October 8, 2004

To Watch, Or Not To Watch?

Since I hate debates anyway, I'm seriously thinking about not watching tonight. I especially dislike these town hall ones YUCK! With their "undecided voters" -- yeesh, right, pull the other one why don't you? "Undecided" like the guy NPR trotted out who turned out to have been a Kerry and DNC donor. And why are all the moderators always liberal MSM types? It would have been nice for a token attempt at balance to have someone from FNC moderate one. Anyway, back to the audience asking questions... the other thing is that these people almost always ask stupid questions, they never seem like they've studied any issues in depth, and that they got most of their info from Jay Leno's monologue. Okay, maybe this time it will be different, and I won't come away from it thinking that the questioners should be ashamed of themselves. Juuust maybe.


A Bit Later: What was I saying? (via the mighty Allah)

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