March 31, 2003

New term to hate...

Now, I'm starting to dislike the term 'Worst night of bombing'. It seems each night of bombing is worse than the last. We get it! Use a new term!

(At least 'shock and awe' is over... I'm in total shock and awe over that!)

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Or rather--for theirs!

This is a lovely idea!

I do hope these folks get all they are hoping to get!


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Check This Out

Keeping The Home Fires Burning

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Robin Williams = Nimnull

"We have a president for whom English is a second language. He's like 'We have to get rid of dictators,' but he's pretty much one himself."

Gee, Robin, did you write that yourself? Considering the trouble you usually seem to have expressing yourself without a generous helping of profanity, I wouldn't be so quick to bash the President's use of the English language. And yes, please do tell us how we live in a dictatorship. That's why you can expect to be thrown in the gulag at any moment now for expressing your oh so original thoughts. Oh, you won't be? Well, damn! Some dictatorship we're running here, huh?

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Raid Finds al-Qaida Tie to Iraq Militants

Using airstrikes and ground forces, Kurdish soldiers and U.S. troops have cooperated in the past week to dislodge and crush Ansar militants in 18 villages surrounding the Iraqi city of Halabja about 160 miles northeast of Baghdad.

"We actually believe we destroyed a significant portion of the Ansar al-Islam force there," Maj. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, vice director of operations on the Pentagon's Joint Staff, said Monday. He said forces were investigating the finds.

Among a trove of evidence found inside Ansar compounds were passports and identity papers of Ansar activists indicating that up to 150 of them were foreigners, including Yemenis, Turks, Palestinians, Pakistanis, Algerians and Iranians.

Coalition forces also found a phone book containing numbers of alleged Islamic activists based in the United States and Europe as well as the number of a Kuwaiti cleric and a letter from Yemen's minister of religion. The names and numbers were not released.

"What we've discovered in Biyare is a very sophisticated operation," said Barham Salih, prime minister of the Kurdish regional government.

Seized computer disks contained evidence showing meetings between Ansar and al-Qaida activists, according to Mahdi Saeed Ali, a military commander.

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So Much For The Duress Theory

Daily Mirror newspaper hires fired journalist Peter Arnett

LONDON - A British tabloid newspaper said Tuesday it had hired veteran reporter Peter Arnett, who was fired by American TV network NBC after he said the U.S.-led war effort in Iraq (news - web sites) had failed.

"Fired by America for telling the truth," said the Daily Mirror in a front page headline, adding it had hired the "legendary war reporter" to carry on telling the truth.

"I am still in shock and awe at being fired," Arnett wrote for the newspaper, which is vehemently opposed to the war. "I report the truth of what is happening here in Baghdad and will not apologize for it."

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Well, what do you know?

Now, this is interesting...

So, the US is responsible for the weapons in Iraq, huh? Not according to the Stockholm International Peach Research Institute... We supplied 1%! USSR, France, and China are the ones who supplied the majority of the weapons. And, guess what? They didn't want a military action in Iraq. [gasp of shock!]

Yes... I'm wasting time at work on The Command Post. I have unofficial approval though. Everyone wants to hear the updates...

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No Kidding

Before going to bed last night, I switched over to C-Span to watch a bit of the BBC Breakfast Show (they're been airing it lately). Talk about a different POV! I don't know if the morning show is indicative of all BBC news, but if it is, you'd think we were bogged down and losing. There was even a comment on how we were supposed to have been in Baghdad by Tuesday. No backup for this statement at all (or if they meant tomorrow, or last Tuesday), so no idea who said Tuesday.

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March 30, 2003

What Is Peter Arnett Smoking?

Watching this on FOX News right now.

Peter Arnett appeared on Iraqi State TV where he proclaimed that his reporting is increasing opposition to the war here in the US and that the war plan is a failure.

Kooky stuff, folks.

Update: Here's NBC's official statement:

NBC said in a statement that "Peter Arnett and his crew have risked their lives to bring the American people up-to-date, straight-forward information on what is happening in and around Baghdad." The network said Mr. Arnett's "impromptu interview with Iraqi TV was done as a professional courtesy and was similar to other interviews he has done with media outlets from around the world. His remarks were analytical in nature and were not intended to be anything more."

And here's their address if you'd like to send them your "official statement":

'nother Update: This link to a photo of Arnett & Osama (via The Corner)

A Few More Thoughts: Some people are wondering if he was under duress during the interview. It's a possibility, but considering Arnett's past, I'm inclined to think he meant every word he said. (and if he was there under duress, he put himself in that position) I guess only time will tell. I hear on the news that his interview is being broadcast over and over on Iraqi TV (and I would presume places like Al-Jezeera) and I wonder how it's affecting the moral of Iraqis who may be considering rebelling against Saddam and helping the Coalition. If they think that there's a growing sentiment against the war here, they may think they're going to be hung out to dry like they were last time. This could stir up a lot of trouble regardless of whether or not Arnett was speaking for himself.

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Anan's Double Standard

Ludicrous double standard further proof of United Nations' anti-U.S. bias

What we are witnessing now is barely even a double standard since it's not clear Saddam is being held to any standard at all, while America's armed forces are being held to a higher standard than any - any - in human memory.

Fortunately for the Iraqis, we don't need the United Nations to serve as our conscience. And if the finger-wagging continues, we may decide we don't need the United Nations for anything at all.

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This One Is For Steve

Guide to the FOX NEWS Blondes

Saw it and thought of Steve.

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Letter From A Marine

A letter to Jonah Goldberg from a Marine:

I'm pretty insulated from most of the news coverage out here. Frankly, Marines only watch Fox News anyhow. Nevertheless, I've received multiple e-mails from concerned friends and family asking me if I'm OK and their concern that things were not going very well. You essentially said, more eloquently, what I repeatedly tell them: We're on the skirts of Baghdad in 5 days. We've secured the southern oil fields and we've gotten across the Euphrates and Tigris with bridges intact! We expected much worse.


The successes the Iraqis have achieved are largely non-conventional. They are acting in the most cowardly and animalistic fashion. Were we to stoop to their level of depravity we could certainly protect ourselves from their limited successes. We are more noble and our consciences cannot withstand indiscriminate slaughter in contrast to the adherents of the "religion of peace." Nevertheless, while the capture of a dozen or so POW's and the public display of dead bodies does little to affect our combat power, it has had its affect in deflating the early euphoria created that this might be a complete rout and maybe Saddam is dead after all. I have to admit that I, and many others, had to come down fromt that same high as we wanted this to end quickly and with little bloodshed. The American public is also naturally worried about its sons & husbands (as my mom and wife are).
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So what does everyone make of Saddam's bodyguard -- who is never away from Saddam's side -- being seen in a press conference where Saddam wasn't?

I know there's lots of speculation as to what it might mean, so I figured we could
play too.

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In Our Backyard

LGF has a post up on what's being taught in American Islamic schools.

Some pretty scary stuff.

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March 29, 2003

If You Read One Thing Today

Make it Bill Whittle's essay, "History"

There's so much good in it, it's almost impossible to excerpt, so I'm not even going to try.

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More Fun Reading


Anyone seen that one?


another, another, another link fix ~ Ith

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From The Comments

Gaggle reader, Christina, left the link to this story in Nin's M.R.E. post. It's about Iraqi civilians sharing their food with our troops.

It was heartwarming, so I thought I'd share it here.

Corpsman Tony Garcia said the food donation was an act of appreciation for the American effort to topple the brutal regime of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

"They gave us eggs and potatoes to feed our marines and corpsmen. I feel the local population are grateful and they want to see an end to Saddam Hussein," he said.

"It was a lovely, beautiful gesture."

Khairi Ilrekibi, 35, a passenger on one of the buses, which broke down near the marine position, said he could speak for the 20 others on board.

In broken English he told a correspondent travelling with the marines: "We like Americans," adding that no one liked Saddam Hussein because "he was not kind."

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Comments From An Ozzie


Damned glad to read these since they are coming from someone who also is watching what's going on, but in another country.

She's also been a damned fine friend over the years! *g*


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Armchair Generals

A different take from the always different Mark Steyn

Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery (Retd) agrees that the media are in trouble, but blames it mostly on a confusion of war aims. "The problem is they relied on this two-pronged 'shock and awe' business. On the one hand, you'd have these reporter chappies embedded with your Royal Marines and so forth, 'awed' at how absolutely ripping it is to be in a tank. On the other hand, you'd have your crack columnists in Baghdad, 'shocked' at the scale of Anglo-American carnage, with hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, smart bombs landing on every hospital, nursery schools blown to kingdom come, etc.

"Well, the bally carnage never showed up, so it was a week of awe and no shock. The editors assumed that, by the weekend, they'd have Bush and Blair on the run. Instead, we now stand on the brink of an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe: even as I speak, George Galloway, John Pilger and thousands of others are being systematically starved of material.

"And let's not forget that disgusting breach of the Geneva Convention when poor bloody Robert Fisk was paraded across the Independent and forced to eke out 1,200 words about his lavatory paper. So much for superior hot air power. Though I must say the line about how 'In the sands of Mesopotamia, Britain lost an empire but at least I've found a roll' was awfully good."

Longtime gay strategist Alexander the Great argues that you have to look at the root causes. "The media had an over-reliance on their elite special forces, the celebrity contingent," he says. "They move fast, but they're too lightly armed to hold their positions and they're easily shot down. Take Martin Amis: the Guardian hires him to penetrate to the very heart of the subject, only to have him limp back with some feeble comparisons between Texas and Saudi Arabia. We've seen all this before: on the first day, you make a spectacular advance, but the publisher never recoups."

Alexander feels the media planners overestimated the degree of resistance. "If you look at the strategically important stronghold of Hollywood, they said it would be a cakewalk. Michael Moore would have a big cake and then walk to the podium, and he'd be greeted by cheers from the beleaguered locals, who've been cut off from the rest of the world for years. Instead, they jeered him. Oh, sure, now we're told it's not because these isolated Hollywood villagers are loyal to Bush, only that they're too terrified of reprisals to speak out. Funny how the story keeps changing."

Do I have to tell you to go read all of it? Didn't think so.

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Damned Fine List

And they do prefer quality to quantity there, so naturally I'm there. Heh. I love this blog! *g*


Kel who's all set up to write tonight

another link fix ~ Ith

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They Don't Get Us

Behind in my readng, and missed the latest from Mark Steyn. But found a great post on it at Mean Mr. Mustard's place that says it better than I could anyway.

In Baghdad, a spokesman for the Iraqi military said the United States was exaggerating its progress and its victories. The spokesman, Gen. Hazem Rawi, said that reports from American commanders that Iraq had lost some 1,000 men fighting in and around the Shiite pilgrimage center of Najaf were wrong.

"It's totally baseless," he said. "If it was true, why don't the enemies show pictures of the dead on their televisions?"

Of course, the obvious answer to this is because we don't take pleasure in showing dead enemies on TV, being much more inclined towards not exulting in the killing of an inept enemy most likely forced to fight by your inhuman crapocracy. We don't consider it a propaganda coup to beam images of people we've killed, riddled with bullet holes, into the homes of the world. That's not us. That's not what we're about.

Excellent post that's well worth reading all of.

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Blog Alert

Check out 'Frozen In Montreal"

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I posted about the rally on an a current events email list i run, but never had a chance to post about it here. But, here's the outcome.

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Not In Their Name

Found this link on Instapundit. A little snippet:

I've always thought that the last place you'd see the vanity of depression in action would be on a protest march, especially one against war in a foreign country, but I do believe that many of the anti-war antics currently taking place are totally egotistical. Those who demonstrated against US aggression in Vietnam and Cuba did so because they believed that those people should have more freedom, not less. But does the most hardened peacenik really believe that Iraqis currently enjoy more liberty and delight than they would if Saddam were brought down? If so, fair enough; if not, then they are marching about one thing - themselves. That's why so many luvvies are involved; this is simply showing off on a grand scale.

I've just heard a snippet of the most disgustingly me-me-me anti-war advert by Susan Sarandon, in which she intones, "Before our kids start coming home from Iraq in body bags, and women and children start dying in Baghdad, I need to know - what did Iraq do to us?" Well, if you mean what did Saddam do to America The Beautiful, not an awful lot - but to millions of his own people, torture and murder for a start. Don't they count?

Surely this is the most self-obsessed anti-war protest ever. NOT IN MY NAME! That's the giveaway. Who gives a stuff about their wet, white, western names? See how they write them so solemnly in a list on the bottom of the letters they send to the papers. And the ones that add their brats' names are the worst - a grotesque spin on Baby On Board, except they think that this gives them extra humanity points not just on the motorway, but in the whole wide weeping, striving, yearning world. We don't know the precious names of the countless numbers Saddam has killed. We're talking about a people - lots of them parents - subjected to an endless vista of death and torture, a country in which freedom can never be won without help from outside.

The entire thing is a breathtaking smackdown of the "Moore Left"; and this was in the Guardian! Go figure.... Maybe these folks are the "Hitchens Left"?

