December 31, 2002

So Confused!!

Help me figure this out....

According to the Senator from WA, the reason Osama is loved is because he does all sorts of good works. And if we were more like him, they'd love us to. Does that about cover it? Okay, so how come three doctors, Americans, doing good works for the poor in Yemen were slaughtered? According to Patty Murray, being nice to the poor deranged Islamofascists is the key, and yet, those same people murdered three American doctors. I'm so confused! Maybe Senator Murray can explain it to me....

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December 28, 2002

Being On The Wrong Side Of History Won’t Be Pretty

The latest from VDH: Iraqi Aftershocks

.... How strange that increasingly Russians, Indians, and eastern Europeans — not our more natural allies, Frenchmen or Germans — are now more popular with us.

Indeed, for all the grand idealism of Kyoto, Durban, and the ICC, Americans accept that in the past western Europeans would have cold-heartedly sold out Taiwan, Israel, or South Korea in any major confrontation in which democracy and sacrifice on the one side were pitted against autocracy, profit, and appeasement on the other. So Iraq is not merely a referendum on European-American relations, but rather a litmus test of the moral status of Europe itself, and of what side of history it wishes to be on. Let us hope it awakens from its ethical coma to take its rightful place at the vanguard of the war against barbarity.

The American left has missed yet another train as it was leaving. Currently it is reeling from an array of staggering developments that in the post-Cold War era threaten to leave it as discredited as segregationist Republicans were during the civil-rights movement. Anti-Semitism is suddenly more commonly a phenomenon of the academic Left than of the old, white, Neanderthal Right. Multiculturalism and cultural equivalence have been refuted by the ghoulish nature of the Taliban; the more the world learns about the "alternative" universe of Saddam Hussein and kindred Middle Eastern regimes, the more it shudders in horror.

Censorship, catcalls at lectures, and the stealing of newspapers are not Mr. Ashcroft's doing but now also a hallmark of the campus Left — mostly ignored by timid college presidents. Amnesty International and the United Nations mollify rather than oppose odious regimes. Pacifism does not work in a world where the World Trade Center is incinerated. The hysterics of a Chomsky, Vidal, Mailer, or Said — never really refuted by the more responsible Left — were proved harebrained by the rapidity and economy of the American victory and the benevolent nature of the Karzai government in Afghanistan.

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December 27, 2002

What Shall We Talk About?

Anyone want to toss a topic out? My brain seems to still be fried today. Any of my fellow bloggers -- Paul? Nin? -- want to make a post today? Could be your New Year's gift to moi :)

Kel's a good lil blogger! She posts!

Maybe I need to change the name of the blog to, "Half a Gaggle and a Bunch of Quiet People".....

Or take resumes for more gagglers!

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December 26, 2002

Happy Boxing Day

Boxing Day is something I miss from Canada.

Anyway, I haven't realy been paying total attention to the news. I didn't have the will power to stay totally away! But I was very sick most of yesterday, so I'm not feeling much up to blogging or thinking. (Assuming I really need to think to blog. Your mileage may vary.) So, unless something compels me to post something of substance today, I'm going to go read my new books and drink pots of tea , try not to throw up anymore, and wait for the storm to hit.

Hope you all had a wonderful Xmas!

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December 25, 2002


The leftists are going to be as idiotic as they possibly can over the whole matter. Maybe when their asses are nuked to Hel and back, will they comprehend what assholes Muslims really are. Clue bomb, anyone?

Happy freaking holiday. *G*

Kel, who's managed to survive another year of major BS

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December 24, 2002

An Eye For An Eye

Any of you out there who think we'll be safe if we just try to "understand" our enemy and just want to give peace a chance, need to read this article. I understand our enemy perfectly, they want to slaughter as many of us as possible. Men, women, children, they don't care. They count their victories in the amount of our blood they spill. These people aren't going away! You can't stick your head in the sand and hope it'll get better. Damnit! What will it take? The White House a radioactive crater? Thousands dead from disease or nerve gas? A few elementary schools blown up? Will you still insist that we're the bad guys? That we need to be kinder and gentler towards the blood thirsty monsters that seek to destroy us? I honestly don't know if it's stupidity, ignorance, or denial. What is it that makes you think we're not in deadly danger every single moment we have these scum in our midst?

