February 29, 2004


Best wishes to Peter Jackson and the entire Lord of the Rings family tonight. Here's keeping my fingers crossed for a sweep!

Thank you for the gift of seeing the trilogy on the big screen, and for keeping the heart and soul of what the books meant to me.

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Found this bit of history on The Corner:

Today is the 300th anniversary of the Deerfield Massacre--an atrocity from one of the French and Indian Wars in which 300 marauders from New France targeted a small Massachusetts village, killed dozens of its inhabitants, and hauled away more for captivity and ransom. A striking number of the murders involved women and children, including babies. It was one of the most brutal events in our national history--and it has a lot to do with why my forthcoming book on Franco-American history (co-authored with Mark Molesky) is called Our Oldest Enemy.
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My computer's been down since yesterday afternoon. It's sort of working again, but my brother needs it back to finish off some stuff, so I have no idea if I'll be back online today.

I was a cleaning fool yesterday, and it ended up involving furniture moving to accomodate moving one thing. Well, to get it to fit required moving all the most heavy things in my room. I hurt today, let me tell you! I'm very glad it's almost all done!

See you all whenever :)

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February 28, 2004


I'm using the export entry function in MT to back up my entries, but when I scroll down to the bottom, there's only entries up to June of last year.

Is there something else I need to be doing?

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A Saturday

Have I mentioned lately how much I adore the RotK soundtrack? I'm listening again, and there are sections that make me want to cry.

Other than that, I'm preparing for the big clean and furniture shift. I know I'll love it once it's done, but it's all the work to get to that point. First, I'm fortifying myself with a lovely Assam tea I just got from Upton, and my mum is making cream scones.

Later, my bro is going to install the DVD burner and video card he got me for Xmas. In April, when I have some extra cash, I'm going to upgrade the OS and then he'll install the HD he got me as well. It will be nirvana to have a stable computer again. Mine hasn't been too happy the last six months.

And our water is brown right now from all the rain we've had. Just had to share :)

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February 27, 2004

Round 'em Up!

Check out Slings & Arrows for a two part Bear Flag roundup.

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Silly Ol' Me

I clicked on the link to Dean's World, and as the browser window opened, I thought I saw: "Both of them are personally against S&M". Boy, did I do a double take! I tend to read in big flashes -- not sure how to explain it -- so my brain sometimes puts things together in an odd way. Yes, in very odd ways. I picked out Edwards, Kerry, Larry King, and last night, along with the S&M misread, before I sorted it into what it really said.

I dunno, maybe the debate would have been more entertaining if Larry had asked them their thoughts on the subject!

Hey, it's Friday, and I'm tired. I take no responsibility for the present sillyness of my posts.

"On second thought, let's not go to Camelot, 'tis a silly place"

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Awesome Possum!

Just found out that Josh Turner, an up and coming country artist with an amazing voice (not to mention, incredibly cute) is doing a concert here next week!


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Another Goofy Test

Which Reality-TV Mouthpiece Are You Most Like?

Of course I'd rather have him than be him... [whistles innocently]

You're Simon Cowell

You're like that stuffy English teacher whom everybody dreads, but then
respects because your demanding class gave them an unforgettable education.
Of course you're a success in everything you do (you always knew you'd be),
and the only thing bigger than your career is your ego. Is that why you
always seem like you're dying of boredom? At least your snarky commentary
keeps everyone else entertained.

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This Is Better

I took this quiz yesterday and was not pleased with my results, so I just took it again:

You're Singapore!
You're small but well-built and people are a little afraid of you.  You might even walk with a cane that people find somewhat menacing, rather than seeing it as an aid to your mobility.  You like an urban lifestyle, with little time for nature or the more rural pleasures of life.  This fast-paced lifestyle suits you, and you wish everyone around you would just shape up.
Take the Country Quiz at the Blue Pyramid

Fear me and shape up! Words to live by.

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Potions Mistress

Please go congratulate April aka Ninjababe on her new job: compounding pharmacy technician. This is a huge step up for her, and I can't tell you how proud I am. She's come a long way from the waif (she was!) that we picked up at the Greyhound Bus station 8 years ago. She's my best friend, my chosen sister and daughter all mixed into one wonderful package. I love you, sweetie!

And the best part? She'll be making more money than me, so she can now support me in the style to which I wish to become accustomed! [weg]

(need to get her some swoopy Snape-like black robes)

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Lend Me Your Links

It's Friday! YAY!!! Let's do something, shall we?

So here's the deal: is there a blog post you read this week that you'd like the rest of us to go read? Then put a link to it in the comments. Later, if I get time, I'll add the links to the body of this post. If you have a blog, I'll add your link along with your reccomended reading link, so you get something out of it too :)

So many blogs, so little time. Here's a chance to point us in the direction of some good reading we may have missed.

The List

* Easycure: Big Sky Dave & the restaurant chain

* Mark: Jean Seok

* Goldie aka Helen: Just One Bite & *Bleep* me in the *bleep*

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Impromptu Party

Since -- due to work constraints -- I can't go to the Lord of the Rings Oscar party in L.A. this weekend [sniff] (I'm sure I would have got to meet Peter Jackson this time) Nin and I are going to have an impromptu party of our own. A few years back, we used to rent movies and make food, but we haven't done that for awhile. So Sunday, we reinstitute the menu. Homemade bean dip, "Red Hot and Blue" nacho chips, and that cheesy sparkling blackberry wine. Yes, I do occasionally drink bad wine. It actually goes very well with the dip and spicy chips. We will probably pull out the tequila later though!

Obviously, we're hoping that Return of the King has a sweep. I better not have a repeat of 1977 when that stupid Annie Hall movie beat Star Wars. The only acting category I'm looking forward to is Best Actor, and I'm hoping Johnny Depp will get it for Pirates of the Caribbean. Not that it's likely, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm still amazed at the nomination! Fun movies like PotC never get the big nods. They're saying the vote may split between Sean Penn [bleah] and Bill Murray and Depp will slide through the middle. (Hope he wears something other than that tatty brown suit of his.)

