January 30, 2003

Fence Sitting & Card Holding

Europeans to Canada: Get off the fence

But which side of the fence will Canada end up on?

German Ambassador Christian Pauls says Canada has yet to clearly explain what it intends to do if the United States goes to war against Iraq with or without United Nations approval.

Mr. Pauls said he believes Canada shares many of the same concerns that Germany has about a war, but has not gone as far as Berlin in explicitly expressing its opposition to military action and declaring what course it plans to take.

Then again, according to this article, Canada is prepared to go to war...

Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham says he has not given up on peace, but at the same time, he's prepared to go to war to force Saddam Hussein to disarm.

...but not so fast!

Graham's speech opening a special parliamentary debate yesterday on the Iraq crisis did little to clarify the government's position on what action it is planning in the event of a war not sanctioned by the United Nations.

While reiterating that Canada fully supports UN Security Council resolution 1441, calling for "serious consequences" should Iraq fail to comply fully with UN demands, Graham frustrated opposition MPs from both left and right who wanted to know what the government plans to do if the United States opts for unilateral action along with a coalition of the willing.

I sure hope that fence is comfy, because Chretien seems to want to sit there for a bit longer.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien also refused to tip his hand over whether he would be willing to break with the United Nations and support a U.S.-led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

Chrétien has good reason to hold his cards: A new poll indicates a majority of Canadians don't want to go to war, and many MPs in his own caucus don't favour war either.

"We are waiting to see what is that proof," Chrétien told the House of Commons. "If they have it, good. It will be good for people to know."

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January 29, 2003

New Toy!

We have a new toy on Gaggle! [g]

Thanks to Scriptygoddess, via Too Much To Dream, we now have drop down comments. So, if you don't want the comments to pop up in a new window, you just click on the 'show comments »' link at the end of the post, and they'll drop down. To hide them, click on the '« hide comments' that shows at the top of the comments list to hide.

Cool, eh?

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Europe Isn't Just France & Germany

On Jan. 28th, I made this post, wondering why the support of European countries other than France and Germany seemed to be discounted.

On a related note, eight European countries have signed a declaration urging the Continent to unite with the United States to force Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to give up his weapons of mass destruction. It was not signed by France and Germany (not any surprise there)

Eight European leaders on Thursday sought to rally an uncertain continent behind a possible US-led attack on Iraq with a joint public appeal for unity. Advertisement

The declaration, initiated by José-Mara Aznar of Spain and also signed by Tony Blair of Britain and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, urges Europeans to unite with the US to force Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to give up his weapons of mass destruction.

The move also highlights growing divisions in Europe over Iraq. France and Germany, the two European states to have expressed the strongest reservations about US policy, have not signed the appeal.

The other leaders backing the declaration, which is published in 12 European newspapers, are Portugal's José Manuel Durão Barroso, Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark, Poland's Leszek Miller, Peter Medgyessy of Hungary and Vaclav Havel of the Czech Republic.

I guess "unilateral" means something else to the Left than it does to me.

The declaration urges Europeans to stand by the US at a time of great danger to international peace. It says Europe and the US have common values of democracy and freedom.

"We in Europe have a relationship with the United States which has stood the test of time . . . The transatlantic relationship must not become a casualty of the current Iraqi regime's persistent attempts to threaten world security," it says.

In an emotional effort to confront scepticism in Europe about Washington's motives, the statement notes that the US helped free Europe from the two tyrannies of Nazism and communism.

Nice someone remembers.

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Lots and lots of good stuff on the SOTU address all over the web, so just a quick post before work from me. Lots I liked, I also thought the President looked very tired and thin around the face. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more later.

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January 28, 2003

Update On Ron Dixon

This information on how you can help out Ron Dixon, the Brooklyn man who may go to jail for defending his home with a gun, was put up o NRO's "The Corner" today.

Andrew Freedman, his lawyer, is handling the case for free, so there is no legal defense fund. But those interested can contribute directly to Dixon by sending a check in his name, Ron Dixon, c/o Andrew Freedman at 50 Court St., Suite 702, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11201. While cash is always nice, I imagine the best way to help is by contacting the Brooklyn D.A. and expressing your outrage. I believe he can be reached at this e-mail: HYNESC@BrooklynDA.org.
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Europe, Seriously

An excerpt of a post by Jonah Goldberg in the Corner today:

The Europeans claim that they lost millions of lives and experienced war first hand in WWI and WWII. That's true and no one should discount the importance of these experiences in the collective European mind. But the question is not whether or not the Europeans learned a powerful lesson in the world wars -- they obviously did -- but whether they learned the right lesson. The European "lesson" seems to be that war is, as Chirac recently said, "always a failure." That's simply the wrong lesson. The right lesson is "never again." Unfortunately you don't hear many Europeans saying "never again" much these days or at least not about the right things. If the Europeans learned the right lessons, why did America have to stop the slaughter in Bosnia? If America is pro-oil and anti-Muslim why did we risk blood and treasure for Muslims on oil free ground? I'll tell you why. Because America learned the right lessons while the Europeans held conferences on why America is the problem.

It is a classic free-rider problem. The Europeans take the global stability largely provided by America for granted. They assume their courts and conferences are the glue holding together a peaceful world order and downgrade their militaries to glorified police forces. So when America does what it deems necessary to preserve that order -- even if it causes temporary instability -- the Europeans think America is needlessly stirring up trouble.

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Words From A Democrat

Watching FOX News still (this is what I do when I'm home sick) and they just finished up with Senator Evan Bayh the Democrat from Indiana.

Major paraphrasing, (because I'm the slowest typist in the world!)

"The French and Germans weren't very resolute in dealing with ethnic cleansing in their own back yard, and while it would be god if they were on board, I don't think we should be giving them a veto over us taking out a homicidal maniac."

I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised at the Senator's words.