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Our Polish Friends

Blogs of War is getting lots of mail from Polish readers. Here's one of them:

You are doeing good job! It's the same situation as in Poland in 1939 year when Hitler and attack my country - Poland. At now we have to get freedom for Iraq people. People in Poland know it well - in 1939 France and other european country left us alone and II world war has been start. If in those time all the Europe strike on Hitler there wasn't be many dead people.

At now there are only a few countries, who start fight for freedom: USA, U.K., POLAND, AUSTRALIA - I hope that freedom will come soon

take care!

Something for us to remember.

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Hijacked Airwaves

This was in French, and I used Babelfish to translate it:

Diffusion de discours et de chants arabes sur les ondes de la police lilloise

LILLE (AP) - Le système de communication radio des policiers de l'agglomération lilloise a été piraté jeudi entre 21h et 22h par la diffusion de chants et de discours en langue arabe, a-t-on appris vendredi de source policière.

Cette émission pirate dont l'origine n'est pas déterminée n'a pas de "caractère islamiste ou religieux", a assuré vendredi la direction départementale de la sécurité publique du Nord.

Une enquête est en cours. Le piratage aurait été réalisé au moyen d'un poste émetteur portatif volé


Diffusion of speech and Arab songs on the waves of the police force inhabitant of Lille LILLE (AP) - the radio communication system of the police officers of the agglomeration inhabitant of Lille was pirated Thursday between 21h and 22h by the diffusion of songs and speech in Arab language, one learned Friday from police source. This emission pirates whose origin is not given does not have "character islamist or monk", ensured Friday the departmental direction of the public safety of North. An investigation is in hand. The hacking would have been carried out by means of a stolen portable transmitting set

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People In Glass Houses

Reuters! Reuters on "Media Bias".

Pardon me while I take a short 'hysterical laughter break'.....

Whooo, okay, I'm back. They certainly have gall, huh? The same news organization that refused to call the 9/11 hijackers 'terrorists" amongst other things.

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If It Walks Like A Duck....

From Tech Central Station: Whitewashed Reds

Interesting article on the New York Times and whitewashing Communist ties.

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In Hindsight

Interesting observation from The Corner

The British paratroopers shown here were among the first to fly from England to France on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Despite careful planning, the D-Day jumps turned out to be chaotic due to fog: most of the men did not land where they expected to, and many lost their weapons in the drop.

These few lines made me pausing and reflecting. First of all, it seems to me that what prevents us from labelling D-Day as a complete military disaster is the heroism and the bravery of those guys: their most important day begun with fear, confusion and death, but ended in victory. When we look at the faded pictures taken by Robert Capa (brave father of all embedded!), we know it was a really bad day, a day with an unbearable human toll, but we can feel proud of, and thankful for what those guys accomplished.

And then, comparing this glorious past with the attitude most of the media are showing regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom, a question hit me: what would have they said were they present at D-Day? Would have they called it a big mistake, the proof of the incompetence of Eisenhower and the evidence of the weakness of the Allied forces? Imagine the long list of armchair generals, questioning each detail and assuring us all about incoming disasters...

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Followed a referrer link to here. and there we are along with SSDB as an example of a war blog. There's a bunch of other blogs that I think would make a better example than us, but I'm flattered at the company we were placed in :)

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March 28, 2003


They’re talking about M.R.E. shortages on Fox News. They’re saying that troops are getting one, maybe two. And, the reporters seemed appalled.

I’ve had M.R.E.’s. My mother, a former member of the Air Force, would bring home some that the Air Force were going to dispose of because they were about to expire.

The ones I had were huge. We’re not talking a dish of pasta by itself. We’re talking an appetizer, large main dish, dessert, multiple snacks/candy, gum. I can easily see one and a half to two being enough (and, probably more than enough) to feed a person for a day…

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Link Go-Round

I've reorganized the links. Haven't removed any, only moved things around. When I first started this blog, I had my links set up on the assumption no one would ever actually want to link to us, and when people did, I ended up with an unwieldy mix of an old fashioned list, and a blogrolling one. So, I got rid of the traditional list, and combined everything on one blogrolling list. We'll see how it works out!

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Fate Of Capt. Scott Speicher?

Citing unspecified reports, a U.S. senator said Friday that an American pilot missing since the 1991 Gulf War may have been seen alive and in the custody of Iraqi authorities in the past month.

Sen. Bill Nelson mentioned the reports while releasing an unclassified summary on the fate of Capt. Scott Speicher, who was shot down over Iraq on the first night of the Gulf War and has been unaccounted for ever since. Nelson did not elaborate on the recent reports.

"I believe he is still alive," Nelson said. "The question is: Can we find him and bring him home alive?"

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After reading this, I was very pissed.

The German architect of one of Saddam Hussein's main bunkers in Baghdad said on Friday the Iraqi leader can survive anything short of a direct hit with a nuclear bomb if he stays within its four-feet-thick walls...

But, then my sense of humor showed up.

I was putting eye drops in my eyes, and of course, some got on my cheeks. I looked like I was sobbing. I turn to my manager and say, in a teary voice, "I just am so saddened that we haven't been able to blow up Saddam!"

More here
Via The Command Post

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Heh--Who's The Right Person For The Job?

Have you noticed anything fishy about the inspection teams who have arrived in Iraq? They're all men!

How in the name of the United Nations does anyone expect men to find Saddam's stash? We all know that men have a blind spot when it comes to finding things. For crying' out loud! Men can't find the dirty clothes hamper. Men can't find the jar of jelly until it falls out of the cupboard and splatters on the floor....and these are the people we have sent into Iraq to search for hidden weapons of mass destruction?

I keep wondering why groups of mothers weren't sent in. Mothers can sniff out secrets quicker than a drug dog can find a gram of dope. Mothers can find gin bottles that dads have stashed in the attic beneath the rafters. They can sniff out a diary two rooms and one floor away. They can tell when the lid of a cookie jar has been disturbed and notice when a quarter Inch slice has been shaved off a chocolate cake. A mother can smell alcohol on your breath before you get your key in the front door and can smell cigarette smoke from a block away. By examining laundry, a mother knows more about their kids than Sherlock Holmes. And if a mother wants an answer to a question, she can read an offender's eyes quicker than a homicide detective. So... considering the value a mother could bring to an inspection team, why are we sending a bunch of old men who will rely on electronic equipment to scout out hidden threats?

My mother would walk in with a wooden soup spoon in one hand, grab Saddam by the ear, give it a good twist and snap, "Young man, do you have any weapons of mass destruction?"

And God help him if he tried to lie to her.

She'd march him down the street to some secret bunker and shove his nose into a nuclear bomb and say, "Uh, huh, and what do you call this, mister?"

Whap! Thump! Whap! Whap! Whap!

And she'd lay some stripes across his bare bottom with that soup spoon, then march him home in front of the whole of Baghdad.

He'd not only come clean and apologize for lying about it, he'd cut every lawn in Baghdad for free for the whole damn summer. Inspectors my ass... You want the job done? Call my mother.

Note: if anyone knows who wrote this, let us know so we can credit it ~ Ith

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Vulture Pundits

VDH's latest. Go read! (please)

All these people need to calm down, take a deep breath, and read their history — computing the logistics of fighting 7,000 miles away and considering the hurdles of vast space, unpredictable weather, and enemies without uniforms. And? In just a week, the United States military has surrounded one of history’s most sadistic and nasty regimes. It has overrun 80 percent of the countryside and has daily pulverized the Republican Guard, achieving more in five days than the Iranians did in eight years.

Twenty-four hours a day, thousands of tankers and supply trucks barrel down long, vulnerable supply lines, quickly and efficiently. There is no bridge too far for these long columns. One-hundred percent air superiority is ours. There is not a single Iraqi airplane in the sky. Enemy tanks either stay put or are bombed. Kurds and Shiites really will soon start to be heard. Seven oil wells are on fire (with firefighters on the scene) — no oil slicks, no attacks on Israel. Kuwait City is not aflame. “Millions” of refugees fleeing into Syria and Jordan have not materialized. Even Peter Arnett is no longer parroting the Iraqi government claims of ten million starving and has moved on to explain why the Iraqis were equipped with chemical suits — to protect Saddam’s killers from our WMDs!

Few, if any, major bridges in Iraq have been blown; there are no mass uprisings in Saddam’s favor. The Tikrit mafia fights as the SS did in the craters of Berlin, facing as it does — and within weeks — either a mob’s noose, a firing squad, or a dungeon. Through 20,000 air sorties, no jets have been shot down; there is nothing to stop them from flying another 100,000. They fly in sand, in lightning, high, low, day, night, anywhere, anytime. Supplies are pouring in. Saddam’s regime is cut off and its weapons will not be replenished. This is not North Vietnam, with Chinese and Russian ships with daily re-supply in the harbor of Haiphong. British and Americans, with courageous Australians as well, are fighting as a team without even the petty rivalry of a Montgomery and Bradley.

Our media talks of Saddam’s thugs and terrorists as if they were some sort of Iraqi SAS. Meanwhile, the real thing — scary American, British, and Australian Special Forces — is causing havoc to Saddam’s rear guard. In short, for all the tragedy of a fragging, Iraqi atrocities, misdirected cruise missiles, and the usual cowardly antics inherent to our enemy’s way of war, the real story is not being reported: A phenomenal march against overwhelming logistical, material, and geographical odds in under seven days has reached and surrounded Saddam Hussein’s capital.

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A Man's Job?

Mickey and I have had some good conversations about women in combat positions and in the military in general. If it's a subject that interests you, there are some great discussions on the subject happening over at Misha's place, and here at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical. The starting off point for these posts was the capture and possible death of Jessica Lynch in Iraq.

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March 27, 2003

Hope In War

I just got finished reading this post on Right Wing News. I don't know how you could read the words and not be moved.

It's an excerpt from this editorial, written by a peace activist who visited Iraq and changed his mind.

Here's an excerpt from that editorial, which is only a small piece of a much longer article:

What emerged was something so awful that it is difficult even now to write about it. Discussing with the head of our tribe what I should do as I wanted to stay in Baghdad with our people during their time of trial I was told that I could most help the Assyrian cause by going out and telling the story to the outside world.

Simply put, those living in Iraq, the common, regular people are in a living nightmare. From the terror that would come across the faces of my family at a unknown visitor, telephone call, knock at the door I began to realize the horror they lived with every day.

Over and over I questioned them `Why could you want war? Why could any human being desire war?` They're answer was quiet and measured. `Look at our lives!`We are living like animals. No food, no car, no telephone, no job and most of all no hope.`

I would marvel as my family went around their daily routine as normal as could be. Baghdad was completely serene without even a hint of war. Father would get up, have his breakfast and go off to work. The children to school, the old people - ten in the household to their daily chores.

`You can not imagine what it is to live with war for 20, 30 years. We have to keep up our routine or we would lose our minds`

Then I began to see around me those seemingly in every household who had lost their minds. It seemed in every household there was one or more people who in any other society would be in a Mental Hospital and the ever present picture of a family member killed in one of the many wars.

Having been born and raised in Japan where in spite of 50 years of democracy still retains vestiges of the 400 year old police state I quickly began to catch the subtle nuances of a full blown, modern police state.

I wept with family members as I shared their pain and with great difficulty and deep soul searching began little by little to understand their desire for war to finally rid them of the nightmare they were living in.

The terrible price paid in simple, down to earth ways - the family member with a son who just screams all the time, the family member who lost his wife who left unable to cope anymore, the family member going to a daily job with nothing to do, the family member with a son lost to the war, a husband lost to alcoholism the daily, difficult to perceive slow death of people for whom all hope is lost.

The pictures of Sadaam Hussein whom people hailed in the beginning with great hope everywhere. Sadaam Hussein with his hand outstretched. Sadaam Hussein firing his rifle. Sadaam Hussein in his Arab Headdress. Sadaam Hussein in his classic 30 year old picture - one or more of these four pictures seemed to be everywhere on walls, in the middle of the road, in homes, as statues - he was everywhere!

All seeing, all knowing, all encompassing.

`Life is hell. We have no hope. But everything will be ok once the war is over.` The bizarre desire for a war that would rid them of the hopelessness was at best hard to understand.

`Look at it this way. No matter how bad it is we will not all die. We have hoped for some other way but nothing has worked. 12 years ago it went almost all the way but failed. We cannot wait anymore. We want the war and we want it now`

There's so much more. Please read it all if you can.

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A Huge THANK YOU To The Hackers--

whom were gracious enough to put the US flag on the Al Jazeera site. *g*

A big, huge, glompy tackle hug to you all! *g*

Kel, who really didn't have anything to do with that

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Marine Mom

CAMP PENDLETON, CALIF. - A new mother, who is also a Marine, says she's being forced to choose between her country and her baby boy. She's speaking out against what she calls the Marines' lack of support for couples in combat.

Corporal Jennifer Washington is a Marine based at Camp Pendleton, California.

Her unit is being deployed. "I would love to see combat," she said. "I would love to be there with our troops you know, doing my job, what I trained for the last 3 years."

But Cpl. Washington says she can't go, because there would be no one to care for her 4-month-old-son, Dakota. Washington's husband is also a Marine and is already at war in Iraq.