Yeah, I'm mad -- furious might be a better description. I want my family and my country safe and every second the peaceniks and the PC morons interfere with securing that safety is another victory for our enemies. I want us to be ruthless in hunting down and destroying the Islamofascists! I am so sick and tired of the crap and the bureaucracy. What the frell is the use of having the most powerful military on the planet if we don't use it to protect us? It's like we're using matches instead of flame throwers. Why the hell are our borders still open? Do I care if we offend Mexico and Canada? NO! Let them be offended. Better them ticked off than us dead.

It's time we stop messing around and start getting with the program. We're becoming our own worst enemy. I'll be damned if someone's hurt feelings are what's keeping us from being safe. We're at war -- deal.

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December 23, 2002

Christmas At War

Rod Dreher has an excellent piece on pacifist Christians on NRO.

We did not seek this war, but it has found us, and we must fight it, and we must prevail. We shall not find the strength to do as we must by hymning the effete pieties of pop stars in our holy places, and by reducing our faith, as precious to the survival of the West as any cache of armory, to whimpering pacifist platitudes.

But that, I'm afraid, is what too many of us will get as we go to church to mark the birth of the Prince of Peace: the demeaning thoughts of those who believe the way to holy peace is through surrender. We will get that because we got it on the commemoration this year of the anniversary of September 11.

Interesting timing, as I received an invitation to join a "Jesus is Green" group on Yahoo. No idea who invited me, or why they thought I'd be sympathetic to their POV. Looking at their website there was a definite pacifist thread displayed. Anyone who knows me even a little would know that I would not be the kind of member they're looking for!

Peace on Earth to Men of Goodwill....

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December 22, 2002

Idiotarian Of The Year

Vote for your pick here

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When Realities Collide

Does this seem, well, just a little 'off' to anyone? After all the ruckus over Trent Lott, Robert Byrd, soul of the Dem Party and former KKK recruiter playing a Confederate General in a movie?

Truth is always stranger than fiction I guess.

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December 20, 2002

Let's Remember

David Frum reminds us that our good buddies from "The Kingdom" are still imprisoning two Westerners to coverup for an Al Qaeda bombing.

The Briton, Sandy Mitchell, and the Canadian, Bill Sampson, are Western contract workers. They were accused of planting the bombs as part of a liquor bootlegging plot. All Western observers agree that the charges are ludicrous, especially in the case of Sampson, a biochemist. The Saudis even accused the victim of the bombing, a Briton named Bill Jones, of planting the bomb - and then tortured him to extract a confession. A fourth man, also a Canadian, was tortured too, and only released when the Canadian government promised to keep absolutely silent about the abuse of its own people.
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December 17, 2002

PC Midwinter Festival In A Pear Tree

This was a forward from an email list I'm on. There was no authour listed, so if you know who I should credit for it, let me know!


The 12 Days, Deconstructed

On the 12th day of the Eurocentrically imposed midwinter festival, my
potential-acquaintance gave to me,

TWELVE males reclaiming their inner warrior through ritual drumming.

ELEVEN pipers piping (plus the 18-member pit orchestra made up of members
in good standing of the Musicians Equity Union as called for in their
union contract even though they will not be asked to play a note...)

TEN melanin-deprived testosterone-poisoned scions of the patriarchal
ruling class system leaping,

NINE persons engaged in rhythmic self-expression,

EIGHT economically disadvantaged female persons stealing milk-products
from enslaved Bovine-Americans,

SEVEN endangered swans swimming on federally protected wetlands,

SIX enslaved fowl-Americans producing stolen nonhuman animal products,

FIVE golden symbols of culturally sanctioned enforced domestic

(NOTE: after member of the Animal Liberation Front threatened to throw
red paint at my computer, the calling birds, French hens and partridge
have been reintroduced to their native habitat. To avoid further
animal-American enslavement, the remaining gift package has been

FOUR hours of recorded whale songs,

THREE deconstructionist poets,

TWO Sierra Club calendars printed on recycled processed tree carcasses

and a Spotted Owl activist chained to an old-growth pear tree.

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Regarding Lott And Gore--

Lott--Haven't we ALL at one point or another said something that inevitably made the foot in mouth syndrome appear? YES. The man has apologized for a perfectly innocent statement--get the frap over it.

Gore--Did he ever apologize for saying he INVENTED the Internet? NO. Shouldn't he apologize for that?

I swear, for people who claim to be nonracist, the blacks and democraps are certainly the most racist people *I* have ever run across either in RL, or on the news with the whole Trent Lott issue and many other issues for that matter.

