September 27, 2005

Behind the Scenes

There's a special tonight on SciFi that's behind the scenes of Serenity. For those that are on a pre Serenity buzz like I am :) Check your local listings for time. It's on here in Monterey at 7p and 10p, but we get the eastern feed, so you do the math.

On another subject, I see that the SciFi production classic, Chupacabra: Dark Seas, is on again!! I've never seen it, but of all the ads for all the goofy SciFi produced movies, Chupacabra is my all time favourite. Nin and I came up with all sorts of variations, and it entertained us for weeks.

Just look at the expression of terror -- or is that a bit too much rum? -- on John Rhys-Davies' face! Now imagine the face with Gimli's beard. Now drink some of that rum.

(click for larger version)

Posted by Ithildin at September 27, 2005 12:49 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

So where's the review of the movie? Inquiring minds want to know.

Posted by: Lornkanaga at September 28, 2005 8:51 AM

Serenity? It doesn't come out till Friday. It was just a special last night about the movie.

Posted by: Ith at September 28, 2005 9:06 AM

Ah. I thought you were one of the many who managed to snag a seat at last night's "blogger pre-view."

Posted by: Lornkanaga at September 28, 2005 3:03 PM

Ah. No, I don't live in major metropolitan area, so didn't get to partake :)

Posted by: Ith at September 28, 2005 3:05 PM