Well, it was a Star Wars test, but even though I put in the code, there's nothing showing. For what it's worth, it was Leia.

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Now This...

goes nicely with my post of yesterday on George Lucas. Excellent commentary on George's Jawa Jumping tendancies and a great review of the movie.

(yes, I admit I'm being sucked in, but I'm still resisting)

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May 16, 2005

And Cut Your Own Lawn While You're At It

VDH on illegal immigration: A Quick Fix -- Do Your Own Dishes. He hits pretty much all my points on the subject, and writes so much better than I do, so just go read.

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It Get's Better!

It's "National Sea Monkey Day"!

(I refuse to accept they're actually only brine shrimp)

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Now For The Important News Of The Day

Forget about George and his Jawa Jumping, this is what I'm celebrating this morning: Court Lets Wine Lovers to Buy Out-Of-State

Wine lovers may buy directly from out-of-state vineyards, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, striking down laws banning a practice that has flourished because of the Internet and growing popularity of winery tours.

The 5-4 decision overturns laws in New York and Michigan, which supporters said were aimed at protecting local wineries and limiting underage drinkers from purchasing wine without showing proof of age. In all, 24 states have laws barring interstate shipments.

The court said the state bans are discriminatory and anticompetitive.

Via The Corner

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See, I Told You He'd Jumped The Jawa

Lucas on Iraq war, 'Star Wars'

"Star Wars" director George Lucas says that although he wrote the original film during the Vietnam War, his six-part saga could apply to the war in Iraq.

''In terms of evil, one of the original concepts was how does a democracy turn itself into a dictatorship,'' Lucas told a news conference at Cannes, where his final episode had its world premiere.

''The parallels between what we did in Vietnam and what we're doing in Iraq now are unbelievable.

Can't it just be a fun movie, George? [sigh] Is that too much to ask? What happened to the guy who said he didn't make his movies to be messages? I think it was in "Skywalking", but there was a quote there that was something about how much he hated movie makers bashing thier audience over the head with a "message". I know we've all gotten a bit [cough] older, but geez!

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May 15, 2005

A Lone Photo No More

Nin, bless her little ninja heart, put up a webapge with a selection of vacation photos.

Posted by Ithildin at 6:33 PM

A Lone Photo

I never shared any of my vacation photos. So here's one of them -- the view is from my parent's porch.


I'll try and get more up in the next while.

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Substitute Human

There's lots and lots of outdoor cats at my apartment complex, and several of them are incredibly lovey-dovey sorts of kitties. Today, I have my front door open and Hamster, one of the uber-friendly cats, keeps coming up to the screen and crying because he's lonely. He really wants me to let him in. So I feel guilty, and he's not even my cat! Luckily, Sparrow is camped out in my closet, so she doesn't know a strange cat is trying to break in.

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"The Whore Lived Like A German"

A timely reminder of just what passes for love and care of family in the "Religion of Peace".

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At Least They're Sorry

(do I need to insert a very large SARCASM tag?)

I read this a bit earlier. Since then, I've come across some excellent commentary and links here.

The blood's on their hands.

Posted by Ithildin at 1:01 PM

Check It Out

The latest Carnival of the Dogs.

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May 13, 2005

Then We Must Be Doing Something Right

Mexico furious at tough US law on migrants

Mexico has reacted furiously to a bill signed into law by the US this week that would fund a border wall and prevent illegal Mexican migrants from obtaining US driving licences.

President Vicente Fox said he would lodge a diplomatic complaint, and was considering complaints to multilateral bodies if Mexico could not unable to resolve the problem bilaterally.

How do you like us now, punk? What cheek he has -- how dare we actually enforce our own laws in our own country?

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Ain't That A Pip?

I never realized how many of my favourite blogs were on till every blog I click on won't load all the way, if at all, and I can't read comments [insert large pout] I miss you guys!

(No, I'm not addicted)

(I can stop whenever I like)

(Yes, I lie)

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Calif. Border Police

A lot of good information here on the thinking behind establishiing a California Border Police.

Posted by Ithildin at 12:19 PM

Food, Glorious Food

Right here.

