January 31, 2005

Funny Is As Funny Does

Go read this, then come back and tell me if you agree: Is the Y Chromosome for Yuks?

I mused on this during the walk home from work, and I think I've come to the conclusion that men aren't funnier than women, just what we think is funny is different in some cases. And yes, I can quote whole sections from "Monty Python & the Holy Grail", thank you very much! But then there are things like bathroom humour, which I just hate, and don't find funny at all. That's the main reason I'm one of the few people who didn't like Shrek. However, the guys I work with? Bathroom humour is king!

Like the authour of the article, I'm making a big ol' sweeping generalization, because we're diverse, right? After all, I was the one girl who loved hard SF as a teenager. SF geekyness, yes, potty humour, no :) And I probably shouldn't even mention the weird things I do to Christmas music..... mmm... nope. You have to meet me in RL for that one!

Do we need a list? Okay, a list!

Stuff that's funny (to me)

I Love Lucy
Monty Python
Abbot and Costello
Jack Benny
Bob Hope movies
Snarky humour in general like House on House, Methos on Highlander, West Wing (the early seasons), Buffy.
Black Adder
Red Dwarf
Young Frankenstein
Rolf Harris

Oh yeah! Don't forget, the one time this blog was linked by Jonah Goldberg on The Corner was because my guest blogger, Eclectra, didn't "get" Animal House. To tell you the truth, I don't get it either :) But that's just me. I think "Zorro, the Gay Blade" is a hoot and a half, after all. But I didn't like "Blazing Saddles", and I don't like "The Simpsons". See? I'm honest!

Maybe humour is just too subjective to categorize? Yeah, that sounds good.

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Yes, You Should

Check out The Meatriarchy in its new home! Why? Because linky love is returned unto you :) (that, and there's a pretty puppy picture!)

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Guest Blogging

Juliette has asked me to be a guest blogger over at her place. And while I'm honoured, I'm also rather intimidated! Now I just need to be brave enough to post!

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Raining On Sunday

Damn, I like this song. Okay, maybe I like the video just slightly more [ahem].

(wondering if Keith Urban has a DVD out...)

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Isn't it odd that SBC is buying AT&T, which it used to be part of till the government broke the company up?

Why is the weekend only Saturday and Sunday? Why not Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

How come I start out with a recipe and end up with a whole other creation?

Banana Corn Muffins are of the good!

Why won't my Forever Knight Season Two DVDS not be here till March?!?!!?

West Wing next season: Alan Alda's character President, Jimmy Smit's character Vice President? I just saw last week's last night on tape, and I'm wondering if they're setting that up.

If Michael Jackson were to be found guilty, how in the heck would a prison deal with someone like him as a prisoner? Has anyone as famous as him ever been to prison?

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January 30, 2005

Damn Amazing

I've been reading The Corner this morning and the roundup posts like this one, and this one really got to me. Isn't it truly amazing how much the internet has opened up our view to people on the other side of the world that we, as regular people, can access without the filter of big media?

Just think about it. With a click, you can read in real time, what's going on in Iraq, from Iraqis. It's not too many years ago that you'd have to wait for the evening news for a little bit of information, or for another week till your copy of Time or Newsweek came in the mail. And that would be it. Just a report from one or two people, filtered through whatever news company they worked for. And now... And now it's almost hard to remember those days. We almost take this, this internet, this technology, this revolution, for granted.

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January 29, 2005

Food Cravings

Ith said I had to share my food craving.

For the last decade (yes, decade), I've been craving smoked venison jerky. I haven't had any since I lived in Tennessee. Relatives have promised it to me, but never delivered (Stupid uncle. Stupid father. grumble grumble)

A few years ago, I thought I had struck a gold mine. I discovered a venison farm at the California Mid-State Fair, and they sold jerky. Hooray!

Then, I tried it.

It was sweet!


So, the quest continues.

One day, one day, I will be able to savor the tantalizing taste that is venison jerky!

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This Is All Liv's Fault

Guess what I've been net shopping for? Tetsubin, that's what -- Japanese cast iron teapots. No, I haven't bought one, since currently I'm broke, but one day.... There's these, and these, and these ones, oh, and these. And then, to top it off, there's Ebay!

And since I was on a Japanese roll, I put on my CD of Japanese flute music, "Shakuhachi Zen", which inspired me to go look for additional Japanese music, and my Amazon wish list has now grown some more.

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January 28, 2005

They May Have Something

I fidget, I pace, I bounce my legs, I have a hard time sitting in one place -- you should see me talking on the phone!

Overweight? Maybe You Just Don't Fidget Enough, Researchers Say

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And The Heavens Opened

I just completed my third week of walking home from work! go me! But that's not what this is about. It was partly sunny, partly cloudy, and guess who got DRENCHED about a 1/4 of the way home? That would be me. Absolute downpour, complete with small little ice pellets mixed in for good measure.

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Spreading Hate

Rod Dreher posts this link to a report from Freedom House on how the Saudis are systematically spreading hate in this country.

Freedom House has found that mosques around the country are distributing Saudi-produced literature urging Muslims to hate Christians, Jews, Americans and even moderate Muslims. One document allegedly picked up in a Houston mosque directs Muslims to quietly prepare for jihad that will install an Islamic regime in the United States.
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Lend Me Your Links Friday Returns!

It's been a long time since we've done this, so how about it?

Quick overview: In the comments, post a link to a blog post or blog you particularly enjoyed this week. As the day progresses, I'll put the links in the body of this post, along with the link to your blog (if you have one). Here's your chance to do something nice for another blogger. Remember, the link has to be to someone elses blog or blog post!

So lend me your links!

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January 27, 2005

Oh, The Tragedy

I finally decided to cure my craving for a patty melt, so we went to Denny's. And then, tragedy struck: they don't serve them anymore!!!!! That's anti-American!! GEEZ! I settled for chicken fried steak.

