February 2, 2008


This is exactly what I'm talking about. Every time I try and choke back my dislike of McCain, there's crap like this.

Hate speech!??! Far Right? Seriously? So because I think McCain would make a terrible president, and I don't like him, that constitutes hate speech? We may as well roll up the carpets and let the Dems win because when the supposed leaders of our party have stooped to this level, it's all over already.

I thought I could hold my nose and vote for him in November, but I don't know if I can do that now. If McCain and his people would shut their mouths for maybe five minutes, they might drive away a few less voters. Oh, but I'm not 'rational', so they obviously don't want my vote anyway. Nice to know. I've voted Republican in every single election since I turned 18. But John McCain isn't interested. Good luck with that, John. hope it works out for you and your 'rational' friends.

Seriously ticked off this morning.

The full text of the email is below in the extended entry.

Brad Marston, National Chairman - McCainVictory08.com

To all:

Wow this is great to see. Political muscle is built by one person talking to one person and so on. Now it seems we have jumped to dozens of people talking to dozens more.

I urge you all to do as I have done and simply contact the stations that carry the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter et al and let them know that you are tuning them out and turning them off. If enough of us do it, they'll get the message.

I have no problem with someone supporting a different candidate. Steve Maloney supported Rudy when I was already strongly pro-McCain. But just like Rudy and McCain, we kept our discourse respectful and civil and see where we are now; working together for the betterment of our party and our country.

I believe that ultimately the frenzied hate-speec
coming from the far-right towards John McCain will backfire in much the same way Bill Clinton's attacks on Obama in South Carolina led to Obama's devastating victory over Hillary there.

I would suggest that those of us working to elect John McCain constitute the new majority in the Republican Party...what I like to term,
the Rational Right.

PS...any of you on this list who are bloggers, please send me the URL as I would love to come visit and check out your blogs.
PPS...Sheridan Folger's new e-mail address is madirishmaninc@comcast.net

Brad Marston

Brad Marston
National Chairman

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