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Many Thanks

I wanted to thank Laurence Simon for putting us on the tour. It was fun, and I enjoyed the post. I know next to nothing about techie things, so it was informative.

Also wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes on our first anniversary. Y'all are sweet!

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We All Want Ice Cream

Watching Neil Cavuto on FOX and he's interviewing Ben Cohen, the ice cream guy....

Ben Cohen tells Neil Cavuto that as a human being, he can't support a war against Iraq. Iraq is no danger to us, he has no missiles and no planes that can reach us. NC asked him how does he know, and BC replies, "It's been proven."

Well, I feel so much better now!! Gee, let me go get some ice cream to celebrate.

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Who's The Bad Guy Here?

A bit of interesting local news for you folks to peruse from my neck of the woods.

So who's the bad guy here? I think it's the insurance companies myself. On the other hand, some doctors are total idiots and shouldn't even be opening people up for whatever reason. On the other hand, what right does the insurance company have to cancel a doctor who's NEVER had a complaint filed against them?

I think they're all idiots. *g*


fixed the link ~ Ith

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January 27, 2003

The First

We made it to our first anniversary! Today is the day! And there was much rejoicing, etc, and so on and so forth.

Thanks to Nin, Kel, Paul, and Ecolea for participating in this little experiment over the last year. And thanks to all of you who read and comment and link. I really do appreciate it!

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Aiding & Abetting

A damning article on the UN's lethal disarmament policy and how it contributed to ethnic-cleansing, including the slaughter in Srebrenica. This isn't an article that lends itself to excerpts, so just go read it at the source.

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What Will We Hear?

Peggy Noonan, in a column today, discusses the upcoming SOTU address.

This bit stands out:

An example. I'm going to refer to a private conversation about another conversation, I hope in a good cause. Four months ago a friend who had recently met with the president on other business reported to me that in conversation the president had said that he has been having some trouble sleeping, and that when he awakes in the morning the first thing he often thinks is: I wonder if this is the day Saddam will do it.

"Do what exactly?" I asked my friend. He told me he understood the president to be saying that he wonders if this will be the day Saddam launches a terror attack here, on American soil.

I was surprised. We know of the arguments that Saddam is a supporter and encourager of America's terrorist enemies. We know the information that has been made available. But the president has not to my knowledge said in public that he fears Saddam himself will hit us hard on the ground in America, and soon.

Maybe my friend misheard, maybe something was misunderstood. But my friend is a careful man, and I suspect he heard exactly right. Which begs the question, what does Mr. Bush know that he hasn't said about Saddam's intentions and ability to strike America?

One hopes more information will come to the public. Presidents are always bound by the need not to compromise sources or operations, and rightly so. But at this moment, on the brink of war, an immediate and situational new flexibility would seem to be helpful. If you lose a source or an operation and gain more of the understanding of the people of the world and the people of your country--well, that would seem to be a reasonable deal.

There's been a lot of talk in the past about Saddam and smallpox. There's been conjecture that maybe the reason we've been holding off is because Iraq may have agents here with smallpox, or some other biological weapon. Or maybe a dirty nuke. It could be anything. Every single one of those possibilities came to mind after reading the above.

And as I'm typing this, I'm listening to FOX news and they're talking about the worry that now it isn't just Saddam who has biological and chemical weapons, but that he's now passed the recipes off to terror cells all over the world. He sites the latest arrests in London, amongst others, as a sign that that may have happened.

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Enough Already

Andrea -- Miss Harris to some of you -- has an absolutely excellent post on liberal bloggers, anti-war protesters, and the incessant whining.

Go read it! I'm in a whole lot of pain today, and it actually made me feel better. It did!

Update: Here's a quote that's related to the subject at hand: Howard Dean (who is a Democrat running for President) said he is running because “I don’t like extremism.” Then he said that unless Bush is defeated, "Next thing, girls won’t be able to go to school in America. You watch."

Via "The Corner"

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Simple Made Complex

(You'd think he'd have given up by now, but Laurence Simon of Amish Tech Support is still chugging along with his Blog A Day Tour, stopping here today to leave his mark...)

Let me tell you about progress and Microsoft.

Windows 98 introduced the Active Desktop. It's a component that lets you put web content on your desktop, like webcams or stock tickers or other neat toys or tools you might find entertaining or useful. Weather radar is a pretty handy thing to have there when you're planning on doing weather-related things.

Well, Windows 98 made it available through a quick right-click of the desktop, getting the Properties, and moving over to Web. Same for Windows ME and 2000. Folks who added stuff to their desktop could easily remove it by right-clicking the component and turning it off or going to the obvious element of the properties of the desktop.

Last night, I was asked to help remove the Microsoft Investor Ticker from a system. This thing didn't have a close box option, couldn't be moved around, and resisted all attempts to remove it quickly. I went into XP's desktop properties to discover that the Web tab is gone.

"See? You can't remove it," the person said.

It took for a few clicks, but the option was under Desktop, then Customize My Desktop, and then the Web tab. The thing vanished, and the tequila-soaked owner was greatly relieved.

Thank you, Microsoft. Thank you for creating the Investor Ticker that resists closure in its own interface and an OS "upgrade" that buries the option to do it deeper.

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the next version of your systems. Will I have to place my naked testicles on a flatbed scanner and slam the lid down on it, too, or will I have to strangle myself with a 6-foot length of USB 2.0 cord (because you still won't natively support strangling yourself with Firewire)?

Posted by: Laurence Simon

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January 26, 2003

It's That Simple

Forget trying to write thoughtful articles on world events and getting linked on other blogs. I've discovered the secret to getting traffic to your blog -- mention A*vli*mil, a new drug for female sexual dysfunction.

I participate in a group blog with a bunch of gal friends of mine. Normally, we average 10-12 hits a day, most of them the members of the blog. Today, I checked site meter and just about fell off my chair when I saw 586 on the summary!! I have never, ever, had that kind of traffic on this blog. Lordy!!

