November 20, 2005

Goblet Of Fire

If you've never read the books, and are going to the movie, for you, I'll put the review in the extended section :) Cus I CARE!!

(and this time, the category means it!)

We saw it last night -- 1030pm with hardly any kids in the audience! -- and yeah, a 2:30 minute movie isn't enough to get even 1/4 of the book in, it seemed to me. I did enjoy it, but I have to think if you'd never read the books, this one would be a bit of a mush. And the editing did seem a little choppy. I though the acting was just fine, it was nice to see them finding ways to use Neville so that people remember him for the next one when his role become much more pivotal. Not enough Snape, but I have a feeling that won't be a complaint in the next movies. This current Dumbledore really seems overly emotional both in comparison to Richard Harris and the Dumbledore in the books. A couple times I wanted to tell him to take a pill and chill [g] Lots of good stuff with the Weasly twins. One really glaring omission was Rita Skeeter as a rouge animagus. That was dropped entirely, as was Hermione blackmailing her over it. Since that's rather important in the next one, it surprised me. And they didn't dwell on Harry finding out about Snape's past in the pensieve. That surprised me to. I will admit I wanted the scene where Snape shows his Dark Mark to Fudge. Oh well. Ralph Feinnes made an excellently chilling Voldomort. I thought the Death Eater hats were silly as all get out. Looked like dunce caps, and one wonders if they get stuck in doorways often [g] Oh, yes, but we did get Draco as the bouncing ferret! Excellent! Minerva giving dancing lessons! I had a lovely mental image of Snape doing a similar class for Slytherin. The ball was beautiful! They do some amazing set design on this series. And dragons! I love dragons. In the credits, near the end, it said, "No dragons were harmed in the making of this film" LOL. David Tennant, who was Bartie Crouch Jr., is also the new Dr. Who, and he's damn cute! Just thought I'd mention it.

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