Posted by Ithildin at 10:37 AM

Dodged The Bullet (this time)

DLI, NPS Not On Base Closure List

We did lose a Naval accounting office on what used to be Ft. Ord, but other than that, good news this morning!

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May 12, 2005

The Hit List

Tomorrow, the latest base closure list comes out. Rumour has it that there's a good chance that DLI and/or NPGS will be on it. Keeping my fingers crossed it's not going to happen again (we lost Ft Ord already). And keeping good thoughts for you and your job, Eclectra!!

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Yes, I Know

I haven't blogged for several days.

But now I have!

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May 10, 2005


And don't forget! "House"! Tonight! "Love Hurts" is the title. Only a couple of new eps left, so don't miss a one.

As ever, drop in on my House M.D. email list if you'd like to chat about all things House and Hugh Laurie.

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U.S. pays for care of illegal aliens

About time. If the Federal government can't/won't secure the border, then it's about time they helped pay for what that lack of action costs border states.

(on a side note, interesting that the article in the "lifestyle/Health and Fitness section of the paper.)

Later: Much more here

...even if the entire nearly $71 million allocated for California were reimbursed only to San Diego County health providers taking care of undocumented patients, the amount would fall $29 million short of covering the basic cost of that care...

...a spokeswoman for the California Hospital Association... said California hospitals provided $500 million a year in emergency care for illegal immigrants, seven times the amount of the federal grant.

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"Unbelievably Bad"

So says John Podhoretz:

.... So far all the early reviews -- all of them, from Variety to the Hollywood Reporter to Time magazine -- have been favorable. Why? Because while the movie critics of my long-ago youth were middlebrow snobs suspicious of populist entertainment, today's critics have turned into toadies. They are afraid of being on an audience's bad side, afraid that a movie they will pan might really strike a chord. Since it's a foregone conclusion that the final Star Wars is going to make a jillion dollars, the safe thing for critics to do is say nice things about it. The only nice thing I can think to say about it is that it's not quite as mindspinningly wretched as its predecessor, Attack of the Clones, but it's plenty awful anyway. Even Yoda gives a rotten performance.
Posted by Ithildin at 10:30 AM

Before I Forget

I read these two posts last night, but it was just before beddy-bye time, so I didn't open up MT to post. So, now, many hours later...

Two excellent posts on illegal immigration and that lovely little racist group known as MEChA: here and here.

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Check It Out

The latest Red Ensign Standard that is.

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Wedding Bells

V just told me that Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger just got married! Wow, that's a surprise. Didn't even know they were a couple. And what an interesting combo. A singelton no more :)

Oh, yeah... I wonder if she thinks his tractor's sexy?

Later: a picture of the wedding couple.

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May 9, 2005

Another Blog To Check Out

I just discovered today that one of my favourite authours, David Brin, has a blog -- on blogspot no less. Should make for interesting reading.

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You all were so wonderful and supportive when my Kang was ill and died last year, so please go over to Lori and offer her some comfort on the death of her beloved kitty, Henrietta

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I just wanted to thank Jami for her donation to the "upgrade the blog software" fund. I didn't even know I had such a fund, but she informed me that I do :) She also told me my paypal links were broken. Nin fixed those this weekend, so if you've ever had the urge to fling money in this direction, it's now quite possible!

Thanks, Jami!!

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Weekend Recap

We actually did stuff this weekend. It was really nice on Saturday, so I asked Nin if she'd like to go for a walk. Most surprisingly, she said yes! So we walked on the rec path up over the dunes, all the way to the Monterey Beach Hotel. Then we walked down to the beach and walked back via the beach, then up and over the dunes to Del Monte. Back home I cleaned, then we went to Target and got some plastic deck chairs and a table and then I made dinner.

Sunday, I toiled with all the plants on the patio. I HATE anything to do with gardening, so I feel like I was a real trooper yesterday :) all the nasty slugs and snails and bugs in general. Now everything is all nice and neat and trimmed and I actually sat on the patio last night and surveyed my handiwork. A quick trip to Whole Paycheck was next, followed by making dinner (Brie quesadillas with avocado, tomatoes, scallions, and a little chipotle habbanera sauce) along with some more Firefly eps and some quick strawberry shortcake.