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The More Things Change

From Tongue Tied

Teachers at an elementary school in England have been told to stop using red ink to mark up their students' papers because it has negative connotations, reports the BBC.

In the future, kids at Uplands Manor Primary School in the West Midlands will have their mistakes noted in green ink. Penny Penn-Howard, head of school improvement for the district, said red "can be seen as a negative approach to improving pupils' work."

But Nick Seaton, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said red ink is effective. "Children have to learn to take life's ups and downs," he said. "Banning red ink is a rather trendy and politically correct idea."

Back in the early seventies, when I was in third grade, in Berkeley, they banned black crayons from the school because they were "racist".

And you wonder why I grew up to be a conservative!

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Unholy Alliance?

Well, have a gander at this. Take it with a grain or two of salt, but someone out there will find it quite interesting to say the least. *g*

And yes, I tried to make the linky thingy work. *g*


fixed it ~ Ith

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January 25, 2003

Better Than Ever

Keith's been a busy bee, and GI Party has a whole new look. Go and check it out!

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Christian Moviegoers Beware!

Kel who will be sending Valentines to some wonderful military folks

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Getting Tough?

According to Colin Powell:

Secretary of State Colin Powell said Saturday that the world must use force if necessary to disarm Iraq, and warned "the going is getting tough."

I hope so.

After reading about the craven and cowardly UN inspectors that turned over those poor Iraqis, that had tried to get help, to the authorities, I wonder what else the UN has to fail at before we set the pedal to the metal? Why would any Iraqi scientist risk his life, and that of his family, by cooperating with the inspectors? This is an organization that has Libya running the human rights commission for Pete's sake!

The UN is a farce and I don't know why we still pay lip service to some long dead ideal of it making the world a better place. The only people the UN is making the world a better place for is dictators and murderers. And that isn't something we should be a part of any longer.

Update: For some really good takes on those Iraqis that the UN turned over check out this and this, and this.

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From All Around

Instapundit passes on this link to a post on pro-American demonstrations in South Korea, and wonders why this is getting no coverage here. I'm wondering too.

Misha takes on Edward Said

Victor Davis Hanson writes about "Evil Over Good"

And Jonah Goldberg smacks around the French

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Valentine Cards For The Troops

From Misha, a great idea for showing your support for our troops -- send them a Valentine!

Update: SALTS Here you can send email to any deployed ship in the USN. I just sent a bunch to different ships.

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January 24, 2003


As you might have noticed, we now have categories. I wanted to thank my best-blog-buddyette, Rachel for being the kind techie goddess she is and walking me through the process.

Thanks, Rachel!

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Shout It Out

The No-War-For-Any-Reason crowd might want to take a look at these articles so they can see just who and what they are suggesting we abandon to their fate in Iraq

Read the rest of this excellent post here.

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Life Imitates Monty Python

As I said to Rachel earlier, I'm just going to post a "what she said"

(I can't blog till after work, and she already posted pretty much what I was thinking)

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Is This It?

According to the Guardian, we're within weeks of going to war. In this article, they lay out the possible scenario. It seems plausible to me. I've long thought that the State of the Union address would play a significant part in setting the stage.

And as for the constant bleating from the Left that we can't be unilateral, that we'll be "going it alone", do they actually pay attention to what's going on?

But both sides of the divide are making it increasingly clear that the end result will be military action, with or without UN backing.

The chief White House spokesman, Ari Fleischer, yesterday brushed off mounting anti-war feeling across Europe, led by France. It was "entirely possible that France won't be on the line", he said, adding that Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain and "virtually all of the eastern European countries" would provide support.

Mr Powell echoed this, saying: "I don't think we will have to worry about going it alone."

Are the countries named not worthy in their eyes? France and Germany somehow have more value than all of Eastern Europe, not to mention Britain, Australia, Italy, Spain?


I'll gladly accept the support of every single one of those countries! And I'd like to thank them for standing up and being counted when the going gets tough. They are what is meant by "allies". Germany and France need to take a long look at themselves and realize that their behavior, lack of support, and general nastiness, is going to be remembered for a long time to come. I think it's a memory they're going to regret creating.


Update: Some recommended related reading. Head on over and read the conclusions of Steve Den Beste, who wonders if there's something in the water, or if Europe has gone collectively insane. One of my (many) favorite bits is the excerpt from a European columnist who asserts the inspiration for our Constitution was the French Revolution. (and they say Americans suck at history!)

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Enemies Amongst Us

Plot to Poison Food of British Troops Is Suspected

Islamic militants arrested in Britain this month may have been plotting to lace the food supply on at least one British military base with the poison ricin, according to American government officials. The revelations raised concerns in Britain and the United States about the security of allied forces as war preparations continue.

I wonder how many of these plotters are in our own country?

Shortly after midnight on Monday, a team of 150 police officers used battering rams in a raid on a mosque in the Finsbury Park section of London, where seven men were arrested.

Terrorists in a mosque!?!?!? Surely not! After all Islam is a religion of peace! Tsk Tsk.

I have yet to hear any sort of outcry from 'moderate' Muslims, condemning those that use their places of worship to plot murder. I guess I won't hold my breath.

"Supposing they were able to kill instead of 3,000 people, 30,000 people," Mr. Blair said. "Does anyone doubt that they would do it?"

Not me.

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January 23, 2003

From The Source

Condoleezza Rice on "Why We Know Iraq Is Lying"

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January 22, 2003

Just Give Peace A Chance!

Take a look at this picture and tell me again how we should be more tolerant and loving, and if we just understood the pain of Western Imperialism experienced by these poor guys, that everything would be all better.


This is the kind of thing that every single person in this country needs to see. Sadly, I know that many of the purported "peace activists" wouldn't care one iota. No doubt many, as evidenced in this post at Right Wing News, would throw a party.

Now you've looked at the picture, read the words that go along with it:

In the name of Allah the most merciful.

