October 27, 2003

Oh So Angry

From the latest Tongue Tied:

Angry and Confused

A fraternity at California State University in Long Beach, Calif. was forced to apologize for using a picture of a naked black man from the movie “The Full Monty” in a flier advertising a charity pledge auction, reports the Daily Forty-Niner.

Similar fliers featuring white men from the movie, also naked and with their genitalia covered by hats, provoked no reaction. But the one of the black man was called “racially and culturally insensitive” by students who described themselves as confused and angered. Following the flier fiasco, Sigma Phi Epsilon promised not to hold any more pledge auctions and to undergo cultural sensitivity indoctrination.

So I'm supposing these students who were so "angered and confused" would require being institutionalized and long term therapy if they ever actually saw the movie?

Watch out, Blockbuster!

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