September 30, 2004


I'm already cringing. I can't look. I'm pacing around my room, trying not to shout at the TV. (except for sitting down to type this)

6:10 - OK, I liked Bush saying, "It isn't going to happen." (when asked about Kerry being elected and another 9/11 attack)

Oh, "you regret to say". Suuuuuure! Listing military people is the best you can do?

6:14 - Hah! (Bush commenting on Kerry's stament that no one who didn't think Saddam was a threat didn't deserve to be President) Pre Sept. 10th mentality!

6:18 -- Dear god, I'm so sick of the whole "no plan to win the peace". Get a new line!

6:19 -- ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! no particular reason, just on general principles.

Oh, wait, will he tell us about his "secret plan"???

6:24 -- Kerry is such a goober. How does a tax cut relate to tapes not being translated? You can't magically create translators. It takes time! You can't make people work for the FBI. Maybe Kerry would like to institute a draft for anyone that speaks Arabic?

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