October 1, 2003

SF Bits & Pieces

Good article here, titled, "Goddbye, Sci-Fi"

The Firefly DVDs will have a blooper reel and deleted scenes.

Here's a good roundup of news on the Red Dwarf movie. (I dunno about this one!)

And Ben Bova has some thoughts on a Space Plane:

SF author Ben Bova, a past president of the National Space Society, told SCI FI Wire that he thinks NASA should develop a reusable space plane. "NASA should put everything they've got into a reusable space plane, an orbital vehicle that can carry people into space reliably and economically," Bova said in an interview.

Such a vehicle could be useful should a future space shuttle discover wing damage similar to that that felled the Space Shuttle Columbia, Bova added. "There's a space plane that NASA wants to build, to serve as a rescue vehicle that can be launched on short notice," he said. "The technology is there. It's the investment that is lacking, whether it is government or private. A vehicle that can take a few people into space economically is also a prototype of a vehicle that can fly you from Vancouver to Tokyo in less than an hour."

Bova said that the soul-searching in the wake of the Columbia accident affords NASA a chance to focus on the new vehicle. "When you talk about space technology the problems are not technological," he said. "If you give engineers the job to do it, and the means to do it, they'll do it. The only question is will they get enough funding to do it? Will they get the political backing to do it? If you got a group of top engineers together and say, 'I want to go to Mars in 12 years with a team of explorers,' ... they'll be able to do it. It's basically a question of political will."

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