December 10, 2004

Attention Xmas Shoppers!

Blue light special in aisle two on Can Can dancing Gollum doll! No, not really :)

Actually, the point of this post is to request your clicks. If you happen to be doing any Xmas shopping through Amazon this year, and are feeling so inclined, may I request you click through any of the many Amazon links over on my sidebar? The pennies add up to helping pay for the site and such other mundane matters. And of course, you're always welcome to click on my wishlist! (duh, right?)

[hands out candy canes to one and all]

Posted by Ithildin at December 10, 2004 11:38 AM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

Is it a cinnamon candy cane? I love the cinnamon ones... ;)

Posted by: Princess Jami at December 11, 2004 8:34 AM

gotta love those absinthe candy canes!... it could be done... green stripes...anisey flavor, 70mg thugone... add to water and watch the louche... by the way, whoever makes this... i want royalties, just 5%, that's all. pay the genius!

Posted by: melissa pope girl at December 11, 2004 4:37 PM