"Here's my child, here's combat," she says, weighing the options. "My husband's gone, he may not return, and if I go, I may not return. I'm not gonna leave my child with no one."

Washington says other family members are either too old, or have medical
complications that make it impossible to care for a baby. She says she
explained that to her commanders.

"I told them I can't go, I have a 4 month old son. They said, 'No, you're gonna go anyway,' " she said. "They told me my options were to find someone to take care of my son, or get a discharge from the Marine Corps.

She says when she repeatedly pointed out her concerns, she was shocked
to hear one response.

"Somebody in my command advised me, 'Well, you can give up your child
for adoption.' I said 'Oh no, that's not going to happen.' "

To further complicate matters, Cpl. Washington recently had surgery for cervical cancer. She understands military rules allow for her to be deployed after being treated, but she thinks field conditions would not be good for her.

The Marines have offered her a general discharge. She says she'll take it. "I can't leave my son, he's my only son," she said. "If it was anybody else, would they leave their son?"

Cpl. Washington says there are no rules when it comes to two parents being deployed. She says it's up to the commander's discretion to decide if one can stay home.

We've asked officials at Camp Pendleton for their side of the story. They say they're still gathering the facts.

Since this story first aired Wednesday on ABC's Good Morning America, people have been calling KOMO 4 News offering to care for baby Dakota.

The kind thoughts are appreciated, but again, this family lives in California.


That is something people should think about before hand.

WHAT could happen IF I marry this person who's also in the military? WHAT could happen IF we have children and there is a reason for deployment?

If she's not going to follow orders, she should be discharged. Although it would have been one thing if the baby was four days old instead of four months old.

Yes, I'm a parent but I guess I'm a hardass about it. They had no business having kids and should have waited until later if there was a possibility they could have both been deployed. Yes, not all birth control methods are reliable--*I* of all people know this. However, either one of them needed to not sign up to begin with or not re-enlist or someone needed to take the discharge, honorable or not. Or really thought about what they COULD or SHOULD do if both were deployed--'We have a child now, we need to be responsible and what can we do in case we both get called to go?'

The US Marines are just that, THE US MARINES. They are not there for her convenience and/or desire to have employment. Other couples have been deployed and had to leave children behind. She is no different from anyone else. She is property of the US military.

To me, this shows a lack of planning on the part of her and her husband and she needs to get over it. Would it be easy to leave that child? No. But they ain't the only ones leaving family members behind.

And that happens to be my comments on the matter this morning.


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March 26, 2003


Via Instapundit come the top ten myths of the Iraq war.

Take a look at number four: The United States armed Saddam. This one grew over time, but when Iraq was on its weapons spending spree from 1972 (when its oil revenue quadrupled) to 1990, the purchases were quite public and listed over $40 billion worth of arms sales. Russia was the largest supplier, with $25 billion. The US was the smallest, with $200,000. A similar myth, that the U.S. provided Iraq with chemical and biological weapons is equally off base. Iraq requested Anthrax samples from the US government, as do nations the world over, for the purpose of developing animal and human vaccines for local versions of Anthrax. Nerve gas doesn't require technical help, it's a variant of common insecticides. European nations sold Iraq the equipment to make poison gas.

And number seven: The U.S. created Saddam. Arab nationalism created Saddam. He neither asked, needed nor got any help from the United States as he rose to power in the Baath party. When he took over in 1979, he promptly went to war with Iran a year later. Even before that, public opinion, and public policy, regarding Saddam (the bloody minded head of the secret police) was negative. You can go read it in the contemporary papers. Despite most Americans feeling OK about Iran getting hammered by Iraq (because Iran had held our embassy staff hostage for over a year), there was no move to provide Iraq with weapons. When the Iraqis looked like they might fold, and Iran's then fearsome Islamic Jihad (against less observant Moslems, and mostly against America, the Great Satan) might spread, the U.S. provided Iraq with satellite photos of Iranian military positions. After that war ended in a draw in 1988, the U.S. believed Saddam's pronouncements that he had seen the light and would rein in his aggressive impulses.

The other eight can be found here.

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Now, This I Like...


From Yahoo!News:

A British Warrior armored combat vehicle drives into a picture of Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) in the city of Basra, March 24, 2003. British forces south of Basra have blocked an attempted breakout by up to 50 Iraqi tanks seeking to press southward from the edge of the city, a British naval commander said on Tuesday. Photo by Pool/Reuters

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A Canadian Patriot

From the National Post, a speech written by an 18-year-old St. Catharines, Ont., student.

Mr. Speaker, at this time I must remind this House what Canadian patriotism entails. A Canadian patriot is someone who is proud of his country. It is someone who fights for his country and for freedom and democracy. A Canadian patriot strives to relieve the oppressed in nations that they may never see. And finally, a Canadian patriot will stop at nothing to bring these values to the entire world.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien says he's a patriot. He claims to hold to these values. I would like to ask Mr. Chrétien how he is displaying his patriotism today.

He is not fighting for his country, because he is not fighting at all.

Nor is he fighting for democracy and freedom: two principles that are unknown to an Iraqi citizen.

I believe that Mr. Chrétien has a responsibility, the same responsibility that the House has, and the same responsibility that every Canadian citizen has. We must teach the world what we know as Canadians.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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Cold Weather Gear In Hell?

Brazile says her party must support troops

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile says she backs President Bush's war to overthrow Saddam Hussein and wants her party's leaders to project a stronger message that they support what U.S. troops are doing in Iraq.
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Ari Fleischer = Stud

According to Britain's Telegraph newspaper, Ari Fleischer is hot.

"The balding White House spokesman . . . has females the length and breadth of the States a-swoonin'. . . . Some comments on the new Ari Fleischer Internet fan site: 'Some people don't understand how a hot blonde 24-year-old NYC girl could have such a major crush on Ari Fleischer -- but I DO!!' writes one groupie. 'I think it is so cool the way he can walk into a room full of press sharks and completely control the room and never ever flinch.' Another sighs: 'I am a 34-year-old wife and mother of two who still believes in right and wrong. Yes, even my husband knows of the crush I have on Ari, and finally I know I am not alone.' "

I dunno. I'm more of a Rummy gal myself.

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Mystery Solved

We have had a tidal wave of traffic to the site today -- over 700 visits and still counting. On a normal day, we get maybe 90-120 visits. According to Site Meter, the lion's share of the traffic was coming from Sgt. Stryker, but it still didn't make sense that so many people were all of a sudden coming from the sidebar over there. We get a nice steady number of visits from SSDB normally, but 700??? Then I found out about the CNN link and article! Talk about trickle down economics!

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Calling All Hackers?






PLEASE take these sites out! *grovels*



fixed the links ~ Ith
fixed the links (there were two links per link. bizarre) ~ Nin

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I'm a minor photography nut. And, I'm awed at some of the photographs taken in the last couple of days. Especially of the troops in the sandstorms.

OK... back to work now.

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A Bit Of Funny

Just another mood lightener... Today's Non Sequitur:


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What We Can Do To Help

Last night, the husband made a comment--he wanted us to put together a box to send to Iraq for some of the military folks over there. I said that was fine and he asked me if I could find out where to get it to for it to be sent over there. I told him I would.

Well, it's escalated just a bit. *g* I called a radio station that is across the bay that I listen to. Turns out, they're taking in boxes to be sent over there, which was a good thing. So I thought to myself that if I was going to make a trip over there to take our box, why not call the schools and see if they're putting together stuff to send. One of the schools here is definitely and the other isn't sure yet.

When I was asked when I was going, I told her I would make as many trips as it took and if I had to go over there a few times a week until the end of school, that I was more than willing to do it.

I feel like I've done a good thing today.


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March 25, 2003


Not really feeling like blogging much right now, but I do have this tidbit. I heard on Fox News, while in the hotel room a few days ago...

The person responsible for the most muslim deaths in the world?

Saddam Hussein.

Interesting, neh?

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How Cool Is This?

Golly gee whiz! The tv station is hosed up over in Iraq. Can't imagine why that is. I find it amusing.

I find it amusing that the Al Jazeehra sites are hosed up. (A big thank you and huge glomps to the hackers who took care of that--I don't care if you're legit or not! *G*)

It's utterly amazing and awesome that the Seals are having Flippers assis them in their duties! How nifty is that! Pretty much so, I think!

Happy Tuesday evening!


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A Few Words From Me

(I know, you're all thrilled and stuff)

We got back late last night, and both Nin and I seem to have picked up a stomach bug. Not to mention, it was cheerleading competition weekend at Disneyland, and not only did they infest the park, but they were in our hotel and very noisy at all hours. So, I'm not feeling too blog-post-worthy right now!

Just a few notes about the party (I'll post the non-war related party news on my personal blog tomorrow, stomach willing!) from when we were standing in line waiting to get through security. One, all the choppers overhead and the constant sound of them, it made me feel like I was seven again and living in Berkeley during the Vietnam riots. Back then, I thought riots, curfews, bomb scares, and tear gas, were normal! Two, a few times LAPD motorcycle and car officers went by, sirens blazing. Most of the line would cheer and applaud then as they drove by. A couple of the motorcycle officers gave us a little nod and salute as they went whizzing by.

So that's it for me tonight. Hopefully I'll be back to normal blogging tomorrow!

update: Nin put some pics up on her blog

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it doesn't have to be their full name, but just a first name will do, of military people that don't have anyone to do something like light a candle for them. It can be a friend of a family member who's in the military that you know doesn't have any family or whatever.

It doesn't even have to be someone on the front line. Just someone that doesn't have anyone is all. I'd like to keep a notebook of names and another candle going for these folks.

It's the least I can do.


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More For Your Reading Pleasure This Fine Morning

From, I read that the so called Syrian bus hit Monday by a US missile that killed five people JUST HAPPENED TO BE toting Palestinian volunteers to Baghdad. Aw damn. And just what the frap does everyone think that these volunteers were gonna be doing? Looking for us to come in there and help them? I think not. They were going to help KILL our troops! Doesn't that suck? No--cuz they're dead.

A missile thingy shot from a helicopter is a beautiful thing.

Kel, keeping a candle lit each day until everyone comes home

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I Learned A New Phrase This Morning is a list I found yesterday and subbed to. Someone made a comment about the Islamo-Fascists. While it's amusing at first, it's also very true, and hence, scary.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, when I still beleived in 'A' 'G-d', in other words, still going to church, there was an adorable little Egyptian couple who went there. They were extremely intelligent, well educated to the point of being like trilingual and one of the things I can recall about them was when they were speaking against their previous religious beliefs. Yeah, you guessed it--they had been Muslim. Know what stands out in my mind that I recall these folks saying? How much of a violent religion it is, that it was extremely violent, moreso than what anyone really had a clue about and how women are treated lower than a second class citizen that was a canine. *shaking head* That is what I recall. I would have to say that after recalling that and seeing what I've seen in the past year and a half, I believe it.

Did anyone realize that one of the favorite ways of converting 'Christians' during the Crusades was to soak their feet in boiling oil and if said person didn't convert, then their tongue would be cut out. I'd say that's pretty fucking violent.

Know what? Those fuckers come knocking on my door to get me to 'convert', they'll be met with a small arsenal. I may go down because I refuse to 'convert' but I'll go down fighting and happily take a few of those fucktards with me!

Deeply thoughtful this bright and lovely morning--

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March 24, 2003

The Glasses Thing

Regarding the tape released last week--anyone notice the fact that Who'sinsane isn't always shown with glasses on? But in that tape he was. And anyone notice how thick they were? I did. Everyone I've known who had glasses that thick was damn near legally blind. But he's shown much of the time not wearing them. If that is the case, then wouldn't he need a seeing eye slave to keep him from walking into stuff?

Just my half pence this morning.

Kel, going to the gathering this evening at the coliseum

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March 23, 2003

In Your Face, France

Chemical weapons factory about 90 miles south of Baghdad. SCREW YOU, FRENCHY FROGS! Bend over and kiss our superior asses and those of the Brit and Ozzie military!


Kel, loving

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Not Even Vacation Will Stop Me!

Even when I'm at Disneyland, I still find time to blog. Now, that's dedication.

So, here are some tidbits I came up with...

  • I'm in shock and awe over how many non-military ways I've come up with saying 'shock and awe'
  • I saw the Iraqi Information Minister give a speech last night on Fox News. The only things I learned from the speech: 1) He loves the sound of his own voice. 2) He has no grip on reality.
  • Saw a strange situation on Highway 101 through Los Angeles. Saw 1 highway patrol car, 1 LAPD patrol car, 2 stealth police cars, and three motorcycle cops, and a police helicopter all in same traffic... Wondering what they were up to...
  • Ith came up with the observation that watching the Bombing at Umm Qasr was like watching Africam. And, since the camera was pointed away from the boming site, exactly like Africam! :-)
  • What does AAA mean when they're talking about Iraq? Anti-Aircraft Artillery? I know it doesn't mean American Automobile Association... Now, that's an image! "Today, the American Automobile Association launched cars at incoming missles..." [snort]
  • OK... now, I have to go... more later, probably...

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    March 22, 2003

    Hypocritial Blithering Idiots

    the so called 'peaceful' protestors. *GAG* What a bunch of ass chunk hypocrites. They're trying to beat the piss out of the cops. Oh yeah, peaceful my ass.