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February 26, 2004

Good People

The Esmay's are going through a rough patch right now and could use our prayers and support.

Vet bills can be a killer, I know. I just had to come up with a bundle for both Kang and Pippin at the same time. Pippin alone was over $600. It never rains but it pours [sigh]

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Tonight's Thrilling Plans

A trip to Target for a shoe holder thing and some swiffer dusters. Then, Survivor and CSI.

What an exciting life I lead!

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While I'm Here

and experiencing posting frenzy, let me take a moment to plug our book list, ALRR.

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Tale Of Two Women

So it was Dr. Janet Fraser that bought it on SG1 last Friday. Wasn't happy to see her go, but it was a very well done episode.

And what's with Joss "demoninzing" his female leads?? First Willow, then Cordelia, now Fred!! How about doing that to one of the guys? Geesh.

I must say, that from the snippet for next week, I was reminded of the Blake's 7 episode "Sarcophagus" (a Tanith Lee classic). and anyone who knows that the hell I'm talking about will get extra cookies.

(obscure SF TV refs are us)

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That Blank Look

This post of Deb's gave me a snicker, but then I stopped to think,(and it hurt) wait a minute, our spray paint is on the shelves. Now, it's been awhile since I've bought any, so I asked one of the work guys, "Hey, when you buy spray paint, is it locked up?" The look on his face was priceless. One of those, "she's so odd and what the hell is she talking about?" ones. "No," he replied, "it's on the shelf. Where else would it be?"

"Just curious!" I say as I walk away giving no hint as to why I asked such a bizarre question.

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Weather Note

For those that were wondering about yesterday's storm: yes, we lost power, but thankfully, for only about 8 hours. I did miss GH because of it, but at least I went home to light and heat.

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Doing The Double

Kevin illustrates the Democrat double standard as it relates to gay marriage.

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On The Scent

Debbye is still keeping track of the Iraqi oil vouchers scandal, so I suggest you head over to her place for all the scoop.

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Mystery Meat

I have about 15 links that I've been gathering over the last few weeks to things I thought would make interesting blog posts. Now, whether I ever get around to making them into posts is anybody's guess, so maybe I should just make a mystery link post? Heck, I don't even remember what half of them are about, so it might be fun.

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Where's My Handbasket?

I finally got to read the Orson Scott Card essay I'd been reading about all over, and as usual, it left me with lots to think about. It did touch upon what I think I have been most disquieted by; the courts, and public officials in San Francisco, taking it upon themselves to decide something that will have consequences we can't know. They shouldn't have that power.

.... Regardless of their opinion of homosexual "marriage," every American who believes in democracy should be outraged that any court should take it upon itself to dictate such a social innovation without recourse to democratic process.


You can't add a runway to an airport in America without years of carefully researched environmental impact statements. But you can radically reorder the fundamental social unit of society without political process or serious research.

What was supposed to be checks and balances seems to be becoming a system of elite know-it-alls imposing their vision of what's right and wrong on the rest of us. This isn't a new feeling, just one that has more or less crystallized over the last few weeks. I don't know, maybe the article just depressed me. I certainly feel depressed. I think it would be an easier on my psyche if I were firmly entrenched on one side of this or the other. But, I'm not, so I feel incredibly torn.

I guess I need to remind myself that every generation thinks that its the one that's going to go hell in a handbasket, and yet, we muddle through to the next one. Maybe that's the best anyone can hope for.

I'll try to quit with the maudlin posting now.


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Mirror Image

Was sent this by Bush/Cheney '04 and thought it was amusing:

As the Democrats prepare for tonight's debate in Los Angeles, it may be helpful to remember a few things about John Kerry...

The NEW John Kerry says that he now supports some of the tax cuts in the President's plan. The fact is that the OLD Kerry voted against tax cuts for American families when he had the choice...

The NEW John Kerry has slammed NAFTA, saying he would vote against it. The OLD Kerry praised NAFTA as a path to the future...

The NEW John Kerry slams the Patriot Act. The OLD Kerry, who helped write the law, praised the Patriot Act as key to the War on Terror...

The OLD John Kerry said that Saddam Hussein was a threat and must be disarmed. The NEW Kerry says that the President made a mistake in addressing that threat...

With so many positions on the crucial issues of our time, maybe the NEW John Kerry should debate the OLD John Kerry tonight.

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It would appear I have an IndeeMedia educated trol...ahem, commenter. For the first time ever I've had somone compare terrorism to bee stings. Makes my day, let me tell you! I know, I shouldn't pay any attention as it just encourages them, but sometimes, it's hard to resist.

And hey, my "G" key is working aain!! Oops, now it's stopped.

Okay, work time now.

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February 25, 2004


Go wish Jay a happy first blogiversary!

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Weather Blogging

We're having one of our typical winter storms with heavy rain and wind and according to the weather bulletin, PG&E says 3000 homes are already without power in the Monterey/Carmel area where I live. So I bet our power's out. Which means I won't get to see General Hospital today. Here's hoping that it's only out a few hours as opposed to the usual one to two days. I hate being cold!

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Kerry & MIAs

Saw this yesterday, but lost the link, then found it agian today on The Corner:

From the Village Voice:

Senator John Kerry, a decorated battle veteran, was courageous as a navy lieutenant in the Vietnam War. But he was not so courageous more than two decades later, when he covered up voluminous evidence that a significant number of live American prisoners—perhaps hundreds—were never acknowledged or returned after the war-ending treaty was signed in January 1973.

The Massachusetts senator, now seeking the presidency, carried out this subterfuge a little over a decade ago— shredding documents, suppressing testimony, and sanitizing the committee's final report—when he was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on P.O.W./ M.I.A. Affairs.

