November 1, 2004

At Least A Microwave!

I've done my bit for converting others to the cause. First, Nin, who when she moved in was a Dem, changed her party officially to Republican this election cycle and has cast her second vote for President Bush. Second, the admin assistant here at work who is a black, single mom in her mid twenties, and voting for the very first time -- for President Bush.

Forget the toaster, I deserve a larger appliance!

Posted by Ithildin at November 1, 2004 5:59 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

Good work. Similarly, it took 20 years but I turned my Canadian hippy partner into a raging Republican. Now we have to get him to become a U.S. citizen.

Also I'm working on raising 3 daughters as Republicans so that they can be unleashed on the next generation.

Posted by: Peter Sean Bradley at November 1, 2004 6:49 PM

Excellent! :-)

Posted by: Princess Jami at November 2, 2004 10:05 AM

I wish I had your success, Ith. Most of my friends are liberals, and a couple are even rabid Bush haters.

Yes--at least a microwave, but I think a refrigerator with the stainless steel exterior and filtered cold water/ice maker is more appropriate. My hat's off to you!

Posted by: Lornkanaga at November 2, 2004 10:26 AM