    Happy Saturday.

    Kel, disgusted at the hypocrisy

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    Just Had To Share This!


    I know, I said I wouldn't post anymore links cuz I suck at posting them, but this is just awesome! *g*


    Update: Fixed link - even on vacation! - Nin
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    March 21, 2003

    Take Care

    Nin and I are off for the weekend and will be back late Monday. Everyone keep safe, and Kel and Paul will provide reading material for the weekend :)

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    Some Pretty Pictures

    I got these from The Command Post who got them from multiple (maybe the same) news websites...

    And, not just because of the subject matter. There's just something aesthetically pleasing about them.



    And, my favorite airplane (Oh, for 1.2 billion to own one! [g]) This picture is via Air Force Technology


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    What I'm Seeing

    I'm seeing happy Iraqi people. I've seen them dancing in the streets several times today. I've seen them tearing down pics of Hussein side by side with our military guys. It's a damn good feeling!


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    We've Got To Do It Right This Time

    An article on the liberation of Sawfan. The majority of the article is hopeful and good news. But this little bit brought tears to my eyes:

    An old woman shrouded in black -- one of the very few women outside -- knelt toward the feet of Americans, embracing an American woman. A younger man with her pulled her away, giving her a warning sign by sliding his finger across his throat.

    In 1991, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died after prematurely celebrating what they believed was their liberation from Saddam after the Gulf War. Some even pulled down a few pictures of Saddam then -- only to be killed by Iraqi forces.

    Gurfein playfully traded pats with a disabled man and turned down a dinner invitation from townspeople.

    "Friend, friend," he told them in Arabic learned in the first Gulf War.

    "We stopped in Kuwait that time," he said. "We were all ready to come up there then, and we never did."

    We have to make sure we stay for the duration this time. We can't abandon these people this time.

    Posted by Ithildin at 11:14 AM

    The Turks

    Here's a post from Rich Lowry about a phone call he just had. Seems like the Turks are already crossing over into Northern Iraq.

    Just had a very worried call from David Pryce-Jones. This is a rough transcript of what he had to say (all tentative and speculative, of course):

    "The Turks have moved their forces to the border, and there are the first reports that they've crossed the border. They've claimed it is a humitarian mission. The Kurds will fire on them, and certianly lose. Then we will have found a Turkish occupation of the north, which will be very difficult for the administration to confront. We'll have very little leverage to get them out. It could be a very nasty situation indeed. We'll have hideous fighting with very leverage to control it. This could throw the whole plan out. It ceases to be a liberation of Iraq. It becomes a cannibilization of it. The rumour that I'm catching--which is only a rumour--is that there is a blazing row between Colin Powell and the Turks, because he feels he's been lied to and cheated. That they always intedned to occupy Norhtern Iraq."

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:03 AM

    I'm Stunned, Stunned!

    Jacques Chirac says France will not authorize a U.N. resolution allowing the United States and Britain to administer postwar Iraq.

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    Lone Dissenter

    I discovered this blog through a link on the Corner today.

    The blog is written by a Bay Area high school student who has quite a different POV than that of her fellow students.

    Great reading!

    Posted by Ithildin at 9:49 AM

    Thank you--

    I think it's something that needs to be said to the Brits and the Ozzies who are fighting alongside our military folks. Thank you for being so supportive. Thank you for doing what you're doing.


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    The lights are on--

    I don't have a flag to put up yet, but by golly, anytime I get in my van, my lights are on to support our troops! And the UK troops and the Oz troops!

    WCPR is playing the Hendrix version of the national anthem for the fallen Marine who was killed. I'm gonna try not to cry, but it's hard. I hope we don't lose anyone else. I know, it's a nice hope, but not realistic. I've had candles going all week and will burn at least two a day until this thing is over with.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday.


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    March 20, 2003

    'Shock & Awe'

    I'm starting to get tired of the term 'Shock and Awe'.

    Hey! Maybe 'Shock and Awe' is in terms on how little resistance we've met so far!

    I was away from the computer and giving my full attention to Fox News. They were following the same tank for so long, I was able to do a very detailed sketch of it. Sand, sand, more sand. Oh! A helicopter!

    Sand, sand, sand...

    Then, I had so much fun drawing the tank, I drew a sketch of the Fox News Channel screen, complete with a stick figure reporter with tie. (He needs a bit of a hair cut... His hair looks really shaggy.)

    Posted by Ninjababe at 10:40 PM

    The Peace Protests in San Francisco...

    I really hate the fact that San Francisco (or Los Angeles) is how all of California is portrayed to the US and the world.


    Never mind that California is one of the largest economies in the world.

    Never mind that California is so large, it takes up the equivalent square footage of [deep breath] Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. (I actually looked all the square footages up and calculated it). And then, California is still slightly larger!

    Never mind the fact that the majority of California isn't wacko nutjobs.


    But, it's the wacko nutjobs that make news.

    Posted by Ninjababe at 8:38 PM | Comments (3)

    Anyone know of one of these?

    What I really need is a ticker like the one that is on the bottom of the Fox News channel on my computer at work.

    That way, I can do more work and less net surfing, which is always good for work...

    Posted by Ninjababe at 7:49 PM | Comments (4)


    So, on the way home, I passed a peace protest.

    I was so tempted to flick them off, but I resisted by gripping the steering wheel very tightly.

    Posted by Ninjababe at 7:48 PM | Comments (2)


    Now that I'm off work, I can make the posts I've been saving up all day...

    I saw lots of news articles this morning with headlines along the lines of "US Starts War with Surprise Missile Attack".

    Personally, I wasn't surprised. We gave an ultimatum. It wasn't met. Of course, we're going to follow through on our promise. Did the world really think that after the 48 hours, the President would say "Oh, ok... That didn't go well... We'll give you another week." or "Oh, never mind. We were bluffing!"?

    That, and why wouldn't it start with a missile attack? Precision missile attacks are the best way to disrupt communications. And, these days, split second communication is the only way to win a war.

    Posted by Ninjababe at 7:44 PM

    Watch out if you're in Frisco--

    There are fucktards abounding--they staged a vomit in.

    What a bunch of disgusting ass chunks. That is just fucking retarded. They weren't able to come up with a better way to get their point across?

    Go find a vomitorium. What a bunch of doofi. *rolling eyes*


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    Oh! Poor Babies!

    Dixie Chicks See Airplay Slide After Bashing Bush

    I knew this would happen when I heard that the station that helped launch their career stopped playing them.

    Posted by Ninjababe at 11:14 AM | Comments (1)


    Downtown San Francisco is totally frozen due to out of control protesters. MORONS! You have the right to protest, but you sure as hell don't have the right to disrupt my life, or anyone elses. A coworker just told me he heard a guy in a big truck just drove into the protest with a huge sign that says, "Go War!".

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:50 AM

    It's Only A Scratch

    In a morning news conference, Saddam vowed to fight on, saying "What? It's only a scratch! I will defeat you. Oh, running away? Come back and fight!" John Cleese was not available for comment.

    Link via Jonah on The Corner

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:37 AM

    What Scuds?

    Jonathan Adler on The Corner: This morning, CNN reported, "In Baghdad, Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Al-Sahaf said he had heard a report that U.S. forces had downed a Scud. "But we don't have Scud missiles," he said." As GMU law professor Ronald Rotunda notes, "This is an existential question: if Iraq does not have Scud missiles, how can a US missile down it? The French are very interested in existentialism, so perhaps they will explain."

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:34 AM


    United States Central Command -- the website.

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:32 AM | Comments (2)

    Two Things At Once

    I wonder if us sending 1000+ troops on a mission in Afghanistan yesterday, just as we were starting on Iraq, was a message that we can fight on two fronts at once? Or was it a mere coincidence? I think it was a message myself.

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:30 AM

    Attention Getter

    Want to know how to get people to stare at your chest? Wear one of these during your normal morning walk...

    I walk in the morning around downtown before work and today, I had so many people staring at my shirt.


    Posted by Ninjababe at 9:47 AM

    Poorly thought out? I think so.

    I got up to this post this morning:

    My brother X is a Marine stationed in Kuwait. He's twenty years old, and isn't very happy there, as I'm sure you all can imagine. Please keep him in your thoughts for me, ok?

    Well excuse the fuck out of me. Little ickle X doesn't like the military life? At age twenty he IS old enough to figure out his arse from a hole in the ground and comprehend what he COULD be getting into if he did join the military.

    My first thought for a reply was: Well at least he's not flying INTO Iraq.

    My second thought for a reply was: You know what? Maybe he shouldn't have signed on to go into the military.

    My third thought for a reply was: B's nephew just left Monday for the military. I think it's nice that young men like them want to defend us.

    She could have worded it better: He's intimidated or this is scary.

    Fine--it's just as scary here in some ways. But like B said in AIM, she is not the only one by far that has someone over there. There is a division from Fort Drum is over there and she has several friends in that division.

    Sometimes friends can be closer than family--in which case it would be hard either way.

    My reply on the matter was this:

    Of course he doesn't like it--who would? I mean really, when he or anyone
    else for that matter signed on to be in the military, I hardly think that
    Kuwait was their first thought as far as where they would be stationed.
    But one must go serve where one's country sends them, regardless of if
    it's where they want to be or not. I'm sure he's not the only one who'd
    rather be stationed somewhere like Japan or Hawaii. *g*

    Naturally as with the rest of our troops that are doing their duty to
    defend their country, they will be in our thoughts and our prayers until
    this thing is over and they come safely home. Although if I keep burning
    'thoughts' like I've been doing for other people, then I'm either going to
    need to apply for church status as a fucking catholic church or I'm going
    to have a bonfire in my living room. *g*

    And that was my reply to her. Several of the people on said particular list have Bush Bashed in the past. I kept my mouth shut, although it was hard.

    There are bumper stickers down here that say 'I support our troops while they protect our asses.' I thought it was cute, so I added it to my sig on yahoo mail, just so they would see where *I* stood since I'd kept my mouth shut.

    If, after this post, I get kicked off the list, it will more than prove to me that the majority of the Dimocraps aren't worth my time to bother with because while they call us conservatives narrow minded, I think they need to go take a look in the mirror because they are the ones who are more intolerant. *g*

    But I got to speak my mind since that chick's brother is defending this country. That means I got a right to say stuff. *g*

    Poorly thought out post on her part or mine? You tell me. You see, she could have said that her family misses him. She could have said he likes the military but is intimidated as fuck over where he is. Hell, if he WASN'T, I'd say he was seriously fucked up in the head--anyone who's human would be intimidated at being there. Or she could have just said 'Remember him.' And that would have been fine.

    Happy freaking Thursday.

    Kel, cheering on the bombs so our guys can kill some dictators

    Posted by at 5:44 AM

    March 19, 2003

    Already There

    Delta Force on urgent mission to kill Saddam

    ELITE teams of US Delta Force commandos have been inside Iraq for weeks and are preparing to descend on Baghdad with the objective of capturing or killing President Saddam Hussein, US defence officials said yesterday.

    Small, highly mobile units picked from the US Army’s most revered and secretive fighting force have been assigned a key mission of the war: to hunt down Saddam, his two sons and at least a “dirty dozen” of Iraq’s top military and civilian leaders.

    The Delta Force, the US equivalent of the British SAS, has 306 men. It has been training for several years with the CIA for the specific mission of hunting down the Iraqi leader, officials said.

    Last night they were being mobilised to infiltrate Baghdad and Saddam’s home city of Tikrit to begin the hunt.

    As plans were revealed to drop the commandos from Black Hawk helicopters to sites outside Baghdad, it became clear that, if US forces locate Saddam, the likelihood is that they will kill him and his closest henchmen rather than capture them.

    “The expectation is to kill him within days (of the start of the war),” a Pentagon official said.“It’s what Delta has been training 24/7 to do.”

    Posted by Ithildin at 6:18 PM | Comments (2)

    WMD Sites

    US military lists 300 suspected sites

    The US military has drawn up a list of more than 300 suspected sites of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that it will be investigating, a US military official said this week.

    The sites are concentrated mostly in and around Baghdad, though a few are located as far south as the town of Samawa, the official said.

    Thomas Donnelly, a military analyst with the American Enterprise Institute, said President Saddam Hussein based many of his chemical and biological weapons sites in and around Baghdad so the regime could keep control of it.

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    I'm stuck at work for at least another hour and have no TV access. So, is the President actually going to speak at 6pm? I'd heard he was, then I heard it was just a rumour. Our local news talk station only has it's local regularly scheduled chat on right now. I'll put on the radio at 6pm, but I'm curious as to whether it's happening or not.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:31 PM


    So many people are posting updates on the war, and I'm at work, so can't really post (I'm on a lunch break right now), so I've been thinking about what I should post when I get off work. Heck if I know. Like Rachel, I'm feeling a little antsy and don't quite know what to do about it.

    So I'll keep thinking through the day, and well see what 5pm brings.

    Here's one war related link you may want to check out. Mickey passed it on to me today. It's the web journal of a journalist & photagrapher currenty in Northern Iraq. It has up to date photos and commentary. Worth checking out.

