July 23, 2003

Like This Is A Surprise

..... Both Democratic presidential hopefuls risked being overshadowed by the surging campaign of Howard Dean, who jumped to the front of the nine-player contest to challenge Bush in 2004 in a poll, released Tuesday, of California's likely Democratic voters.

The poll, from the non-partisan Field Research Institute, said the former governor from Vermont was the candidate of choice for 16 percent of those likely to vote in California's Democratic primary in March. Close on his heels were Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts with 15 percent and Lieberman with 14 percent. Gephardt garnered 7 percent in the poll.

The poll's margin of error was put at 5 percentage points, leaving the top three contenders in a statistical dead heat.

This is California -- of course Dean is the favourite.

The whole article here.

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