July 27, 2004

RL Meltdown

What a difference a day makes. A few days ago, I was so pleased with myself for having a concrete short term and long term plan. I was feeling confident, even [gasp] happy. I should have known that practically guaranteed everything falling apart. Yep. The house we've rented for nearly ten years is being sold. Goodbye plans, hello mad scramble to house me, my parents, my brother and sister and our pets. Parents are going to have to move to UT ASAP instead of the year and half from now they'd planned, I have to try and come up with all the money I'm going to need to rent an apartment in this area, plus all the stuff I need to buy that I currently share (hey, maybe Andrew Sullivan can give me some of his pledge drive money! :) ). Just thinking about it is making me super queasy.

I was doing okay last night, but this morning I feel really overwhelmed and black hole being sucked into.

Posted by Ithildin at July 27, 2004 8:38 AM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

Oy, I feel for you, there's nothing worse than a surprise move...

For what little it's worth, these things have an odd way of working themselves out.

Break a leg.

Posted by: Paul Jané at July 27, 2004 12:11 PM

Yeah, except this seems to be the story of my life. Being homelss is a major freakout for me since I spent several portions of my youth living in our camper, my grandmother's basement, out of our car, and my aunt's garage. I'm trying really hard to remind myself I'm all grownup and the same thing isn't going to happen again.

Posted by: Ith at July 27, 2004 12:25 PM

Ouch. Good luck and all the best, Ith. Not to pry, but why would selling the house mean you'd have to leave right away? I'm not licensed in California, so this isn't legal advice, but your lease is an encumbrance on the property itself, not just personally against your current landlord, so I'd think it would still be binding on a successive owner.

Posted by: Dave J at July 27, 2004 6:40 PM

We don't have a lease, it's month to month, so we get 30 days notice. She hasn't given us notice yet, so the uncertainy is just how long we have.

Posted by: Ith at July 27, 2004 6:46 PM

Ugh, I feel your pain. I'm having to move too, by the end of August. I may have an apartment by the third week of that month or so, right behind work so I can walk instead of taking the icky bus. But it all depends on whether my income and recent rental history can trump my lousy credit and my, uh, less recent rental history. I keep telling myself that they sound desperate to rent... And I haven't even thought about how I'm going to get my stuff moved with no car. Bonfire, anyone?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at July 27, 2004 8:41 PM

Andrea [reciprocal hugs and vibes heading your way]

We'll get through it. What doesn't kill us makes our hair strong and shiny... :) Or something like that.

Posted by: Ith at July 27, 2004 9:09 PM

You should either put up a tip jar (Amazon or PayPal) or come up with a mail drop address you'd be comfortable having contributions sent to (explain that Ith is your "pen name," and give them a printout from your page so they'll know it's legit).

It's a good time to be asking for money for a blog, with the "Anyone but Andy" program going on.

Posted by: Attila Girl at July 28, 2004 1:12 AM

Hang in there, and good luck! You will all be in my thoughts.

Posted by: Laughing Wolf at July 28, 2004 3:14 AM

Thanks, one and all :)

AG, I do actually have a tip jar link over on the sidebar under "support our blogs on the wing". Since I host several friends' blogs as well as my own, it goes to the domain blog listing page.

Posted by: Ith at July 28, 2004 8:39 AM