Thus, you are not mistaken in reading this text. This is the only way to kill the greatest possible number of Americans. The Americans have never experienced a threat like this one. During World War II, America used this [nuclear] weapon twice in three days following the successful Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, the United States uses the most powerful and advanced weapons of destruction against peaceful citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, and it proudly supports the war that Russia is waging against Chechniya, not out of affection for Russia, but rather from its hatred of Moslems.

America has bombed Iraq with weaponry that will pollute the soil and underground water with radiation for thousands of years. It also enhances its bombs with spent uranium to cause even greater harm to the people and the environment. This, so that no one should think that after they leave the island of [the Prophet] Mohammed [the Arabian Peninsula], which they have transformed into a restricted area, just to return to the same place [because of the pollution perpetrated by them]. It seems, in fact, that the wild beasts in the White House have forgotten or have tried to forget one very important thing, which is, in all pride - the Al-Qaeda organization. This organization, which strikes fear in the hearts of the infidel West, turns youth into people who have nothing in this world but their devotion to Allah and to His Prophet Mohammed, and who are the tormentors of the sons of whores [i.e. - the West], and who are shining examples of estrangement from the sins of this world . . . and of selling their souls to Allah.

Therefore, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Even though the Americans have bombs possessing enormous power, Al-Qaeda is even more powerful than they, and it has in its possession bombs which are called "dirty bombs", and bombs with deadly viruses, which will spread fatal diseases throughout American cities . . . The coming days will prove that Kaedat el-Jihad [the Al-Qaeda organization] is capable of turning America into a sea of deadly radiation, and this will prove to the world that the end is at hand . . . Yes, we will destroy America and its allies, because they have used their power for evil against the weak. And now, the end approaches at the hand of the enlightened [Islamic] youth astride their horses [fighting the war against the infidels]; they will dismount either as victors or vanquished [i.e. - fall in holy war for Allah] . . .

Abu Shihab El-Kandahari
26 December 2002

They're talking about you! And me, and our families, and our friends.

So how does that "give peace a chance" thing go again?

*Via Cold Fury & Little Green Footballs.

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January 21, 2003

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

Excellent piece by Mark Steyn on why we wouldn't want Canada anymore.

As for Canada "joining" America, we've got more chance of getting admitted to the EU, or, come to that, the Arab League. Prof. Bliss may confidently assert that "we are becoming more similar to the Americans in our culture and our values," but, values-wise, he's looking at the graph back to front. If the Prof. really believes the border is "not so much a fence as a lawn-marker," he should try living in a Quebec mill town on the hitherto informally monitored Maine line. This coming Sunday, eight timber-road crossings will be permanently closed and the four bigger border crossings will be open only until 2 p.m. and shut all weekend. Quebecers who work in the Maine woods will either have to make a hundred-mile detour or look for other employment. On the Canadian side of the line, there's talk of mill closures. The lawn-marker just got replaced with razor wire.

I have to say that this turn of events really doesn't surprise me. I remember the talk of a North American perimeter, and while I thought it a good idea, I knew in my heart Canada would never let it happen. They didn't, so now we do what we have to.

America didn't change. We did, and in a dizzyingly short time. What would it take for the Americans to revise their view? Well, we could change back. It won't happen, can't happen. Indeed, on present demographic trends, it's more likely that Alberta will gradually lose the will to resist joining its neighbours in the Trudeaupian stupor.

Yeah, he has that right. All my relatives live in Canada, I lived there myself for about six years. The Canada I used to know doesn't seem to the one that I'm seeing now. My uncle would really like us to move back, and I've thought about it, but I don't think I could live there anymore -- and that makes me sad.

But, since the war, our flabby Dominion's position has weakened further. Not to be alarmist but I'd say the U.S. is coming to regard Canada the way Australia regards Indonesia. Yes, it's geographically close, an important trading partner, a cheap vacation destination and a nominal ally, but it has to be pushed and chivvied into taking even the most perfunctory action against obvious enemies, and everyone knows that all kinds of dodgy characters have the run of the joint. Bali was a soft target for the terrorists because it exists in both worlds -- a Western enclave in bandit country. Canada also exists in both worlds: We're the country that supports both the Princess Pats and Hezbollah.

Washington knows that now. The big story since September 11th is that they finally see us for what we are: foreigners.

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Fresh Rant--3 In One Day--Aren't You Lucky? *g*

What the fuck is up with this man?! Hello, can we say TRAITOR?! AND he's ex mil? Sorry, we were minding our own damn business and Bin Laden was the one who had HIS people blow up OUR people here on US SOIL! DUH! HELLO?! We have every fucking right to go after him, Hussein and anyone else who stands as a threat against this country by harboring and/or supporting people like that. I promise you this--had 9/11 happened elsewhere, no matter where, those people would have wanted to do exactly what our administration is trying to do--GO TO WAR AGAINST IT!

I hope we blow fucking Irag and wherever Bin Laden is off the map, 'human shields' or not!

Uncle Sam's colors don't run.


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Having A Rant

Gee, the Latin Americans--are now officially the majority minority in this country, outnumbering even the black folks.

Isn't that lovely? I still refuse to learn their fucking language. I also refuse for my children to learn it. My children can learn fucking French in school. This is OUR country. My ancestors with their lily white Celtic arses took on learning AMERICAN. You people can too.

Do we see folks like the Vietnamese coming over here and taking on public aid and bitching about us learning their language? No. Did we see the Jews doing that crap after WW2 when they migrated here? No.

Oh yeah, let's not discuss the Cubans who butcher the 'spanish' language in Miami. Let's not discuss the fact that Cajun French isn't the same as the true French--it is what it says--CAJUN, nor is what those from Mexico speak and expect US to learn that is being taught in the schools NOT the same. DUH.

My little darlings will learn French. Or Japanese. Or Latin. Or even German. But they will NOT learn freaking 'SPANish' because that is not what they would be taught in school with whatever people of other majority minority are speaking.

