October 12, 2003


It's the one year aniversary of the terrorist bombing in Bali. There were 202 victims, 88 of which were Australians on holiday.

....In Sydney, on a wind-swept headland, several thousand mourners gathered to dedicate to the victims and survivors a 13-foot-high bronze sculpture of three tall figures leaning on each other in grief, anger and hope.

The memorial overlooks the ocean at Dolphins Point, recently renamed to honor six young men from the Coogee Beach Dolphins rugby league club who lost their lives in the blasts.

"You have to remember the great things and the wonderful times you had with everyone who died," said David Byron, who lost his 15-year-old daughter, Chloe, in the attack.

Despite foreign ministry warnings to avoid Indonesia because of the risk of more terror attacks, about 1,600 Australians also attended a memorial service in Bali.

"We haven't forgotten you; we never will," Prime Minister John Howard said at the Bali service after the names of the victims were read to the mourners. "Australia will never forget Oct. 12, 2002."

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