The quest continues.

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Adventure Dining

I took a quiz, and apparently, my "dining adventure style" is Dining in Bed! I kid you not.

Going to bed with strangers was considered a questionable activity until this adventurous dining trend arose. Although new to us, dining in bed originated in ancient Rome, where it was seen as a mark of high taste to dine while lounging. Large groups reserve entire king-size beds and close a veil of chiffon curtains around them for a more private setting. Smaller numbers share their bed, and their experience, with other adventure-seekers. Meals are served on the communal tray in the middle of the bed, and guests relax by reclining on pillows or lean forward on their elbows to enjoy the meal.
Supposedly, this is the latest "thing". They even provided links:

Dinner in Bed: A Miami fad comes to Manhattan.

No crumbs in the bed

Now my whole patty melt fixation seems so blasé!

( You can take the test here)

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A new fragrance that sounds right up my alley -- though without the heart shaped bottle, please!

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January 26, 2005

Queasy, Yeah!

I love Bonny Doon wines, as I've mentioned before, and I love their unique sense of humour too. For example:

The LOVES ME NOT! Kit $25.99– If you know someone who feels Valentine’s Day is nauseating, who grows queasy at the site of icky-sweet candies and cuddly stuffed animals, then our “Loves Me Not” kit makes the perfect gift. Includes a bottle of our rich and unforgiving Heart of Darkness, a voodoo doll, bittersweet chocolate, purifying soap, and an eraser — all the ingredients to purge oneself of the ghosts of loves lost, of Valentine’s past.

What's not to love? An anti-Valentine's gift! Perfection!

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Letting Let Your Imagination Run Wild

There's an advert in our local weekly rag for massage. After the usual, it says, "....also introducing new and creative body waxing". Creative? Do I even want to know? Probably not, but I'm a curious chicklette.

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Up For Auction

One conservative radio host.

Via the funny guy on the Corner.

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Soliciting Opinions

Opinions on auto insurance? I'm currently with Allstate and am seriously considering switching. Any recommendations?

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For Those Of You Here For The Food....

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Tues. TV Part II

Gilmore Girls was great last night. If only for Kirk as the town whore! I'm still finding it kind of odd having Luke and Loreili as a couple. That might be because while the show was in repeats we watched season one, and part of two, on DVD. It's hard getting used to again! But Luke making her an ice rink? Awwww!! He really loves her, and I will be more than ticked off if the producers do a "Max" on him.

Later: Spoilers in the extended entry....

From Zap2it

.... You know Emily is going to get very involved in breaking up Luke and Lorelai and bringing Christopher and Lorelai back together on "Gilmore Girls." Lorelai, Luke and Christopher will catch Rory and Logan in a compromising position and Luke and Christopher to have a big showdown. And even though Luke declared himself to be "all in," he will be the one to decide that he and Lorelai need a break. For those of you who have thought Lorelai was taking Luke for granted look for her to be the one trying to save the relationship. Poor Marty will tell Rory he likes her but we all know who Rory likes.
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January 25, 2005

Tuesday TV

American Idol: Lord!! I know the bad stuff is what gets the ratings, but a little more of the good stuff, please? And what is up with Paula? She seems more than just a little, ah, pie eyed.

House: Ahhh... he was in fine form tonight, no? This show just gets better and better.

Now to watch Gilmore Girls on tape.

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Raise Your Glass

A little late getting to this post, but better late than never!

Today is Robert Burns' birthday. As I believe I've mentioned before, one of my favourites of his works is "Ae Fond Kiss".

Ae Fond Kiss

Ae fond kiss, and then we sever
Ae fareweel, and then for ever!
Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee
Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee
Who shall say that Fortune grieves him
While the star of hope she leaves him?
Me, nae cheerful twinkle lights me
Dark despair around benights me

I'll ne'er blame my partial fancy
Naething could resist my Nancy
But to see her was to love her
Love but her, and love for ever
Had we never lov'd sae kindly
Had we never lov'd sae blindly
Never met or never parted
We had ne'er been broken-hearted

Fare-thee-weel, thou first and fairest!
Fare-thee-weel, thou best and dearest!
Thine be ilka, joy and treasure
Peace, Enjoyment, Love, and Pleasure!
Ae fond kiss, and then we sever!
Ae fareweel, alas, for ever!
Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee
Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee

It suits my personality, I'm guessing :)

And for an actual good post on the day (as opposed to my paltry offering), I direct you here.

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For Two Days

I've had a craving for a Patty Melt.

What do you think it means?

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That's the title of tonight's episode of "House". If you haven't caught this series yet, I highly reccomend it! And if you'd like to talk about it after, feel free to join in the discussion here.

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From The Heart

Rae has written a beautiful post: Life Means So Much

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Do A Gal A Favour

Rue has a very important quest, and maybe one of my awesome possum readers could help her out. No rock shall remain unturned! (cus that would crush the cookies)

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January 24, 2005


I've been having a lot of asthma type incidents the past week, and last night, it was bad enough to keep me awake through most of the night. I was so tuckered this morning that I decided to stay home. I took some prednisone and that seems to be helping -- except it makes my tummy ache. Now I'm basically vegging in front of the TV watching FNC. I really should clean the kitchen... maybe later.

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January 23, 2005

RIP Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson will always have a special place in my memories. When I was a little girl, (before I started kindergarten) my father used to go to work before I got up, and wouldn't be home till long after I was asleep. So that I would get a chance to actually spend time with my father, I would go to bed early, and then when he got home about 10pm, I'd get up and we'd play and the we'd watch Johnny Carson together before I went back to sleep.

Thanks, Johnny, for all the laughter.