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Foam Bad

Just before I turned the TV off this morning, Peter, Paul, & Mary came on Fox News to perform (yeah, that was bizarre in itself) and they were pleasant, matter-of-fact, talked a bit -- at the interviewers request -- about their friendship with John Kerry, and then sang their latest song. There was no foaming at the mouth, or inane pronouncements, they just did their thing. It was a nice change from the usual antics of the left leaning celebrities we are exposed to.

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Yesterday, I said I could not understand how terrorisim is a distant third on the list of things voters are worried about. Today, Michele has a post that touched on those feelings:

I am not voting out of an irrational fear. I'm voting the way I am because my fear is founded in reality. I'm voting with my head and my heart; my head knows the reality of terrorism and my heart wants my children to not live in a place where that reality becomes commonplace.

Read it all.

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February 24, 2004

Marriage -- A Question

Okay, okay, more than one question!

Just a mental musing on marriage. I hear proponents of gay marriage say that those against gay marriage are imposing their religious views on others. But not just Christians consider marriage between a man and a woman, either currently or historically. So if we remove religion from the equation, and just look at the historical and cultural record through the ages, does that make any difference? Should it be something we consider? And if we look at other cultures, and at history, isn't there a precedent for polygamy? And wouldn't that be a legal & social argument for polygamists and polyamorous "marriages"?

I fully support the concept of civil unions, in fact, the availability of such arrangements would be something I'd like to have for myself one day. But I'm also interested in a discussion of what our concept of marriage is, and how our view is shaped by things other than religion. Marriage is something that predates Christianity, and seems to be a fairly universal concept no matter what part of the world. If marriage as an institution is something that's thousands of years old, wouldn't it take some serious amount of time to make inroads into changing the one man/one woman idea?

I don't know if my questions make any sense, but they're things I'm genuinely curious about in my own rambling sort of way.

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I Don't Get It

Watching H&C and they're talking to Dick Morris about new poll numbers. As an important voting issue, terrorism is a distant third behind the economy and health care. I do not get it. Is it head in the sand syndrome? What does it take for Americans to see the danger? Another 9/11? Worse? Do people not want to acknowledge that there's something to fear, so they push it into the back of their minds and rationalize it away? All the economics in the world won't matter if there's another major terror attack on our soil. We're at war, whether the average voter wants to accept that fact or not. And that fact is not going to go away with wishful thinking!

God help us all if Kerry is elected.

I'm typing in caps in my head, let me tell you!

(yeah, that's that worry thing I have going again)

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Drool Worthy

This post makes me want to head to Vegas. What a wonderful description of a stellar dinner. And a cheese course!! (I had one of those this weekend -- mmmm!) I'm going to Vegas in July, and now I'm really looking forward to the trip. Sounds like the food is worth the trip.

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In The Cards

David has been doing tarot card readings for people, and he very kindly did one for me this afternoon. I have to say, it was an interesting experience being on the other end of the process. I used to read runes for other people, and seemed to have a talent for it -- or so I was told -- but the runes never worked for me.

David zoned right in on my money worries and how they keep me from taking chances, and that I'm a worrier in general, to the point it affects my health. There's also a chance that the guy who smashed my heart into a million pieces might be making a comeback at some point. Now that is something I'm not sure I'm ready for! I think my destiny is that of hermit spinster. :)

Thanks, David!

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Way back when, I used to read "Sketches of Strain", then I thought David stopped blogging, so I lost track of him for awhile. Now I realize he's back -- or I finally remembered I realized! -- so we're doing the relinking.

Yes, I'm easily confuzzled. So what else is new?

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What Shall We Talk About?

Since I'm not doing such a bang up job, what would you like to talk about? (and if I see "Holy Roman Empire"....) (you know who you are!)

Some suggested topics:

* Who will be the winners at the Oscars?

* Will Angel be saved from cancellation?

* How many more ways can they come up with to keep Jack out of an entire ep of SG1? And what creative ways could you come up with?

* If you could get someone to read one blog (other than your own) what would it be?

Okay, go for it!

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Not Enough Time

Been busy, busy and haven't gotten back into the blogging swing since getting back, so blame the mouse :) I cut my nails down last night and now my fingers keep missing the keys. That will take a few days to get used to them again. No, it's neither here not there.

But just one thing on the important list: appreciate your loved ones. Three dear friends these last two weeks have lost parents and grandparents, so it's something I'm thinking about right now.

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February 23, 2004

Whirly Gig

Thank you, Paul, for watching the blog while I was away!

Yes, I'm back! Are you thrilled? Should be!

We went, we saw, we got rained on. Roberta treated us to dinner in the Vineyard Room, and once again, our waiter was the scrumptiously cute Daniel! Junior got many new outfits, which I'm sure Nin will be posting all about very soon. We got Shanghaied on Sat. night at midnight, when the park was offic8ally closed, by four guys that worked on the Jungle Cruise. They were looking for, errr, victims for a coworkers very last trip before his transfer. so we let ourselves be pulled in to a boat that was mostly castmembers -- one even had a camcorder for the event. It was the best lead up to the "backside of water" ever!

Didn't see much news, but do want to talk about Kerry and his letter. But that will have to wait till tomorrow. Speaking of Kerry, Mickey has some things to say on the subject. This was a post I was going to link to on Wednesday, but didn't get a chance to.

Hungry now!

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February 18, 2004

Not Too Bad

While readng Allah's pearls of wisdom, I discovered there's a traffic ranking thingie on the Ecosystem. Out of 2291 blogs listed, I'm 604. That's not too shabby! Maybe one day, I'll break the top 500.

A dream for another day.

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Till Monday

I'm heading down south Dland way tonight to meet up with Roberta, so the ever suave Paul (who had a blogiversary recently) will be holding down the fort while I'm away. If you get really bored, maybe you can get him to post something here while I'm gone!

