August 28, 2003

Down In The Bronze Age

One of Wales' oldest farms dating back thousands of years is believed to have been discovered in a field in Ceredigion.

"This farm is a missing link in the pre-history of west Wales.

"Although a number of hill forts date from this period, non-defended domestic settlements are extremely rare."

The remains of the burial mounds consist of three rings, each about 12 metres in diameter.

They are typical of burial mounds of about 2000 BC where the cremated remains of the community's elders would have been buried.

But according to Mr Hughes, the second excavation is even more exciting.

Within the pear-shaped stone enclosure are post-holes belonging to Bronze Age or early Iron Age huts.

The settlement is big enough to have contained two or three houses.

"Carbon dating should confirm that the burial mound dates to about 2000BC," said Mr Hughes.

This means the Bronze Age graveyard dates back to the time the Preseli Bluestones were raised at Stonehenge.

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