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January 22, 2005

The Marathon Continues

We just put RotK in, but my guess is that none of us will make it to the end. We have J's air mattress ready to go so she can tumble into it when she finally calls it quits. We haven't had much to drink, and we got way too much pizza, and no one has even had any dessert yet! We party lousy :)

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Solo & Jedi Have Checked In

I noticed this morning that Jay and Deb's blog was down, and Jay has asked me to pass on the following:

Could you do me a favor and let people know that we have discovered our blog is down and have a support request in to Hosting Matters? As far as we know, either the domain was hijacked, or Hosting Matters allowed exactly 2 days for a check to be mailed, get to FL, and be credited before pulling the plug after billing us on the 19th. Since that is not like them, I am assuming it's something worse.

FWIW we are in Boston at Arisia, I got told about the outage by my
brother via cell, and I managed to get computer time in the internet room
to confirm it. There's a blizzard that could drop as much as 25" and
we'll be lucky to get home tomorrow. Hell of a time for site antics. So
much for leaving the laptop home and taking a couple days off from the

Please pass this on to anyone else who would be wondering.

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All the best to Rosemary and Dean on the birth of their son.

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January 21, 2005

Please Let It Be Clear Tonight!!

Yes, yes, yes, yes!! [fingers crosssed]

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Posting Fool

Gee, I've been a posting fool the last few days. Go me!

I look forward to planting myself in front of the TV (after I hook up the digital box which I don't have hooked up when I'm not watching the upper channels) tonight for a SF feast of Stargate, Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, and the Stargate Lowdown special.

Tomorrow, a friend of Nin's from work is coming over for a extended edition marathon of the Lord of the Rings movies. She's bringing a sleeping bag!

Sunday, Jen and Dave are coming down so they can use the aquarium tickets I got them. While they're looking at the fishies, we'll go grocery shopping.

I have a feeling I'm going to need a weekend to get over my weekend. I really am so anti-social at times. But I shall be a sparkly hostess this weekend even if it kills me!!

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Music Spam

I seem to be on some sort of music junk mail list. Yesterday, I got an email telling me that Atomic Hooligan's new single was out, and today, about the new fanclub (which apparently, I'm a member of) site for Barrage. Both say I'm getting the email because I signed up. Uhhh, yeah. I've never heard of either group. Anyone else ever heard of them?

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Isn't This What They Wanted?

The left in this country is always going on about "the root causes" of terrorism, right? So the only possible reason I can think of for them to object to the President's speech yesterday is that it was the President that said it.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Carry on.

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Wasn't Me

Bill at INDC Journal asks, "Now my question is, who voted for him [Newt Gingrich] in the poll? Were they serious? Were they high? Stand up and admit your folly."

Newt was on my least desired list. I enjoy listening to him on FNC, but I don't want him to be President.

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Good Scents

Rue has a smelly discussion going on over at her place. Go add your two scents! (sorry, couldn't resist)

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Let's Do It More Often

Okay, maybe I need to post on the battle of the sexes a little more often. At this point, there have been thirty comments, which is a whole lot for my blog. Thanks to all of you who participated!

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Eat, Drink, And Be Bloggy

The latest Recipe Extravaganza is up at Not Exactly Rocket Science.

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Tea Time For Basil

Another funny bit, this time from an article on the benefits of tea:

.... "If you're a rat, I'm telling you, you should be drinking lots of tea," says Jeffrey Blumberg, a nutrition scientist at Tufts University.

(Brownie points for the first person to get the reference in the subject)

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Salute To Satan

This is amusing:

President Bush's "Hook 'em, 'horns" salute got lost in translation in Norway, where shocked people interpreted his hand gesture during his inauguration as a salute to Satan.

That's what it means in the Nordics when you throw up the right hand with the index and pinky fingers raised, a gesture popular among heavy metal groups and their fans in the region.

"Shock greeting from Bush daughter," a headline in the Norwegian Internet newspaper Nettavisen said above a photograph of Bush's daughter Jenna, smiling and showing the sign.

For Texans, the gesture is a sign of love for the University of Texas Longhorns, whose fans are known to shout out "Hook 'em, 'horns!" at sporting events.

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January 20, 2005

Oh, This Is A Good One

In her inimitable style, Andrea hits another home run.

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"24" Phone Line

This is from a good friend of mine, and she said it was okay to pass on.

Last week on "24" they showed some ones cell phone. On the phone was a number. Not a fake 555 one either. Some fans picked up on it and dialed. You can call the number and get some one on set with that cell. Yes, it is while they are working and they will talk to you. Just start asking questions.

Crew members are passing the phone around and answering calls all day. It really has generated a huge number of calls from all around the world.

If any of you want to try, the number is: 310-597-3781

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Just Say No

to talking babies!! ARGH! I hate those Quizno adverts...

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Parading In Silence

I have no sound on my work computer, so I have the FNC live feed playing in silence. It looks like a great parade! I only wish I could hear it :)

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Is It Just Me?

I love inaugurations, no matter whose it is. I always watch them/listen to them, and it always leaves me feeling all emotional with pride for my country and our way of life. Granted, I'm happier when it's my guy taking the oath, but regardless of who it is, my pride doesn't waver. It's in poor taste for these protesters to be physically trying to disrupt (and just generally being nimnulls) the festivities. Can't they have one moment of something other than anger and bitterness? I just don't understand people like that, they're like aliens. Maybe it's true that some people just aren't happy unless they're miserable -- and making sure everyone else is miserable right along with them.

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Late Morning Reading

Victor Davis Hanson just posted on "The Corner" over at NRO.

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Holding My Head High

For those of us who aren't ashamed, Michele has started this.

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God Of Our Fathers

Always one of my favourite hymns, and the combined military groups did a wonderful job. Brought tears to my eyes.

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God Bless America

And God bless our President.

It's days like this that remind you just why we're so fortunate to be Americans.

