February 27, 2003

You've Gotta Love America, Pt. 2...

So, the lawyer of Jesica Santillan's family is lobbying Congress to stop legislation that will cap malpractice lawsuit damages.

"They want to limit pain-and-suffering damages and that really would not be a good thing for the public in general," attorney Kurt Dixon said Thursday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "This case that I'm dealing with now makes that clear."

I'm sorry, but this is pissing me off. Obviously, the lawyer is trying to stop this so that when his clients sue Duke University Medical Center, they don't have to worry about caps.

"As you meet together this week to consider the issue of medical malpractice on the federal level, I urge you to save a seat for Jesica," Dixon wrote to the [House Energy and Commerce] committee. "America deserves to understand how people like Jesica and her family would be affected by the legislation your committee is considering and what is being done to ensure no other family in the future has to suffer as the Santillans have."

But, Jesica doesn't deserve a 'seat'. It was a tragic mistake, and you really can't put a dollar amount on a human life. But, what about the lives that are going to end because a family brought their daughter here illegally? They were smuggled into the US four years ago. She received treatment for four years. I have some questions about that... Was the family paying for the treatment?

Other countries would've given enough medical treatment to send the patient back to their home country. But, not America.

And, now (as callous as it sounds), the family will become very rich because of this tragic mistake that will luckily never see a courtroom, and therefore costing us tax payers even more money.

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