Call me racist, I don't care. *G* You people can go back to where you came from with your little mexican issued cards and stay there. I don't appreciate my tax money going to support illegal aliens in any way, shape or form.

Kel, having a rant and yes, all mistakes in capitalization are intentional

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January 20, 2003

Proof Is In The Pudding

(gads, I have a hard time thinking of titles for every post!)

It's telling, isn't it? The following is from an article on Robert Redford:

Redford spent considerable time campaigning during the recent mid-term elections, and given the lack of success by the Democratic candidates he backed, it's understandable that he views the process with a more jaundiced eye than ever.

"It's more like a sports game," he said of the electoral process today. "There's less incentive for people who really represent the American people to run for office, and harder for those who would really challenge the system to have any success. There's far more cynicism now, and apathy is the result of cynicism. My message to filmmakers and anyone in a position to speak out is to please recognize that you have a chance to motivate young people to vote."

So let me get this straight; because his candidates didn't win that must mean that something is wrong with the country. Ah, the world view of the left wing!

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January 19, 2003

Plain Speaking With VDH

Victor Davis Hanson deals with the tyranny of the "BUT" in his latest.

In the new orthodoxy, for example, all cultures are a priori equal, so any evidence — like a public Iranian stoning, racist Saudi op-ed, or Sudanese genital mutilation or two — that, in fact, there exist vast civilization fault-lines has to be qualified. Force is presumed always wrong in our enlightened, postmodern world, so any proof that it actually solves problems — such as Milosevic or the Taliban — must be qualified. The United States is across the board dubbed unthinking, clumsy, and often sinister, so any evidence — such as its efforts in Afghanistan — suggesting that it is, in fact, sophisticated and benevolent, requires prevarication.

Then he has a list of the different types of "BUTS". These are a few of my favorites:

The America-Is-Always-At-Fault BUT

The removal of the Taliban was, of course, good; BUT we installed them in the first place.
I support removing Saddam Hussein, BUT we helped him in the past.
Who likes bin Laden? BUT we created him.
Everyone agrees that the mullahs in Iran are terrible, BUT our past policies are to blame for them.

The Israel BUT

Of course, Israel is a democracy, BUT…
No one supports the methods of the intifada, BUT…
I am not saying what the Palestinian bombers are doing is right, BUT…
Arafat is terrible, BUT look at Sharon.

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Our Own Worst Enemy

I keep saying we're becoming our own worst enemy. Here's another example from Andrew Stuttaford in The Corner:

The long, slow suicide of the West continues: a former fighter for the Taliban has arrived in the UK. As is only to be expected in a culture now gone completely insane, he has (the Sunday Telegraph reports) been given asylum in Britain on the grounds that he could face ‘persecution’ at the hands of the new regime in Kabul.


The word is justice. The Taliban thug should be returned to face it.

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Las Vegas Hotels

The President of Mongolia has a website, which is kewl and all. What hit my funny bone was the links page. Along with links to the White House and the Kremlin is one for Las Vegas hotels!

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How soon they forget--

The asinine people who are protesting war have forgotten the motivation behind the Bush Administration's stance on moving the US military into the positions they are now in. How soon they forget the outrage of 9/11, the hurt, the grief and the loss of many lives. And it sucks ass in a huge way. Last night I told the husband that it was quite clear that none of them had any loss in 9/11. Not that I want to see another 9/11 happen, but hey--let it happen again and let these people suffer the losses of family members and friends and see if they wouldn't change their tune. They would and we all know it.

Go Bush! Go Uncle Sam! Go US Military.

Happy freaking Sunday.


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January 18, 2003

Now Their Failure Is Complete

Just When You Think You've Seen Everything!

A couple days ago, I posted about the failure of Western Feminists. Now, on a related note, Steven Den Beste reports on the latest in whacko Western feminism, making men look more like women, because: "They believe that maleness is a kind of original sin. Masculinity explains child abuse, marital strife, high defense spending, every war from Troy to Afghanistan, as well as Hitler, Franco, and Pinochet. As Gloria Steinem informed the audience at a Florida fundraiser last March: “The cult of masculinity is the basis for every violent, fascist regime.”

The WWFs have really lost it this time. I always knew Gloria Steinem and her ilk were out of touch loons, but this takes the cake! Maybe they could get some of those misunderstood Al Queda guys to wear fake breasts. I think that would solve everything, don't you?

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Things To Read Roundup

What I've read this morning that I want to share with my vast [snicker] reading audience!

Over at Michele's: In My Name and The Answer Is

Tiny Little Lies has this kick ass post: Racial Profiling Is Good

(Link via Too Much To Dream)

And Andrea has a companion post that proves a picture is worth a thousand words.

And Sgt. Mom's daughter is shipping out

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January 17, 2003

Hug A Dictator

Michele "fixed" Viggo Mortensen's shirt (he's been hanging out with Sheryl a little too much)

Update: Check out nikita demosthenes' post on the subject.

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I just ain't had much to say--been contending with finding out the husband is diabetic and I've had the flu for the first time in my life to top that off. *g* At least the two older sons got good grades on their report cards and the youngest is as cute as ever. *g*

Happy Friday!

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January 16, 2003

Hah! I knew it!

In the car this morning on the way to work, they mentioned on the radio news that Saddam was loudly protesting the weapons inspections in his main palace.

I turned to Ith and said that he could only protesting that was because he had something to hide. Even if he didn't have something to hide, protesting the inspectors searching his palace makes people think he's hiding something.

And, look... [gasp of shock] He was!

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Potlucking Peaceniks

Who better than Christopher Hitchens to lambaste the "peace" movement? Excellant read.

