May 15, 2007

Tonight's Debate

Tried to make a few notes tonight.

Thank god FOX is doing this one!

Brownback just lost me with bio fuels. (not that he ever really have me, but he had a remote chance)

"Congress spends money like John Edwards at a beauty shop" !! LOL

"Rudy McRomney "

They have commercials?!? Well, since I DVRed it, and am a few minutes to behind, it doesn't really matter.

"I'm going to give you another 30 seconds to actually answer my question." Zing!

McCain trying to convince me he wants to protect the borders? Uh huh. Sure.

I won't vote for anyone in the primary that supports amnesty or any stealth amnesty. Just say NO!

Rudy seems to be doing much better this time around.

Argh, temporary worker program. NO! McCain is doing ZERO to convince me to support him. ZERO!

This Ron Paul dude -- if he's run as a Libertarian (at least that's what I though I heard) why is he running as a Republican and why is he in this debate?

If Romney is telling the truth, about not giving a special pathway to illegals I'm warming to him.

Ron Paul is a doofus.

Go Rudy!

McCain looks very old tonight.

I'll admit, I have trouble telling the second tier candidates apart.

But honestly, are we under any illusions that terrorists are going to treat our prisoners well no matter how we treat theirs?

Jack Bauer made it into a debate.

I liked a lot of what Tancredo said - if only he were more mainstream, more electable.

Romney and Gulianni seemed to do the best overall.

Overall, no one won my support tonight. I guess there will be many more debates to watch before February.

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