October 26, 2003


Andrea pointed me to this article. first, go read Andrea's post, then read the article.

Give this guy some valium! Please! There's lots and lots that bugs me about these sorts of journalisitic hatchet jobs, but I'll stick with two.

First, do you ever see these sorts practicing what they preach? Is reporter guy living in an eco commune? Does he bike everywhere? Did he take an airplane, or a train, or a bus, to research his expose? And isn't his newspaper printed on like, dead trees? Does he use air conditioning in his home? How about heat? How many square feet does he and his family use to live in?

It would be nice for him to realize that technology allows us to produce more food on less land, so we can feed more people. And America feeds lots of people.

The other thing is "global warming". The planet has been warmer many times in the past, it's normal. And we're just going to have to deal. If we can't deal, then I guess we're screwed. Mother Nature doesn't play favourites. And the planet warming isn't all bad. There are many benefits to be had from a warmer planet. We just need to make it through the transition. And I'll take a few degrees warmer over icesheets covering half of California anyday.

Oh, and a third thing! I know, I said two. But! The British Isles are a testament to man manipulating the land to suit them. Does he not know that Britian used to be heavily forested? If he went to look at Sherwood forest, he would see that it used to be that way all over. But no, it's just eeeevil modern Americans who are responsible for the rape of the planet.

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