Geez, people get a life--just get over it already. *g*

Kel, intolerant bitch

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December 16, 2002

Mister Penn--

I ask you, WTF do YOU know about politics, peace policies and war?! The most sensible thing you could do is either keep your frapping mouth SHUT and go back to JollyFood where you belong with all the rest of the left wing whackos. Or just answer "NOTHING." and still go back so we don't have to hear from you any longer. You're wasting valuable news/network/time. *rolling eyes*


Kel, wondering who let him out

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December 13, 2002

How Stupid Is This?

Okay, I get a bill from the hospital for the husband's heart attack.

So I want to know just HOW stupid are these fuckers at the hospital?

I call them to tell them our insurance WILL pay them MORE money.
All they need to do is resubmit the claim so it can be reprocessed because if they don't resubmit it, the insurance won't reprocess it for them to get more money from the insurance that we aren't supposed to have to pay.

This woman from the hospital tells me they are NOT going to do that, they will NOT do that.

HELLO? They can get almost ten grand out of this and if the hospital doesn't want it, they can give me the ten fucking grand!

I said, 'okay, whatever, thank you very much.' and then I hung up.



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Ben Stein And Whatever Else--

Ben Stein

You might recall him from one of his first roles ever in Ferris Bueller's Day Off as the teacher who was taking attendance at the beginning of the movie. *g*
He's extremely intelligent and multitalented. *g*
This link will tell you more than I ever could about him. *g*

Better yet--here's his official site--and it's really nifty. *g*

Kel who's probably gonna get flamed on a list because of Trent Lott
(Basically I said that the only people who had the 'right' to 'demand' him leaving his office was folks in the great state of MS and not everyone else. *g*)

PS--Hope the project with the WW2 vets goes well

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December 12, 2002

Smallpox Blog Discussions

I know, I know, you're probably all sick of my smallpox posts. But here's one more. A Small Victory has a great discussion going on about the subject, and you may want to check it out.

Lil Update: good discussion here as well.

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Quiet Heroes

Rachel is setting up a project -- Quiet Heroes -- to record the stories of WWII vets. I think it's a great thing, and I'm looking forward to watching it bloom and thrive. If anyone can get a project like this up and running, it's Rachel.

If you'd like to know more, check out the sidebar of her blog. You can even help support it if you feel so inclined.

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December 11, 2002

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work I go!

I've been observing my co-workers off and on and it's making me ponder.

Sometimes, I think I have an abnormal work ethic. It would take them about three people to do the job I do by myself. Someone to do refills, some to do insurance billing and ostomy, and someone to be the general troubleshooter. And now, I'm also now a trainer. I've spent the last few days either training new terminal techicians or creating a training manual for our computer program.

Not only that, but I do my job, and I do it as fast as possible and double check everything. (I've clocked myself at processing 40 prescriptions faxed from the doctor in 15 minutes.) There are people at work who just can't believe how much I get done. I keep getting compliments on how fast and efficient I am. It actually makes me slightly uncomfortable, because I'm not trying to be fast or efficient.

And, I always hate calling in sick (Not just because that means I have an unpaid day). I hate making people do my job and theirs. It makes a busy day hell.

So... Do I have an abnormal work ethic?

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Ben Stein--

Made some lovely comments on the idiots in Cali who are in show biz who think anyone gives a shite about what they think about the Bush admin and their policies.

If anyone can imagine, Mister Stein commented that these people are paid entertainers and that a letter from 100 farmers in the midwest would carry more clout in the White House than what these people were trying to do. He agreed with the chick talking to him that Bush is a policy driven admin and Clinton was celebrity driven and that these entertainer people really have no clue about how such things are really done in the real world. (IE, Martin Sheen who PORTRAYS a president on television, but REALLY ISN'T ONE IN REAL LIFE. *SNICKER* )

So who the frap cares what those people think about politics? I certainly don't because it's not like they are going to run for an office and make things any better.

Yeah, I'm a bitch. *g* So what? *g*


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More On Smallpox

Instapundit has a post about the intensity of preperations to begin immunizations.

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H & C Notes With Random Mutterings

Last night, I saw Alan Colmes interview of Al Gore on "Hannity and Colmes", I know, I'm a glutton for punishment! Anyway, Alan asked Gore if his claims about a "conservative fifth column" in the media wasn't just the flip side of conservatives, who have for years, claimed a liberal media bias. With a straight face, Gore said, "No, it's a different phenomena." Then he went on with some rambling explanation that I couldn't make head nor tails of. Then he made a comment that maybe if he got Alan off camera, he'd admit that FOX is a right wing channel. Alan went on to dispute that, and said that he thought FOX gave an outlet for conservative opinion that hadn't existed before, but that liberal voices like his were displayed just as prominently. Gore's reaction was a smarmy "nudge, nudge, wink, wink" sort of laugh.