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February 17, 2004

Original Content

If you want to read something quite original, then head over to Laughing Wolf. I can honestly say I've never read a blog post on this particular subject.

This is an example of Silver Snickerdoodle goodness!

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February 16, 2004

Attention Bookworms!

If you like to read and/or write, check out ALRR.

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He's bad, he's moved -- and brought a few friends along while he was at it.

(think of it as blog rap)

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You Have To Inhale

I didn't catch the country, but somewhere, they're inhaling vodka through a tube -- it looked like an asthma inhaler. It's all the rage it would seem.

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That Sweet Smell

I haven't commented on the Conan in Quebec bruhaha till now and have just commented on Paul's great posts on the subject. But I had to point this gem of hypocrisy I found on The Corner:

..... One newspaper called the Conan sketch featuring Triump the Insult Comic Dog "hateful" and "racist." A slightly less overwrought member of Parliament said "We can all make jokes about each other but you don't start telling people in Quebec they have to speak another language. . . .

Why not? French-Canadians, or whatever it is they're calling themselves these days, have been doing it for years! It isn't the other Provinces that have "sign police", and it wasn't my idea, when living in British Columbia, to have the French language shoved down my throat.

Maroons. (though I'm thinking worse words)

Update: I've just seen the Conan bit on FNC, and boy, since we're being told "all Canadians" were offended, the audience certainly didn't act like they were offended. Gibson is now talking to Glen Foster, a Canadian comedian, who is explaining Canada, Quebec, and how the rest of Canada is forced to learn French.

I know the press in Canada is at about the same speed as the BBC and will try to make it seem all of Canada is mortally offended on behalf of French Canadians, but I don't buy it for a second.

Oh, and my in-house Canadian reaction (my parents): gleeful [g]

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February 15, 2004

Around The House

Here we have a few snaps of kitties, dogs, a sunrise, and the new hair.

First up, Pippin and Tuppence napping, then waking up. (Tup is the Siamese/Manx, Pip is the big tabby)

This is Daisy, my mum's dog, and the latest in a long line of strays we've had. Pippin is her best buddy. I need to try and get a pic of Daisy cleaning Pippin if I can.

These were taken out of the living room window about 630am in January. They came out quite nicely I think.

Last, yesterday's photo of the new haircut. It was dark when Nin got home from work, so we had to take it inside, so it's not the best pic in the world.

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It's Picture Time!

Went through the camera last night and discovered the pics from our North Coast trip in Dec.. So here's a small sample:

The Coast

More Coast

And More Coast

The B&B

Yuo can find more over on Nin's Blog.

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So That's Who

After seeing SG1: Heros Part 1, I guess it's pretty much decided who dies, huh?

And if your're spoiler phobic, join me down in the extended entry...

So, it's Janet. I like Janet! Damn.

Wonder what will happen to Cassandra? Will Jack or Sam become her guardian?

and Adam Baldwin, the head of SG-13. I'd heard he was up for the lead in Atlantis. I wonder if he'd be the same character? I like the Colonel he played, so I hope so! That whole betting pool, the the talk about kids was very funny.

Oh crud. Just realized I won't be home next Friday, and since my brother will be with me, I have no one to manage the VCR/Digital box hoohaa.

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Letting You Go

I love the new Priceline advert where they fire William Shatner and replace him with Leonard Nimoy. Cracks me up everytime.

Just saying.

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February 14, 2004


You should go read Paul's offerings today. He's on a roll and shows no sign of stopping.

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Michele is afflicted with the "movie quote for any occasion" disease -- something I can relate to! Now she has a question.

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My Old Kangle

My oldest kitty Kang, is 17. He was a feral kitten I rescued in the rain one October night. He was always the little lion, fighting off any cat that tried to take his alpha male title. Now, he's a shadow of his old self. He seemed to go down hill after Tasha died last year, and I think he may have had a stroke. I didn't want him to be in pain and be suffering, so we took him to the vet last week. But there's nothing really wrong with him, he's just very old.

He's scrawny, and he has trouble walking, and at times, he walks around and around, gets himself stuck in corners and just pushes at the wall. But he seems oblivious to it all. He also has only moderate control of his bladder, so I'm always cleaning up after him. I had to give him yet another bath just now because he just gets covered when he tries to use the litter box. For all his problems though, he just won't give up. He's still, at heart, the in-your-face little feral ally cat he was in his youth.

I don't know how much time he has left, but what of it he does, I'll keep bathing him, and cleaning up after him, and cuddling him till he decides it's time to move on.

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I Only Know

I'm getting my hair cut today as my bangs are at the shaggy dog stage. I'm not sure how I want it, but I do know one thing: Paul will hate it because it's too short. (he will)

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The Passion -- Sort Of

I was reading another interesting essay by Rabbi Lapin, this time on Mel Gibson's "Passion" movie. It reminded me of something I'd meant to blog about a while back. I have never seen a movie that portrays Christ as I was brought up that such human portrayals were wrong, and I just can't get over that "lightening will strike me" feeling even all these years later. It's the same reason I don't watch "Joan of Arcadia", even though I'm a fan of Amber Tamblyn's from her GH days.

Was anyone else brought up with similar beliefs?

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Explain Please

What is "bling"? I've seen the word pop up with increasing frequency, and now it's making it into astronomy articles. I assume it has something to do with gemstones? Is this more teenage slang I'm not up on?

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A Smaller Rant Than It Started

I was explosive when I started this, but had a cup of tea and have calmed down considerably. Not that I'm not still extremely ticked off, but at least I've stopped cursing! The reason for my foul mood: my idiot father is home today. He's supposed to be working, but he decided to take today off. So I have three days I have to put up with him, rather than the two I'd resigned myself to. Because he's an eavesdropper and a sneak, I hadn't been out of my room 30 seconds before he'd popped out of his room like a $##%% jack-in-the-box to follow me around and generally annoy me with his inane blathering. It's bad enough he's off on Sundays, but this new habit of him taking Saturday off is making me insane. And I knew this was going to happen! He used to be off Thursday & Friday, and that was part of the agreement of us all sharing a house, that we would stagger our days off, so we' all have some privacy. Then he decides to take Sun/Mon off. I objected at the time, but my mum convinced me he would never be home because of his radio club, Red Cross, & Moose Lodge activities. What a crock! He promptly stopped all those things, and spends the entire time at home. So I get to spend another entire weekend with my stress level at red, and trying not to lose my temper. I'm already tense, worried about a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, where I'm worried the news isn't going to be good, and this just has me in a hell of a state.