    Posted by Ithildin at 1:09 PM

    March 18, 2003


    Golly gee, Daschle was the one who had farking ANTHRAX in his office. Why shucks, did it just sprout up out of nowhere? Maybe it sprouted out of his nose. Okay, SO not going there.

    Failing diplomacy? Dubya's got more stones than he does and he's just jealous about that. He needs to get out of office. His remarks against Dubya are just as bad, if not worse than Moran's nasty remark about Jewish folks and the implication that Lott said something he really didn't say.

    How about Dimwit Daschle gets put on trial for treason? Heh. *taking mental walk about what they used to do with folks like that* What a pleasant thought.

    I mean really--WHO the frap failed diplomancy here? It weren't Dubya--he wasn't the one putting people up to stealing airplanes and committing murder with them--DUH!

    Let's see some Iraqians get blowed up.

    Kel, probably unpunishing her 4 year old from the PS2 tomorrow so he can go rescue the mayor of 'Koolaid City' on Conflict Desert Storm

    Posted by at 7:12 PM

    More Sheryl Wisdom

    Sheryl Crow has posted her thoughts [ahem] on war with Iraq. There's much hilarity in her very long post, but here's a favorite bit:

    It is my desire that we be an awake nation that investigates what it stands for and that as people, we define what we stand for. It is my dream that the arrogance that represents us as a nation can be changed in the eyes of the world and that we will rise up as a nation of peaceful people who will work at finding other ways of eliminating enemies....perhaps by consciously not creating enemies in the first place

    Bwahahahaha! Excuse me while I wipe tears from my eyes and catch my breath. Go read it all if you're feeling so inclined.

    UPDATE!! Sheryl took her post down [sniff] But, thanks to a heads up from Andrea, I now have the link to the post where it has been saved for posterity. (But you may want to have a few drinks first.)

    UPDATED UPDATE: The ever wonderful Rachel left a link to the cached version of Sheryl's opus in the comments. So here's the link of you'd like to see it in all its original glory!

    A NOTE TO THE UPDATE(S):Man, yesterday, Misha linked to my "Yadda" post, and I had a MishaLanche, then Andrea linked to this post, and now, Rachel has linked to it, so I'm currently experiencing a RachelLanche :) I shall get quite giddy with all this attention!

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    East Meets West?

    Wendy McElroy on war, and the transformation of Western Feminism

    Historically, war has exerted a defining influence on American feminism. World War II ushered women out of the kitchen and into Rosie-the-Riveter jobs. Feminism in the '60s grew out of the anti-Vietnam War movement, to which current feminism owes much of its leftist bias. During the Civil War, feminists such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony consciously subordinated "the woman question" in order to support the Union cause. When the 15th Amendment to the Constitution — a postwar measure — enfranchised black men, feminism reacted by becoming a one-issue movement: The cry was "votes for women!"

    The war with Iraq and its aftermath will have an equally dramatic impact. One reason: Western feminism will be forced to confront its Eastern counterpart, which is, in significant ways, a mirror opposite: Islamic feminism. The encounter is likely to change the definition of feminism itself.

    Posted by Ithildin at 6:07 PM

    First Shots Fired

    From The Times Online:

    THE first shots of the war have been fired, killing at least one Iraqi during a suspected operation to mine the waters off Kuwait. But that opening skirmish is about to be dwarfed by the most formidable military assault in modern warfare: 250,000 British and American troops — backed by more than 1,000 aircraft, 400 tanks and a 110-strong armada — are poised to unleash their awesome power on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq the moment the order is given.

    The first clash occurred in the mouth of the Khawr al-Zubayr river, a few miles south of the port of Umm Qasr, when a Kuwaiti gunboat challenged a flotilla of about 25 Iraqi dhows. The boats failed to respond and the Kuwaitis opened fire. It was unclear whether the dhows had laid any mines.

    The Royal Navy has four mine counter-measure vessels in the Gulf which were searching the waterway last night.

    Tensions in the waters off Iraq are running high and coalition ships are alert to the threat of mines and terrorist strikes. A British ship escorting Royal Navy and US minesweepers was threatened yesterday while at anchor in the northern Gulf. A cargo vessel, feared to be on an al-Qaeda suicide mission, came within 800 yards of RFA Sir Bedivere during a tense hour-long stand-off. Crew members trained two machineguns on the 500-tonne ship, The stand-off ended only when it was driven away by the heavily armed USS Ardent.

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    Peacenik Pastors

    From The Corner, a post by Rod Dreher that dovetails with Kel's earlier post:

    Over on Touchstone's blog, senior editor David Mills, an orthodox Catholic, does a splendid job of putting into perspective the absurd comments from the Romanian Catholic archbishop, which I blogged on earlier, and outrageous remarks made by Archbishop Renato Martino of the Vatican yesterday, in which (among other risible statements) he compared President Bush to Pharaoh, one of the archvillains of the Bible.

    Writes Mills: "This is what I think the various bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, with all their windy statements about 'peace,' are doing to the average Catholic. (And other religious leaders are doing to their people.) They are teaching him to ignore them, even when they speak the word of the Lord.

    "By speaking as they have done, they have made it harder for their sons to listen to them with the trust and confidence sons ought to have for their fathers. And so they are partly responsible when the sons do what the fathers tell them not to."

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:51 PM

    *Gag Me*

    Let's face it. What right does the pope have to tell Dubya shite about going to war? This is a man who needs to take care of cleaning up the ass chunks in his own backyard. Said ass chunks being those pedophilic child molester sod poofs.

    But the pope is going to condone some ass ratchets STEALING big arse airplanes and flying them into big arse buildings and killing people. (Why golly gee, how many commandments in the koran and/or the bible does that break?)

    But Dubya calling for justice to be done over this is wrong? Doesn't it talk about an eye for an eye sort of thing in that book that King James took it upon himself to have rewritten? Yeah, I think it does! *g*


    Is this another case of another mere mortal human who's allowed to overlook what is convenient for them because they want to and decide to be delusional and not want to recognize what is right? Why again, golly gee, it sure does look like it. *g*

    I'll go off to my corner and wait until there is something newsworthy that I deem worthy of my commentary on. *g*

    Happy freaking Tuesday!


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    From M-W.Com

    Oligarchy--Main Entry: ol·i·gar·chy
    Pronunciation: 'ä-l&-"gär-kE, 'O-
    Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural -chies Date: 1542
    1 : government by the few
    2 : a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes; also : a group exercising such control
    3 : an organization under oligarchic control

    Why shucky darn and slop the chickens, folks! That's a really nifty word that has some meaning, given the news events of this day and age--namely since we've got our troops trying to fix the mess of the idiot oligarchist.

    I think that's going to be the new word for the day! Shall we have a new thing with this? *g*

    Kel, who's thinking that Vcoke is the only way to go now cuz the regular stuff now tastes ick

    Posted by at 4:49 PM | Comments (3)

    Gag Me

    So who died and made the people who abducted Liz Smart god? Evidently they are delusional and of the opinion that they are above everyone else. Fine--give them ropes, let them hang themselves and they will be. *gag* Get over it, you fucktards. You live here, you abide by the same frapping laws. You wanna abide by 'god's' laws, go live with him, not us down here. We have more than enough to contend with from assratchets who decide to take over planes and fly them into big, tall buildings.

    Happy frapping Tuesday. *g*


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    Going, Going, Gone!... the woman in the red dress!

    Goodness knows we all need a laugh. So go check out the "UN Going Out Of Business Sale".

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:15 AM

    March 17, 2003

    Goldberg On ABC

    Liked this quote from Jonah Goldberg on The Corner:

    "WHEN DIPLOMACY FAILS" [Jonah Goldberg]
    That's what ABC News is calling its special coverage of Bush's speech. Too bad they weren't around for Pearl Harbor. They could have called it "When Air Defenses Fail."

    Posted by Ithildin at 6:12 PM | Comments (2)


    So, 48 hours. Or sooner, if Saddam strikes first. And, according to this, he is arming his troops with chemical weapons. But wait! How many times have I heard from the UN, Old Europe, the peaceniks, that he has no WMDs???

    So he has them. What will we do if he uses them? Hopefully make the price so high that anyone else thinkiing about it will think twice.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:28 PM

    Two Faces

    The two faces of the Democratic Party (via Drudge) :

    DASCHLE: 'This president [has] failed so miserably at diplomacy that we're now forced to war...'

    LIEBERMAN: 'It's time to come together and support our great American men and women in uniform and their commander-in-chief...'

    Posted by Ithildin at 3:54 PM

    :P to Michael Moore

    I agree with Rachel. Michael Moore is an idiot (and, as she so eloquently states, an asshat as well (Love that term!)). I only read the beginning of her rant, then went to read the 'letter'. Then, I went off.

    I refuse to post his entire 'letter', so I'm just putting down the beginning of each of his 'factual' points.

    Michael Moore wrote:

    Dear Governor Bush:

    He's President. Just because you don't like the fact that he's the president, doesn’t mean he's not. Hell, I don't go around calling Clinton 'Former Governor Clinton'.

    1. There is virtually NO ONE in America (talk radio nutters and Fox News aside) who is gung-ho to go to war. Trust me on this one.

    [raises hand]

    So, ' There is virtually NO ONE in America' huh?

    Then, why are there multiple polls out there showing support for this war? Why does all the "anti-war" protests have to dramatically increase the number of attendees?

    2. The majority of Americans -- the ones who never elected you -- are not fooled by your weapons of mass distraction.

    Actually, if you looked at the final numbers, that whole broohaha in Florida ended up with Bush the winner.

    Besides which, in the end, popular vote doesn't count for everything. That's what the electoral system is about.

    He's our president. Live with it.

    Or... perhaps, you should leave the country if you think the current government isn't meeting your needs?

    3. As Bill Maher said last week, how bad do you have to suck to lose a popularity contest with Saddam Hussein?

    Since when is world politics a popularity contest?

    Hey, guess what? Hitler was very popular as well! People around the world, even after he started World War II, thought he was the greatest!

    4. The Pope has said this war is wrong, that it is a SIN. The Pope! But even worse, the Dixie Chicks have now come out against you!

    Did I miss something?

    Are the Dixie Chicks the equivalent to the pope, and I missed it?

    And, since when is America a Catholic theocracy? The Pope's word is not law in America, just so you know.

    5. Of the 535 members of Congress, only ONE (Sen. Johnson of South Dakota) has an enlisted son or daughter in the armed forces!

    And, how many have nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters, or other family members in the military?

    Guess what? The people in the military want to be in the military. They sign up, knowing that in the future, they may have to go into combat. No one drafted them into the armed forces. They weren't forced to join.

    6. Finally, we love France. Yes, they have pulled some royal screw-ups. Yes, some of them can pretty damn annoying. But have you forgotten we wouldn't even have this country known as America if it weren't for the French?

    Personally, I don't love France. I've always been ambivalent about the French.

    Yeah, America might not have existed if it wasn't for the French. But, I'd bet money we would've. It's a known fact that the major reason we gained independence is that the British just got sick and tired of fighting us. The supply lines were too long. The British public didn't want to deal with a 'rebelling colony' any more. I wouldn't be surprised if the general sentiment was: "Let them have their independence, and see how long till they come back with their tails between their legs."

    And, have we forgotten that there wouldn't be a multi-cultural Europe if it wasn't for America?

    If it wasn't for American interference in the World Wars, especially in World War II, the world would be a very different place.

    So, we could maybe say that our help in WWII would cancel out France's help in the Revolutionary War.

    So, we're even now, right?

    We're even, we're squared away. Everything is pat. They go their way, we go ours.

    And, one of the major reasons France doesn't want police action in Iraq? They have oil agreements with the country! And, when we go in and liberate the country from that asshole, Hussein, those agreements won't mean jack.

    After you "win" the war, you will enjoy a huge bump in the popularity polls as everyone loves a winner -- and who doesn't like to see a good ass-whoopin' every now and then (especially when it 's some third world ass!).

    It may be classified as a 'third world' country, but it's also a country where the upper class eat and live better than I do!

    And, it's a 'third world' country with major military might!

    Keep hope alive! Kill Iraqis -- they got our oil!!

    I love this misconception the majority of America has that our oil all comes from the middle east.

    Yeah, there's oil in them there sand dunes. But, we also have oil sources in Finland, Russia, and hey, we're currently on the road to getting more oil from Alaska (And, don't start ranting at me about the wildlife impact. The same things were said about the oil pipe. And guess what, the environment and wildlife are better off than it was before!)

    Basically, Michael Moore, I find you an idiotic asshat. You really should research your points before publishing them in public.

    Posted by Ninjababe at 1:23 PM | Comments (5)

    A Little Levity...

    With everything going on, I figure we could all use a little laugh. So, here is today's Foxtrot:


    Posted by Ninjababe at 11:09 AM

    My Grandfather Invented Iraq

    WINSTON S. CHURCHILL on Iraq and lessons from his grandfather.

