October 9, 2003

Oh, Wait!

I lied! There was something I read today that just fried me. A 15 year old let his girlfriend use his asthma inhaler at school because she was having an attack and had left her inhaler at home. He's been suspended, arrested, and may be expelled and have to do time for juvenile drug charges! What the hell ever happened to common sense in our country? There are real problems in our schools and they're wasting time and resources pulling this sort of crap!?!?


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There are just really stupid people everywhere. Did you see the news about the two idiots eaten by the bear? As I said stupid people, when will they learn?

Posted by: JT_Hunter at October 10, 2003 3:55 AM

I emailed the Superintendent and the whole School Board.

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 17:34:31 -0400
From: Michael T.
To: anns@main.com; dostockton@conroe.isd.tenet.edu; info@woodlandseye.com; girons@thewoodlands.com; aamoore@cox-internet.com; brownm@mcdcsc.org; bctough@aol.com; cj@iastexas.com
Subject: Suspending students who did nothing wrong

Dear Superintendent and School Board Members:

I read about the plight of the 15-year-old asthmatic student in Conroe, Texas who pulled out his inhaler to help save his girlfriend's life by sharing his inhaler. By suspending and possibly criminally charging this student for helping a fellow student you are not following the spirit the law. You are also not showing ANY common sense whatsoever.

You would obviously rather see someone die because you wanna look "tough on drugs". Whatever. You people have lost your sanity. Are your rules more important than one single life? No. Is Texas law more important than one single life? No, not in this case. Think if that girl who needed help was your kid! What would you do?

Wake up! Now is the time to do the right thing. You will immediately reinstate this student of face the consequences. People all across the nation are watching you. Do the right thing and stop this nonsense of harassing good sumaritans
and innocent children.

If you do the wrong thing, I am going to move down to Texas and make sure that you are voted out of your positions.

Michael T.
Washington State

Here was the single reply I received:

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2003 23:56:36 -0500
From: cj haynes cj@iastexas.com
Subject: RE: Suspending students who did nothing wrong

Thank you for your comments.

P.S. You are always welcome in Texas.

They obviously didn't have much to day.

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