The whole interview, Gore came off as patronizing and shallow. If this is the "real" Al Gore, I'm even less impressed!

The other segment, that I missed half of, was Sean interviewing Mike Farrell about his celebrity letter to Bush protesting our policy on Iraq. The part I didn't see, but heard about later, was Farrell apparently explaining that actors are more involved and more concerned about these sorts of things because of their imaginations. Say what??? Things like that just boggle the mind. Maybe it follows. After all, their lives are about fantasy, not reality. Maybe that makes them incapable of seeing the world as it really is. Because, let me tell you, I have a very vivid imagination, and I'm able to see all too well the consequences if we don't stop Saddam, or other terrorists from setting of nukes, or releasing smallpox, in our cities.

It's us or them, simple as that. I don't want to understand them, I just want them stopped. And I don't much care what we have to do to accomplish that. I went to sleep last night thinking about weaponized smallpox, and what would happen. I get the feeling that Mike Farrell's imagination is a little lacking since those sorts of things don't seem to concern him. He's rather worry about our enemies and prove to them that we're all one big world family.

Give peace a chance; I don't think so. I'd prefer to have my family and my country secure and safe.

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December 7, 2002

Police State

Thanks to Misha for this link. An article with stats on the brutal police state we live in [sarcasm mode off]

Favorite line: As of this moment, and for the rest of the week, I am calling for the nonviolent overthrow of the U.S. government (advocating the violent overthrow of the government actually is illegal). If this column fails to appear next week you can assume that storm troopers have dragged me off to Leavenworth. But, frankly, I think I would have a better chance of being arrested if I were to smoke a cigarette in a New York bar.

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Day Of Infamy

My offering for Pearl Harbor Day are a collection of links from the Naval Historical Center. These are oral histories of attack survivors. What better than to let them tell their own story?

Lieutenant Ruth Erickson, NC, USN & Captain John E. Lacouture, USN

Lieutenant Commander S. G. Fuqua, Corporal B. C. Nightingale of the U.S. Marine Corps, Lieutenant Commander T. T. Beattie, & Pay Clerk D. L. Westfall

There's also a Pearl Harbor FAQ

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Wrong Again

I found this article via Random Jottings.

I was halfway up the track that leads to the salt-mine at Taloqan, described by Marco Polo as producing the finest salt in the world, when an old man driving a donkey, two huge blocks of rock salt tied to its sides, stopped me and started jabbering in Persian.

‘He wants to thank you for getting rid of the Taleban,’ said my interpreter, as the man started shaking my hand. ‘Not at all,’ I said modestly. ‘Don’t mention it.’ ‘He thinks you are American,’ added the interpreter — rather snidely, I thought.


Shortly before I left on a trip to Afghanistan in August 2001, a left-wing don pointed me to an article by Jason Burke in the London Review of Books. ‘Very interesting piece. Apparently the Taleban aren’t that bad.’ It was nothing more than a credulous regurgitation of Pakistani propaganda. The Taleban, it claimed, were a spontaneous law-and-order movement of theology students revolted by the widespread rapes perpetrated by the warlords. This is rubbish. The Taleban were armed and funded by the Pakistani secret service to give Pakistan the control over Afghanistan that they thought was their right. And, despite looking hard, I have never come across any evidence of widespread rape of women in Afghanistan.

I read this article out to a class I took at Kabul University. I thought that they would find it quite funny, but halfway through I realised it wasn’t getting any laughs. I stopped because the women were angry. The few of them who had received any education during the long night of Taleban rule had done so at secret schools. The mother of one had been beaten with electrical flex because a spy from the ministry for the prevention of vice and propagation of virtue had heard her shoes clicking on the pavement.

‘Who is this man?’ she demanded. I said that he was the Observer’s chief reporter. ‘How can he say such things?’ ‘Because he hates America,’ I said. ‘He also says that all the Taleban did was to make law out of what had always been the case in rural areas.’ There was uproar. Even the men joined in. They thought that this was really impertinent and offensive. ‘He also says,’ I went on, ‘that there is no need to ban television because there aren’t any.’ ‘Who does he think we are. Of course we’ve got television.’ And that’s true. I’ve watched television all over the country, even in a Khirgiz yurt in the High Pamirs.

