June 17, 2005

Pardon Me Whilst I Adjust My Tea Hat

Via Michelle Malkin, comes a link to a good take on women bloggers and the 'are there enough of them and are they relevant' theme.

Blogging was a natural for me -- I'm the girl who subscribed to 'Foreign Affairs' when she was 15, after all. I was, and am, a current events junkie. I don't always blog about politics though. I'm eclectic in my interests, and I think my blog reflects my personality -- except in RL I'm a lot more shy. I don't really think of myself as a 'female who blogs', more of a 'me who blogs'. And 'me' is just as likely to be talking about 'Star Trek' or 'Pirates of the Caribbean as I am illegal immigration, going to Mars, or the 2008 election. I'm great at cocktail parties, let me tell you!

I may be your cup of tea -- or not. But I certainly do appreciate you at least sitting down long enough to have a cookie. Now whether you want to stay for the entire tea is up to you, but I honestly don't think my sex usually has much bearing on that decision.

(now if I could just work absinthe into this....)

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