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May 6, 2005

Vincent Price Must Be Rolling In His Grave

How they could take a classic horror film like "House of Wax" (which scared the crud out of me when I first saw it on "Creature Feature") and remake it with this cast is beyond me.

Why not just throw in Fran Drescher, Alyssa Milano, and Jennie Garth for a complete WB primetime lineup?

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I got spoiled accidentally. Be warned if you visit the official Serenity site and aren't paying close attnetion to what you click. I clicked on a link that said 'poll', not realizing it took you to the "I've seen Serenity" portion of the message boards, and the poll was about something that happens in the movie that I sure wish I didn't know. I think this has to be a personal best for me -- knowing major spoilers for a movie that doesn't even come out till SEPTEMBER!!


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"He Is Responsible That We Live in Freedom Now"

Grateful Dutch still honor fallen Americans

.... As Martin Salden grew older, his parents told him many stories about the German occupiers terrorizing the residents of Kerkrade, of Dutch collaborators, and of two Jews the family hid from the Nazis in his grandmother's cellar.

And "they always told me to always pay respect for the American soldiers because they paid their lives for our freedom," he says.

After the Allied liberation of Holland, the American Battle Monuments Commission took over operation of the cemetery. Dutch residents of Margraten helped American military gravediggers break through the frozen earth and bury the American dead. And they started adopting the graves, visiting them the way family would, honoring the ultimate sacrifice they represented.

Today about 4,000 graves are adopted officially, and more unofficially, said Joseph Purnot, a volunteer administrator of the grave adoption program.

A couple that owned a bakery and lived in nearby Maastrichtadopted Rutledge's grave and sent Hamner snips of grass, photographs and chocolates for the children. The correspondence faded in the 1970s. The couple passed away.

'Getting to know my daddy'

In 2001, Ginger's brother, Robert Leron Rutledge, 63, gave her a duffel bag filled with letters that had been passed down in the family.

"I couldn't read them fast enough," writes Gregory, who is now married with three grown children.

She recently retired as vice president of a bank and lives in Statesboro, Ga. "I was 62 years old and I was finally getting to know my daddy."

She contacted Salden through an Internet tribute he had posted in honor of the Margraten war dead, and when he heard her story, he took over Rutledge's grave.

"It just makes me feel so good, because I feel that my father's not alone," Gregory said.

Salden, a retired newspaper layout man, is in training for a 100-mile bicycle race and rides horses in his free time. He says he becomes emotional every time he walks among the sea of crosses.

He brings Rutledge flowers on the anniversary of the date he died, on his birthday and for Christmas, Easter and Memorial Day. When he visits, he offers a prayer and thanks.

"He is responsible that we live in freedom now," Salden explains. "And that's what I do and I feel good."

Read the entire story here.

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I Never Liked That Line In ET Either

Aaron has some thoughts on movie filtering technology and why he supports it. Go check it out.

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Heavenly Roundup

Top notch roundup of reviews on Kingdom of Heaven here at Beautiful Atrocities.

At this point, I'm relatively sure that my initial misgivings on this movie were not misplaced.

(Take heart, gentle readers. I'm sure I'll stop posting about KoH real soon now)

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The Reviews Begin

The Hollywood Reporter & Variety have reviews for Revenge of the Sith out today.

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May 5, 2005


I think I may have been a little quick on the trigger finger in cleaning up old images from the server. My flag seems to have goon poof! Better go find another one....

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And So A Day Passes

I stayed home today feeling pretty icky in general. Just realized it's nearly 5pm and I've pretty much accomplished zilch. Add in the prescription anti inflammatories I took , and I'm feeling rather smooshy. No, I don't know what smooshy means, just that's how I'm feeling.

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May 4, 2005

I Will Not Be Sucked In Again!!

I swear! Even if the TIME cover piece on Revenge of the Sith assured readers that this time, George has gotten the old pizzazz back -- that this one had the old magic. I won't fall for the hype, I won't give into the sweet temptation of teenage memories. Nope, won't do it, won't be sucked in. George has lured me back twice already, and I was ashamed of myself after. But not this time. This time, I will be resolute in my not being sucked inedness. Just keep repeating, "George has jumped the Jawa, George has jumped the Jawa...."

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Over On TKS

Jim Geraghty is pondering "Kingdom of Heaven".

