October 4, 2003


Good post here on California Republic. No permalinks, but it's the only post so far for today, titled "Progressive Groping".

So, how are we to judge the alleged misbehavior of our wannabe political leaders? Well, we should be reminded of the lesson taught us by the leader of the Progressive women’s movement, Gloria Steinem. In an NY Times op-ed March 22, 1998 Ms. Steinem informed us that “no means no; yes means yes.” Remember, this was all surrounding the Kathleen Willey affair. Willey said “no” and Mr. Clinton stopped. According to Ms. Steinem this is all perfectly fine because Mr. Clinton acted responsibly - “no means no.” | If you remember her liberated direction to the rest of us was summed up as the “one free feel rule” aka “OFFR.” So, we’ve got to logically consider this Arnold problem from a liberated and Progressive point of view.

It gets better, so go read it all.

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