    Like President Reagan before him, George W. Bush has what my grandfather would have called "the root of the matter" in him. He is able to discern the most important issues of the day and to stand firm by his beliefs. Likewise Tony Blair. On Iraq and the Anglo-American alliance, the British prime minister has got it absolutely right: He is pursuing the true national interest of Great Britain, which is to stand at the side of the Great Republic, as my grandfather was fond of calling the land of his mother's birth.

    The time has come for the world community--or such of it as has the courage to act--to deal with this monster once and for all. Were we to shirk from this duty, the U.N. would go the way of the League. More gravely, a marriage of convenience would be consummated between the terrorist forces of al Qaeda and the arsenal of chemical, biological and nuclear capabilities which Saddam possesses.

    We have business to do and I believe that together America and Britain, and those of our allies who share our sense of urgency and strength of commitment, will soon rid the world of this demented despot, liberate the Iraqi people from tyranny, and strike a further blow against the ambitions of fundamentalist terror.

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:12 AM

    Iraq & Al-Qaeda

    I meant to post this on Friday, but forgot.

    The link will take you to satellite pics that show an airliner fuselage that they're saying was used by Al-Qaeda terrorists to train hijackers in Salman Pak, Iraq.

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:00 AM

    March 16, 2003

    Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

    Yet another example of the leftist tilt of our supposed "unbiased" mainstream media. And what's truly scary is that, for many Americans, a news magazine and thier local news is it for what they know of the world. This time, the screed is in Newsweek and is there cover story: Why America Scares The World. There is so much crap in this article, I don't even know where to begin. You know, after I read this sort of tripe, I see why Isolationism can be attractive. It doesn't matter that we protected the free world during the Cold War (and, according to this article it wasn't a big deal.... " Instead countries joined with Washington to confront the Soviet Union, a much poorer country (at best comprising 12 percent of world GDP, or a quarter the size of the American economy). What explains this?) It doesn't matter that we feed the world, provide more to help those less fortunate in the world, fought in two World Wars to free Europe, and then after WWII, rebuilt the countries of our enemies. No, we're "hated" and "feared". We don't do enough, we need to prove ourselves. Excuse my language, but F**K you!

    The article finishes:

    There are many specific ways for the United States to rebuild its relations with the world. It can match its military buildup with diplomatic efforts that demonstrate its interest and engagement in the world’s problems. It can stop oversubsidizing American steelworkers, farmers and textile-mill owners, and open its borders to goods from poorer countries. But above all, it must make the world comfortable with its power by leading through consensus. America’s special role in the world—its ability to buck history—is based not simply on its great strength, but on a global faith that this power is legitimate. If America squanders that, the loss will outweigh any gains in domestic security. And this next American century could prove to be lonely, brutish and short.

    In other words you want us to be the world's bitch. Well guess what? For a lot of us, we're at the END! I'm tired of the moaning and bitching and the lack of any appreciation. You don't like us? Fine. But don't expect me or our country to grovel and beg to get back in your little world clique. You sure as hell aren't worth it. Next time you need help, don't ask us to bail out your sorry asses. Go stew in the mess of your own making and enjoy.

    This rant brought to you by a peace loving and nurturing female. [snort]

    Posted by Ithildin at 12:56 PM | Comments (19)

    Another One Bites The Dust

    Human Shield versus Bulldozer. Guess which one won. Come on, guess!

    An American woman in Gaza to protest Israeli operations was killed Sunday when she was run over by an Israeli bulldozer, witnesses and hospital officials said.

    I don't know what they teach kids in college these days, but I'm guessing common sense isn't on the list. Maybe they need to add a class.... "Remember, unless you're Superman, a human being can't stop a bulldozer -- not even a little one."

    Rachel Corrie, 23, a college student from Olympia, Wash., had been trying to stop the bulldozer from tearing down a building in the Rafah refugee camp, witnesses said. She was taken to Najar hospital in Rafah, where she died, said Dr. Ali Moussa, a hospital administrator.

    Greg Schnabel, 28, of Chicago, said the protesters were in the house of Dr. Samir Masri. Israeli almost daily has been tearing down houses of Palestinians it suspects in connection with Islamic militant groups, saying such operations deter attacks on Israel such as homicide bombings.

    "Rachel was alone in front of the house as we were trying to get them to stop," Schnabel said. "She waved for the bulldozer to stop and waved. She fell down and the bulldozer kept going. We yelled, 'Stop, stop,' and the bulldozer didn't stop at all. It had completely run over her and then it reversed and ran back over her."

    Posted by Ithildin at 12:20 PM | Comments (4)

    The Anti-Home Front

    Here's a company you won't find on the Home Front website.

    Pep Boys fires store manager because of his military obligation

    Automotive supply chain Pep Boys fired a Tucson store manager because his military Reserve duties took him away from work, according to a federal lawsuit filed here.

    It may not be an isolated case. Several other reservists fired from Pep Boys in Tucson and Pennsylvania have contacted a military advocacy group with similar complaints.

    Pep Boys' Tucson attorney, Todd E. Hale, declined to comment on the lawsuit, citing company policy not to discuss ongoing legal cases.

    In the Tucson case, Erik Balodis, then a store manager at the 7227 E. 22nd St. Pep Boys, was fired after being called to a U.S. Naval Reserve exercise in June 2002. Balodis, a father of two young children, was unable to find work for five months.

    He eventually found work as a store manager at Big Lots in October 2002 but by then the family's finances were in ruins.

    In February, his family was forced to sell its four-bedroom East Side home and file for bankruptcy. Balodis, who is stationed in South Korea, now earns about $20,000 less a year, said his wife, Kathy.

    And, according to the article, this isn't an isolated incident.

    Balodis may not be alone in how he was treated by the Pennsylvania-based company.

    Two similar incidents were reported to Arizona's state ESGR chairman, William Valenzuela.

    Valenzuela said he spoke with two other Pep Boys employees who were called to active duty and terminated by the company at about the same time as Balodis. And he said he heard there may have been four others who faced a similar fate. He said Pep Boys is the only company he's heard of that has had that many termination disputes over military service here.

    ESGR did not take any action with the other two Pep Boys employees because they had already contacted lawyers, which prohibits ESGR from getting involved, Valenzuela said.

    Davis said he received a complaint Thursday from Pennsylvania regarding a Reserve member who was deployed to Bosnia in May 2002.

    Posted by Ithildin at 11:56 AM

    March 15, 2003

    More For The Troops

    Mickey posted this on one of my other group blogs.

    Just got information about this Avon Project in my Avon newsletter. Since I'm already an Avon Rep I'm going to find out about starting one of these up, I think it's an excellent idea and no, we don't make a profit, it's all at cost, which is great! If anyone is interested, please send me an E-mail

    If anyone wants to send anything, please let me know and I'd appreciate it f you would pass it along. I'd especially like to send some things to the guys that I work with, a few of them have been overseas since right after 9/11 and then I signed up with another group of women and they have a list of places to send things too.


    Posted by Ithildin at 5:45 PM

    March 14, 2003

    For Lack Of A Cue Card

    I heard a bunch of clips on the radio this morning from a CNN show last night where Bill Maher and Ron Silver debated war with Iraq. Ron Silver just stomped all over Maher. Not with cliches or sound bites, but with articulate facts and reasoning. I was very impressed. He's a fine example of a Democratic celebrity who is principled and not merely political. As bad as Maher came off, I'm amazed he actually had his own show for as long as he did. I guess all his talking points were pre-scripted [shrug] But trying to have a debate with no cue cards to back him up, forget it!

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:58 PM | Comments (4)

    The Yanks Are Going Home

    Great Mark Steyn column. 'Nuff said. Go read.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:56 PM

    Squish Osama

    Carolyn passed this link on to me. Nice, violent fun for a Friday.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:23 PM | Comments (2)

    More Chicks

    The Corner pointed me to this Dixie Chicks fan board. Wow, they have some unhappy fans it would seem, and their defenders come off as ignorant as they do. A few snippets:

    From a thread entitled "Way To Go, Chicks"

    * I could not be more proud of the Dixie Chicks than I am now. It's so wonderful to hear the group speak up about the embarrassment and isolation our sorry president has caused for the people of the United States.

    *I applaud Natalie for speaking out. Many of you are criticizing her for speaking out while overseas, but perhaps you don't realize the censorship going on in our own country. Those of us who don't support the president's war don't get publicity, therefore many citizens don't realize the lack of support in the U.S. for the war.

    What cave does this person live in? Inquiring minds and all that. From what I can see, the majority of the posters on this thread totally disagreed with the above. A few examples:

    *When you grow up and become a real adult, you will learn that there are evil people in this world h*ll bent on destroying anything resembling western civilization. Does Hitler ring a bell? How many lives could we have saved if we had taken care of him in 1933 when he burst onto the scene? Were you against going into Kosovo to rid the world of the tyrant there? I think your wonderful Mr. Clinton did that without any permission from anyone.

    * You have got to be kidding...The anti-war protesters don't get any media attention? What have you been smoking? And, no evidence? I think you had better start doing some reading. Let me give you a quote from a person I suspect is a hero of yours: "What if Saddam fails to comply and we fail to act, or we take some ambiguous third route which gives him yet more opportunities to develop this program of weapons of mass destruction? . . . Well, he will conclude that the international community has lost its will. He will then conclude that he can go right on and do more to rebuild an arsenal of devastating destruction. And someday, some way, I guarantee you he'll use the arsenal." Those words were spoken by one William Jefferson Clinton in 1998.

    *I'm a Gore voter, but what you said illustrates clearly, that anti-war is really anti-Bush. I haven't seen one articulate argument about why Bush is wrong, just crazy ranting.

    Also, for the people who insist on saying Bush was "appointed,"we have an electoral college; always have. Get over it.

    A little entertainment for a Friday!

    Oh, BTW, a coworker said he heard that they got quite a few boos in London ater Natalie made her little statement. I'll be interested to see what reaction they get when they get to the US portion of their tour.

    Now, I'm going to take the rest of my lunch break away from the computer!

    Posted by Ithildin at 1:53 PM | Comments (2)

    Oh Yeah

    Shiite Muslim men cut their heads with swords...

    Now there's a headline for you from me want to run out and find the first group of Muslims and fucking join them--NOT! How about a round of applause on this new nomination for the Darwin Awards?

    Kel, not a fan of ass ratchet fuckwits

    Posted by at 12:16 PM | Comments (1)

    Very Kewl

    I found this link on Dreaded Purple Master. Trust me, you need to go take a look to fully appreciate this one.

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:15 AM

    March 13, 2003


    Gee, Trent Lott gets crucified for something less specifically racial than that guy who made the comments about the Jews pushing for the war and does HE get bitched at and told he should resign? NOoooo.....of course not. In my nsho, that is just too hypocritical for words. *g*

    Kel, in bitch mode

    Posted by at 7:45 PM | Comments (3)

    Just have to comment on this--

    To the family of Richard Ricci, I never believed that he had anything to do with that girl being kidnapped, even when it happened and his name was brought up. I never believed it when he was in jail and I am genuinely aggrieved that people will remember him in that manner and not as a man who had made a sincere effort to straighten his life out.

    So There to all the people who were butt heads about the man! It wasn't him after all.


    Posted by at 7:13 PM

    Dixie Chicks

    So, the Dixie Chicks came out and said that they're against military action in Iraq.

    Good for them. They're allowed to have their own opinion and voice it.

    That's what's so great with our country. You're allowed to say that you believe what the government is doing is wrong.

    It's just how and when they did it.

    They didn't say it in an interview. They didn't say it during a concert in their home country.

    They said it at a concert in Europe.

    Personaly, I find that cowardly.

    Posted by Ninjababe at 10:13 AM | Comments (8)

    Blix's French Connection

    And again I say, "HAH!" (I'm going to need to give these sorts of posts their own category soon)


    Back in the late 1990s, a new U.N. weapons inspection team was created after Saddam kicked the old inspectors out, but France, Russia and China were so unhappy about the idea that they abstained.

    The U.N. secretary general proposed Rolf Ekeus - like Blix, a Swedish arms-control expert, but unlike Blix, a man with a track record for toughness. So France & Co. used their U.N. Security Council veto (sound familiar?) to knock out Ekeus.

    "France and China joined the Russians in objecting to the nomination of Rolf Ekeus. The three want the nomination process reopened so that someone more acceptable to Iraq can be found," The New York Times reported on Jan. 19, 2000.

    Bingo - Blix. He had a track record, but it wasn't exactly sterling.

    "The fact that Blix was picked was indicative of what has been the fundamental problem - Russia, France and China have wanted to take a soft stand on Saddam Hussein," said Columbia University professor Edward Luck, who heads the Center for International Organization.

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:06 AM

    March 12, 2003

    No Turning Back

    Is this finally it? I feel like a seesaw! And I know I'm not alone in that feeling.

    You know, the person who has amazed me most through all this has been Tony Blair. It goes to show that you can always tell who your real friends are in a crisis. Before all this, I thought of him as a "Friend of Bill" who would probably put his political beliefs above all else. I've never been happier to be wrong.

    Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. You make me proud of my heritage and grateful for your friendship.

    War looms as Prime Minister prepares to bypass United Nations

    TONY BLAIR prepared his party and country for war without further approval from the United Nations yesterday.