They say writing about things helps, so here's hoping.

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February 13, 2004

Feckless Crap Weasels!

The WB that is.

They've cancelled "Angel"

Breaking News: Angel to End After 5 Seasons WB makes late announcement; TV movies may be possible. February 13, 2004 - In a move that has completely blindsided producers and fans alike, the WB Network announced late Friday that it was cancelling its long-running Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff, Angel.


The fans may have to fight this round on their own. David Greenwalt,
co-creator and consulting producer for the series, sounded almost
defeated when reached by the Zap2It website.
"It's official enough to know it's real," Greenwalt told the website,
"but I haven't talked to anybody at the network or the studio. I can
tell you that it's real, that it makes Mr. Whedon and myself very sad,
that we wish it had kept going and we thought it was only getting better.

"Joss and [executive producer] Jeff Bell told the cast and crew today.
We have no understanding of the inner workings of the corporate world,
but we've had a long and fruitful relationship with [producing studio]
20th Century Fox and The WB, for which we are grateful. We just wish it
could have gone on forever. Apparently, it's not going to."

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Stop The Presses!

You will never believe the news! It's shattering, it will totally upend the political process! Sit down before you read this, please!

Are you sitting?


The President had two speeding tickets, and two negligent collision citations...



If there was ever a need for a special investigative commission, that time is now.

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Just Odd

Now this sounds like something that would happen in Malibu or Beverly Hills, but Nashville??

Prince Edward Scolded in Nashville

Royalty, shmoyalty. The guy was walking on the wrong part of the street. Like many a commoner before him, His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (Prince Charles' younger brother), was scolded by police for ignoring the strict pedestrian code on upscale Belle Meade Boulevard.

Proper use of the boulevard has long been a sore point among Belle Meade residents, who say the walkers and bicyclists create a traffic hazard. They have decreed the only legal place to walk on the boulevard is in the grassy median.

Just plain odd on so many levels. [shrug]

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No Pink

Tomorrow, you will find this blog a Valentine Free Zone (I need a graphic, don't I?). There will be no hearts, no mushy poetry, no candy, flowers, or anything remotely pink. I have spoken! And it shall be so.

Any troublemakers will be forced to listen to a rendition of "Tiny Bubbles" by the Chipmunks.

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Just So You Know

The next time I hear "Domestic Diva" in regards to that Stewart woman, I will snap.

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February 12, 2004

Heh, Heh, Heh

Rover envy? Chuckle all about it here.

And as an added bonus, tips on staying healthy.

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For the properly rigged out pirate bathroom, you have only to look here, and here.

A hearty "Avast!" to Ealasaid for the links.

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Just One Question

What is it with Democrats and interns? (allegedly, of course)

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Gary Sinise -- American

I was watching FNC while getting ready for work, and they had Gary Sinise on, along with the widow of a Marine killed in Iraq. They were there to talk about a charity they're involved in that helps supports the families of those with loved ones killed overseas. What a nice change to see a celebrity with a sincere desire to help and to support our troops and their families. At the end of the segment, he asked if he could say one thing, and what he had to say was that there wasn't enough coverage of all the wonderful things our troops do in Iraq and Afghanistan. He talked about schools that our troops have rebuilt, kids hugging and crawling all over our soldiers, happy Iraqi people.

Gary Sinise is one of the good guys, and I'm glad to have had the chance to listen to his story this morning.

Update: if you go to FNC's video clip page, and scroll down to Foxlife, you'll find a clip of the segment from this morning.

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February 11, 2004

That International Allure

So Americans of the Democrat persuasion, living overseas, are getting together in Scotland to send delegates to the Dem convention. Turns out these folks are feeling quite important these days and are basking in all the attention. According to the organizer of this little soiree: ""Expatriate Americans are seen by the Democrat National Committee as the 51st state, so we have voting power in the convention.". Now this is all well and good, but I want to know why Scotland? (Not that there's anything wrong with going to Scotland. In fact, it would be the top of my list for a trip any day!) Or more specifically, why any foreign country? These caucusers -- or would that be caucusees? -- are coming to Edinburgh from all over the world to participate in their country's democratic process, so why don't they come home for this meeting? You know, home? The U.S.A., the place you're considered a "51st state".

It's just a question.

The other bit that I found interesting was this:

The candidates - John Kerry, Howard Dean, Wesley Clark and John Edwards - will send either videos or personal envoys to the event. Those present have been given the voting power of a small state on behalf of the five million expatriate Americans with the right to vote.

Five million?? Wow! I had no idea so many Americans lived abroad. Though I'm not sure from the way it's written if it means five million Americans registered as Democrats, or all together.

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February 10, 2004

Who Are They Kidding?

Europe: beacon of all that is good and right in the world. Yeeesh! Not bloody likely! Next time some misguided soul tries to extoll the virtues of European culture over ours, make them read this. Of course, the sad thing is, they probably won't understand your point.