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It's Never Too Early...

to start talking 2008. Hey, don't blame me, I didn't start it! What's this all about? This right here. And yours truly was one of the bloggers asked to participate.

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Oh To Be Home

I really wish I could see the swearing in. I'm taping it, but it's not the same. I have the news radio station on and they're not even covering it! What's with that? I should have taken a vacation day.

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January 19, 2005

The Sig Police

You never know when something off the wall is going to happen! In the decade I've been on email lists -- and run them -- I've never come across sig censorship. So what just happens on a "House" list I'm on? The moderator removed my sig from my post! This one was a Methos quote -- maybe the list owner hates him, I dunno :) So I unsub, figuring that this can't be a good sign, after all this is supposed to be fun, and if you're on a list where even your sig is being controlled, then the fun quotient is a little on the low side. Anyway, I got an automated, "could you please let me know why you chose to leave" message. Well, what the heck, I told them why (don't worry, I was polite). Freakin' unbelievable! And not a little sad. Sometimes I miss the old days [sigh]

On the bright side, one of the other lists I joined is very nice -- and normal -- and there's always my "House" list!

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Never Seen This Before

I got this on all my blogs:

A visitor to your weblog Absinthe & Cookies (a bit bitter, a bit
sweet) has automatically been banned by posting more than the allowed number
of comments in the last 50 seconds. This has been done to prevent a
malicious script from overwhelming your weblog with comments. The banned IP
address is

I didn't realize MT would send me a warning like this.

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I had no idea it was out! Add another item to the wishlist...

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Discretion Being The Better Part Of Valor

I've been following several of the "battle of the sexes" posts around and about over the last weeks, and I keep thinking I'm going to post about it, but have pretty much decided that no good can come of it. I would like to say just one thing though: just because you're a single, never married woman over 40, it does not mean you're desperate, picky, mentally unstable, or a gold digger. The hard cold truth is that not all of us are blessed with a partner in life, and many of us never will be. Sometimes, it's just not meant to be. You get to be the one the fates decree should be alone/single/spinster/singleton -- choose your word -- someone has to be after all. So before you make some snap judgment or generalization about our lack of a mate, please stop and consider for a moment that just maybe it's the way it was meant to be. Count your lucky stars that you have that special someone in your life and remember to let that person know you realize just how fortunate you are. Because you are, you know.

Later: So many comments! What is it about this subject that so draws people out? You know, I almost didn't post it, but maybe it was okay I did.

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January 18, 2005

Where Did The Day Go?

It's just been one of those days. I seem to have lots of those lately. It has to get better one day, doesn't it? Maybe you shouldn't answer that.

What's on for the evening? Why, American Idol of course! I need something silly to keep my mind of RL for a bit, don't I?

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January 17, 2005

SG1 Chat

There have been some updates on the Stargate front, so click on the extended entry (don't want to spoil anyone who doesn't want to be)

Richard Dean Anderson will not be in Season Nine at all, according to what I'm reading. So, that being the case, thoughts on how they will write him out? Ambassador to the Asgard? Special Advisor to the President? Lost in space?

Ben Browder will be in all 20 eps, will be a Lt. Col. and will be leading SG1 while Amanda Tapping (Carter) is on maternity leave.

Claudia Black will be in five episodes.

There will be a new general taking over Stargate Command when Jack leaves (however that might be).

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Other Galactica Thoughts

Continuing with the BG related posts, Digger's Realm has a good post up with his thoughts, and the thoughts of a few other bloggers, on the new Battlestar Galactica.

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Check It Out

The latest Red Ensign Standard is up.

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January 16, 2005

Speaking Of

Nin recently had her third blogiversary as well!

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January 15, 2005

In The Mood

That's what I'm listening to right now, from one of my favourite CDs: Forces Sweethearts that I bought when I was in England. As the title suggests, it's all popular music from WWII.

Battlestar Galactica was great! Enjoyed it a lot.

Currently making the mixture for the bruschetta we're having for dinner tonight.

Moved the stuff around in my bedroom so my airmatress has the head against in inside wall. Hoping it will be warmer!

What's everyone else up to?

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New Thing

As an addition to my Amazon affiliate program, I recently signed up to be an affiliate with a company that sells absinthe. A good portion of the searches to this site come from people looking for actual information on absinthe, so it seems like it might be a good tie in. Only time will tell!

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Website To Blog?

An email from my list here inspired this post. Just out of random curiosity, how many of you had a website before you started blogging? How many of you have a website but don't blog? And anything in between you'd care to share :)

I put up my first website in late 1995, and it got bigger and more involved as time passed. I loved making graphics, so I needed webpages for my graphics! When I started blogging, I ran blogger off my own server. I still have my website, but I haven't really touched it since I started blogging. I have a favourite restaurant page, a fiction archive, photos, friends. I used to spend a lot of time keeping my website up to date, now it's all lonely and forgotten. I guess because a lot of the things I maintained web pages for, now get covered on my blog as they happen. Really, the only thing I have kept updated is my fic archive, and even that is getting dusty since my fic writing has all but dried up.

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January 14, 2005

Will There Be Jello?

(how'd you like that mental image?)

Calif. Senators Argue Over Rice Nomination

The two high-profile Democrats who represent California in the Senate are squaring off over Condoleezza Rice, the president's nominee to be secretary of state.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the senior and more moderate of the two, supports Rice and plans to introduce her at her confirmation hearing Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

That's where Sen. Barbara Boxer, a member of the committee, will be waiting to grill Rice over the war in Iraq. Boxer maintains that Rice misled the public over the war.

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Reading Material

Check out Accidental Nomad, a new to me blog I discovered just this afternoon.

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Remember me posting earlier this week about the new season of "24" and how it had Muslim groups with their knickers all in a twist? Looks like FOX is caving to the pressure. Figures. Anyone know where FOX execs can get a backbone transplant?

