March 27, 2004

When RL Is Like Monty Python

Rebels issue receipt after robbing Scots at gunpoint

TWO Scottish trekkers robbed at gunpoint while hiking in the Himalayas have described how a potentially fatal attack turned into farce when Maoist rebels handed them a receipt so they wouldn't have to pay up again if targeted by other rebels further up the trail.

John McNicoll and Ewen Ferguson, from Stirlingshire, were on a charity hike in Nepal when they were confronted by a gang of armed Maoists who demanded they hand over the equivalent of 10 each.

But the terrifying attack had a comic side when the rebels, wielding AK47s, insisted on issuing their victims with a receipt in case they were attacked by other Maoists along the way.

Mr McNicoll, from Kippen, said the pair were just sitting down to dinner when the tent flaps burst open and they were confronted by rebels with machine guns.

"The attackers were armed to the teeth and shouting at us, but we couldn't understand a word they were saying until our guide intervened. He talked with them and then told us that they were demanding 1,000 rupees from each of us, which is only about 10.

"The guide advised us to pay the money because he couldn't guarantee our safety if we argued. Apparently the receipt is so that, if you get set upon again during your trip you can show it so you won't have to pay twice."

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