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Age Challenged Drummer Person

I needed an Xmas themed subject :)

So here we have two stories, and they're somewhat related. First up, we have the Anglican "powers that be" once again embarrassing me. You'd think I'd be immune by now, really. They've decided, in their eternal wisdom [cough] that the three wise men shall be no more. In fact, they don't even get to be men anymore. Talk about making them insecure in their sexuality! [sigh]

Then we have this piece on the rise of pre-Christian paganism. A very interesting read altogether, but for the happy holiday theme we have going, this bit is the one we're going to talk about:

Christless Christmas

While paganism gains legal protection, Christianity continues to be singled out for exclusion. Last Christmas season, for example, the British Red Cross banned the mention of Jesus from its shops, the Sun newspaper reported Nov. 11. Also barred were Christmas cards with nativity scenes and Advent calendars showing Mary and Joseph and the three wise men.

Meanwhile, the Christmas card sent out by the United Kingdom's culture secretary, Tessa Jowell, featured Hindu dancers and drawings of mosques, the Telegraph reported Dec. 7. What the card failed to show was anything about Jesus or Christmas.

And, in Australia, the Victorian state minister for transport, Peter Batchelor, opted for a Christmas card with an Aboriginal dream scene, without any Christian reference, the Age reported Dec. 19.

Scotland's Parliament also abolished any reference to Christianity in its cards. That was too much, even for self-declared agnostic Jim Sillars, who complained of the move in a commentary published by the Scotsman newspaper on Dec. 3. "Such decisions aren't a matter of showing greater tolerance of non-Christian religions," observed Sillars. "I have yet to meet the Jew, Muslim, Hindu or Sikh who has ever objected to us having Christ as the center of Christmas. Take Christ out and you have a pagan celebration."

Delving into the reason behind anti-Christian prejudices, Christine Odone, deputy editor of the British magazine New Statesman, commented that the "chattering classes" share a common prejudice against Christians. In an extract of the annual Tyndale lecture given by Odone and published Oct. 28 in the Guardian, she noted that in an era that prizes individual freedom, Christians believe in authority and have a clear sense that there is a right and a wrong.

"Moral certainty grates against the spirit of the age," she observed. And this certainty "throws into relief the brittle edifice that houses the secularist's morals." Re-Christianizing an increasingly pagan society will not be easy.

It just keeps on keeping on....

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A Little More On That SG1 This Week

We were discussing this week's SG1 in comments, and now I have a little more info on the ep:

SG-1 Hits Milestone Ep

SCI FI Channel's highest-rated original series, Stargate SG-1, hits a milestone in February with its 150th episode, a key segment in which tragedy befalls a member of the team. The milestone episode is the conclusion of a two-part episode, "Heroes." Part 1 premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Feb. 13; Part 2 debuts at the same time on Feb. 20.

If you don't like spoilers at all, don't hit MORE! If you want to see what's up, then please do.

In Part 1, the president (William Devane) and the Department of Defense send a small crew to film standard operational procedures at Cheyenne Mountain, the Stargate Command base. Gen. Hammond (Don S. Davis) warns Bregman (Saul Rubinek), the seemingly flippant civilian in charge of the filming, that his presence is highly unorthodox and interference with staff safety or mission security will not be tolerated.

In Part 2, Bregman hounds SG-1 in an attempt to capture "the humans behind the soldiers," sensing that his "classified" film will eventually become public. As disaster unfolds, however, and a key member of the SGC is killed in action, Bregman and his crew get more authentic footage than they bargained for.

I heard a few months back that someone was being killed off. My guess then was Hammond, and I guess I'll stick with that for now. Mostly because there were hints that Jack would finally get a promotion, and that would make sense if Jack gets Hammond's job. Not to mention it fits in with RDA wanting less filming hours.

Of course, who they kill off may not seem like a "key member" to me. For me, key members would be Jack, Sam, T'ealc, Daniel, Hammond, Dr. Fraser. My alternate would be Dr. Fraser.

I guess we'll see.

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February 9, 2004

Now Add A Little Doom & Gloom

Researchers Determine Reason For Deadly Spread Of 1918 Influenza

Climate Collapse: The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare

Now this one I found quite interesting. I've never subscribed to the modern man causing global warming theory, but I have been aware that nature can turn on a dime and we could experience swift and dramatic climate change. We've been fairly fortunate in the teensy space of time we inhabit, but there's no guarantee it'll last.Good to know the government is on the ball, just in case.

On a related note, I remember a book in the 80's, I think by Larry Niven, where there's a mini ice age in the near future and how we cope with it. Anyone else recall that one?

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Some More Owners Guides

The Aragorn and Will Turner ones particularly tickled me.

And as an added bonus, I discovered that the FotR parody is up!

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Some Blacks Claim Michigan Caucus Confusion...

Can you believe it? Those damn Republicans, trying to disenfranchise minorities! Why, I ought to.... Oops, wait...

Michigan Democratic Caucuses: Problems anger blacks; Sharpton sends message.

Democratic??? But how can that be? I mean, I thought it was only evil Republicans that perpetrated such nefarious deeds? [shrug] Learn something new every day!

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Use Him Well

Via Molly Ringwraith comes the Owner's Guide to Legolas.

Don't be drinking while you're reading this one!

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February 8, 2004


Watching "Crossroads" on CMT, and this time around, it's Martina McBride and Pat Benatar. What a great mix their voices are!

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What Does It Take?

Stories like this throw me right back to my own school years. From 7th grade on, school was hell for me, and one of the reasons I ended up dropping out. Better dropping out than the fate of the boy in this article:

Bullied boy brain-damaged after suicide attempt

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February 7, 2004

How's The World Treating You?

As I mentioned in my last post, I really like the Alison Krauss/James Taylor duet, "How's Life Treating You?". So I went over to Amazon to take a look at the CD and found thta you can download the entire song right now! so if you haven't heard it, now's your chance!

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Frittering The Day Away

I'm proud to say I haven't accomplished a single thing today! I spent the day reading fanfic, chatting with Helen in email [waves Australia way], watching three hours of Kenny Chesney (dang, he's cute!) stuff I taped earlier in the week, and drinking my way through two pots of tea. My Firefly DVDs came in today, so guess what I'm doing tonight? Tomorrow, mum and I are going to make brioche, which should be fun. Need to go to the mall and run some errands, but it's usually hell leaving the house over AT&T ProAm weekend.

