November 19, 2005

Amazon & Such

I've been in the beta of Amazon's preview links program. Basically, if you see a - - - - - link, it will generate a preview window of the product linked. It's supposed to work in IE and in Netscape/Firefox, but for me, it's only working in IE. Can't figure out why. Oh, and it's in beta, so whether you see the preview link is done by a virtual coin toss. But that's not the problem in Firefox for me.

This brings me to:

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, put another penny in Ithy's hat!

My Amazon hat, that is. Click through sales from A&C help keep the lights on around here. So, if you're so inclined, and you're doing some Xmas shopping at Amazon, would you click through from any of the Amazon links you find in posts, on the sidebar, or in comments? I get a few cents of every sale, and as you might imagine, the bulk of that comes from shopping over the holidays. Thank you!

Of course, if you prefer a more direct route, you can always use the Paypal link on the sidebar.

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