It's a great article, and there are some wonderful pictures to go along with it.

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A Fatwa Of One's Own

More good Steyn

Mr. Khalfan is being disingenuous. When was the last time a mob of Jews or Christians or Buddhists tore children from cars and burned them to death? A while back, I saw Terrence McNally's ghastly Broadway jerk-off, Corpus Christi, in which a gay Jesus rhapsodizes about the joys of anal intercourse with Judas. The play was an abomination, and deserves all the abuse discriminating theatre-goers can heap upon it. But oddly enough, I didn't feel an urge to slaughter perfect strangers, to ram a schoolbus, drag the little moppets from it, douse them in gasoline, and get my matchbook out.

All of it is here.

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December 6, 2002

No Plan

Posts like this (link via A Small Victory) remind me of why I've always been the most fearful of disease as a weapon. Maybe I read too many doomsday books as a youngling, or watched Survivors too many times. I remember an SF writer saying (I can't remember who, though I'm thinking it might have been Niven) that maybe we have never run into a space faring race because when they get to our level of technology, they snuff themselves out with some weaponized disease. I've always remembered that -- though obviously not well enough to remember who said it -- and it comes to mind frequently these days. I'm the kind of person who wants to have a plan, but there's some things I guess you just can't plan for. I worry most about my family and wish I could do something to protect them, but I can't.

What are our options as just regular folks? Other than becoming survivalists somewhere in Montana, that is. What do we do if the news comes that there has been a smallpox outbreak? Do we all stay home? Should we all have a stash of food and water? A gun? Medical supplies of some sort? How long would it take for an outbreak to burn out?

And what about vaccinations? If it's not just regular smallpox, but some tinkered with variety, would regular vaccine have some effect? I know the story about the dairy maid who didn't get smallpox because of her exposure to cowpox, and hence the whole idea of a vaccine. Those are similar but different diseases, but one gave immunity to the other. Would the same follow for a weaponized strain?

And if the Iraqis did get weaponized smallpox from a former Soviet scientist, wouldn't it be possible to create a vaccine. I would think the Russians would have records of the research that was done, wouldn't they?

I know, lots and lots of questions. Questions I have, it's answers I'm short on.

Lil update: there's some good conversation on this subject happening on Daily Pundit

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9th Circuit Strikes Again

Court: Citizens have no right to own guns

A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Thursday found that individual citizens do not have a constitutional right to own a firearm, cutting to the core of the modern debate over gun control and repudiating the gun lobby's most cherished legal argument.

Weighing California's attempt to regulate rapid-fire assault weapons against a legal right established in the days of musket fire, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals jumped into the increasingly heated legal debate over the true intent of the Second Amendment's protection of a right to bear arms.

The opinion is starkly at odds with a federal appeals court ruling in New Orleans last year that the 211-year-old amendment does give individuals the right to bear arms. For that reason, it could give the U.S. Supreme Court its first opportunity in decades to clarify what has long been an unsettled question in constitutional law.

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December 5, 2002

Happy Birthday!

Hope you had a lovely day!


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December 4, 2002

Gaggle Birthday!

It's Nin's birthday today!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

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Got back from my trip, but ended up sick at home today. So I'm afraid I'm not feeling the brain cells today! So many things to comment on, but probably will take a pass till I'm feeling a little smarter. But I'll pick one thing! This is more in the 'annoying but predictable' category than anything earth shattering, but what the hay?

I take back what I said about Viggo Mortenson seeming to be brighter than the average celeb. Apparently, he was on a late night show with a "No More Blood for Oil" T shirt, and made the comment that we -- the US -- would not be the good guys in Tolkien's world. First off, no blood for oil? Is that the most original thing those on the Left can come up with? What the hell does oil have to do with this any way? Bleah! Two, he has absolutely no understanding of Tolkien if he thinks we're the ones that are evil. The Professor had a very good grasp on what happens when one doesn't stand up to evil, and tries to appease that evil. How can any sane person think Saddam is a good guy? Don't they read? Are they that blind? And if they are, it has to be on purpose, because I can't believe that these people aren't aware of what goes on the world. How does that saying go? There are none so blind as those that won't see.

Like I said, annoying, but oh so predictable. I'll just think of him as Aragorn and ignore the rest :) I am so looking forward to the 18th!!

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