Oh, and Stargate wasn't too bad last night. More Jack than usual -- which is usually makes me happy -- and an interesting story. Though the scenes from next week make no sense whatsoever.

I have GAC in right now, and the Alison Krause/James Taylor duet, "How's The World Treating You" is on. I really like this song. May have to look into the CD.

K, back to fic and more frittering!

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February 6, 2004

Let's Play A Game

If you could only watch three TV shows -- currently in production -- what would they be? I'll let you keep all news related shows too!

(I said it would be a game, not that it would be a good one)

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Yet Again

Synod to debate Pope's supremacy

The Church of England is being asked to take its biggest step towards accepting the primacy of the Pope and the concept of infallibility since Henry VIII broke from Rome 450 years ago.

A joint Roman Catholic and Anglican report arguing that the Pope should be recognised as the "universal primate" is to be debated by the General Synod next month.

The only reason this doesn't tick me off as much as it should is because I'm virtually certain it's never going to happen. But I really would like to know why the powers that be insist on bringing this up over and over again. And do they ever consider asking us peons what we think? Of course not.

Sorry, this is a subject that just makes me all grumpy.

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February 5, 2004

Auschwitz Under Our Noses

If you read one of my links today, it should be this one.

.... Look, for example, at the international reaction to a documentary, aired last Sunday night on the BBC. It described atrocities committed in the concentration camps of contemporary North Korea, where, it was alleged, chemical weapons are tested on prisoners. Central to the film was the testimony of Kwon Hyuk, a former administrator at a North Korean camp. "I witnessed a whole family being tested on suffocating gas and dying in the gas chamber," he said. "The parents, son and a daughter. The parents were vomiting and dying, but till the very last moment they tried to save the kids by doing mouth-to-mouth breathing." The documentary also included testimony from a former prisoner, who says she saw 50 women die after being deliberately fed poison. And it included documents smuggled out of the country that seemed to sentence a prisoner to a camp "for the purpose of human experimentation."
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Divided We Read

This illustrates the political divide using what we read.

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Playing The Cards

Debbye has some of the best blogging out there. This post in particular jumped out at me today. It was facinating, and on top of being a good read, I leanred something. I didn't know about Britain standing by us with the Barbary Pirates, or how they protected our shipping interests. Now I want to leanr more about it.

Thanks, Debbye!

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Get With The Program

Good little article over at the New York Times on the geek impatience factor. I have to admit, I've wanted to tell certain people they need to pull off the cyber freeway:

The tension over the MyDoom virus underscores a growing friction between technophiles and what they see as a breed of technophobes who want to enjoy the benefits of digital technology without making the effort to use it responsibly.

The virus spreads when Internet users ignore a basic rule of Internet life: never click on an unknown e-mail attachment. Once someone does, MyDoom begins to send itself to the names in that person's e-mail address book. If no one opened the attachment, the virus's destructive power would never be unleashed.

"It takes affirmative action on the part of the clueless user to become infected," wrote Scott Bowling, president of the World Wide Web Artists Consortium, expressing frustration on the group's discussion forum. "How to beat this into these people's heads?"

Many of the million or so people who have so far infected their computers with MyDoom say it is not their fault. The virus often comes in a message that appears to be from someone they know, with an innocuous subject line like "test" or "error." It is human nature, they say, to open the mail and attachments.

But computer sophisticates say it reflects a willful ignorance of basic computer skills that goes well beyond virus etiquette. At a time when more than two-thirds of American adults use the Internet, they say, such carelessness is no longer excusable, particularly when it messes things up for everyone else.

For years, many self-described computer geeks seemed eager to usher outsiders onto their electronic frontier. Everyone, it seemed, had a friend or family member in the geek elite who could be summoned — often frequently — in times of computer crisis.

But as those same friends and family members are called upon again and again to save the computer incompetents from themselves, the geeks' patience is growing thin. As it does, a new kind of digital divide is opening up between populations of computer users who must coexist in the same digital world.

And I'm dedicating this post to Paul!

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Particularly liked Jonah's column over at NRO today:

All of the Democratic contenders say that George W. Bush "divides" Americans like never before and that they — and only they — will be able to unite Americans. John Kerry says Bush uses "wedge issues" like the Defense of Marriage Act to divide the American people (even though it was Bill Clinton who did that). Howard Dean, before he imploded like a vegan soufflé, was fond of declaring, "I am tired of being divided by race in this country. I'm tired of being divided by abortion, by gay rights."

John Edwards has a whole shtick about how the country is divided into "two Americas": There's an America for people of "privilege," and then there's an America for "the rest of us." Meanwhile the editorialists — liberal as well as many conservatives — wring their hands about the terrible fissures in American life dividing Americans. Former Clinton pollster Stanley Greenberg, in his new book The Two Americas, also says America is divided into, uh, two Americas. He writes: "Our nation's political landscape is now divided more deeply and more evenly than perhaps ever before."

Phooey. Well, half phooey.

Amen! As if there were a Dem president, we'd all be like happy little Smurfs, singing and holding hands, with nothing to divide us. Like hell! I promise you, if one of those guys is our next president, I shall be the most unhappy and divisive person you know. And be damned proud of it in the process.

This is my personal pledge to you, my gentle and beloved readers. See if you can get that kind of love from the InstaDude! :)

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Actors In Space

I don't read "The Bleat" very often (yes, I know, it's heresy) (I'm very bad) (please, no fatwas -- I'm giving them up for Lent), but wanted to share this one on Patrick Stewart and his latest anti-space remarks. I know PS has been saying things like this for years, but this time around he seems to be getting more attention for it. Maybe it's just the internet. Anyway, I very much liked Mr. Lileks' take on it all:

Making movies takes up many resources which could be directed at our own planet. For that matter, millions of pounds are spent in England annually for theater productions ­ I propose a ten-year moratorium on all stage shows, with the money distributed directly to our own planet. And after we have gotten things right on this planet we can get back to such frivolous luxuries as theater. What’s that, you say ­ theater employs many people? Theater inspires imaginations, adds to our store of knowledge, helps us define what it means to be human?

