May 3, 2007

Tonight's Grey's

Tonight was the two hour spin off episode.

In the extended entry for spoilers...

I like the cast they assembled for the spin off. I could see watching these people every week. Though, I admit, I really will miss Addison on Grey's. I really felt for Addison, totally being able to relate to the dried up barren thing. Though, I could totally deal with having a hot guy like the one she had kiss her to prove she isn't. Bu that's why it's TV and not RL! I so want Addison's car, and her wardrobe, and really want that bag!!

I was afraid the preview I saw with Thatcher hitting Meredith would ended up meaning what it did. I really did like Susan too.

Izzie and George? God, I feel so bad for Calllie. Can no one in this show be faithful?

Burke and Christina.? I love how bizarre their relationship is, and how it works anyway. I hold out hope that they can get it right.

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