February 26, 2004

Where's My Handbasket?

I finally got to read the Orson Scott Card essay I'd been reading about all over, and as usual, it left me with lots to think about. It did touch upon what I think I have been most disquieted by; the courts, and public officials in San Francisco, taking it upon themselves to decide something that will have consequences we can't know. They shouldn't have that power.

.... Regardless of their opinion of homosexual "marriage," every American who believes in democracy should be outraged that any court should take it upon itself to dictate such a social innovation without recourse to democratic process.


You can't add a runway to an airport in America without years of carefully researched environmental impact statements. But you can radically reorder the fundamental social unit of society without political process or serious research.

What was supposed to be checks and balances seems to be becoming a system of elite know-it-alls imposing their vision of what's right and wrong on the rest of us. This isn't a new feeling, just one that has more or less crystallized over the last few weeks. I don't know, maybe the article just depressed me. I certainly feel depressed. I think it would be an easier on my psyche if I were firmly entrenched on one side of this or the other. But, I'm not, so I feel incredibly torn.

I guess I need to remind myself that every generation thinks that its the one that's going to go hell in a handbasket, and yet, we muddle through to the next one. Maybe that's the best anyone can hope for.

I'll try to quit with the maudlin posting now.


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