And exploring other words doesn’t, eh. Noted: the future of humanity shall consist not in getting this place right but watching angry Pinter screeds about that wretched meat we know as our own flawed species. And when we leave the theater we can look up and behold an infinite world we must never pollute.

(and since I'm probably the last person to read it anyway, you probably don't need the link.)

(but here it is) (read it all)

(punchy lunchtime posting is us)

(I have a list called "Celts In Space" -- wonder if there's a connection?)

Update: Here's what Steven has to say about it all.

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Angel At A 100

Who else watched Angel last night? Boy, it was good! The end totally took me by surprise. When Angel picked up the phone, I realized what was about to happen and reached for the tissues :)

So many good things, but not enough time to post about it all, so please feel free to leave your comments, and I'll try and expand a bit when I get off work.

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Say It Isn't So!

I missed Nin's second blogiversary! Okay, I'm not really blaming myself since she didn't remind me :)

So go wish her a belated one!

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Just a random plug for the newish book list Rothy and I started.

And I should plug the group girl blog I run, Girls! Girls! Girls! -- we're looking for new members, so drop me a line if you'd be interested. ( edithna AT yahoo DOT com )

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The Last Nerve

Remember last week when I was ticked off about all the spending going on? And I wasn't sure how enthusiastic I was feeling about the election? Well, I got over it. The Dems got on my last nerve last night while I was watching one of their operatives on Hannity & Colmes. He was just lying through his teeth and it seemed like he's told the same lies so often, he actually believed it himself! That was that. I opened my email and followed the link I'd gotten a few days before from Bush campaign asking me to volunteer, and filled out the form. Watch out Dems! I'm on the case now. Yes, I'm sure they're shaking in their boots as I type.

Hey, this is what passes for excitement in my life!

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February 4, 2004

Not Hardly!

So the creator of Survivor talks about Richard and his penchant for nudity:

Mark Burnett also said he was hoping that the first winner, Richard Hatch, would keep his clothes on for "Survivor: All-Stars" — despite the fact that the nudity could add spice to the program and possibly boost ratings.

Mark, I have to tell you, on my planet, Richard in the nude is much more likely to have me switch the channel than encourage me to watch!

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February 3, 2004

My Inner Snape

So I'm standing in my boss's office, and one of the guys walks in and says, "Dee, you look like a Slytherin today, not a Gryffindor." I objected and told him I took the test and I am too a Gryffinndor! But that Nin's a Slytherin.

"There's a test?" he asks.

So totally out of nowhere, my coworker thinks I look Slytherin.

Hmmm.... Not sure what one should make of that [g]

(I'm wearing black stretch jeans and a pale grey knit shirt that has
oxford shirt like cuffs and collar in white cotton, and the front is what I always think of as a tuxedo shirt, with the ribbing. Little bit of makeup and my silver oak leaf earrings and Orkney art style tree pendant.)

(a rare lunch time post)

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February 2, 2004

Been A Day

It's been a day. Really busy for me work wise, and stuff happening company wide with layoffs and people being reduced to part-time from full-time. So far, I'm not one of the people chosen for the honour. I need to get going and take that paralegal course. Of course first, I need to pay the vet bill (poor sick kitties), get the next two crowns done, and see how much the truck will be to repair. Then I can take the course!

I guess I could talk about the weather.... Rain, lots of it! But of course, it's the first day of AT&T! But they're saying the weekend will be sunny.

Tonight, Simon! Otherwise known as American Idol is on :)

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February 1, 2004

Pancakes, Tea, & Gollum

A perfect Sunday, I think. Nin and I went to see Return of the King this morning/afternoon. As per usual, I cried my lil eyes out. Came home, made a nice pot of tea, and currently the house smells like bananas and baked goods -- we're having banana pancakes for dinner.

Plans for tonight include Survivor, and maybe another DVD. Last night, we watched PotC and Much Ado About Nothing, so we're in a movie groove. I'm also feeling the urge to write -- fic that is. I need to write the third part of my trilogy, and I've made some half-hearted starts, but it never flows. I think I need to add Jack Sparrow to the mix, and it will all work into the Orion Syndicate subplot that has been running through several of the stories that we've written. No, I realize none of this makes sense, but I'm in a babbling mood.

I wish it were still Saturday.

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Kills Them All, Precious!

'Rings' characters discuss Oscar snub

The city of Minas Tirith has been abuzz today over the news that 'The Lord of the Rings: the Return of the King,' while receiving 11 nominations including Best Picture and Best Director, did not receive any nominations for acting.

"Eleven nominations?" said Pippin Took, of the Shire. "Well, that's good news."

His friend Meriadoc Brandybuck responded by swatting him over the head with the newspaper and protesting, "But the cast is a part of this movie! Aren't they?"

Their kinsman Frodo Baggins shared Brandybuck's dismay. Upon reading the list of nominations, Baggins commented with an ironic chuckle, "They've left out one of the chief characters: the cast. I want to hear more about them." Waxing solemn and soulful, he added, "The movie wouldn't have got far without the cast."

"You almost don't want to watch the awards ceremony," contributed Baggins' gardener and loyal valet, Samwise Gamgee, "because how can it be happy? How can the awards go right when so much bad has been nominated? Folks in that Academy had lots of chances of voting for these actors, only they didn't."

Legolas Greenleaf, of the Mirkwood realm, commented somewhat cryptically on the Academy's choices, "A red sun rises. Lame decisions have been made this night." When asked to clarify his opinion, he told reporters that he had not the heart, for the grief was still too near, and retired for a walk in the forest.

Go read the rest.

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