I'm seriously considering seeing it this weekend before everything I'm reading about it colours my perceptions too much.

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A Little Orly

I saw Orlando Bloom this morning on FOX News doing what must have been the hundredth "Promote Kingdom of Heaven" interview. What a refreshing surprise he was! He was articulate, gracious, funny, and quite thoughtful. He was engaging enough that the anchorette didn't keep interrupting like they usually do. He even used words with more than two syllables!

He has his "Will Turner" hair and beard and looked quite charming. He's a little young for me, but I can quite see why the younger gals are so enamoured :)

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May 3, 2005


Feds mull national Chinese-language program

A snippet:

The federal government, alarmed by the lack of expertise in languages considered critical to national security, announced today that it wants to establish a comprehensive Chinese language instruction program for students in kindergarten through college.

The Chinese K-16 Flagship project will create a sequential course of instruction with the goal of graduating students who are linguistically and culturally fluent in Chinese. The request for proposals has attracted enormous interest from Bay Area educators and institutions who are anxious to see the program housed in northern California.

Universities are likely to partner with schools that serve elementary, middle- and high-school students as they collaboratively bid on the proposal, which currently dedicates $750,000 for the first year. But because the Bay Area already has a number of intensive Chinese-language programs in place, some hope the region will have an edge against competitors from elsewhere around the country.

``We are very excited that the federal government has finally recognized the importance of Chinese as an area of study and of beginning to learn the language while you are young,'' said Andrew Corcoran, head of the Chinese American International School in San Francisco. CAIS, which serves students from preK-8th grade, is the oldest Mandarin immersion program in the country. ``There's a lot of opportunity here. I hope the decision makers look West.''

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Geek Wars

The lovely Kathy has the last of her Star Wars Trivia Contests up. Go embarrass yourself like I did!

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New "House" Tonight

Tonight's episode of "House" is new, so don't forget to tune in or set your preferred recording device!

"Kids", Episode #119.

A meningitis scare overwhelms the resources and staff of the hospital, but House singles out a 12-year-old patient whose symptoms are similar to but not quite right for the disease.

Cast: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard, Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Eddie McClintock, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Geraldine Singer, Tim Haldeman, Mark Bloom, Eric Cazenave, Stephanie Venditto, Cindy Lu, Ben Jelen, Lindsay Pulsipher, Rhea Lando, Diego Clare, Erin Foster, Dylan Kussman.

And as always, feel free to check out my House M.D. email list.

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A Little Local News

A few days I ago, I posted that Ward Churchill was gracing the Monterey Peninsula with his presence, having been invited to speak at CSUMB. I watched coverage of the event on the local news last night, and it was exactly what one would expect: students reading the names of the victims of 9/11 in protest of Churchill's appearance being drowned out by the moonbats who screamed and chanted with the aid of bullhorns. Ah, you have to love the left, they believe so fiercely in freedom of speech -- for them.

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The Death Of Star Trek?

Not sure I agree with this article, but it will make for an interesting debate, I'm sure.

Strange New World: No 'Star Trek' by Orson Scott Card

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May 2, 2005

A Loss

DeoDuce lost a dear friend today.

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Old timer commenter, Dave J has finally started blogging!


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A Carnival & A Question

The latest round of Woofs! is up at Mickey's and she has a question.

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May 1, 2005

This Makes Me Happy

I don't know if any of my readers are Bay Area natives dating as far back as me, but when I was a little girl, I adored "Children's Fairyland" at Lake Merritt in Oakland. I was reading this wonderful retrospective on Disneyland's 50th anniversary and discovered this :

7. Children's Fairyland in Oakland was one of the major inspirations for Disneyland. Walt Disney even hired Fairyland's first director, Dorothy Manes, to work at his park.

One of my earliest memories is of visiting Fairyland -- lost a shoe there once with my great-aunt -- so it's nice to know it still lives on at my favourite place: Disneyland.

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Ta Da!!

Two days of work, and it's done! I'm very happy with it and I'm keeping this one for a while. I've kept the other two top choices I had, and maybe I'll figure out how to do skins one of these days so I can use them all!

Okay, now I need to actually do housework and other boring stuff.

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