Confronted with such a foe--which gladly murders Algerians and Egyptians and Palestinians if they have any doubts about the true faith, or if they happen to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if they happen to be female--exactly what role does a "peace movement" have to play? A year or so ago, the "peace movement" was saying that Afghanistan could not even be approached without risking the undying enmity of the Muslim world; that the Taliban could not be bombed during Ramadan; that a humanitarian disaster would occur if the Islamic ultra- fanatics were confronted in their own lairs. Now we have an imperfect but recovering Afghanistan, with its population increased by almost two million returned refugees. Have you ever seen or heard any of those smart-ass critics and cynics make a self-criticism? Or recant?

Link Via Daily Pundit

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The Deafening Silence

If you consider yourself a feminist, to yourself a favour and read this article that amply illustrates the total moral failure of the modern Western feminist movement. It's time we took feminism back from shame and hypocrisy -- I can't believe it was ever meant to be what it has become. We need a new Susan B. Anthony and wherever she may be, she certainly won't be found in the company of the Gloria Steinem set.

As you look at this inventory of brutality, the question bears repeating: Where are the demonstrations, the articles, the petitions, the resolutions, the vindications of the rights of Islamic women by American feminists? The weird fact is that, even after the excesses of the Taliban did more to forge an American consensus about women’s rights than 30 years of speeches by Gloria Steinem, feminists refused to touch this subject. They have averted their eyes from the harsh, blatant oppression of millions of women, even while they have continued to stare into the Western patriarchal abyss, indignant over female executives who cannot join an exclusive golf club and college women who do not have their own lacrosse teams.

Link via Little Green Footballs

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Mean & Green

No, not Kermit the Frog on a bad day, but the Green movement and its members.

An excerpt from this article on extreme environmentalism:

Just feel the love in the Earth Island Institute's September 14, 2001, green tantrum: "U.S. Responds to Terrorist Attacks with Self-Righteous Arrogance." Steeped in self-righteous arrogance, this bilge denied that the September 11 attacks represented an act of war. Rather, it was "an act of anger, desperation and indignation." We asked for it.

"This was not an 'attack on all American people,'" fumed EII — because those who died were mostly Pentagon and "multinational financial empire" types. Plus, we should get over it because "[t]his was not the sort of flat-out terrorism that targets random innocents at a disco or a beach." And who is "Earth Island Institute" but the parent of the "Bluewater Network," publicly credited with orchestrating California's recently enacted stab at limiting SUV availability as a step toward implementing the Kyoto Protocol.

Let us now visit the voices of greens past, present, and future revealing their "people are pollution" philosophy:

"To feed a starving child is to exacerbate the world population problem." Lamont Cole (as quoted by Elizabeth Whelan in her book Toxic Terror)

"This is as good a way to get rid of them as any." Charles Wursta, Chief Scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund, commenting on the likelihood of millions dying from a global ban on DDT (also quoted in Toxic Terror)

"I got the impression that instead of going out to shoot birds, I should go out and shoot the kids who shoot birds." Paul Watson, founder of Greenpeace (quoted in Access to Energy, vol. 10, no. 4, Dec. 1982)

"The right to have children should be a marketable commodity, bought and traded by individuals but absolutely limited by the state." Kenneth Boulding, originator of the "Spaceship Earth" concept (quoted by William Tucker in Progress and Privilege, 1982)

"The only real good technology is no technology at all. Technology is taxation without representation, imposed by our elitist species [man] upon the rest of the natural world." John Shuttleworth, Friends of the Earth manual writer

Hug a tree indeed!

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Yet Another Warm, Fuzzy "Religion Of Peace" Moment

Misha has an illuminating post on what happens when two Palestinian brothers have the audacity to convert to Christianity. Just a hint: it ain't pretty.

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January 15, 2003

A "Question" Post

Could someone in the know explain to me why the Supreme Court ruling in favour of extending copyrights is a bad thing? That seems to be the opinion in a lot of places, and I freely admit I don't really understand why. Most of the sites I've read about the decision on are a little over my head in the legalese department, I'm afraid.

I was discussing it with a coworker who is also a published songwriter, and he supported the action taken today. He feels his songs, his intellectual property, are no different than the family farm, or great grandma's ring. It's his property and as such, like the farm, should be passed on to his kids, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc... I have to say that that makes a lot of sense to me.

Anyone out there willing to explain to me the opposing viewpoint, or to point me in the direction of something that explains it in layman's terms?

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Responding To Myself!

Yes, it's sad, I know. However, it beats sitting behind the potted palm and talking to myself.

Anywho, this one is for Sheryl, and this one is for that nekkid woman.

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January 14, 2003

On Sheryl Crow:

I think war is never the answer to solving any problems. Sheryl Crow.

I just want to say this...

In looking at human history, if it wasn't for war, we'd still be wandering around the world, in fur, going 'ugg'.

Granted, war is awful and something that no one wants, but it happens. As long as there are despots, dictators, supremesists (the list is endless), there will be war.

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My Celeb Rant

I decided against doing a Sheryl Crow rant since others have done it so much better. So I come home, put on FOX and there on Hannity & Colmes is Mike Farrell pontificating on the evils of war. Why?? What on earth does he know that gets him on TV other than being an actor? Not a frelling thing, that's what. Don't they have any qualified anti-war experts to trot out? The best they can do is an actor???


Now they've got the nekkid women protesters from the Bay Area on.... god, why do these whackos think they speak for "women"? Like they speak for me. Please! Grrr Argh!

Time for my GH tape!!

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A post you should go read all of on Samizdata (an excerpt below):

Zimbabwe - mass murder is not cricket

Zimbabwe is in the news, and so it should be. Several million Zimbabweans are probably going to die of starvation in the next few months. What's more, this is, despite what President Robert Mugabe will tell you, a classic Communist-type famine, a state mass murdering its people, in this case all the people who dared to vote against Robert Mugabe in his recent election.

Now is the time for something to be done about this, not in a few months time, and to the credit of all sorts of people, not including me until now, this seems to be widely understood. Various efforts are being made to kick up a fuss about this horror. Last night, for example, British TV news had lots of Zimbabwe stuff, despite the imminent prospect of a war that our Prime Minister is having difficulty convincing anyone in Britain about who isn't, like me, already convinced.