Via Beautiful Atrocities

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We here at Absinthe & Cookies (okay, that would be me, but "We" sounds cooler) will always accept money, payola, bribes, cold hard cash. So conservative think tank/political party types, feel free to wave your money in this direction.

(People actually being paid to blog. Boggles the mind a bit, it does)

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I came into work late -- about 1230pm. I think I'm fighting off the bug all the guys have been off work with for the last week. I've had the blinding headpain, along with sore joints, and I just don't feel quite %100. I'm either going to get over it, or get mind numbingly ill over the weekend. Joy.

So anyway, that's why the lack of bloggage.

Oh, don't forget Battlestar Galactica starts tonight!

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January 13, 2005


As you might have gathered from my domain name, I love dragons. Via my bestest friend Tammy (even if she is a liberal) comes this link to an artist and her amazing and beautiful wares. Wow!!

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What Would We Do Without Experts?

Now we're to the local news and we're told that there's really no down side to the fact that most reservoirs are full. Gee, you mean the fact that after years of drought, we have water, and that's good? Well, golly!

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Listening to the radio news on the hour here, and this is what I hear: "A woman described as an internet black widow has been arrested in Florida".

That was it. No details, nothing.

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Mixing It Up

The next season of Survivor is almost upon us, and they're mixing it up a bit:

.... Instead of the usual 16 castaways, Survivor: Palau will pit 20 would-be millionaires against one another. However, by the end of episode one, only 17 will remain.

"They're given very little instruction about what to do, and some of them are genuinely lost," Burnett told Variety. "Two people don't make it to the first challenge. That's how tough it is. It's very emotional."

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Now I'm Going To Have To Go See It

Apparently, Hugh Laurie is going to be in the next Superman movie.

Director Bryan Singer is going with some familiar faces in his Superman movie.

James Marsden, who played Cyclops in Singer's two "X-Men" movies,
and Hugh Laurie, who stars in Singer's Fox medical drama "House,"
are joining the cast of the Warner Bros. film.

Marsden, last in theaters with "The Notebook," will play Lois Lane's
love interest, Richard White. Laurie is in final negotiations to
play Perry White, editor in chief of the Daily Planet. The two
characters are related, though the studio declined to say if they
were father and son.

(and speaking of Hugh, dont forget my "House" email list)

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[ahem] [is this thing on?]

On the occasion of my third blogiversary, I'd like to thank all my wonderful readers, most all my commenters, my posse (you know who you are) and I'd just like to buy the world a coke!

I'd also like to thank Dreaded Purple Master and Paul of SSDB for being the very first two who linked to me way back when. And of course, many many thanks to everyone who has linked to me since. And last, but not least, thanks to Rachel for getting me off Blogger and onto MT back in those early days, lost in the mists of time and for being a great friend.

Thank you one and all for making my day to day so much better.

Here's to three more years! Cheers!

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January 12, 2005

The Retrospective Continues

This time from June of 2003

I am "Merry"

I've given this a great deal of thought, (and it really hurt!) and have decided as a never-married, conservative, he*t*erose*xual, childless woman of a certain age, that I shall henceforth be referred to as "Merry". I am a Merry woman. So when I'm asked those frequent, nosey questions regarding my marital and procreation status, I shall simply say, "I'm Merry".

Sauce for the goose, I say!

Now the really interesting thing about this one is the comments (Jay!) What a difference a few years make. And it's an interesting aspect of blogging, isn't it? What difference will five, or ten years make when we look back at what we were talking about. In a way, it's like when people wrote long letters to each other and kept journals. Will somone read this in some form a hundred years from now and wonder who we were and how we lived our lives?

And on that note, I'm heading for home :)

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You Knew This Was Coming

I knew from the first episode of this new season of 24 that Muslim groups would be on the rampage.

(this season rocks!)

Via The Corner

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Surfing Hobbiton

Just because it made me laugh. And damnit, that's reason enough!

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Greatest Hits

Since tomorrow is my third blogiversary, I thought I might do a very short retrospective of my favourite posts.

From Sept. 2003 comes this classic, "Negative Instalanche" (and I'm still succeeding in that regard!)

Ways to Guarantee You'll Never Have An Instalanche:

01] Sign Glenn up for the "cheap box wine of the month" club.

02] Mock the State of Tennessee

03] Have the majority of your posts be about your shoes.

04] Include lots of pictures of your shoes.

05] Have your background and your text in black.

06] Use lots of Valley Girl speak. Like, gag me with a spoon, and grody to the max.

07] Include audio clips of such talk.

08] Refer to Glenn as "Smurf Boy".

09] Always use lots of !!!!!! and TYPE IN CAPS!!!!!!

10] Tell all the people who comment on your blog that their fathers were hamsters and only losers read blogs.

11] Leave obnoxious comments about Instapundit on all the blogs you read.

12] Every time you buy groceries, write a blog post with a list of what you bought.

13] Notify Glenn via email immediately about your grocery post! Then leave a comment on every blog you can notifying them of the post and the fact that you emailed Instapundit about it.

14] Talk like a pirate as often as possible.

15] Frequently point out that J-Lo stole Ben from you. (or the reverse depending on your sexual persuasion and/or gender)

Feel free to add to my list!

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I'd forgotten what it looked like!

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January 11, 2005

As I Was Saying

As I mentioned this morning, I was a little upset. The gist of it was that the oddest thing happened in relation to an email list I really loved being on. I've been involved in lists for about ten years now, both as a member and a list owner, and it was a first ever. It really floored me. Yes, I know I'm being vague, but I don't want to pick on anyone or hurt anyone's feelings, just needed to express my befuddlement (and yes, my hurt feelings), and where better than here? I'm not as upset as I was this morning, so it's probably a good thing I sat on the urge to post for a few hours.

