July 15, 2004

Still Freaked

I haven't been able to get my mind off the article in the post I did a few hours back. I saw a headline yesterday that said the airlines were expecting a record summer, and if you combine that with the concern in the government about potential attacks this summer, it all adds up to really, really bad.

If I wasn't in full "Nervous Nelly" mode before, I sure am now.

Later the next day: (technically this doesn't count as a post) Michelle Malkin has some updates.

Still later: A little background on the subject Willow talked about in the comments. (It's from a post I did in April, but it's relevant, I believe)

And yet later: Michelle Malkin has a followup.

A snippet:

.... the Washington Post has been sitting on the true story of Annie Jacobsen's "Terror in the Skies" account since last Friday.

Rod Dreher from The Corner adds to the information out there.

Posted by Ithildin at July 15, 2004 4:10 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

I think maybe the next time I travel back to the West Coast to see family, I'll drive.

Posted by: Russ at July 15, 2004 6:15 PM

My first prayer of the day, every day is "Lord, foil the plans of our enemy."

Posted by: debbie at July 15, 2004 9:17 PM

I've written an email to the DOT demanding an explanation of this policy they have of fining airlines for 'profiling.'

I'll let you know how it turns out...this might be another opportunity to mobilize the digital brownshirts!!


Posted by: willow at July 16, 2004 8:51 AM

I have felt secure about flying post 9-11 because of the "General Militia of Flight 93," the reaction of the passengers and crew to the “Shoe Bomber,” and the assurance given to a friend who is a flight attendant that several pilots have said they will not allow their plane to be commandeered by hijackers. Even though everyone lived happily ever after in Jacobsen's story, it still shook my feeling of security.

Posted by: Dan Spencer, California Yankee at July 16, 2004 3:16 PM