October 22, 2003

By Any Other Name

I love these EU stories. It just helps make me feel as superior as the Euros always claim we Americans believe we are! [snicker]

.... Francis Carpenter wrote in the French newspaper Le Figaro that it would be in the interests of European harmony if "offensive" British names commemorating battles lost by the French were eradicated from places such as Waterloo Station. Mr Carpenter suggested a "more European theme" was required. "Gare de Londres" perhaps? Or "William the Conqueror Integrated Transport Facility"? Alas, poor Mr Carpenter is ignorant of European history, for the French adventurer Napoleon was beaten at Waterloo by a European Rapid Reaction Force sent by the forerunner of the EU, the Congress of Vienna.
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Of course, there's also the irony of having train stations in Paris named after Napoleon's victories... How un-European...

Posted by: Paul Jané at October 22, 2003 5:39 PM


Posted by: Ith at October 22, 2003 6:00 PM

My internet buddies are at it again... They have some suggestions for renaming some things in France:

Arch du Surrendeur
Rue de Nazi Triumph
Chance' de Runaway
The Eiffel Tremble
"Les Marseilles" to "Les Miserable"
French Foreign Ditch Diggers
"French Fries" to "Freedom Fries" in the US to "Surrender Fries" in France

All of those courtesy of Mark in Florida. :)

Posted by: CrankyBeach at October 23, 2003 9:18 AM