Oh well, we move on, yes? Too bad since I will miss a lot of the folks there. [sigh] I guess it's a fault, but I tend to become emotionally involved with my online friends and acquaintances. I've been burned more than once, so I don't quite "wear my heart on my sleeve" like I used to. But still, something can happen, whether an unsettling email on a list, or a thoughtless comment on a blog, and you feel like you've been virtually slapped. On the bright side, I've made my very best friends ever online, but there is always a flip side to that coin. Sometimes it's hard to strike a balance to protect yourself, while still being open to new relationships. I guess this morning, I kind of lost my balance. I need to slap the armour on again, I guess.

Gee, I got all dark and moody, huh?

Okay, enough of that! Back to pointless, yet cheerful, blogging.

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Oh, Yeah

We went and finally saw "The Incredibles" on Sunday. It was great! Loved "the message".

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Good news in the Pinwheel household.

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My Sweet Crush

Sharon is talking fictional crushes (Rimmer????). Who are yours?

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She's A Witch!

Terrific blog discovery here, and this post: We still need witches to burn, hang and drown.....

Via the happenin' Peter Sean.

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Email Therapy

For those interested, I started an email list for the TV show "House", starring Hugh Laurie, which as you know, I adore :)

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Ripped From The Comments!!

[insert Law & Order "ta dum"]

The ever lovely Rae posted this in my comments, and I figured, why not just paste it in?

Greg Hammonds, whose wife died of breast cancer, is hosting a comment fundraiser with the money raised to go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s programs for education and low-cost or free mammograms for low-income women.

For every comment made, he or another of the sponsor's will donate $1.
So, if you have the time to simply comment or even better to provide a
link to direct traffic there, it would be super :D

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Weather Update

As promised, the weather update. Yes, it's been very rainy here, but not that much more than usual for January. Looks like SoCal got hit with the brunt of this one.

Today, it is much colder. I guess the cold Alaska air is winning right now. My fingers are freezing as I type. Need tea!

And on a totally unrelated note, I'm debating posting about something that really upset me earlier this morning, but I'm a notorious self-editor. Well, I guess you all will be the first to know, right?

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January 10, 2005

Best Laid Plans

I actually walked home today! Yay! It was a bit of a haul, but staying another 90 minutes in the office, waiting for Nin to get off work was too much. So my plan was to get dinner done before 8pm for once, but.... Nin just called and she got off 45 minutes late. BAH!!! Well, another glass of wine I guess, and put dinner on simmer. Oh, and the menu? Penne a la Carbonara, the recipe of my own partial devising and Ceasar salad -- and lots and lots of wine! Then, 24! Two full hours!

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Lori Is Good People

I love all my kitties, and my dog, but I've always had a special fondness for pugs, though I've never owned one. Lori is doing good things for the little guys.

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For The Dogs

Mickey has a new Carnival of the Dogs up here, and she has a post on military dogs in Iraq who need help.

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These Dreams

Boy, I have some strange dreams. Had one last night. I don't remember much, except I was at work (?) and talking to a group of people, apparently about new movie releases and what was good. The movie we were talking about? A biopic of Instapundit with Johhny Depp in the starring role.

The mind boggles!

Now if only I had any photoshopping talents....

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Yes, 24 is back, and what a rollercoaster! I'll share two favourite moments:

1) William Devane's character (SecDef) said to his loony leftist son: "Spare me the 6th grade Michael Moore logic." I don't cheer often watching TV, but last night I whooped at that line!

2) When Jack shot the terrorist they were interrogating in the leg, I said to Nin, "But you can't hurt the poor terrorist! You'll upset Teddy Kennedy and all his cronies!"

Can't wait for tonight's two hours.

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January 9, 2005

Troop Wristbands

Just saw the guys who make these on FNC. Nin got out her Lance Armstrong one to show me what they're like, and it's so big it slipped down my hand! Maybe the child size is for me... ya think? Anyway, this seemed like a kewl thing, and even though I'm probably the last person to know about it, I thought I'd give it a mention.

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January 8, 2005

Snowy Dog Blogging

My brother sent me pics last night of the snow they're getting in St. George. Apparently, snow doesn't happen very often there, and this much snow is a real rarity! So here's a photo of our dog, Daisy, in her first snowfall.


And a few more pics of Daisy and the house, and the snow.

Daisy, House & Snow, View From the House, More House In the Snow, Nightime Snow, Let It Snow, Down in the Valley.

Okay, now I'm home sick, or I guess that would be family and dog sick since I've never actually lived there yet. [sigh]

Okay, something is screwy with the popups (they're half cut off), at least for me, so if you want to see the entire photo, you may want to open it in a new tab or window.

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The Sympathy Gap

The Sympathy Gap; Victims of Natural Disasters Vs. Victims of Unnatural Disasters

When more than 100,000 people have been killed, and thousands of others are in danger, the international community has a moral obligation to do what it can to limit the damage and reduce the suffering of survivors.

So why is it that the international community so rarely even tries? Oh yes, an unprecedented relief effort is taking place now in the areas of South Asia struck by last month's tsunami. That's laudable.

But when, in 1987-88, more than 100,000 people were killed in the Kurdish areas of Iraq, the international community turned a blind eye.

Those Kurdish victims were overcome not by waves of water but in some cases by waves of poison gas. Why should sympathy for those drowned on a beach be so much greater than for those choked in the streets of their village? More to the point, why should an act of God elicit more empathy than an act of man? The man in question, of course, was then-Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Having slaughtered the Kurds with impunity, two years later he attempted to wipe Kuwait off the map


World leaders, led by the United Nations, also shirked their moral duty in Rwanda in 1994, when more than 800,000 people were murdered.

And more recently, in the Sudanese region of Darfur, Arab Muslims have been slaughtering and raping African Muslims. As many as 80,000 people have been killed and at least 1 million have been driven from their homes. Hundreds of thousands remain in danger.