    He served notice that he would defy scores of Labour MPs and millions of voters as he dismissed the idea that America could go it alone.

    He said for the first time that Britain and America already had legal authority for attacking Iraq. And he implied that if the UN could not bring itself to enforce its will, others would have to do so.

    Within hours of Mr Blair’s remarks, there were strong indications that Britain’s struggle to win a majority in the Security Council for authorising war is close to failure — leaving war likely within days.

    Frantic attempts to persuade wavering countries were continuing last night and an American diplomat said that as many as seven Security Council members were backing the new resolution — two fewer than required. But it was clear that the battle could end with Britain, America and Spain walking away from the process rather than face humiliation if the resolution were put to a vote.

    As the word from New York became gloomier, the government machine braced the nation for diplomatic failure — and blamed the French.

    Mr Blair told a private meeting of Labour’s parliamentary committee that he was working flat out to win a Security Council majority, but that the signs were not good. President Chirac’s promise to veto the second resolution whatever the circumstances had made the task of America and Britain at the UN hugely difficult.

    He said it was hard to persuade the “swing” countries that they should come on board when the French had said they were going to veto the resolution in any case and he said that it was illogical for France, having backed the original UN Resolution 1441, to veto its implementation.

    The arithmetic in New York appeared to be going against Mr Blair and President Bush. A senior British diplomat told The Times: “I fear that we’re not going to make it.” There were signs, however, that the mood in the Parliamentary Labour Party was beginning to shift in Mr Blair’s favour after an impassioned meeting at which the behaviour of hardline rebels calling for his removal was condemned.

    Mr Blair still faces the prospect of a rebellion even bigger than that of two weeks ago. In a Commons debate, probably on Monday, he will argue that he has worked as hard as humanly possible to secure a second resolution but was in the end thwarted by the “unreasonable” behaviour of the French.

    The rest of the article is here.

    Posted by Ithildin at 6:22 PM | Comments (1)

    The Moral Argument Against Containment

    In today's Washington Post: Deadlier Than War

    But containment enables the slaughter. Containment kills.

    The slaughter of innocents is the worst cost of containment, but it is not the only cost of containment.

    Containment allows Saddam Hussein to control the political climate of the Middle East. If it serves his interest to provoke a crisis, he can shoot at U.S. planes. He can mobilize his troops near Kuwait. He can support terrorists and destabilize his neighbors. The United States must respond to these provocations.

    Worse, containment forces the United States to keep large conventional forces in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the region. That costs much more than money.

    The existence of al Qaeda, and the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, are part of the price the United States has paid to contain Saddam Hussein.

    The link is clear and direct. Since 1991 the United States has had forces in Saudi Arabia. Those forces are there for one purpose only: to defend the kingdom (and its neighbors) from Iraqi attack. If Saddam Hussein had either fallen from power in 1991 or fulfilled the terms of his cease-fire agreement and disarmed, U.S. forces would have left Saudi Arabia.

    But Iraqi defiance forced the United States to stay, and one consequence was dire and direct. Osama bin Laden founded al Qaeda because U.S. forces stayed in Saudi Arabia.

    This is the link between Saddam Hussein's defiance of international law and the events of Sept. 11; it is clear and compelling. No Iraqi violations, no Sept. 11.

    So that is our cost.

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:45 AM


    Here's a great website that has rounded up a list of the companies that are paying the full salaries of their employees that have been called up to serve.

    Link via Andrea

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:30 AM

    March 11, 2003

    It's The Waiting

    Earlier today, I wrote this post on the feeling of frustration and worry I have. I should be in bed now, but here I am blogging up a storm, unable to settle down enough to sleep. One more blog to read, one more post to make. That one to go read is Steven Den Beste writes on "It's the waiting that wears".

    It fits my mood today, and really fits my mood staring at the monitor in the dark when I should be asleep.

    I'm going to go and at least try to reast. If you're staying up, go and read Steven's post.

    Posted by Ithildin at 11:06 PM | Comments (2)

    U.S. Military Restricts E-Mail

    Concerned that sensitive information might leak out, some units of the United States military are starting to clamp down on e-mail communication from their soldiers and sailors, who have been using it from ships, major bases and even desert outposts around Iraq to stay in touch with family and friends.

    The uncertainty underscores the double-edged nature of a technology that is giving an unprecedented opportunity for instantaneous interaction from the most remote locations, a development the Pentagon believes is helping to improve the morale in the field and at home. At the moment, much of the electronic communication is going unmonitored by the military, providing an opportunity for what some fear could be inadvertent leaks from the potential battlefield.

    The air force warned last week that it might limit or start blocking electronic messages because some people had sent home sensitive information, including digital images that might have compromised unit safety. The navy has said that on submarines, it is monitoring all e-mail traffic. And the army, while generally maintaining open access to e-mail, is restricting some Internet connections from certain bases.

    The rest of the article.

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:56 PM

    Questions, But What About Answers?

    Michael Ledeen has an article today on Iran and the specter of nuclear terrorism. So what do we do about it? Take care of Iraq and then move on to the next country on the list. We've taken out nuclear facilities before, so have the Israelis. I think it's that time again.

    And on a related note, John Hawkins has an excellent post today on "The Questions I Ask Myself About The War On Terrorism". So after you read the Ledeen article, check out this post and tell me what your answers are.

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:53 PM

    Note To Peaceniks

    Saddam ready to kill Iraqis

    Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein is planning attacks on his own people in the event of a U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and his top operative, a general nicknamed "Chemical Ali," has been put in charge of southern Iraq to quell any civilian uprisings, U.S. officials say.

    Question is, do you care? Sorry, silly question. Never let the facts get in the way of a good nekkid protest and a couple of cliched soundbites.

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:45 PM | Comments (2)

    What A Good Answer!

    Wondering why the U2 flights were called off? According to the UN: "The Iraqis were concerned about it. They asked us why two planes were operating and said it was a surprise to them. We did not want to do anything to get them upset, so we requested that America withdrew the aircraft."

    Well why didn't they say so before! They didn't want to upset the Iraqis! Isn't that sweet?

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:41 PM

    Growth Industry

    From Amiland, this post about Germany's busness dealings with Iraq.

    The German newspaper Die Welt has a damning story in Wednesday's edition about Germany's recent and quite extensive business connections with terrorist supporting states.

    Yes, we all know that the US government supported the regime of Saddam Hussein in the 70s and 80s.

    But that was before Iraq invaded Kuwait, before the Gulf War in 1991, before sanctions were imposed by the all-powerful and all-knowing United Nations.

    What has Germany done since then?

    Well, in addition to the two men convicted in January for selling industrial drilling machinery to Iraq -- one was sentenced to fewer than ten years less than Mounir Motassadeq -- it appears that Germany's internationally renowned engineers have been quite busy.

    As has already been extensively reported, nearly 100 German firms were named in the Iraqi report submitted to the UN as part of Saddam's final chance to declare its WMDs. But this information came from Iraq, so can we really trust it?

    Now, according to Die Welt, the German Customs Office [Zollkriminalamt] has compiled its own catalogue summary of Germany's proliferating companies.

    With regard to Iraq, 137 people are currently under investigation or have been accused. They come from 65 German companies where preliminary investigative proceedings are underway.

    There's much more here.

    Link via Daily Pundit

    Posted by Ithildin at 10:32 PM

    Nice Find

    I found "DaghtatorBlog" today because of SiteMeter. Turns out Dagh had quoted one of my posts on his blog. The best thing was that I discovered a great new blog!

    Thanks, Dagh!

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:50 PM


    I've come to the conclusion that the UN could find nukes, smallpox, and nerve gas, and it still wouldn't matter. 18 resolutions against Iraq, and this one meant as little as the first 17, and 19 will be worth just as little. This isn't about disarming Saddam, this is about doing everything they can to screw us. We should have never gone back to the UN, and we certainly shouldn't be going again in the next few days. The President's job is to defend the American people and our Constitution, and not to pander to our enemies and our late allies. I'm frustrated and I'm worried. What is it going to take? Iraq threatened our U2's today on top of everything else, and Blix buries evidence of Saddam's non-compliance in his reports, evidence that was supposed to be the trigger for going into Iraq. . It's obvious that he and the UN never intended to actually live up to the last resolution or to enforce it. This is a farce!

    They're playing us, and I think it's time we tell them that the game is over. Long past time. They want to call us cowboys? Then let's give it to them!

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:48 AM | Comments (8)

    Antiwar Protesters Trash 9/11 Memorial

    This link came down on an email list I'm on:

    Antiwar protesters burned and ripped up flags, flowers and patriotic signs at a Sept. 11 memorial that residents erected on a fence along Whittier Boulevard days after the terrorist attacks in 2001 and have maintained ever since.

    However, although officers witnessed the vandalism Saturday afternoon, police did not arrest three people seen damaging the display because they were "exercising the same freedom of speech that the people who put up the flags were,' La Habra Police Capt. John Rees said Monday.

    "For this to be vandalism, there had to be an ill-will intent,' he said.

    Okay, right here is where I'm going to take a deep breath and not scream at the top of my lungs. I'm thinking bad words right now.

    The rest of the article is here.

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:33 AM

    March 10, 2003

    The Unholy "Christian" Case Against War

    Christopher Hitchens, a fine upstanding member of "Atheists for Regime
    Change", on Christianity and war with Iraq.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:19 PM

    March 9, 2003

    A Letter Home

    On TroopTrax there is a letter from a soldier to his anti-war mom.

    Posted by Ithildin at 12:53 PM

    Terror In Our Schools?


    HEAVILY armed al Qaeda thugs practiced storming a school, shooting children and taking hostages in a videotaped training exercise, The Post has learned.

    The terror rehearsal took place under the mandate of al Qaeda's operations chief, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Mohammed, who was arrested in Pakistan March 1, is being interrogated by U.S. authorities at a secret location as the United States tries to learn of other attacks he may have been plotting.

    Posted by Ithildin at 12:47 PM



    TERRIFIED Iraqi soldiers have crossed the Kuwait border and tried to surrender to British forces - because they thought the war had already started.

    The motley band of a dozen troops waved the white flag as British paratroopers tested their weapons during a routine exercise.

    The stunned Paras from 16 Air Assault Brigade were forced to tell the Iraqis they were not firing at them, and ordered them back to their home country telling them it was too early to surrender.

    Posted by Ithildin at 12:42 PM

    March 8, 2003

    This Is Us

    If you've had the burning desire to see pics of some of the bloggers here, you can check out my personal journal, where you'll see pics of me and Ninjababe.

    Posted by Ithildin at 2:33 PM

    The Fairer Sex?

    Feminists to Muslim women: Drop dead.

    Today feminists celebrate International Women's Day. But don't expect to see any banners proclaiming the rights and dignity of women in the Muslim world, even though many women there are not allowed to drive, vote or venture out of the house alone. Nor will there be any mention of women who are expected to cheerfully endure, in the discreet words of the Arab News, "a light beating" from disapproving husbands.

    As the feminists of the Western world take to the streets, there will be no speeches denouncing Saddam Hussein who, in an attempt to garner support from Islamists, accuses female dissidents of adultery and has them stoned to death. And don't wait for any proclamations condemning the widespread and state-ignored practice of honor killings, the murder of young women who have ostensibly violated family honor, because they have held hands with or kissed a boy or, worse yet, because they have been raped.

    Not only are feminists averting their eyes from the truth that only Western-style democracies have made the feminist principle of the full rights and dignity of women a reality, more perversely, they are lending support to the oppression and tyranny they profess to hate. In the name of respecting "the other," postcolonial feminists have been known to defend forced marriage, polygamy, and even female circumcision, while the bureaucratic U.N. feminists have touted the Iraqi regime for its support of women in the workplace. Most ironic are the gender feminists who call on us to "invest in caring," but who prefer not to notice the consequences of their position: not caring about the millions of people--female and male--who suffer under the rule of tyrants.

    As I type this, FOX news is doing a report on this same subject. NOW actually has a press release claiming that liberating Iraq would hurt Iraqi women because "they have more rights than women in Saudi Arabia". Dear God!! How do these 'women' look at themselves in the mirror? How do their warped brains handle the utter hypocrisy of their positions? If they had to spend but a few weeks in Iraq and live like those Iraqi women who they think are so well off. If they had to watch their children being tortured in front of them for some 'sin' against the regime. If they had to spend time in Saddam's prisons where they were raped by the staff rapist. But of course, American feminists have more important things to do, like trying to get women accepted at some swanky golf club. I'm sure all those oppressed Iraqi women can understand that Western feminists have to have some sort of priorities! I mean, some things are really important after all.

    These women disgust me. They do not represent anything I would ever want to be associated with. And it that makes me not a 'real woman' in their eyes, then I'm more than thankful. Not for a million dollars would I be their sort of woman.

    Link via Daily Pundit

    Posted by Ithildin at 12:02 PM | Comments (2)


    Almost a month ago, I wrote this post -- The Agneda Factor -- where I aksed, "How do we know they'd actually admit they found anything that could potentially become a "smoking gun"? Everyone has an agenda and I'd like to know who the inspectors are loyal to. Because those loyalties could have everything to do with finding what France, Germany, and their UN cronies want, and absolutely nothing to do with what's right. "

    So maybe I wasn't so paranoid after all. I read today, in the comments of this post on "Daily Pundit", that Hans Blix has been burying important information in his reports about weapons violations found in Iraq. His objectivity is now being questioned.


