August 5, 2004

U.K. Arrests Update

Turns out the sweeps and terror arrests in Britain stemmed from information gathered in Pakistan from the same source as the informtion that led to the alerts here in the U.S.

A SENIOR al-Qaeda agent was among 12 men arrested in anti-terror swoops across England two days ago, according to reports that emerged last night.

The man was arrested as a result of intelligence gathered after a raid in Pakistan last month, according to newspaper and television reports.

It was also reported that al-Qaeda operatives held in Pakistan had recently made contact with six possible conspirators in the United States, fuelling fears that the terror group is in the final stages of plans for a new attack.

The raid in Pakistan led to the discovery of computer files which suggested that British and US targets had been identified for attacks. The blueprints included a plot to bomb the QE2 passenger liner.

Pakistani officials reportedly said the arrests that took place across Britain on Tuesday were a result of the intelligence they had gathered.

Among those detained in the British raids was the senior al-Qaeda figure, they said. One report said he had planned an attack on Heathrow Airport.

You can read the whole article yourself, but I must share the kicker at the end.

Meanwhile, a House of Lords report yesterday criticised the government for discriminating against Britain's Muslim community.
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