December 3, 2004

Here I Be

Came down with a bit of a cold, so I stayed home today. To add to my enjoyment, my back is unhappy again :( It's probably the cold weather.

In other news, one of the cabanas here on the beach had a DNS attack yesterday. That's a first -- and hopefully a last!

The BFL is now up to 75 members! If this keeps up, the BFL blogroll is going to need its own page, 'cus my sidebar can't get much longer! And we're going to need a bigger place to meet for lunch.

Posted by Ithildin at December 3, 2004 1:18 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

Interesting... I had a brief bit of time yesterday (don't remember WHAT time, though) when I got a "not found" error when I tried to access my own page.... Wonder if that was a spill-over.

Posted by: CrankyBeach at December 3, 2004 3:18 PM