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Beating Out Hope & Optimism With A Brick

This is a truly depressing story about what happened to someone who went to an inner city school to teach. Like I always say, "no good deed goes unpunished". Nothing makes me sadder than the fact that it's usually true.

Link via The Corner

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Don't Throw Rocks At The Tiger

Via InstaPundit, a great article by Orson Scott Card:

In other words, if President Bush openly threatened China, then China could not cooperate with us without losing face – with the risk of a coup.

That is why President Bush cannot answer his critics. There is no answer he could give that would not wreck the diplomatic process.

When an American pundit or politician criticizes President Bush for being a hypocrite or a bully because he’s using diplomacy with North Korea and the threat of war with Iraq, it tells us one of two things.

Either the critic is hopelessly ignorant about geopolitical and diplomatic realities … or the critic knows that President Bush cannot respond to his criticism, and therefore the critic can make political profit at the expense of American foreign policy.

In other words, those who make this particular accusation against the president are either squirrels or snakes: either chattering stupidly or poisonously biting the president while he’s trying to protect us and our friends from a serious danger.

I prefer to think that these critics simply haven’t thought things through. And I’m happy to point out that few of those who have made this particular accusation are responsible officeholders.

You don’t throw rocks at the guy who’s trying to tame the tiger.

Read the whole thing.

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Designated Driver To The World

Found on The Corner, a post that explains why it's always America's fault: we're the world's designated driver! Simple really, when you think about it....

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January 10, 2003

VDH On N. Korea

As usual, another great one from Victor Davis Hanson. This time on North Korea and Iraq: Korea Is Not Quite Iraq

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January 9, 2003

A Doctor's Duty?

The Wall Street Journal has a poll on whether or not doctors should be required to provide translators for their non English speaking patients.

Here's an excerpt from the article that prompted the poll:

Hataija Pehlic, a Bosnian woman of 50,
suffers from depression. At St. Luke's
Hospital in 2000, she was served by a
succession of phone interpreters on a
squawk box for two hours a day during a
month of psychotherapy.

They spoke a common language, "but I
felt really bad," Ms. Pehlic says
through one of Ms. Brown's interpreters.
"They had different accents" --accents,
that is, of Serbians and Croatians,
the enemies who had killed her son and driven
her husband to suicide during the Balkan
bloodshed of the 1990s.

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The Message Survives

This is one of those posts I can't decide where to put! So I'll probably end up doing a little crossposting. If you read both blogs, I apologize for the duplication.

I've mentioned reading Tom Shippey's book on Tolkien. It's a great book, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants a better understanding of the man behind the books. Now, here's an article he wrote in the National Post on Tolkien the author and the movies based on his works. The essence, for me, is the excerpt below:

.... Not even Gandalf. In fact, the only thing they do know is that their fate will not, in the end, be determined by visible events but by a mostly invisible one: the stealthy crawl of three insignificant-looking characters into the lion's mouth of Mordor. The great ones and the heroes are continually trying to see what is happening elsewhere, through the palantirs and the Mirror of Galadriel and the Eye of Sauron. The attempt is repeatedly disastrous. Denethor commits suicide because of what he sees in his palantir, but he has read it wrong. As Gandalf says, "Even the wise cannot see all ends," and the really wise remember that.

The moral is, to quote Gandalf again -- and Jackson picked out just these words to repeat in the first movie, varying the pronouns cunningly -- "That [the future] is not for us to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

Tolkien surely did not mean these words just for Frodo. They were a major part of his own conviction and a part of his own cure for the defeatism, the appeasement, the lack of will and the weary calculation of odds that he saw dogging the Western democracies as he was writing The Lord of the Rings and still after he had finished it. Tolkien's achievement, it may be, was to reintroduce a heroic world view, drawn from the ancient texts he taught as a professor, to a world gone ironic.

And to finish:

Peter Jackson has inevitably built up the action scenes and straightened the tangled threads, but the message survives the change of medium. Courage is what you need after you've lost hope: Things may not be as bad as they seem. Tolkien learned that nearly 90 years ago, but it isn't obsolete yet.


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Musings For A Thursday Morning

I turned on the TV this morning just in time to catch the tail end of a segment on the Today show about Republicans against war in Iraq. They had a retired Admiral, some guy who must have been a cleric of some sort (was wearing a collar) and Martin Sheen. They were showing a newspaper ad when I came in, that this Republican group has placed somewhere, and then they talked to Sheen, who said the usual, and then to this Admiral who runs a group called "Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities" (I found their website, but it was down). What he said was that we would only make things worse by attacking Iraq, that it would strengthen terrorism, and that Americans all over the world would become targets.

He pretty much stated what a friend of mine told me a few months ago who also is retired military. Except they were recalled after 9/11 due to their expertise in the Middle East. Now I respect my friend, and think he's one of the most accomplished people I know, but what he told me, and what the Admiral said in this interview, just flies against everything I've come to understand and learn over the last months And I'll freely admit, it confuses the hell out of me! I accept that reasonable people can disagree about the big issues, but this one is a real biggie, and in moments of doubt, I wonder if I'm missing something that these military folks see that I don't?

Musings for a Thursday morning.

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January 8, 2003


One Ring To Rule Them All?


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January 7, 2003

Booty Call

Bill Clinton heads Oxford's wishlist for new Chancellor

Just think of the dating opportunities!

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Other Side Of The Coin

My friend, Mickey, has a fairly new web journal and in her latest post, she wonders about those of us that think war is going to be necessary, and if we've thought the consequences through. I'm doing some major paraphrasing here, so you might want to read it in her own words. It's a very thoughtful post, and asks questions that I've heard from other friends over the last few months. She doesn't usually do current event type posts, and I think this one is worth a read.

