April 24, 2008


Here's another good article on the suffering ethanol has wreaked across the globe. One wonders how people like Al Gore and his ilk sleep at night. Of course, him his other wealthy frineds never have to worry about going hungry, do they?

Global Food Riots: Made in Washington, D.C.

That reminds me of the House Hunters episode we saw last night. Talk about the hypocrisy of the modern enviro nut. This well off couple who lived in New Mexico wanted a vacation home on the Oregon Coast. They prattled on about what great people they were because they recycled, and lived 'green'. And then they prattled on about how the vacation home they bought just had to be 'green' with energy saving appliances, etc.. They seemed to have not a clue about what hypocrites they were! If they're so interested in saving the planet and carbon footprints, why on earth would they want two homes? And just for the two of them? Not to mention two large homes. Homes that require either driving two days to get to or flying! By the end of the episode, I just wanted to slap them. Okay, I wanted to do that way before the end of the episode. I admit it.

Posted by Ith at April 24, 2008 4:49 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

Eco green nuts are keeping us from drilling in the ANWR all becuase they wory about the polar bears and blabber this fragile earth poppycock bull kaka FEED THE GREENS TO THE POLAR BEARS,KILLER WAHLES AND SKUAS

Posted by: condor at April 27, 2008 12:59 PM