    Posted by Ithildin at 11:45 AM

    March 7, 2003

    A Change Of Heart

    I heard this on the radio yesterday, and while blog browsing, I found a wonderful post on the subject by Iain Murray. It tells the story of Anne Clywd, a dyed in the wool left-winger, who appears to have had a change of heart after visiting Kurdistan and seeing what Saddam has wrought -- and what they have accomplished under US and British protection.

    "I'd seen museums in Rwanda, Cambodia and on the Holocaust, but nothing prepared me for this," she says.

    "The museum has been set up in the old torture centre, where thousands died. They've kept the cells with the bullet holes, and pictures drawn by children imprisoned there - images of birds and aeroplanes scratched into the walls with blood. The guards said they didn't imprison anyone younger than 11 but they forged their birth certificates."

    Former prisoners showed her around. On the walls were hundreds of photographs of piles of clothing, mass graves and skulls. "Saddam's regime is like the Khmer Rouge and the Nazis; they are obsessed by documenting everything they've done. There are lots of photographs of prisoners just before they were executed, grinning at the cameras. The guards tickled them before they died to make them laugh."

    The day she opened the museum it was snowing, grey and icy. "Hundreds of relatives of the dead and the victims queued up to watch and to tell me their stories. An old Kurdish woman shoved a piece of plastic at me; inside were two photographs of her husband and two missing sons. She wanted to know how they died. One old man showed me a photograph of 15 of his family. He was the only survivor. 'Why was I meant to survive?' he said."

    Mrs Clwyd was asked to cut the ribbon. "I could feel my voice breaking. I've given thousands of speeches but I couldn't speak. I started walking round the room, trying to compose myself, but when a Kurdish TV cameraman asked me how I felt, I burst into tears. As I stood in that museum, I just thought: 'Why didn't we carry on to Baghdad? Why did we let this keep happening for another 12 years?' "

    There's much more to read here. There are no permalinks, so you'll have to scroll down a bit to "The Last Compromise".

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:47 PM | Comments (2)

    Pearl Harbour?

    I get these email newsletters from the Federalist on a fairly regular basis (though I rarely seem to get the time to read them!). The latest one had this in it, and it's something I hadn't heard about, so I'm putting it out here for comment.

    On the day after 9-11, we noted the uncanny comparisons between Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and Jihadistan's attacks on 9-11. Now, intelligence sources tell us that al-Qa'ida Jihadis are, ironically, targeting Pearl Harbor's military facilities for their "symbolic value" -- spectacular attacks that would rival 9-11.

    I'm not too sure what to think of this. It would seem logistically more complicated to try to commit a terror act on an island, wouldn't it? Not to mention at a military base. I'm no expert, but those are the first thoughts that I had.

    Then the rest of the article deals with other related issues:

    And, as The Federalist has maintained since 9-11, other Jihadis are, indeed, waiting for their orders, which is precisely why the Bush doctrine of preemption against asymmetric threats created by state sponsors of terrorism like Iraq, rather than the old "MADD" doctrine of containment of symmetric threats, is so critical to U.S. national security.

    To begin to grasp the potential number of Jihadis slumbering in U.S. suburbs, last year the INS deported only 13% of illegal aliens not in custody but facing deportation orders, and, significantly, the INS deported only 6% of those illegals from nations on the State Department's list of seven state sponsors of terrorism. At last count, more than 350,000 non-detained aliens under deportation orders remain at large -- and that accounts only for those known illegals.

    And a footnote on surprise attacks: Isoroku Yamamoto, who plotted the attack on Pearl Harbor received his "higher education" in the U.S. (Harvard). Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, we now know, also received his "higher education" in the U.S.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:37 PM

    And Another "YAY!"

    Rachel's back too!!

    [does the Ninjababe dance of glee and destruction]

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:38 AM | Comments (2)

    March 6, 2003


    Gary's back!

    Posted by Ithildin at 7:14 PM


    On a list Ith and I are on, Ith posted this:

    U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur is comparing the Founders of our country with Bin Laden. Yeah, George Washington made a habit of blowing up buildings full of civilians, women, children and torturing, brutalizing, and murdering those that opposed him.

    "When America "cast off monarchical Britain" in 1776, it involved the help of many religious people who had fled repression in other countries, the 11-term Toledo congressman said. Among the nontraditional American revolutionaries were the Green Mountain Boys, a patriot militia organized in 1770 in Bennington, Vt., to confront British forces, she said.

    "One could say that Osama bin Laden and these non-nation-state fighters with religious purpose are very similar to those kind of atypical revolutionaries that helped to cast off the British crown," Miss Kaptur said."

    Bull shit.

    The Green Mountain Boys didn't hijack a wagon full of gunpowder and drive it into the Tower of London during a busy day, causing it to explode.

    The Green Mountain Boys didn't advocate suicide missions in the name of Jesus. That if they destroyed the 'Infidel Redcoats' no matter what the personal cost, they'd go to heaven and be waited on hand and foot by 70+ virgin ladies.

    They were the creators of guerilla warfare. Basically, they used a form of combat that, until then, was only used by highway men. Ambush. Sabotage.

    As far as I know, they never attacked civilians. Yeah, guerilla warfare is bloody. But, so is all forms of combat. Soldiers against soldiers. Those who knew they could die that day. Not innocent women and men and children who were blissfully unaware that they would be killed.

    Posted by Ninjababe at 6:15 PM

    Steyn On France & Canada

    Another wonderful article by Mark Steyn. That's all I have to say, so go read all of it!

    After Carolyn's aside, the airwaves were far less supportive. Canadians are happy to condescend to Americans, but are less comfortable boasting about hating 'em. Hate, after all, is unCanadian: We're the people who hate the haters so much we have laws and commissions to punish such sentiments.

    But here's the thing: Suppose those damn Americans aren't "morons." Suppose they really are "bastards." If they're morons, they'll be too moronic to notice the ever widening gap between the U.S. and its northern neighbour these last 18 months. But, if they're bastards, they might do something about it. They might, say, remove the uniquely privileged rights of entry Canadians presently enjoy to the United States, an arrangement that dates back before the invention of Canadian citizenship to our status as British subjects and which is arguably not reflective of our present Ducrosian disposition. If the damn Americans were bastards, they might require Commonwealth citizens resident in Canada, who hitherto have been able to cross back and forth at will, to undergo a 60-day visa application process which obliges them to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest U.S. consulate to be interviewed in person.

    What's that? They've already begun introducing these things? Oh, my! In
    Canada, the border is the economy. So, if the border slows down, the
    economy is sure to follow. Our economic well-being hinges on those damn
    Americans being morons not bastards.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:53 PM

    Real Women & War

    There has been a very spirited discussion going around the blogosphere
    about women and war and the Lysistrata project. This has pushed all my
    buttons Just ask Nin how often I rant at the TV when some woman -- naked for peace -- is on a news chat show and claims to be speaking for me
    because I'm a woman!

    This post was mentioned on Wall Street Journal Best of the Web and I thought I'd share it becuase it really hit me where I live.

    What also galls me is that these women are claiming not only sex, but femininity itself as a uniformly passive, gentle, loving, pacifist attribute. What rubbish. I shouldn't support waging war on a mass-killing dictator because as a woman, my place is to elevate discourse and consensus and eschew "manly", messy action? They're even implying that if I am not a peaceful, good-mannered, right-thinking woman like them, a woman for peace, then perhaps I am not really a woman at all? And these are the women who are telling me this?

    There is so much in this post that is awesome, so go read all of it.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:46 PM | Comments (1)

    The Jewish Conspiracy

    This is a subject that has had me increasingly outraged and upset. The more
    I read and hear about the Left, the more their true colours are showing.

    This was a post on The Corner that does a good job of summing up what I'm
    talking about:


    I wasn't going to say anything about the tone and content of last night's
    Nightline feeding into anti-Semitic conspiracy thought. Some of the leading
    lights of the Project for a New American Century happen to be Jewish. As I
    was watching the show, I thought, "Oh boy, the Jew-haters are going to go wild with this." But I didn't say anything about it, not wanting to overreact.

    Well, a reader wrote a short time ago:

    I just heard a caller to the Diane Rehm show this morning spin out the same theory, with an ugly edge. He noted most of the neo-cons were "Jewish Americans" and implied that their unwavering support for Israel was the prime source of their motivation.

    The reader went on to say that last week he was having a beer at a his regular watering hole in Old Town, Alexandria, when he struck up a conversation with a woman who was born and raised in Marin County, California. When Iraq came up, the woman started in with the usual America-bashing. Then things turned ugly.

    What eventually caused me to walk away within seconds of punching her lights out was when she said the U.S. got what it deserved on 9-11 because we are a terrorist state, and that you can't believe anything in the news media "because everyone knows the Jews control this country." What shocked me was this wasn't some skinhead from northern Idaho but a cosmopolitan, educated woman from Marin County. Have I been leading a sheltered life?

    Yes sir, you have. But then again, we all have. I have heard the same thing recently come out of the mouths of some intelligent, sophisticated, educated people -- the kind of people who should know better. I'm not talking about merely disagreeing or criticizing the policies of the Israeli government. This goes beyond that.

    Boy, does it! These people are disgusting and frightening. You'd think
    they'd be in the dust bin of history, but they're not. We really need to be
    vigilant and aware of who these people are, and where these so called
    "Peace Groups" get their funding from. And then we need to make sure that
    the less informed around us are informed about what lurks in our midst.

    Sorry if I'm coming off as emotional over this, but I am emotional on this
    subject. I want the blinders ripped off the average Joe and get them to
    see. We didn't lose thousands upon thousands of lives in Europe defeating
    Nazis so that those with the same beliefs could sneak around all these
    years later trying to insinuate their perverted beliefs into our society.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:33 PM

    Help Me Out

    My nephew is on the Nimitz and he wants me to send him movies. Now, I have no idea what kind of movies to get a 25 year old sailor, and I was hoping some of our readers could give me some ideas. He said he wanted movies that were action/adventure, drama, or horror. Any ideas??

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:28 PM

    March 5, 2003

    Random Stuff

    I'm back, but not back. You know how that goes. I pretty much was news free for four days, and had no access to a computer, so I'm trying to catch up on the world. So, without further ado, it's "random thoughts post" time!

    We caught one of the terrorist big fish in Pakistan!

    The wussy little "human shields" are all going home because, gee, it might get dangerous! What a waste of oxygen they turned out to be.

    SAG actually has the temerity to call bad press against idiotarian actors "blacklisting"?? What does it take for it to get through to these gimboids that free speech doesn't mean no consequences? Yeah, Martin, Susan, Babs, Sean, Sheryl, and the rest of you, you have the freedom to say whatever stupid thing pops into your heads, but guess what? I have the freedom to say you're morons and I don't want to listen to you. Got that? Freedom works both ways. I know that's a concept to those on the Left, but it's true. Honest.

    And a report form Dland. You now have to open up your jacket in addition to having your bags checked at the entrance gates. I wonder if they heard me talking when I was there at Thanksgiving? I thought it was something they should be doing, and lookee, here they are doing it! (We had a great time, BTW!)

    And a totally heartless random thought from the weekend: I wish the Crusaders had done a much better job. See what happens when you don't finish a job? Bleah.

    Posted by Ithildin at 5:43 PM | Comments (7)

    March 4, 2003

    An Untitled "Paul Post"

    So, how happy is everyone over the capture of this "number three" Al Qaeda leader? I'm *very* happy about it.

    Now, as I hear, some people are raising fears that we might torture this guy. I haven't heard these fears voiced, myself, but I've heard them reported.

    Okay, it's a given that torture is bad. We should avoid that if at all possible (and I assume it's possible in the vast majority of cases). That said, I'm perplexed that some people would immediately worry about us torturing him. Yeah, the tempation is there; not only to get information out of him, but to exact revenge. But why assume that we'll clamp jumper cables to his nether regions and dip his nose in acid at the first opportunity? Why do some people assume such negative things about our security and intelligence operatives?

    This whole "anti war" phenomenon has me flummoxed. Not that people would be opposed to war, but the tactics they employ against it. The most common arguments aren't about how it might not achieve the objective at hand, or serious suggestions of alternative targets. Instead, they're things about blood for oil, cowboys, doing things in people's names, etc., that seem, to me at least, to completely ignore the issues at hand.

    It's not like a simple difference of opinion or policy, or even outlook. I can understand why people think affirmative action is a needed thing, or why they think Celine Dion makes great music, or why they choose a different form of worship than I do, though I disagree with them. And I often sympathize with those choices, and can easily imagine myself doing same if my life, learning and experiences had been different. But when I hear "anti war" slogans like "These Colors Don't Run The World," it's not as if I'm hearing someone say "I think 'Lord of the Rings' was overrated," (blasphemous as that is) but more like they're saying "cats are made of peanut butter." It just does not compute.

    Posted by at 10:25 AM