An international effort to stop the carnage and provide relief for the survivors is under way - but it pales in comparison with the effort being made on behalf of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

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January 7, 2005

A Whole Year!

LemurGirl just hit her first blog birthday!

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Farther Down The Stream

She's a moving fool!

Off to change her bookmark yet again!

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Vote, Scurvy Landlubbers!

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Seen today both at LeeAnn's & Nerwen's (who needs votes!)

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A Work Of Art

Everything you ever wanted to know about trackbacks, but were afraid to ask.

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You Don't Know Jack

For those of you, like me, eagerly awaiting the premiere of "24", here's a pretty good peek at what's to come. It's vaguely spoilerish for those that worry about such things.

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Truth Or Hype?

Roberta and I had a conversation in line this last weekend about hyping the weather on local news. Now, I saw the local weather last night, and you would have thought we should start building an ark or something. Well, either the storm slowed down -- because while it rained over night, it wasn't any more than usual for this time of year -- or we were being hyped. I shall report as the day progresses and we'll see if the monster storm materializes.

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January 6, 2005

We're All Friends Here

So come on, you can admit you watch North Shore too. You'll feel better with it off your chest -- honest.

And speaking of chest...


For Nin

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Ignore The Woman Behind The Curtain

Doing a test trackback for Fugitive Jen's new blog home.

Next day, new test

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I Always Wondered

I got my SiteMeter report today, and the day Jonah Goldberg linked to Eclectra's post, the blog got nearly 4000 hits. WHOA!! That's a pretty unimaginable number to lil ol' me who's lucky to break 200 in a day after nearly three years of blogging! So now I know what it must be like to get a 'lanche of any sort. Pretty nifty, I have to say.

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Works For Me

Catching up on some favourites after being away, and came across this post of Juliette's on being single. She pretty much echoes my feelings on the subject, so go read since she's done all the heavy lifting. And she has a followup here, which is also chockfull of of good stuff.

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Alias & Lost

Both were great last night! Though Lost always leaves me gnashing my teeth in frustration -- in a good way. They never went back to what Walk About Guy and Lazy gal's Brother Guy (I never remember character names, so bear with me) were doing with the axe in the jungle. What were they doing anyway? And a plastic plane in a safe deposit box?? All that for a toy? What else is going on?

And Alias was more like its old self. Though I can see no way that Dixon would ever work for Sloane again. For Pete's sake, the man murdered Dixon's wife!! I also hope that Vaughn's buddy from the CIA gets let in on the secret. I like him a lot and would like to see more of him. And I must mention how much I enjoy the relationship between Sloane and Jack -- for both of them, the other is the only one who can possibly understand the things they've done.

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I Apologize

On behalf of California (at least the non left wing nutburger part), I abjectly apologize for Barbara Boxer and her antics today. I swear I didn't vote for her!

What a horrible embarrassment....

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Third & Counting

A week from today, the 13th to be exact, it will be my third blogiversary! Hard to believe you've been putting up with me that long, huh? So, gentle readers, what should I do to celebrate? Should there be a week long festival of contests, songs, and drinking? Should I do a posting retrospective? Should I just ignore the whole thing? Lend me your thoughts and I shall do my best to please one and all -- or not.

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Hail and Farewell

Ith, Ith, thou art back at the Golden Keyboard! Thank goodness--your fans waxed faint with longing.

Thanks for letting me blog (one feels like Icarus) and thanks to your legions for their courtesy.

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January 5, 2005


I'm watching the extended Return of the King while waiting for Nin to come home. Have I mentioned just how much I love this version?

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Google Groups

Google Groups is now in beta, so I decided to try them out with this new group. If you're interested in SF & F TV, books, and movies, you may be interested in joining up.

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January 4, 2005

Around But Not Here

Our DSL has been down most of the day, plus I'm just pooped, hence the lack of posting. Wanted to thank once more my wonderful guest bloggers for all their efforts! Thanks, guys!

The comment spam over the last few days has been some of the worst I've seen. I took me quite a bit to weed out all of it, let me tell you.

I hope the NROalanch didn't wipe out all my bandwidth.

Didn't take many pics. I've come to the conclusion I need a less fancy, smaller, lighter weight, digital camera for places like Disneyland.

Amusing comment on a post from Jan. 2003! this morning from a Canadian telling me how stupid Americans are, complete with crappy grammar and spelling! Gotta love it.

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Thanks, Bye Bye!

It appears that Ith is back, so I am kind of obligated to return her blog. Good to see she got back safe and sound. Thanks for giving me the keys to the kingdom for a few days, I had some fun, and made the blog a tad more masculine :p.

Off to the plant, have a good day!

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What The....?

Okay, it is 3am, and we just got in from L.A., but can someone tell me why the blog has an average of 750 visits a day with tons of referrers from The Corner on NRO??? I just popped online while I was eating something before falling into bed, and I thought I was seeing things! I'd really like to know what the heck is going on. Go away for five days and all hell breaks loose....

And since I'm here, let me say, "Thanks!" to my great guest bloggers!

More tomorrow.

