October 15, 2003

All Baseball Free, All The Time

Damn baseball has even infected my email lists! First the blogs, then the email lists [bleah]. I will make my genteel readers a solemn vow that no mention of Bear Cubs, or whatever other sort of furry creature the teams are named for, will ever pass my keyboard. The only time baseball will be mentioned here is to be ranted against as the evil that preempts my favoured TV shows. Do you know how many Buffy eps I missed? LOTS! How many STNG eps? LOTS! DS9? LOTS!

Baseball is not of the good. It is evil. So shall it always be!

(before all you basefall nuts freak, I'm kidding!! Well, mostly. I'm still ticked over missing my shows)

(enjoy your playoffs)

(and I'll pray they end very soon!)

(thank goodness for football!) (now that's a real sport!) [beam]

Posted by Ithildin at October 15, 2003 1:52 PM | PROCURE FINE OLD WORLD ABSINTHE

Consider yourself shunned. Go Sox!!


Posted by: Dave J at October 15, 2003 2:44 PM

Dave, I'm devastated! [snorfle]

Posted by: Ith at October 15, 2003 2:51 PM

I don't do sports, but I would just LOVE there being a Sox/Cubs Series.

However, I'll settle for a Sox/Fish series.

Posted by: Jay Solo at October 15, 2003 4:24 PM

Bite your tongue. Red Sox / Cubs is the only way to go. Fans of both cities deserve it.

Posted by: Roberta at October 15, 2003 4:55 PM

I'll be glad when baseball is over too! Then we can get back to focusing on REAL sports like football (and for me, I'd also have to say ice hockey - even if we did steal that one from Canada). Hee hee hee.

Posted by: The Patriette at October 15, 2003 7:12 PM

Well, you got your damn wish. Baseball's over for me now. I hope the Marlins skewer the Yankees, but it's not like I'm going to pay attention.


Posted by: Dave J at October 16, 2003 10:15 PM

Po' Dave. Have a nice warm cookie! Or absinthe, if you prefer :)

Posted by: Ith at October 17, 2003 9:17 AM

I have to choose? That's why I always have a problem with menus, especially at good places.

Posted by: Dave J at October 17, 2003 11:59 AM