October 2, 2003


You know what I don't get about the whole Plame thing? What do you get out of it? ("You" being the White House supposedly.) Why would finding out a man's wife works for the CIA discredit him in any way? (unless you're a lefty moonbat that hates the CIA, FBI, etc...) I think working for the CIA is of the good, and finding out Wilson's wife was an agent certainly doens't make me think less of the guy.

See what I mean? I don't get it.

(Now, if she worked for the IRS, then maybe we'd have something going!)

Posted by Ithildin at October 2, 2003 6:00 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

We still don't know for sure whether or not she was a covert operative (US citizens are not "agents" because "agents" are "assets," i.e. fully expendable). There's plenty of suggestions she was just an analyst or some other species of desk jockey. It's a big bureacracy regardless of what it does: just working for the CIA doesn't make you a spy.

Posted by: Dave J at October 3, 2003 7:02 AM

I realize that, but that wans't what I was puzzled about.

Posted by: Ith at October 3, 2003 8:15 AM

There's definitely more going on here than anyone's saying in public. Personally, I find the whole Wilson Mission to be very, very strange: almost as if the State Department and the CIA were setting up the White House for something just like this. The permanent bureaucracy in both agencies largely despise the President, and while I don't want to go into tinfoil-hat territory, I certainly wouldn't put it past them.

Posted by: Dave J at October 5, 2003 8:41 AM

Dave, I was watching the Beltway Boys on FNC yesterday (yes, I'm a news nerd) and Fred Barnes said something very similar. Made me go, hmmmmm....

Posted by: Ith at October 5, 2003 10:30 AM