Well.... okay, okay, it's now almost 4am, but I had to know! Jonah Goldberg linked to Eclectra's post dissing Animal House. Should have known it wouldn't be a link to anything I posted. Maybe I need to hand my blog over to my guest bloggers since they do so much better than I do.... [shuffles off to bed feeling like Eeyore]

(Congrats, Eclectra! Someone finally got the brass ring :) )

(see y'all many hours from now)

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January 3, 2005


I was in 7th heaven (not the show that I have NEVER EVER watched) the week after Christmas because SpikeTV had James Bond movies on every night. Now I know you will say that they aren't that good a movie, yes I know that but they are just a lot of fun to watch. Now there are a few things about Bond flicks you always have to state....your preference in actors who played Bond in order:

Sean Connery
Pierce Brosnan
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton

Than in a effort to drive Michael (not Mike) Williams up a wall I got my list of Bond films in order of preference as hard as it is to rank them:
(On a bookkeeping note the TV and film versions of Casino Royal & the film Never Say Never Again do not count as Bond films and will not be acknowledged what so ever in the list)

20. Licence to Kill
19. The Living Daylights
18. Tomorrow Never Dies
17. For Your Eyes Only
16. Octopussy
15. The Spy Who Loved ME
14. Diamonds Are Forever
13. Die Another Day
12. The Man With The Golden Gun
11. Moonraker
10. A View To A Kill
9. Goldfinger
8. Goldeneye
7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
6. Live and Let Die
5. You Only Live Twice
4. From Russia With Love
3. The World is Not Enough
2. Dr. No
1. Thunderball

Don't like my list, oh well I'll live. Don't like Bond, seek help immediatly.

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January 2, 2005

Sports Post

One of my goals in this guest blogging was to make this blog more masculine, so masculine you'll want to grow a mustache. As shown by linking to a post Little Miss A's apendages. But even better than posts about apendages is posts about football, since the regular season ended tonight (might I say that Julis Jones is going to be good).

So here are how the playoffs break down and my not-so professional picks.
btw I am not responsble if you follow my picks and loose a lot of money. By reading the previous statement you absolve the Pirate of all leagl liability for following his advice. Now go grow a mustache.

Wild Card
San Diego over New York Jets
Indianapolis over Denver
Green Bay over Minnesota
St Louis over Seattle

Division Playoffs
Pittsburgh over San Diego
Indianapolis over New England
Green Bay over Atlanta
Philadelphia over St Louis

Pittsburgh over Indianapolis
Green Bay over Philadelphia

Super Bowl
Green Bay over Pittsburgh

GO ahead call me wrong, cause I probably am. But hey I beat Miller's Time for 3rd in Blogger Fantasy Football.

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Musical Performance, My Best Live Attendances

Disclaimer: You may not see the direct relation between the catalyst and the thought, but its there in my mind and thats all that matters. So here we go...
Mike Williams' post about a pet peeve of mine about radio and the count downs they always do as a gimick for some holiday weekend to try and get people to listen when they aren't in their cars. Along with the cookie cutter programing they now use its really driven me from FM radio, which is also one of the reasons my pops left radio and hasn't gone back. However when he was in radio on of the advantages was concerts, like seeing Dwight Yoakam on the hangar deck of the USS Independence.

Dispite my distaste for FM radio, I still enjoy live music and a good live show. So in honor of all the New Year's music count downs, here is my own list of 10 best concerts I have been to, yes 10 I used an integer for my list none of that .7 crap. The only caveat is I didn't count classical music shows at the Hollywood Bowl, those are in a category of their own. Oh and the other caveat is the Pink Floyd (allegedly feel asleep durring Money) and Alabama (got a picture being held by the fiddler) shows aren't coutned, because even though I went i was no older than 5 or 6 and don't recall them.

So with out further ado....the Pirate's current 10 favorite live concerts he has atteneded (exluding foggy memory shows due to young age and classical concerts).....

10. Pennywise
9. Kid Rock
8. Ben Harper
7. Metallica
6. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
5. Brian Setzer(2x)
4. The Chieftains
3. Royal Crown Revue(6x)
2. Jimmy Buffet(2x)
1. Oingo Boingo

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January 1, 2005

In the Mood

Do you get these moods--sort of devil-may-care, might-as-well-I'm-gonna-do-it, life's-a-light comedy, what-could-go-wrong moods where you decide you're going to do something that, though not risky exactly, takes a smidge of brain power and attention and you just swing into it with minimal thought and get yourself in a pickle?

Well, I do. And my N.Y.'s Resolution in to pay attention and proceed with caution when I'm in it.

Not that it's killed me yet, but really, for example, middle-aged matrons ought NOT to wake up one morning and decide to innertube down the Salinas River with their teenage daughter. This kind of thing should take planning. Long story short, I almost drowned and I lost my favorite camping hat. And my daughter was in terror of her toes' being eaten by humongous trout while she waited in her current-tossed innertube for me to get help from a farmhouse. And that was this summer, so I should have recognized the feeling and bewared yesterday--but no.

This latest mishap was not so dramatic, but I KNEW I should contain myself and become very slo mo and rational like Spock, and did not. So what happened was me wanting to ride my son's horse and not taking care that the saddle cinch was tight enough. Horses, as is well known, bloat themselves full of air when you're tightening the cinch and then let it out so the saddle slips when you're on, just for a friendly game of dump the rider. You're supposed to double and triple check before you ride, tightening a little more each time. Guess who didn't. Guess who KNEW AT THE TIME she should be careful in such an insouciant mood.

So while I was riding, the saddle swung underneath and I had to bail out. The horse reared up and hightailed it back to the barn, cantering a quarter mile with the saddle swinging underneath him and me trudging back, yelling intermittently so people would know I wasn't sprawled on the sand dunes with my skull caved in. I was horribly anxious the horse would catch a foot in the stirrups and break its leg but THANK GOD everything was okay.

But see, I knew that was coming cause I was in The Carefree Disaster Mood.

If I were younger, I would be telling you this with the ulterior motive of preening myself on how spontaneous, creative, fun, blah blah blah I am. But you arrive at the age where you're impatient with incompetence and flails and the idea of not being stupid seems very attractive.

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Guess what I'm Doing Today....

Watching football. Well that and pondering the hot topic of the new year:
boob hygene
apparently to Jeff of BA, its a very importnant issue, specifically concerning a certian Little Miss. Really before that its something I really never thought about, mostly because my showers aren't directed by horror film makers. So I guess resolution number 1 this year is spend more time cleaning myself, hair-balls be damned.

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