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January 6, 2003

Clinton Knew

Via Daily Pundit

Why am I not surprised? It seems that Clinton knew in 1994 that North Korea had nukes, but signed the "oil for peace" agreement anyway. I'm sure all for the sake of his legacy.

Frelling pond scum! I didn't think it was possible to think less of the man, but gee, he goes and proves me worng!

If I wasn't already ticked off today, this would do it....

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Emotion Versus Logic

Steve Den Beste talks about feelings and gut reactions in regards to the Palestinians and their unremitting terror. I know what he means, I've felt that way myself. I feel that way right now after reading this.


Late Afternoon Update:

I've had most of the day to ponder my "gut reactions" to the Palestinians, terrorists in general, and scum like that woman in the article linked to above. What makes me angry -- on top of everything else -- is that I don't like feeling rage and disgust at fellow human beings. I hate that children die and people suffer at the hands of evil. And, after awhile, unremitting strong emotion makes you tired, emotionally, and probably physically. You just want it to stop, and in most cases you personally can't do much to make any of it stop. I'm tired of being angry, and tired of feeling powerless, and I know that I just have to deal with it, because that's the way it is. Like the man said, life isn't fair. I'm a fixer. I like to take care of people and try and make things better. I take in stray animals, and stray people, and I cry when I read about the horrors that go on in the world, and I wish there was something I could do to make any of it better. Even a little bit.

In the end, that's why I support a possible war with Iraq, and hunting down terror wherever it may be. Because I think it will make things better. Maybe only a little, but god, it has to be better than nothing at all, doesn't it? For us and for them. If only that children in Iraq won't be tortured in front of their parents, and Palestinian fathers won't be summarily shot in the streets for the sin of collaborating, and for every Israeli family that can stop worrying that their next trip to town will be their last because of a homicide bomber, and that my own country, and my family and friends will be safe.

In the meantime, I pray for the President to have the wisdom to make the right decisions and to have the courage to do what's needed.

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January 5, 2003


On your empire, Ithy!

Right now I have the flu and am afraid to create anything. *g*

I'll pass that link along to a few folks.


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Yet More Levity!

I bring you "The Holy Empire of Ithildin".

I've been tinkering with it for half the day (night), and even created my own region of influence. If you play, let me know so I can add you to my dossier.

Thanks to Nin for the link.

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January 4, 2003


On the lighter side of a Saturday afternoon, I bring you news of this protest. Seems that there are those that think this year's upcoming third part of the Lord of the Rings, "The Return of the King", is using the death of Elvis Presley as a marketing tool for their movie.

Say it isn't so!!!

(yes, this is a joke) (just a little mockery of the TT protest of last year)

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I got a letter from the Anti-Clinton Library in my email today. It's a fairly long email, so I'll just include a few snippets here.

In his never-ending attempt to change his legacy, Bill Clinton is constantly painting a picture of his Presidency that is totally false. His claims about his accomplishments are - as usual - often total lies and exaggerations. From the 1990's economic recovery to the explosion of the Internet to changes in education and welfare reform, Clinton claims personal credit.

In The Counter Clinton Library we will puncture holes in these claims -
using facts and experts - in the Anti-Propaganda Pavilion. We will
bring in leading economists, business leaders and educators to show how
Bill Clinton actually did more harm than good.

And each time - in one of his paid speeches or TV appearances - Clinton
lies again, we will be ready to counter that lie with facts and the
truth - and with a good sense of humor, too.


But the Left is plotting a second chapter of the Clinton Era. Hillary
For President is a reality - and a certain nightmare.

As one high-level Clinton advisor has privately admitted, "Bill Clinton
is a split personality. Half of him loved being the 'front man' as
President. But the other half of him loves the thought of being 'behind the
scenes' in a Hillary White House, calling the shots and masterminding

The Counter Clinton Library is going to be the headquarters of the
anti-Hillary campaign. American citizens who are repelled at the thought of
either Bill or Hillary Clinton ever again occupying the White House
need to join with us - now - to stop another Clinton Co-Presidency.

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January 3, 2003

Scum Of The Earth

Another disgusting entry for the "Warm, Fuzzy Religion Of Peace" file.

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For Viggo

Check out this post of Michele's. (Inspired by the wisdom of Viggo Mortenson)

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January 2, 2003


I can see gun control is working really well in the UK.

Who would believe that criminals would still have access to firearms?

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"Go" Pills?

Pilot pressured to take pills, lawyer says.

A lawyer for one of two U.S. pilots who dropped a bomb killing four Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan last April says the U.S. air force had pressured the pilots to take amphetamines that may have impaired their judgment during the mission.

Majs. Harry Schmidt and William Umbach face a possible court-martial for dropping the laser-guided bomb near Kandahar on April 18. A U.S. air force investigation determined the pilots "demonstrated poor airmanship" and ignored standard procedure by not making sure there were no allied troops in the area.

But Umbach's lawyer, David Beck, said he will prove at a Jan. 13 hearing on whether to court-martial the pilots that the U.S. air force routinely pressures pilots to take dexamphetamine, a prescription drug also known as "go pills." He said the drug can impair judgment and is not recommended for people operating heavy equipment.

The U.S. air force prevents pilots from flying if they refuse to take the pills, Beck said.

U.S. air force spokeswoman Lieut. Jennifer Ferrau acknowledged the pills are used as a "fatigue management tool" to help pilots stay alert through long missions. But she said the use of the pills is voluntary, and that their effects have been thoroughly tested.

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Angry Canadians

Angry Canadian Gun Owners Burn Licenses in Protest

About 250 angry Canadian gun owners gathered on Wednesday and some burned licenses to protest a tough new law requiring the registration of all firearms.

The demonstration was generally peaceful, but police arrested protest organizer Jim Turnbull after he illegally brandished part of a firearm.

"I have a fear of jail but it's time to stand up for what I believe is right," he told reporters.

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